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Full Name: Sharon Janny den Adel

Date of birth: 12-07-1974

Band member since: 1996

Hobbies: Music, fashion, movies

Favorite music: Arid, Tori Amos, Heather Nova, Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, Bjork, Alanis Morisette, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, A Perfect Circle, Ayreon, The Verve, Orphanage, Annie Lennox, Enigma, HIM and Bob Marley

Favorite movies: The X-men, Braveheart, Interview with the vampire, Dracula, Legends of the fall, Sleepy hollow, Grease, Dumb & Dumber and Dancing with wolves (+ Ren and Stimpy)


Sharon Janny den Adel was born in Waddinxveen on the 12th of July 1974. As a child she traveled a lot but when she entered high school she returned to The Netherlands. Sharon didn’t like high school until she was able to audition for the school band.  After a while she met Robert Westerholt (he was in another band) and they fell in love. In 1996 they decided to quit their bands and start their own. Their band was called “The Portal,” but before they even released a song it was changed into Within Temptation.

Sharon has defined their work as epic and cinematic. Her vocals play a major role in the band’s sound, despite having never received formal vocal training. Sharon has a mezzo-soprano range but her vocal quality is light and lyric despite her range.

Before Within Temptation became famous, Sharon worked for a fashion company. As the band became more successful with their hit single Ice Queen, Sharon left the fashion industry to focus on music. She utilizes her fashion expertise by designing her stage costumes and the band’s merchandise.

Sharon  participated in the song “Beyond me” from After Forever and a song from Aemen, called “Time.” She also played the role of Anna Held in Avantasia: The Metal Opera. On the album “Into the Electric Castle” from Ayrean, Sharon sang the part of “The Indian.”

Together with Nightwish-bassist and singer Marco Hietala, Sharon worked on the album “Lucidity” from Delain for the song “No Compliance.”

In 2005 Sharon recorded a song together with various Dutch celebrities as “Artists for Asia”, this number one hit was used for collecting money, to help the victims of the Tsunami disaster.

Sharon recorded a song with DJ Armin van Buuren in 2008, called “In and Out of Love.” On the 19th of April 2008 they performed together live during the annual “Armin Only” event in Utrecht.

Sharon and Robert have a daughter, Eva Luna Westerholt. On the 1st of June 2009 their son Robin Aiden Westerholt was born. In 2010 Sharon announced that she is pregnant of their 3rd child.

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  • aoifee

    Oh this is a brilliant idea! :)
    Its a great way to get to interact with your fans and get to know them.
    I have two questions, if thats ok:
    1) You do know you are going to be bombarded with questions now right? lol.

    2) Because Sinead is from Ireland does this mean you (the band) are going to come to Ireland at all? The reason I ask is because I’m from Dublin and it’s kinda hard for me to get tickets to America to see you if you know what i mean.

    You have many fans in Ireland all hoping to see you, we’d really love to have you over here :D
    Btw, a HUGE congrats to you and your beautiful baby boy. He’s gorgeous! :)

  • Gabriëlle

    Hi Robert(& Sharon)Hebben jullie mijn pakketje ontvangen? het waren schoentjes, en een brief. Hier had ik vanalles in geschreven, en ik wou graag weten wat jullie ervan vonden, ik verwacht geen reactie (op de brief+schoentjes) terug, want jullie zullen zoveel briefen en cadeautjes krijgen, maar ik zou het wel fijn vinden, alleen maar voor jullie mening, en ideeën..

    Gabriëlle Hol Rotterdam, je kunt me mailen als je dat wilt :

  • xithal

    No Flattery intended, I find it incredible that you have had no formal vocal training!!  The first song of Within Temptation that i heard was Hand of Sorrow, and my thoughts were ‘This lady has a terrific voice, she must of had intensive operatic training!’. Did you learn by ear?(or is it through plain awesomeness? lol).
    Also, did you design the clothing that you wore in the ‘Memories’ video clip?
    Thanks, and all the best for your up and coming tours!! :)

  • anja

    mijn eerste vraag is mogen we dit in het nederlands doen of toch liever engels?fantastisch idee trouwens voor de fans!

