Prequel page 1

Prequel page 2

Prequel page 3

Prequel page 4

Prequel page 5

Prequel page 6

Prequel page 7

Prequel page 8


  • moonbeam13

    Cant wait!!!! looks amazing :D

  • fabi

    Oh yes, it does. :)

  • Jonathan

    Looks like a comic strip, probably the album wil be like one, I’m just sayin.

  • fantasy1994

    hmm im thinking of an anime video clip :D

  • darkangelkayla

    Mmmmm… it seems like an animated videoclip or maybe a pc game, as they shared on their albums long ago… wait!!! isn’t Jeroen been studying something related to graphic design on their break??? I think I read something on the old website…

    muahahaaaa… I think I got it

    but I’ll keep thinking… just in case!!!

    Greetings from the Canary Islands

  • javave

    The more I see, the more I want it to be released! :D Greetings from Venezuela, South America.

  • betrayalsofficial

    Love the Designs :D Looks like An Anime :] Hope you come to AZ!!!!

  • scythe

    The artist needs to draw more quickly to get the new album released before 20th May when you come to Munich!! :P

  • scythe

    Noo!!!! MARCH!!! O.o

  • hari

    interesting… very interesting…

  • AllINeed

    It’s so far away :( Still 4 months to go :(

  • annforce


  • alessiavamp

    The wait is exhausting … March so far ç_ç

  • sharon255

    can’t wait! see you in Warsaw…

  • enrg38279

    XD that looks good but I hope that this translated into Spanish … please ^ ^

  • AllINeed

    Thanks for the first page <3 You're awesome!!

  • _WT-Fan_

    Where can we buy the comics ?

  • Mitsy

    Wow, the first page looks impressing! Can’t wait to discover how the story unfolds :)

  • kuolema

    That is so great…I can’t wait…

  • icequeen145

    I LOVE it so far! I love comics (mostly Japanese manga though). I can’t wait for the rest of it. Will the comics be available to buy on your site? Or elsewhere?

  • tourniquet19

    Looks nice!

  • darkangelkayla

    COOL!!! I like it. =D

  • celticbotan

    OH MY FREAK, it’s GORGEOUS! *__*
    Look at all this COLORS, it’s very well done! *o*

    And I see Queen won’t just leave it the way it is – I foresee some violence ahead xD

  • annamoon

    (geek mode on) It’s Tasty… I can’t wait to read More… I do actually Love Comics… (Geek Mode Off) Thank you for Sharing. 

  • drakona

    OMG, guys, if you’re gonna use Dunmanway in Ireland, please please please schedule a concert in Killarney????
    Can’t wait to see you guys here!

  • arianda85581

    this is a verry interesting conception,the songs will be related with the comics i’m sure i will be pleasantly surprised :)

  • scythe

    Question: Will the comic be published in the booklet of the album or separated???

  • soundsoffreedom

    Love the name Sinead :)

  • AllINeed

    @Scythe; If I get it right, the comics will be released separately. There will be 6 comics, a few before the album release; a few after :)

  • jimpossible87

    I love everything about this idea. Especially the colors in the art style of this comic. The artwork is fantastic. i cant wait to buy it. hopefully there will be some kind of super deluxe set when the album is released in March??

  • moonbeam13

    Sinead is beautiful! the character reminds me so much of Jean Grey as the Phoenix from the XMen >.<

  • fearofthedark91

    Looks fantastic! I can’t wait for the whole comic! :)

  • propertyofjoey


  • Peaceweapon

    I’m hooked already!! :D Where’s the rest???????? AHHHHHHH I can’t wait!!!!

  • Brimsty

    this is really good! I want to

  • snowwhitegrace

    AMAZING! Im a huge commic book fan, and this is really something! Its my kind of commic! :) This is gonna be fucking awesome you guys! :) Cant wait to see the rest of the commic, and, of course, to hear the album!

  • cutthroat

    Oh TERRIFIC!    
    And will it appear in the new album? Or just a “WT Comics Book”? I am curious. 

  • aoife

    Does this mean you (Within Temptation) are coming to Ireland, I live in Dublin and would be THRILLED if you could preform here :) Although i have to admit, Dunmanway in Cork is a pretty random place to set this new story in. But hey, i like it :D

  • vandalash

    That’s amazing! Love the originality of this new album, can’t wait about hearing it!

  • lestrangett

    Wauw! Zo gaaf!

  • Mitsy

    I love the first two pages already, can’t get any better, can it? If the story is going the way I think it might be, it is really going to be an awesome comic! Combined with an album with songs related to the comic? Even better!

