Martijn Spierenburg

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Full Name: Martinus Johannes Everardus Spierenburg

Date of birth: 30-01-1975

Band member since: 2000

Hobbies: Jogging, daughter Marit

Favorite music: Everything, from classical to jazz, metal and rock

Favorite movies: No favorite movies


Martinus Johannes Everardus Spierenburg (born January 30, 1975) joined Within Temptation after Martijn Westerholt, Robert Westerholt’s brother was diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis shortly after the release of Within Temptation’s second full-length studio album, Mother Earth. Robert and Spierenburg had played together in The Circle, Robert’s first band. Spierenburg states that his most embarrassing gig was his first show with Within Temptation. Because of stage fright he forgot how to play half the music.

Spierenburg is responsible for co-writing the music for various Within Temptation, including five songs off of The Heart of Everything, “Our Solemn Hour”, “Hand of Sorrow”, “The Cross”, “The Truth Beneath the Rose” and “Forgiven”. He uses Roland keyboards. Spierenburg is also responsible for the orchestral arrangements used by the band, and oversees the orchestra when the band are recording albums.

At November 15th, Martijn and his girlfriend Mirjam became the proud parents of their daughter Isis Marit Spierenburg.

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  • thestickman


    Discovered WT via YouTube & the Black Symphony DVD (WOW!!!) & was wondering what role MIDI plays in WT live performances? I hear so much going that I cannot account for visually & as a musician who played bars for 20+ years, I’d love to know how you make it happen.

    You guys rock & I hope you have a safe, fun tour.

  • fenizio

    Will you come to South America in 2012????

  • DanaeDenAdel

    Dear Martjin,

    Hope you’re just fine, I would like to ask you what is the thing you enjoy/like to do the most during a tour?

    A big hug from Mexico!

  • Marina

    I was at the concert in Barcelona, it was very exciting! I get a list of songs that you played, there are some numbers written on it. It was yours?
    Thanks for visiting Barcelona, it was the best concert of my life!

  • peixemau

    Hey Martijn … are you ok ??? After that “out of stage diving” at Lisbon concert ??? It was really funny how you stood for it … Lisbon concert was GREAT !!! Greetings from Portugal

  • karnivor

    Hi Martijn, you crazy head :) , I want to ask you something really serious… How often you and the other guys wear Sharon’s dresses :D :D and don’t deny because i can proof it :D

    I had a lot of fun when watched this video I :) ). Keep Rock and be aware that if you don’t answer the question I’ll ask Sharon :D :D :D .

  • TanyaGirlSin

    Hi Martin! Please tell us how the process of writing songs in your band and orchestral separate parties? You write them or all together? Do you use software for writing music or write ideas sitting near musical instruments? :-)

    This question is interests us with a friend, because we are just learning to write music.)) It’s not as easy as we expected))))

    Thanks for your reply!

  • wt4life

    hooii martijn

    hoe geweldig kan u wel niet spelen geweldig gewoon mijn vader ontdekte bij mij dat ik talent heb voor keyboard spelen ik doe het nu 2.5 week en ik speel nu al:

    tears in heaven:eric lapton-are you lonesome tonight: elvis presley en een gitaar leer blues: blues beim by leten der tseitung of zoiets ik wou u ook vragen of u wat tips heeft voor mij (een jongen van 12 jaar) CIAO Nick Wesley Otte ik wou u ook vragen of als u tijd heeft of u zou willen reageren naar

  • wtmay

    Hello Martjin…
    What is the the most funny moment in the WT tour….. which is the best joke you’ve done?….thanks and greetings from Mexico ;D

  • Wizzu

    Hi there!

    I have a question, but I am not sure who to address it to, so I just picked you. If you think someone else is more suitable, feel free to “pass it on”, or even discuss it as a group.