  • VampWithin

    Sharon, jij bent mijn favoriet:-d Nogmaals proficiat met je kleine,(heb je ook een doodgewoon kaartje gestuurd) XD

  • shotinthedark

    One of my favourite movies is Sleepy Hollow, too!
    And because it is one of Sharon’s favourites I love this movie even more :D

  • azerett

    Sharon, Robert and Martijn: I want to ask, why do you call your children with their second names? :) Is it just your choice or it´s a kind of tradition in your area, families… And will the newiest baby be called with his first or second name? I´m curious :D

  • scream

    I love “Interview with the vampire”!!!!!!!!! Sharon you are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3

  • IceQueen625

    I know you guys don’t like too many personal questions, but I have to ask… how are things with little Logan? And what do Luna and Aiden think of their new baby brother? :)

    And this one is for Sharon as well:

    What can you tell us about the fashion you’ll take on this time around?

  • lena den adel

    yea!! i love x-men too
    and from a perfect circle the song called the outsider, this song is part of the soundtrack of resident evil afterlife


  • maux64

    Could you sing someday a song from Shocking BLue??… It’s a netherland’s band of the 70′s that I really love. And you Sharon den Adel, sometimes you remember me to Mariska Veres.
    Within Temptation is my favorite band, the best music. Your band and the scorpions are the most important speaking about music to me.
    Congratulations for your new project, album and singing. The Unforgiving is a masterpiece and your voice always surpase my expectations, you are an amazing singer.
    Long life to Within Temptation, the success is right now on your feets.

    Viva México!!!

  • Wtanna

    Sharon: You have such diverse musical tastes (which is awesome, of course :D )And I still find it amazing that you have such an amazing voice without having any vocal training. You rock!And just a question, but are you going to be moving away from the big poofy dresses and corsets that we are used to seeing you in on stage?
    Rudd: YAY! You just rock my socks big time. You are such a nerd (and I mean that with the highest respect) You just seem like a really fun guy to be around. I would love to meet you some day. :)
    ~Anna, You’re biggest Canadian fan. :D

  • kingd1300

    Hi Sharon: The world would be a perfect place if you sang a duet with Andrea Bocelli. Both so Beautiful!

  • wtlover2011

    Hi WT. There is no doubt that you are the best symphonic metal/rock group in the world and your new album is the best new album in the world. I love your all band member from past to now. All of you are MASTER. I loooooooooooooooooooove WT so much. All people of the world must know that you are the best. 

  • EvelineWT

    Hey Sharon! Jullie zijn allemaal super…..maar jij blijft mijn favoriet :D !
    Je bent een grote bron van inspiratie!

  • angelsheart

    Sharon , I send my congratulations on the birth of your third child :) Let Mother Earth bless little Logan and all of you :) All the best once more!
    I hope the very birth giving process wasn´t too hard for you and that you are already completely fine!
    Many many love for U all from Serbia :)

  • mrlukas

    Robert is so lucky… i mean he got the most beautiful wife in the world :) (Sharon), he play The Best Music in the world. What more he need ? i think nothing :P

  • astrinos92

    I love Sharon… and of course W.T!!!!! <3 :D

  • hanstalsma

    Hey Sharon, je bent helemaal mijn favoriet :D , je ziet er altijd zo mooi uit, echt super!! En wat een supermooie stem heb je ook, krijg altijd kippevel.I Love you..
    en ik wil nog even kwijt dat ik Within Temptation de allerbeste band vind die er is!! Ik was meteen verkocht toen ik jullie voor het eerst zag. Ik wilde je ook nog even persoonlijk feliciteren met Logan, heel veel liefde en geluk samen gewenst. Sharon je bent de beste en mooiste, WT rules!! xxx

  • Sapphireheart

    Hey Sharon! =) I was just wondering how you guys feel about Evanescence? I know Amy Lee has mentioned how she feels about you guys, so I was just curious. =)

  • selgadiz81

    Saludos especiales desde colombia !!!

  • vsauers

    I was wondering who your album and website artist(s) are. I’m an art student right now and after I graduate college I want to be an artist for different bands, especially with CD covers and inserts. Mostly I’m trying to find artists of bands I like, and talk to them about their jobs and how they got started in the business and stuff like that.

  • davidrain

    Hi! I’m only 16 but I’m an huge fan of the band and I was wondering, when will you come to Portugal? You’re the best band there is and I have all of your CDs!! Best wishes!! Oh… And I don’t have a favourite song because all of your songs are great!!

