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Limited Edition poster for US Early Dragons

US Dragons, get ready!

September is finally here! Dragons of the USA, are you ready?! WE WANT TO HEAR YOU ROARRRR! Within T ...

September 1, 2014
New Winter in Eden album

Ruud & Stefan produced and mixed Winter in Eden album

Aside from rocking the stage with Within Temptation, Ruud and Stefan like to work with other promisi ...

August 28, 2014
FOTW Ilaria

Fan of the Week: Ilaria

Name: Ilaria Age: 20 Country: Italy How did you discover Within Temptation? Through my ex-bestfriend ...

August 27, 2014
FOTW Sigrid

Fan of the Week: Sigrid

Name: Sigrid Flatås Storli Age: 17 Country: Norway How did you discover Within Temptation? I can ...

August 20, 2014
WT scores in the UK


Single on high rotation on BBC2 radio. Within Temptation’s latest single ‘Whole World I ...

August 13, 2014
FOTW Baptiste Urben

Fan of the Week: Baptiste Urben

Name: Baptiste Urben Age: 14 Country: France How did you discover Within Temptation? Six months ago, ...

August 13, 2014

Confirmed: Havířov festival 2014

Czech Dragons be aware, the beast is coming your way! Within Temptation is performing at Havířov f ...

August 13, 2014
FOTW Joao Marcos Oliveira

Fan of the Week: Joao Marcos Oliveira

Name: João Marcos Oliveira Age: 20 Country: Brazil How did you discover Within Temptation? ThatR ...

August 6, 2014
David Miranda

Fan of the Week: David

Name: David Miranda Age: 19 Country: Spain How did you discover Within Temptation? At the beginning ...

July 30, 2014
FOTW Dennis, Katelin & Marla Lessen

Fans of the Week: Dennis, Katelin & Marla

Name: Dennis, Katelin, and Marla Lessen Age: 49, 10, 43 Country: U.S.A. How did you discover Within ...

July 23, 2014
Mike receives new Pearl drum kit

Mike’s brand new custom Pearl drum kit

Last week, Mike received a brand new Pearl Reference Pure drum kit, especially adjusted to his perso ...

July 19, 2014
Fan of the Week James Peters

Fan of the Week: James

Name: James Peters Age: 22 Country: California, USA How did you discover Within Temptation? I discov ...

July 16, 2014
Happy Birthday Sharon

Happy birthday, Sharon!

It’s Sharon’s birthday today! We’re collecting all of your birthday wishes and mes ...

July 12, 2014
FOTW Jaqueline Azeredo

Fan of the Week: Jaqueline

Name: Jaqueline Azeredo Age: 20 Country: Brazil How did you discover Within Temptation? One friend o ...

July 9, 2014
FOTW Tom Harding

Fan of the Week: Tom

Name: Tom Harding Age: 18 Country: Australia How did you discover Within Temptation? I was watching ...

July 2, 2014
South American Fb events

Show you will be there on Facebook

Dragons of Latin America, we want to hear you roar!!! Within Temptation is coming to South America i ...

July 1, 2014

WT on Twitter

"And We Run" EP
Including several different 'And We Run' ft. Xzibit mixes and a brand new demo version of an unreleased track.