  • steveo

    @Aoife…I had some family from there. Sorry I didn’t use Dublin. :)

  • jimpossible87

    aaaaah VENGEANCE I love it this is going to be fantastic

  • chris83


  • tourniquet19


  • snowwhitegrace

    God Im loving this comic book!!!!!!!!! :) Sinead its such a great character!!!! Totally into THE UNFORGIVING!! :) Please post more!

  • hamid2547

    it seems like a great job this album,i can’t wait to see the outcome!!!

  • forsha

    This time till march will be excruciating…. I can’t wait to get my hands on this!! I’ll be first in the store….

  • laclem

    *rocks back and forth* Will March ever get here? I love anime/comics and I love WT. So thanks for combining the best of two worlds!

  • Onyrika

    I like it! He’s a bit Dexter-ish! hehe

  • juanisespana

    I can’t wait for the album!!

  • eveningthought

    As an Irish fan I love that your setting this in Ireland! Although quite frankly, anyone who wore that outfit in Ireland would freeze to death. Setting it in such a tiny village is also a bit of a coup:)

    Hope this means you’ll come here on tour…

  • sofieh

    This third page looks just as good as the previous! I am definitely going to read this comic book. Oh and love “Where is the Edge” and can’t wait till you’ll come to Copenhagen the 25th of October!

  • etsukazu

    Just can’t wait!!

  • LadyMaeve

    The more i see, the more I want it!!! *.*

  • Dark Lioness

    I start to get very curious about this story! And the drawings are very nice.
    Btw, at the third page: “She told me she was pregnant was”. I guess the last “was” is too much? ^_^

  • thrillkill

    I’m loving this history, wanna know how it ends!! The Unforgiving <3

  • wizzardx

    Do want!

  • azurys

    Seriously, I very like Sinéad. Her way of thought etc.
    Specially her “I’m gonna kick him” head.
    The comics seem great !

    Dark Lioness : the last “was” is here to mark a pause. How say it ? (bad english)
    The first is here because of the narration at the past. The second is here to make understand she is no more pregnant because, as it as said after, Engine kicked her or whatever, a horrible thing, to do that she is no more.
    (It is that i understand)
    (Again, sorry for the very very bad english)

  • navis

    I like the drawing very much and the story seems to be nice. This new story will for sure be part of my comics collection ! Great idea ! 

  • snowwhitegrace

    Loved it! :) What a great comic book! :)

  • wtrock

    I can’t wait for the album. But Engine is so evil, making her have a miscarriage and killing the baby. :(

  • unicorn02

    The comic book pages look great :-D I wonder how the story plays out. I want to read more :-P

  • Dark Lioness

    @ Azurys: Thank you for your explanation. I see the little dot now:P. You are right!

  • musiclooz

    Great! All concept is very good idea :D

  • ansiogolc

    Finally an amazing comic about Ireland! :D I can’t believe it! I’m so proud to be Irish! ^_^ They’re spoiling us here! Now all we need is for them to go on tour here…..*hint hint* ^_^ I can’t wait to read more!

  • aoife

    @Steveo: Ah i get it :D , don’t worry about it, i actually like it! I think it kinda puts Dunmanway on the Irish map if you know what i mean lol :L
    But do you know if this means that Within Temptaion (This message can be answered by the band too :) ) will be coming to Ireland to play?

  • aoife

    By the way, looooove the artwork, i won’t compare it to any other comic cos i know how much that can put a person down when they think your copying someone else’s style :)

  • celticbotan

    Oh my, poor Sinead! D:

    But it’s good that she turned her pain and hate towards what it’s really matters, protecting people like she wished she had been when she was little.

    She has such a noble and good heart!
    Really deserves the “Queen” nick! ^^

  • snowwhitegrace

    Fucking awesome!!!! This is my kind of commic book! I hope someday this commic make the big screen, sin city style! :)

  • SarahS

    Ugh! Those kind of people make me sick! Even if it is wrong to kill, people like that shouldn’t exist.

  • AllINeed

    When is prequel 4 coming online? :D

  • artking71

    Hi all –I saw Steven was already chatting so I figure it is about time I checked this forum! Thanks for the IMMENSE response to the prequel comic–it is going to be a fast ride from the first page till the last !–be patient!

  • Tash

    Thanks for posting Pg 5. The story line is going in a very interesting direction. Looking forward to finding out more!

  • AllINeed

    PP5 is making me… crazy.. I wanna have the full comic now!!

  • Jillian Cross

    amazing! i love her hair and her eyes! wonder if there is somethings that are related to Where is the edge, it’s a concept album right? :)
    simply can’t wait :( (

  • scarletnym

    It’s got me hooked already. I can’t wait to see more.

  • withintemptation4eva

    Looks amazing. I want to read the whole comic now!:)

  • wtrock

    That’s looking more and more amazing every page. I really want to read the full comic. :)

  • tinkerbells


  • raven82


  • triker64

    I like “Sin City” – but this seems to get better!!! Go on!!!