  • angelsheart

    Sharon, sorry for the bothering! We all know which countries are planed for your The Unforgiving tour, but can U reconsider some more for the next year maybe? Serbian fans are dying to see and hear U live :)

  • angelsheart

    Well, I wasn´t able to hear one of your interviews before, the one where U explained the tracks choosen for ˝An Acoustic Night at the Theatre˝ . And now I no longer wonder why I cry every time I hear ˝Forgiven˝ … form the very start to the very beginning every single time.

  • mitch3043

    It doesn’t matter really whose page this comment shows up on…. I just want to say that I only “discovered” this band a few short months ago in early 2011 and have listened to very little since then (already have collected the entire CD catalog as well with the exception of the “Running Up That Hill” EP). This fall my wife and I will actually be making a WT show (in Baltimore, Md – USA) celebrating our anniversary and my birthday. Anyone who happens to be there and notices an obviously “old guy” rocking out with the crowd …that’ll be me (I may be 50+ and a little gray but I can still rock with the best – especially to great music such as WT’s).

  • wtnn

    I like your voice… beautiful… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!
    In “The unforgiving” album, the song: LOST – The best… (like ALL I NEED)

    You give me an autograph? I’ll be see you in Lisbon (Portugal).

  • avilesrocker

    Hola amigos! Les escribo desde Chile, el país más austral de este planeta para felicitarlos por el grantrabajo realizado por Uds. Llamado The Unforgiving, una placa que sin duda llegó a cambiar muchos conceptos musicales. De gran sutileza sonora, armoniosa y fascinante. Un disco que llevo en mi reproductor personal, todos los días, ya que escuchar a Sharon es de lo más atmosférico y encantador. Asi que mis saludos para todos Uds. y un beso a Sharon, espero que vengan a Sudamerica pronto, mas especificamente a Chile!…Mis respetos…Rockberto!!!

  • angelsheart

    Happy birthday , Sharon :D Wish U all the best, straight from the heart! Have an amazing day and an amazing year ahead of you! Till the next birthday, receive many greetings from Serbia <3<3<3


  • xrenaxryuuguxgirlx

    Happy b-day, dear Sharon! Relax girlie, you still have many years ahead of you! ;)

  • margarita21

    Happy Birthday, Sharon!)))

  • genny

    Happy Birthday, Sharon!!! Me and my husband wish you and your family all the best!!!=)
    Can’t wait to see you in Russia in December…

  • Mikeallen

    Happy Birthday to the best and most beautiful singer in the world-Sharon Den Adel!!! Have a wonderful day with all your loved ones, I’ve been listening to Within Temptation all day to celebrate :) All the best!

  • Michelle Wolf

    Happy Birthday Sharon, I wish you a nice day with the people you love. I wish you more lovely, healthy, happy years with a lot of music. I will drink something this evening for celebrate your Michelle

  • bluenight

    Happy Birthday, Sharon! I wish you to be happy and i wish all your wishes come true.

  • kristin54

    happy birthday Sharon *<:) hope you have a good day, and hope you get all your big wishes come true. :D

  • poisonapple

    Happy Birthday Sharon! :) :):) Kisses from Poland :D

  • celticbotan

    I told you via Twitter twice (because I kinda misunderstood your tweet, but anyway XD) but I’m telling you again here:

    Happy birthday to you, Sharon, the person who makes us smile with your lovely voice or with the shiny atmosphere and good humor – I say you are a Rainbow-Person with a very good reason! XD I wish you a lot of inspiration and all the best for you, your family and band.

    Please, keep surpriseing us with your amazing work!

    Kisses from Brazil! ;)

  • tpol

    Dear Sharon, I wish you health, a long lucky life and a wonderful birthday :)

    lovely greetings from Germany

  • Tash

    Happy Birthday Sharon! Hope you are having a great day with your family and that your wishes comes true.
    Take care :0

  • SparklingAngel89

    Happy Birthday! you’re still looking beautiful with 37 years old! Kisses from Portugal! :D

  • sylaugi

    Happy birthday Sharon, have a great day with your big family ;-)

  • hanstalsma

    Hey Sharon, a happy birthday to you!! Have a wonderful day with Robert, and the kids, and your family:-)
    Hugs and kisses XXX Hans

  • promise

    A very happy birthday dear Sharon =)

  • Marcello82

    Happy birthday Sharon! Thank you for all the love and respect you have for your fans all over the world… You are amazing, your voice changed my life for the best! I wish you a great day! A big hug for you, Robert, Luna, Haiden and Logan! Buon Compleanno! Ciao!

