As you might have noticed our concept album is based on a comic book series.

The new album and comic are titled: “The Unforgiving”.

On this album, we’ve taken a totally different approach. Each song on “The Unforgiving” was written along Steven O’Connell’s narrative. The main characters of the comic are reflecting the characters of our songs. The concept pushed us and gave inspiration to come up with a new approach in our sound. It resulted in writing our best songs so far.

We have been big comic fans since our childhood. With this album we felt the time was there to take a new step in our creative development, take it further and broaden our horizon. Next to the concept form of the album, the songs are more divers than ever before. In addition, the music of the late 80′s, that’s when we started to read comic books, certainly has left a mark on our new sound.

For the new album which was released March 2011, we were working together with producer: Daniel Gibson. Daniel worked also on “The Silent Force” and “The Heart of Everything”.


1.     Why Not Me

2.     Shot In The Dark

3.     In The Middle Of The Night

4.     Faster

5.     Fire And Ice

6.     Iron

7.     Where Is The Edge

8.     Sinéad

9.     Lost

10.   Murder

11.   A Demon’s Fate

12.   Stairway To The Skies

The special edition of The Unforgiving will also feature a DVD.


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Faster / Sinéad / Shot in the dark / The making of… / Where is the Edge / Utopia (feat. Chris Jones)

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