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Full Name: Rudolf Adrianus Jolie

Date of birth: 19-04-1976

Band member since: 2001

Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, going to the gym, playing videogames

Favorite music: Iron Maiden, Pain of Salvation, Opeth, Porcupine Tree,
Sufjan Stevens, Alison Krauss, nickelCreek etc

Favorite movies: StarWars, LOTR, KickAss, Falling Down, The Virgin Suicides


Rudolf Adrianus Jolie, born on April 19, 1976 in Tilburg, is the main guitar player of Within Temptation.

Ruud is an only child. Growing up, he first initiated himself to music by playing the keyboards, but his passion for music developed in favor of the guitar soon after he watched a video of an Iron Maiden concert. After he was done with high school, Ruud attended the conservatory for his college education majoring in jazz guitar. He graduated in 1999.

Ruud started out by playing with several local bands. He joined “Brotherhood Foundation”, a nu-metal band whom he stayed with for a period of two years. When Brotherhood Foundation was playing at the 1998 “Dynamo” festival in the Czech Republic, Ruud met Within Temptation who were also playing there. Back then, Michiel Papenhove was still Within Temptation’s guitarist, and there were no initial plans for Ruud to join the symphonic metal band yet. In an interview with Starfacts, Ruud stated that his most embarrassing gig experience was when he still had long hair and it was caught in the microphone while head banging. He thought it was doubly embarrassing because the girl he loved was in front row. They never got together.

After Brotherhood Foundation, Ruud joined an alternative rock band “Vals Licht” (False Light) in 2001. This band was known for its combination of heavy music with Dutch lyrics, something that had never been done before. They released several singles on the Dutch market, of which “Het Licht” reached the top ten charts. A month after joining “Vals Licht”, Ruud got a phone call from Within Temptation asking him to join their band seeing as to guitarist Michiel Papenhove was quitting. Ruud turned them down because he had just committed himself to “Vals Licht” and thought it was not proper to “jump from tree to tree” so quickly. A couple of months later, the late drummer of “Vals Licht” Johann De Groot was diagnosed with lung cancer. In that same week, Robert Westerholt, the founder and guitarist of Within Temptation, unaware of Johann’s condition called Ruud again with the same request. Ruud turned down Within Temptation once again due to the uneasy circumstances “Vals Licht” was going through, but in counterpart offered to become Within Temptation’s substitute guitarist until they found themselves a permanent member.

In the summer of 2001, Within Temptation had a gig in Mexico City. Ruud, as a substitute, traveled along to perform at the concert. This trip really brought Ruud closer to the members of Within Temptation, and made him realize that he wanted to become a permanent member of the band. Unfortunately, Within Temptation had already hired a ‘permanent’ guitarist. However, when they returned back home, luckily for Ruud, that didn’t work out, and so he received a third and final phone call from Robert asking him to indefinitely join the band, a request to which Ruud finally agreed.

Ruud is an official endorser of Mayones guitars. He uses 2 Setius models (6 and 7 string) and 2 Regius models (also 6 and 7 string). He also uses a wide range of Paul Reed Smith guitars and Gibson guitars. He uses Mesa Boogie rectifier and Diezel VH-4 amplifiers.

Since 2010 he also became the endorser of Taurus Efx. He uses Taurus pedal effects: Abigar multidrive, Tux compressor, Vechoor multichorus and Zebu reverb/delay.

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  • mitch3043

    I’m surprised there are no comments here yet so let me say that the phrase “For All We Know” has taken on a new meaning in my book and that meaning simply is “great music!” (as if there were any doubt that it would mean any less?)

  • wtnn

    In “The unforgiving” album, the songs: Shot in the Dark and Faster… it’s amazing… your intervention! I like it.
    You give me an autograph? I’ll be see you in Lisbon (Porugal).

  • fenizio

    Will you come to South America in 2012????

  • snowwhitegrace

    Hey Ruud! My name is Grace, I’m from Brasil, and I LOVE your solo for “Stairway To The Skies”, you’re really KICKING ASS on the song! So my question is: Who do you think is the best guitarist nowadays, when it comes to guitar solos? (besides you of course! ;P)

  • beawt

    when are you arriving in Madrid?In which hotel are you staying?I want to see you, but I’m sixteen and I can’t go to La Riviera:(

  • IceQueen625

    Hello Ruud! I hope you’re enjoying the European tour so far! :)

    Here’s a question for you:

    What is your favorite song to play live?

  • P@tra

    I have a question for all bandmembers but you mentioned it on Facebook so… =) How do you do laundry on tour?

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  • Dark Intentions

    ^ I’ve often wondered that P@Tra! Maybe in the shower on the bus? O.o

    This isn’t the most original question, buuut if you could only listen to one WT album and one other album for the rest of your life, what would they be? :) Hope you’re having fun on tour so far, the UK is lookig forward to WT! x

  • Dark Intentions

    I’d like to change my question please, cos that one ^ is crap! :P

    Ruud, if you hadn’t joined WT in 10 years ago, what do you think you would be doing now? Do you think you would still be a touring/performing artist, perhaps with For All We Know? Hope you’re having fun on tour :)

  • snowwhitegrace

    Thanks a lot for aswering my question Ruud! :) Grettings from Brasil!

  • celticbotan

    Hey there, Ruud! :D
    Well, I’d love to know what motivates you, regarding the lyrics of F.A.W.K.’s songs – like, what kind of ideas or concepts you had/ve in mind when you write?