  • ejanssen

    Dear Sharon,

    I wish you a happy birthday. Always having your wonderful voice in my mind. Love and kisses.

  • aoifee

    I hope you have a very happy birthday Sharon. You are an inspiration to many including myself :) Have a great day today and I wish you all the best


  • gloomshadow

    Happy birthday, Sharon, or, like we say here in Portugal, “Feliz Aniversário!”. I hope you have the best day you possibly can, you surely deserve it! I’m dying to see you in Oporto in October, it’s going to be one of the best nights of my life! :D

  • sunrise

    VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SHARON!!! I give you my best wishes…I adore your voice…Good luck with your tour even though I am totally sure you will be impressive just like you always do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • allineed89

    Happy Birthday Sharon, hope you’ve had a great day! :) xx

  • patriciapires

    Happy Birthday Sharon :) have a nice day on birthday. Kiss :) XD

  • Silvia

    Happy Birthday,dear Sharon!!Wishing you a day as special as you are!
    All the best,today and always!

  • clemtiger

    Happy Birthday Sharon.You need to do a show in the southern US.We need to see more bands like WT.We have become a nation of trends in the US and our music suffers because of it.I’m 53 and only listen to European bands now.well,TSO being the exception.Keep up the good work and Godbless on this special day.Peace

  • nightwhisper

    Happy Birthday, dear Sharon! You’re the most wonderful woman in the world of hard and heavy! Wish you a lot of happiness , good luck and peace in your family! WITH LOVE FROM RUSSIA =))) ADORE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

  • qweenofkings

    happy birthday sharon..sorry im late…:(

  • fercho0386

    Happy Birthday Sharon!!!
    All the people in ‘Within Temptation en México’ wish you the best. Every single one of us wants you to be happy and enjoy your day with all your beautiful family, all your friends and the people you love; and of course, know that all the fans in the world, especially us in México, will be thinking in you and wishing you well. Always…
    All the amazing talent you have, your beauty, your voice, all of you make us fall in love constantly. You are our muse, our inspiration. The beautiful vocals you bring to Within Temptation are always perfect. The music that all your bandmates and you give us make you our favorite band in the whole world, WITHIN TEMPTATION ROCKS!!!

  • fercho0386

    Happy Birth day Sharon!!!

  • celticbotan

    And wait, no one commented about it yet, I just HAVE TO DO IT:
    one of Sharon’s favorite movies is DUMB & DUMBER?!


    I thought I was the only person in the world who actually think that is movie is funny. LOL

  • shawnluvswt

    Hi my name is Shawn.
    I’m ten years old and I live in new jersey.
    I am your number one fan. When everyone at school is listening to to lady gaga and beyonce, I’m listening to you and leaves eyes. 
    Please,please contact me! I love you! Here is my email: 

  • ckhigh1994

    Hi Sharon, my name is Caleigh I’am a writer and your music greatly inspires me, I base most my characters from your songs. I always play one of your songs when I’m in the car with my sister, I told her she’s doomed when I get my own car (she prefers country). I’ve been in the marching band for over 3 years now; I like to say I eat,sleep and play with the band, it’s a nightmare after a homegame and all you smell in the bus is stink haha. I’d love to hear back from you if you can

  • ludo57

    Sharon, you are the best!!! <3

  • igor68

    Hello, Sharon! Your angelic voice overmastered the hearts of the Ukrainian listeners! A black symphony is a fantastic concert!

  • medasmur

    Hello, Sharon! I’m from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Your voice embreathe me to live and feel myself happy, your beaut delight me, and your songs – I just don’t know how I could live without them earlier.