    I’m curious about the role of improvisation vs. strict “rules” of for how the songs are played, when Within Temptation performs live. I understand when there is a big show production like WT has, then everything has to work together and that means not so much freedom.
    Are there parts where improvisation is still possible, and for example is it possible to make some songs play longer if a solo part seems to be going well, or something like that? What about setlist changes during the middle of the show? How do you feel about not having so much room for improvisation (due to the production), or do you even think that it’s any kind of restriction?

    Thanks a lot! Sorry it was kind of long, but I’m really curious how you think about this kind of thing, kind of “show vs. art”.

  • fenizio

    There is a rumor that you will be in Chile in February … please tell us if it’s true!!

  • un4given

    Dear Martin,
    I admire You every day more and more. 4 months ago I fortunately started learning to play keyboards, so there have been no bigger interests in my life since that… That’s why I would like to ask You…:
    1. How old were You, when You started playing piano? I’d like to know everything about Your career but this page doesn’t offer me more information… 2. How did You came to Within Temptation? 3. Which one of Your songs do You consider to be the best? (And which one piano part)?
    …Few days ago I started learning Forgiven. It’s so beautiful song, I absolutely love it but when I try to play it, it is just horrible… I hope that in maybe 10 or 20 years I will be able to play it almost so well as it should be played but now… It’s useless. (o=0 Thank You for Your answers (maybe – if You want to) and for Your life and work because I love Within Temptation and all Your songs and… I was so happy that I could be in Your concert although I didn’t see You well, therefore I hope that next time I will be standing right in front of You. <3

  • Gerson Moraes

    Hello, Martijn!

    I’m a musician, and I’d like to know if you prefer working with keyboards from Roland, or do you like keyboards and synthetizers from another mark? Have you ever worked with KORG keyboards? What’s the most important in a keyboard setup for the gothic metal / symphonic metal music style: the effects, the weight of the sounds, the sounds of chorus, orchestra and pianos, or something else?

    So, be welcome in Brazil in February! I see you in Sao Paulo!

  • Lola Aerts

    happy birthday!

  • Konstantin Polivtsev

    Happy birtday, Martijn!! i wish you all the best, good friends! BE happy)))

  • Despina Mpl

    Which is your favourite Within Temptation song?Mine is HAND OF SORROW the most awesome song i have ever heard.<3<3<3

  • Soyhan Yazgan

    Martijn, I have a question for you, as you are a master of MIDI. This has been messing my mind for 5 years. How do you sync songs live? I am thinking that you are hearing a metronome beep in your earphones but before Mike on drums, I didn’t see an earphone for Stephen. Is it because the speed of songs are variant as you play notes on your keyboard, or is the speed of song constant and you must not skip a beep so all the song would be ruined?

  •Стас-Не-скажу/100000479004217 Стас Не скажу

    Hi Martijn!
    I wanted to ask you whether to wait for the new Blu-Ray from the WT?

  • Richard

    Hi Martijn, will there be a remastered CD version of “The Silent Force” without so much compression so that we can actually hear the dynamics of the beautiful music?

  • Kylie Marcella Koonzee

    Hi, Martijn! I was wondering… If you had to chose, what would be your favorite good?

  • Kylie Marcella Koonzee

    Hand of sorrow is one of my favorites too, Despina :)

  • Charles Small

    Martin, Heb je gehoord van de gratis, suite van Open Source programma’s in de Ubuntu Studio Linux “distro”? ( Deze suite van programma’s, en (voor duistere, maar essentieel, om technische redenen) de nodige “real time”? besturingssysteem (vandaar de Linux-besturingssysteem en niet Windows of OS X) bestaat uit een complete, professionele digitale werkstation voor muziek, video (inclusief eenvoudige cartoons), artistieke en fotografische creatieve mensen. Charles “The Technomasochist” Small c h u c k _ p e t i t [at] y a h o o [dot] c o m

  • Margie Ruiz

    im from costa rica
    you are so sexy


    I want to THANK the band for making their concerts availble on DVD, it will probably be a while till the play in Florida USA

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