    And a question for the band : what nice books have you guys recently read or are currently reading?

    Greatings from Brazil! o/

  • wt4life

    hi ruud

    ik wou u even melden dat u solo’s echt geweldig zijn ik weet niet hoe u het doet maar u doet het geweldig ik wou u ook vragen aals u tijd heeft of u dan zou willen reageren naar het e-mail adres ik hou van u gitaarwerk en in de waerdse tempel waren jullie geweldig
    CIAO Nick Wesley Otte

  • wtmay

    hello Ruud, greetings from Mexico.

    my question is: what is the best movie of all time?? thanks for you time i hope see you soon

  • un4given

    Hi Ruud,
    it was great to see You live, not only to hear You on the CD, You’re cute… (o=0
    I’ve got also one question: When Within Temptation created The Sleeping Song maybe 5 years ago, did You participate? Because I’ve just read that there is only a musicbox and maybe 7 string instruments – did You play guitar here? And that’s why I’m very interested in this song, because of the instruments – so do You know if we can listen to it in future? (And when exactly??? (o=0 ) I cannot imagine the melody but lyrics are beautiful… Do You know anything more about The Sleeping Song?

  • danielll

    Hi Ruud!
    I was in Cracov on Within Temptation concert.
    That thing you made on scene, the way you play on guitar, that precision, feeling of rhythm and Professionalism… There is for me artistry of world. The way You have played your solo in song “Lost”…
    It was for me an indescribable experience. I won’t even mention about “Black Symphony” & “For all we know”.
    I have some Question’s:
    - I’ve been 25 years old, and I’m playing for a year on Acoustic guitar. I’m not too old for this? For learning this?
    Have you some Advices for beginner like me?
    And one more thing… When you come to Poland for a good Polish beer? ;)

  • davidpark

    Hi Ruud,

    I just wanted to say brilliant concert in Manchester last night, and an excellent personal performance by yourself, you seemed to really enjoy it , my girlfriend (who got me into WT) and I certainly did :) :) hope to catch WT on tour again :) !!! take care and enjoy the rest of the tour.

  • guitargirl96

    Hey Ruud, since you like videogames, last videogames you played and some videogames you’re maybe looking forward to? :)
    By the way Nothing More… is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard

  • existed

    Hello Ruud!

    My question is what made you always smile at St.Petersburg (13th Decemb) concert? :)
    Smth that you remembered from party in hotel till 5 a.m.? :)
    we know :)
    did you remember the guy in fingerless gloves?(near the stage)Hello!

  • Lizbeth Sthefany Meza Cosme

    Ruud I love StarWars and LOTR too … my question is why do you like them? … And thanks for the amazing concert in Lima :D

  • Rachel Agon

    I love star wars too. what one is your favortie ones and why. Is Ruud your nickname? what are some of your favortie video games and why.

  • Portman Ehor

    “A couple of months later, the late drummer of “Vals Licht” Johann De Groot was diagnosed with lung cancer.”

    “Johann de Groot” ways to non-existent wiki-page. The real page calls “Johannes de Groot”.

  • Fernando Tinoco

    Have you ever consicer to give a Theather World Tour?
    Iit would be great to hear live and acoustic your songs, I know us mexican fans we all be there…

    Theathre Tour dates in México!!!

    little by little we’re all coming together, we’d appreciate if you look for us in Facebook, ‘Within Temptation en México’ (group), ‘All I Need – Within Temptation México’ (fan page).

  • Despina Mpl

    Which is your favourite Within Temptation song?

  • Hannah Thompson

    If you had a pet hamster, what would you call it?

  • Kylie Marcella Koonzee

    Hi! I love you! You’re awesome at guitar!
    What’s your favorite movie and video game?

  • Henrique Carnevalli

    RUUD!!! Great concert in Brazil!!! My question is… When you will go to post the Pictures about the Concert in Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro)??? Keep Rockin’

  • Jolanda van Mechelen

    Ruud, ondanks je halve concert gisteren we hebben genoten…beterschap en luister naar je lichaam…

  • Anonymous

    Would you like Within Temptation heaviest songs to sing?
    because according to the music you enjoy, it seems that you like heavier metal

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday Rudd <3

  • Celtic Botan

    Happy B-Day, Ruud!
    All the best!

  • jane doe

    happy birthday ruud

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday! :D

  • Ruslan

    Hi … you have a rich guitars???

  • Abdullah Mamun Sadid


  • Ruslan Lapshyn

    Hi Ruud! what advice would you give to a beginner guitarist?

  • Andrew

    I love Iron Maiden too! In 2007 they played in Perth, Western Australia.
    They had come to Australia before but had played in capitals of more heavily populated states on the East coast, not in Perth.
    For years I had watched their concerts on DVD: Donnington, Hammersmith, Rio and son-on and so-forth, dreaming of the time I could be at one of their concerts myself.
    They played in Perth, older stuff from the older albums! Just like the lucky audiences in the DVDs enjoyed.
    For years I have said that my musical dreams have been realized, by that wickedly enjoyable Maiden concert.
    So satisfied, so happy and my artistic hunger so realized, so sated.

    But now I have a new musical dream, Ruud, to see a Within Temptation concert.
    Like many Aussies who have commented on the various comment threads here, I beg you and the other band members:
    Come to Australia!
    Come to Australia, and not just the smaller, heavier populated states on the East coast! Come to Perth in Western Australia!
    My musical dreams will be realized again and I’m sure we can get an audience together for you!

    All the best,

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