  • mesmerized10

    Hei Sharon. :)  Thank you so amazing Great Song ” Faster”.. Even i am from Finland and 47 years..i can only admire you and your song and video. Can you imagine.,,i need to watch that song again and again. I really like your faces when you sing that song.. Like you singing that for me..hehe…Welcome to Finland Sharon and band !!  You remind our Tarja Turunen singer ..she is a great. too. You totally mesmerize me :)

  • martine1

    Hello Sharon. It’s the firt time I love so much a group or a singer !! Thank you for your songs that give me a lot of happyness !!! My favorite songs are Iron, Sinead, The Demon’s fate, Stand my ground, Pale, Memories, Somewhere, The Truth beneath the Rose, … I saw you in Zofingen Open Air in Switzerland and wish you the best for the future. Excuse me for my English not very good. My email :… Thank you and see you soon..

  • joaquim

    my name is Joaquim… i’m portuguese.
    Sharon, i love your voice… i love within Temptation.
    for me you are the best.
    i know that you came her, in Portugal, in 11 and 12 of October(Porto, Lisboa). but, sadly, i can’t go :’(
    but i hope you make a new DVD with that… i love your songs.
    stay well and continue with excelent work

  • tproc106

    It’s funny I was looking for the song “In the middle of the night” but I was looking for a different artist for the same name of the song. Somehow I came across this Within Temptation song “In the middle of the night” and I checked it out. I’ll tell you I loved the song right from the start. I love how the band mixes a rock sound with a mellow voice that works it’s way into a more rocky sounding female voice. Sharon your voice is awesome just had to say that. Hope you guys have much more music to come. rock on! :)

  • helgi

    Hi Sharon and guys!

    My name is Helgi.
    I have an unusual request.
    I hope that this won’t be too much conceitedly. But it’s very important to me.
    My fiancée very much like your band and your songs. And I also like.
    We are going to marry on 19 of October 2011 in Prague!!!
    And after this, on 21 of October, we are going to concert in Malá Sportovní Hala in Prague.
    Yours concert!!!!
    I dare to ask from you to do me a favor.
    Can you, PLEASE, say couple of words on the show for my wife-to-be about our wedding and maybe
    congratulate her.
    Very, very, very mush thanks!!!!!

  • Michelle Wolf

    Hi Sharon,

    I have a question for you. How is it to be on tour without your boyfriend Robert ? Do you think it will be nice if you see him again, and that you can tell how it was. And tell the stories because he don’t was there?

  • fenizio

    Will you come to South America in 2012????

  • snowwhitegrace

    Hey Sharon! My name is Grace, I’m from Brasil, and I’m HUGE fan of yours! My question for you may sound a little weird, but this is something that a lot fans have been wondering about: why are you not doing you little DANCE MOVES ON STAGE anymore? lol :) I know it’s totally lame to ask you that, but, we all love those dance moves of yours, a lot of the fans- myself included-LOVE to “bust a move Sharon style” when we listening to WT! lol

    Thank You Sharon, we love you! :)

  • snowwhitegrace

    PS: Sorry about my poor english! lol :)

  • jesse

    Hi Sharon! Where can I send you the pics from Lille, I have some great ones with fans under the “2 Pack” graffiti but finally I didn’t take your mail address, let me know if you still want them… Was a great moment with you in Lille thanks for all and for speaking a little french with us (I can send you the video too), hope to see you soon on tour. JC

  • rachelle86

    Hey Sharon, firstly i’m a huge fan of within temptation, your music got me through some really tough times this year. i’m currently studying fashion management in South Africa and i’m thinking of getting into the music business through fashion. do you have any good advice for me? 
    PS I’ve been sketching a lot of awesome fashion illustrations that are inspired for you, not entirely sure where to send them to though…
    and if u had the chance, would u come to South Africa? 

  • eversleeping

    I have a question for your tour vlog…
    Do you plan to show us new outfits on the European Tour? A lot of us can’t wait to see new outfits. And some of us really miss your skirts!! :-) See you in November!

  • IceQueen625

    Hello Sharon! I hope you’re having a wonderful time on the European tour :) .

    I have a few of questions for you:

    1) Some fans are curious of what is becoming of your partnership with Ronald Kolk. Is there more yet to come than the fun white jacket we have already seen on stage?

    2) Now that the North American leg of the 2011 tour is over, what is the most memorable moments of that tour?

    3) Do you get on this website and read the “Your News” articles and comments on other articles published?