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  • paydonal

    Hello band!! Hope this words find you well. Actually I believe that you are doing an amazing job, to be honest quite unique. Your previous work was very remarkable however I would like to know what is behind of all your work. Behind your music and letters what’s the message that you want to share with your public? I will be glad to hear from you


  • Within_Temptation1990

    i like comicbooks i have 31 x-mannen comics.

  • woffles92

    I’m really excited to read the comic, especially because I’m from Ireland! It looks so great so far! xx

  • lehandriel

    I think, she died in 1967, and somehow she have returned as a punisher (Queen) :] That looks fantastic by the way, I can’t wait :]

  • daaniejel

    she didnt die =)

  • patrickpeeters

    Prequel page 6 makes a good T-shirt print. Or a poster, a flag, … something with this picture on it! ;-)

  • baross1

    The days goes fast but the 2 songs we have got so far is good. A little different.

  • baross1

    The days go SLOW to the album should come should i write NOT fast……

  • aoife

    Hi :) I just realized that on page 2 on the shop window there’s a sign on the window for cakes, for $5.99, this may seem utterly pointless and rather snotty and i don’t mean to be but in Ireland we use the Euro (i say this because i’m there) :D

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  • mnd arn

    It’s taking WAY too long for March to get here! After hearing the 2 songs, and reading these pages…..this wait is going to be excruciating! :( I love your new music. To write something totally different from your previous albums, just goes to show how much talent your band has.

  • woffles92

    So… the comic book is set in Ireland… yet you’re not coming to Ireland on tour? Ironic, no?…

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  • eihwas

    Hello,I’m Russian,so,i ca make mistake,sorry)
    I liked this pictures,and I’m looking forward to see(and listen) their new music)

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  • pedrosteffens

    Pedro, I’m Brazilian,(Brazil)
    Nossa muito bom e interesante a hitória, vai ter mais?
    só acho que a personagem principal deveria ser a Sharon (hehehehe)
    mais vocês tão de parabéns pela idéia de associar histórias em quadrinhos a um album.

  • laartje24

    I have never red any comic except for suske en wiske when I was a little kid but I think I like it. Hope to see more of the story soon.

  • djrenate

    i was a bit confused because i usualy read manga comics on the japanese style but i read it it`s a awsome comic i love the sinead character she`s so cute!

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  • dheany

    as soon as pls…:-)

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  • javilara

    OMG!!! This new album is going to be amazing guys! thanks for your music! 

  • xrenaxryuuguxgirlx

    AAAAAAGH!!! Can’t wait any longer!!!! >.<

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  • forsha


  • theotherhalf17

    All I can say is HOLY S*** and When can I get this book??!! This is going to be awesome sauce:D Thank you for this little preview!!!!

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  • lucyq07

    looks cool!!!!!! i wanna get this book :D

  • karishen

    I can not wait to have my very own copy of this Graphic Novel. Soooooo very excited its a MUST have :)

  • ealin

    It’s just a MUST have for me. Sorry but I’m too excited to write properly.

  • richard93

    I Love It :) :) :)

  • sinead21

    i Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant it…<3…is just so perfect…..Love you W.T and i swear i collect everything till now and from now on…just because i love you….

  • nadalija2011

    esta espectacular,tengo que tenerlos,un abrazo fraternal y gracias por generar esto,son geniales…
    paz y bien…

  • lammert

    Sinead is so hot… hahahaha

  • crismic


  • Mara

    cool! good job!

  • cintiamy

    Give us more! it so crazy Sharon.. it´s amazing! all idea: the comic, the songs, the music!, the shorts videos, the mistery! OMG
    this wait is going to be excruciating! this music is different from your previous albums but i love it so much.
    You do it! and It´s fantastic!
    Congratulation WT!
    you rock!
    Ps: Argentina´s wating for you!

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  • emma1em

    great ;)

  • maarioos

    no cover yet?;p

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  • xaddictedx

    omgg. My parrents doesn’t wanna buy it for me.. :( . Right now, I really think they suck.. :P However, I like the preview of it. :D . Xxx lots of love from Holland, H’sluis.

  • Conner Graeff

    Love the album and music, and am actually quite interested to read this comic
    Great job, please keep it up and come to the US soon!

  • Sir Mr.Jorque Tinner

    i dont know what i’ll say… best album in the metal world ever and these’re perfect comic stuffs.. you’r the best guyz.. i love your all jobs..
    im the fan from Turkey..

  • Renee Moss

    Sinead was one of my favourite WT songs even before this…. Lol… -love meter increases by over 9000-

  • Joy Uslion

    OOOOHHHH please come to the U. S. we need you!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox