Jeroen van Veen

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Full Name: Jeroen van Veen

Date of birth: 26-10-1974

Band member since: 1996

Hobbies: Fishing, surfing the web, playing Starcraft

Favorite music: Sunny Day Real Estate, Ben folds, Karnivool, Porcupine Tree, Mew, Rush, Further Seems Forever, Opeth, Mae

Favorite movies: District 9, Superbad, The Usual Suspects, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Little Miss Sunshine, The Matrix, American Beauty, The lord of the Rings, Juno, Seven, Me and You and Everyone we know, Alien(s).


Jeroen van Veen (born October 26, 1974) is the bassist in Within Temptation. Jeroen was part of Robert’s band “The Circle”. Jeroen has been a member of Within Temptation since the band’s inception in 1996.

Jeroen has been involved with programming in the past and nowadays, besides being a bassist for WT he’s also a 2D/3D designer.

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  • fenizio

    Will you come to South America in 2012????

  • DanaeDenAdel

    Hello Jeroen!

    You don’t know but I’m your fan since the very first time I meet the band and it was a long time ago, nearly 2005 and I’m always been curios to ask you what’s your favorite place to spend your vations and why?

    I send you a big kiss from Mexico!


  • Skadi

    Hi Jeroen!

    I’d like to know what stuff you usually practice on your bass- do you also play some really difficult, fast technical stuff or do you prefer the more common basslines like these you use for Within Temptation?

    I’m a bassplayer too and I really like your part in Within Temptation! It’s great that there are other Bass players out there who also play fingerstyle! :)


  • peixemau

    Thanks Jeroen for taking a photo with my daughter before the concert … Her third WT concert with 10 years old but at the concert you’ve made her shine !!!

    All the best from Portugal (Lisbon) !!!

  • TanyaGirlSin

    Hi Jeroen!

    How did you meet with Robert and Sharon? How did the idea to create a musical band? Is there a birthday if Within Temptation, what is the reason or could be related this date – the first concert, the album, the first rehearsal?))
    Thank you for reply!

    See you in Moscow)

  • patri

    ¡Hola! If you could choose one book to read again and again and never get bored of it, wich one would it be? Hugs from Murcia (Spain). =)

  • wtmay

    HI Jeroen!! greetings from Mexico my question is: what kind of character,you would like you to be, in a horror movie….thanks and all the success i hope see you soon

  • fenizio

    There is a rumor that you will be in Chile in February … please tell us if it’s true!!

  • Why Does It Rain?

    Happy Birthday Jeroen!!! :D

  • mitch3043

    Good Morning Jeroen (well it is morning here in the US at least). Here’s wishing you a very Happy, Safe, and memorable Birthday!

  • karnivor

    Happy birthday Jeroen!!Wish you all the best and don’t drink too much :) )))))

  • celticbotan

    Happy birthday, Jeroen!
    I wish you a lot of inspiration for you to ever play beautifully! <3

    All the best, always,
    Celtic Botan :D

  • lynott77

    Hello Jeroen.
    I was at the show yesterday in Paris…ONE word: AMAZING. I was carefully listening to the bass sound and look at your playing as I am a bass player myself. I just wonder why the bass is so “behind” on the recods. Please mix it louder for the next record. With all the arrangements it is difficult to get all the notes you play…and this is a shame. WT rocks. Regards

  • remember77

    Hey Joroen. Happy recent birthday! I hope you enjoyed it very much. I am so amazed with WT. I love every single song i have ever heard from the band. Keep rocking. Hope to see you in the Western U.S. soon. Best Wishes

  • dewimorgaine

    Hoi Jeroen, hoe is het? Je weet vast nog wel wie ik ben..Ik wil je nog heeeel erg bedanken dat je me backstage gekregen hebt met Mitshy in Munchen terwijl je me niet kende, hehe ;) ! Vond het superleuk om je/jullie ontmoet te hebben en ik hoop dat we elkaar weer is ontmoeten! :) xxxDewi

  • Despina Mpl

    Which is your favourite Within Temptation song?

  • Kylie Marcella Koonzee

    Jeroen, I love you! Who is your favorite person to hang out with on tour?

  • Anonymous

    Jeroen, how do you feel being one of the older members of Within Temptation, you’re provided the initial training, you’re awesome * _ *

  • gerard francia


    I’m a Filipino fan of yours and I happen to play Bass guitar also…

    May I know what model or kind of bass you are using?


  • Steve Landles

    Jeroen, my young lad is bassist in a band called The Reaper from Oxfordshire, he is curious as to what basses you use.

  • Gaelle Soares

    Happy Birthday Jeroen !! Happy Face ^^

  • Jennifer Herning

    I really think Jeroen is hot. I really like this group. I never knew of this group until their song “All I Need” was on the Vampire Diaries and since then I really the group.

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