    Thank you! I hope to see you again next year! :)

  • eadwine

    Hey Sharon,

    Jij krijgt heel wat cadeautjes van fans, vooral enorm veel knuffeltjes. Wat doe je daar allemaal mee?


    Lisa (België)

  • juliane

    I’m already looking to buy huge berlin but now only ask my ma, I’m making a jacket with your logo in front of me because the medium they are missing me I wanted to let them besteheln print jacket and logo on it on the page nor a song name and done, I would be delighted if it were possible and the second would be the fanclub heft it would be possible to translate it into German and ski corners it would be easier to read ^ ^ .

    dear greetings from Germany Juliane from Magdeburg

  • murder730

    ok so my BIGGEST queston for within temptation is why do you not come in to the states as much? you are very popular in the mid-west area of the united states!!! Ya thats really it but i love you!!!! your music is practically the only stuff i listen to anymore!!! and also if we are thinking about the same movie its dances with wolves not dancing with wolves!!!!

  • fearofthedark

    Hey Sharon!! First, I just want to say that you and WT are such an inspiration for me! Your music means so much to me! My question is…what inspired your magnificent opening dress at Black Symphony? It’s such an epic outfit!!! It’s one of my favorites! Also, when do you plan on coming back to the states? I saw you in Baltimore and you were amazing!! I hope when you come back I can meet you!            Greetings from the US! :)  

  • carolcortina

    Hi Sharon! I love you so much, but when will you come to Brazil (São Paulo, my city) on tour??? It´s been so long since you came…

  • lizzibie

    I would love to know what the favorite songs are of all the bandmembers…

  • lizzibie

    have you got any special rituals before you rock on stage?

  • wt44

    Hi Sharon. I had a question for you and the group: Within Temptation go or not in Hellfest 2012 in Clisson ? thanks a lot and I love you within temptation

  • bruno21

    Hi Sharon, many thanks for this chance!!
    I am very intrigued to know if there is something in particular that must be in your greenroom the night of the show; and what is the last thing you do before go on stage: any kind of gesture to ward off bad luck?? Thank you, see you soon in Milan, :-) )

  • kelly

    Hé Sharon 

    Op dit moment zijn we onze koffers aan het pakken en morgen vliegen we voor de derde keer naar Barcelona! Waar het bijna twee keer zo warm is!  
    Wat leuk is om te zien/ doen :
    Park Guell 
    Sagrada Familia
    Kerk in de Gotische wijk
    Casa batlo
    Markt bij de Ramblas, la boqueria heerlijk vers fruit en sapjes 
    Slecht voor de lijn maar wel lekker Churros eten!  
    Voor de mannen die voetballiefhebber zijn barca stadion! Vonden wij eigenlijk ook leuk! :-)
    We love Barca!
    Sharon als je de mannen even zat bent ;-) en als je het leuk vindt mag je ook met ons mee op stap! Cultureel, shoppen, strand, relaxen, tapasbarretjes wij zijn overal voor in! ;-)  

    In ieder geval tot vrijdagavond! Wij zijn er klaar voor!
    En als je het leuk vindt, laat het dan even weten!  

    Kelly en Ella x   

  • IceQueen625

    Here’s another question for you Sharon! (Or the entire band):

    Will you be doing another photoshoot with Mike? Or with Stefan? :D

    AND… will there be a 4th single?

  • steve-cy

    hey sharon! i won’t ask you anything here but instead i will make you a proposal:p traveling from cyprus to london to see your show at 11//11//11 so are you interested for a coffee before the show? my treat;)
    see you then WT

  • andria

    Hi Sharon, I love the outfits you wear. I was wondering if they are all done by you or where you get them from if you don’t? Love you all! :D Oh, and please don’t stop making music…… :)

  • fenixphinea

    When do you plan coming to Mexico City?? If you come can I have an interview with you in my show? I´m a huge fan!

  • nrenders

    Hoi Sharon,
    Tijdens de fanclub dag in Tilburg dit jaar, droeg jij ice-white laarzen. Ik kon toen niet zien van welk merk ofzo ze waren. Dus mijn vraag aan jou is waar je deze hebt gekocht? Als je dit niet kan zeggen ivm reclame of weet ik veel wat voor regels, snap ik dat. Hopelijk heb je tijd om even te reageren.

