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Full Name: Robert Jaap Westerholt

Date of birth: 02-01-1975

Band member since: 1996

Hobbies: Racing, Tennis, Football, Gaming, Reading

Favorite music: A small selection: Tori Amos, Paradise Lost, Rhapsody, Iron Maiden,
Alter Bridge, Pink Floyd, Sisters of Mercy, Pendulum, and Keith Caputo

Favorite movies: X-men, Braveheart and The matrix, The dark crystal


Robert Westerholt was born in Waddinxveen on the 2th of January 1975.

In 1992, Robert formed the band “The Circle” with future Within Temptation keyboard player Martijn Spierenburg, after he began writing his own music. The Circle’s first demo, entitled ‘Symphony No.1′ was finished in December 1992. By this time, The Circle had a complete line-up, comprising of Robert, Martijn, Jeroen Van Veen (Within Temptation’s bassist), Arjan Groenedijk and Ernst Van Der Loo, although Arjan and Ernst both left the band a while later. In 1995, DSFA Records released a compilation album, and two songs from The Circle were featured; Broken Silence and Frozen. Soon afterwards, Robert parted ways with The Circle, who changed their name to Voyage, and released their only album ‘Embrace’ in 1995, on which Sharon den Adel collaborates on the track Frozen.

After leaving The Circle, Robert began writing more music for a new musical project with his girlfriend, Sharon den Adel. Robert sent demo versions of their songs ‘Enter’ and ‘Candles’ to former Voyage band member Jeroen Van Veen, who then left Voyage to join Robert’s project, along with Michiel Papenhove.

Before committing his life to Within Temptation, Robert worked in human resource management, but left to devote his life to creating music.

In 1998, Robert had a small singing part as Death (along with George Oosthoek of Orphanage) on the Ayreon rock operaInto the Electric Castle,” on which Sharon den Adel played one of the main characters.

Robert and Sharon have a daughter, Eva Luna Westerholt. On the 1st of June 2009 their son Robin Aiden Westerholt was born. In 2010 Sharon announced that she is pregnant of their 3rd child.

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  • azka

    wow,no comment.All right my comment is good luck and hopely you can travel to JAva Island(more detail are in  azka comment of sharon den adel page or general info or bioghraphy)

  • fenizio

    Will you come to South America in 2012????

  • DanaeDenAdel

    Hi Robert!

    Could we make some questions to you too?

  • xsarum

    Hallo Robert. Nu je bent gestopt om mee te reizen door europa en verder is het toch leuk dat bij ons in (groningen)je er wel bij was en wij onze Dochter d8en zo dat jullie,s kinderen bij opa en oma zouden in roden haha! vast niet was wel leuk om je achter de schermen te zien werken.H
    eej heel veel succes met het schrijven en what ever…en tot ziens.
    arian Gelens.

  • IceQueen625

    Hello Robert! I have heard that you were seen backstage at some of the shows in NL. Is there something big in store for the 2012 show and you’re watching to see what to change? :)

    And this is an odd question, and possibly one that might not be able to be fulfilled, but when I met you in Philadelphia, I noticed you forgot to sign some of the booklets I brought. Is there a way that I could get those signed by you? If not, I understand, but since you’re not on tour any time in the near future I thought I’d ask :D .

  • marioandrade

    Hello Robert :D my question is What is your football team? xD You usually do racing competitions?  What is your preparation before a concert? I know you have not been to this tour but i could not  ask you this hehehe :) a hug Robert for you and your babies :D

  • VampWithin

    Mis Robert:-( Wanneer komt het 2de kopslid weer uit de coulissen? XD

  • unforgivinglunatic

    Hi Rob!

    You’re so cool and funny.

    You won’t be in Mexico City for the Unforgiving Tour right?
    I’ll miss you so much!! Will you?
    Tell the kids that one of the greatest fans of you say hello!!

  • lotue

    Today is Robert’s birthday, so, happy birthay! Have a nice day!

  • Maria Paula Toro O

    Hi Robert, I hope you, Sharon and the other guys are alright. I’m sorry for doing this using the comments but I could not find any other way to do it. As you may know there is a contest to Meet the band in Colombia, the problem is that there can only be one winner and there are six finalist. We have all worked really hard to win the context and I was aondering if you and the other members of the band could help us by allowing us all to meet the band. We would really appreciate it if you could help us in any way.

    Thank you for reading this,
    Maria Paula Toro
    Diana Betancourt
    Andres Felipe Romero
    Jose Luis Palacio
    Juan M. Gomez
    Esteban Cruz

  • Despina Mpl

    Which is your favourite Within Temptation song?

  • Kylie Marcella Koonzee

    Hi, Robert! How are the kids? I want you to know that I admire you very much, and what you do as a musician means a lot to me. You’re one of my biggest role-models in life, and if you can, I want you to answer this question I have…
    What can I do to become such a musician like yourself? I mean, I’m a singer, but I want to know how to stay as strong as you guys do, and what to do before preforming in front of a crowd. Thanks :)

  • Carolina Erreira

    You could launch the comics in Portuguese? We Brazilian fans are very anxious to read! Please. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    concordo com você =)

  • Anonymous

    because you’re not playing in the band?
    I could not find any news on the internet = /
    miss you on stage robert * – *

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  • Carol

    ROBERT WESTERNHOLT♥♥ (don’t panic Sharon he is all yours, but I do admire him as a musician and as a person ;) the fans MISS YOU ON STAGE !!

  • Lisa Gadaen

    Komt er ook weer een tourvlog zoals bij The Unforgiving? :-D

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