    Groetjes en nog veel plezier…..

  • thomascrown

    Hi Sharon,

    I´ve been in your concert in Lisbon, it was tremendous, but i think the sound wasn´t the best. Hope to see you again in Paris.

    I would love to see you again in Lisbon but next time in Pav. Atlantico. WT Forever.

  • wtfangroningen

    dear sharon how was it to work whit the guys of oomph ? i can`t wait on the 14th of march to see you guys
    if you want you can mail the awnser to i like oomph to but you are the best band ever!! greets from groningen

  • marioandrade

    Hello Sharon, I’ve been in your concert in Porto and it was so perfect I want Within Temptation again in Porto please :D , and I have to tell you that you are and will always be my idol you are amazing, fantastic you are the goddess on earth. And in this concert you tell one phrase that left me with a tear in the eye is the following phrase “I respect Portugal” and I want to tell you that I respect you very very very very very very much and you will always be in my heart Within Temptation you are the best band in the world =).  I wanted to ask you and the rest of the band than would be possible one day can I have a picture with you and meet you because this is one of my dreams the other was able to accompany you for all concerts around the world but unfortunately I can not and when that day comes it will never lose hope I’ll tell you exactly what I said before that was (I respect and you are and will always be my idol and I will respect you forever Sharon). If you want you can answer for my e-mail, I await your reply. My email is A big kiss for you and a big hug for the rest of the band.

  • lulayyo

    Hi, I’m Veronica from Uruguay, a small South American country, after years I managed to save enough to fulfill my dream of traveling to Europe to see one of his shows. For reasons of dates and accommodations, the only location where I can see it is in Helsinki, Finland. Corroborating flights and tickets have noticed that is totally sold out. For this problem is that I speak to you wanting to know if you can tell me if there is the possibility of a new show in that country in December.I’ll be anxiously awaiting your response.Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you very much.

  • marioandrade

    Sorry to write again but I wanted to ask another question or better an invitation :) . The invitation is the following when you and the band come to Porto again you would want to know the city more better and have a coffee? Everything with my treatment and all my pleasure:). I show you the best places in Porto and I promise you’ll love. Sorry again and still ever so perfect:) You are the God of Earth. Good luck to the rest of the tour :) .

    Within Temptation are the best band on World :D .

    Big kiss:)

  • murder730

    come to the western states!!!! please!!!!!!!!! WT is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karnivor

    Hello Sharon :) , I know that in the next 6 months your schedule is full to the top, but do you plan to have a concert in Bulgaria. There is a lot of fans of your music here and it will be a HUGE pleasure for us (and for you I guess) to blow our minds with some live performance :) . The real question is: What is the thing that inspired you to write a song like Bittersweet, All I need and Forgiven?  Pass my BEST to the guys :) and BIG KISSES for you :)

  • karnivor

    And although I wont be able to see you at the concerts of  this tour, it will be pleasure to see the song Overcome on live. Please Sharon this is the most incredible ballad I`ve ever listened. 

  • Anne

    Misschien een stomme vraag, maar ik denk dat er meer meiden zijn die het antwoord wel willen weten: Wat doe je aan je haar? Zelfs na het headbangen en optreden ziet het er nog prachtig uit! Zeker met jouw krullen zal dat niet makkelijk zijn. Alvast bedankt voor het antwoord!

  • marioandrade

    Hello Sharon :D i have three questions for you :D                   1º you have some type of ritual before concerts?                   2º what are the band inspired you to head the music wolrd?         and finaly 3º which are the countries where you like spend your holidays?                                                                                                                           Sharon you are the best  you’re the Goddess in my world =) Big Kiss and hug for all members fo the WT 

  • ivandena13

    Hi Sharon, the queen of my world! how are you? :) First of all I want you to know that you are one of the most beautiful voices of this world is so sweet and peaceful. Since I had the opportunity to hear your music, I was so happy and follow your concerts since where fences, hopefully soon return to Argentina because I’ll be there to see you first! forever in my heart, your music and your voice! COME TO ARGENTINA! kisses and hugs to you and the band. (ivan Retamal)

  • Dark Intentions

    Hey Sharon hope you’re having fun on tour so far, see you in Birmingham :) My question is; when you are on tour, what is the most important thing to you? Whether it is an object you always have with you, something you always do before going on stage, trying to speak to fans when you have time … anything! Stay safe! Love ya lady! :P

  • vita

    Hello, Sharon, I have one question which does not give me a few years. Why do you bypass a group of our country? I understand that it is small (ie, Lithuania), but here you have a lot of fans. If only I could get to your concert in your living a dream come true maximum. I hope to receive a reply e-mail. post. Am looking forward to.  
    Best wishes from Lithuania.


  • vita

    Ohh, sorry, my e-mai is


  • peet4

    Hello Sharon! If you would have a chance to record a track again with an artist (like you did with Armin van Buuren), who would be that lucky person? Greetz from Limburg!! 

  • fearofthedark

    Hey Sharon! I have another question! What are some of your favorite TV shows? Do you get to watch a lot of TV while on tour? 

  • fadingviolet

    Hey Sharon! I have a really bizarre question…. zombies or unicorns?

    :) On a more serious note, if you could go back to high school prom (or the equivalent) what kind of dress do you think you would wear?

  • arthanis

    Hi Sharon!! I love you!!!!!!! Well my question is…how do you feel with the change of your voice in the songs??,I mean you sing differently now and I really think that is more difficult the way you sing now that the way you did before I really like the way you sing in The unforgiving and songs like Iron and In The Middle Of The Night are extremly hard to sing!!!You have a wonderful voice!!

    I love you ♥♥

    From Argentina


  • Official WT reporter, England

    Hey Sharon, it’s me Meg, and here is my question. As you know you are my idol and you have influenced me a lot with my singing and performance, when you was growing up which singers really influenced you the most?

  • peixemau

    Great show at Lisbon … FUNtastic !!!

    QUESTION: Is there any video of Martijn making is “out of stage diving” ??? He’s such a great guy (like the rest of the band!) … he didn’t deserved it but it was really cool how he stood for it (hope he’s ok!!) ….

    Thanks Sharon for greeting and bowed to my daughter for being such a young fan of WT at the end of the concert at the end of the front row…. Thanks Jeroen for taking a photo with my daughter before the concert … Her third WT concert with 10 years old but at the concert you’ve made her shine !!! All the best for the rest of the Tour … Feel welcome to come again to Portugal !!

    Respect WT !!

  • IceQueen625

    Hi Sharon! I hope you’re having a good time on tour.

    Another question :) :

    Each album takes the music of Within Temptation in a slightly different direction. Are there any thoughts at this point as to what direction the next album will go musically? Do you want it to follow the same musical path as “The Unforgiving” or to yet again create a different piece of music for Within Temptation?

  • nirra93

    Hello, Sharon, I am Stasya from Russsia
    at first i would like to congratulate all of you with new album^^
    and I would Thank you for moral support, Sharon, you have helped me very much, your songs,your voice, your svile reassured me last year and now I Feel happy when I see you=) Thank you very much

    I dream to be on your’s band concert
    At the moment I’m living in Odessa in Ukraine
    Are you planning a little changes in the near future? I want to your concert very much!

  • marioandrade

    Hi Sharon =)I hope you and the band are enjoying the Tour :D i have another two questions. what you like doing in your free time? And what is your favourite type of movies?                            Big Kiss You are the BEST!!

  • celinawtfan

    hoe is het eigenlijk om het enigste meisje te zijn in de band?

    en wat doen jullie nou precies met jullie kinderen als jullie gaan touren?

  • wt4life

    Hi Sharon,

    ik en een paar famillieleden kunnen geen genoeg van jullie muziek krijgen en dat zal niet gaan gebeuren ook ik was ook nog is bij jullie concert in heerhugowaard in de waerdse tempel dat was voor mij echt een droom om er heen te gaan en toen stond ik nog eens vooraan ook en WAUW echt heftig daarzo ik kan het niet uit mijn hoofd zetten en zou nog veel vaker willen en ik hoop dat dat kan ook i.v.m dat jullie wel een concert geven en mijn school maar als ik kan kom ik zeker en ik hoop echt als ik er nog een keer ben dat ik dan jullie handtekeningen zou kunnen krijgen een paar famillieleden die niet mee waren waren helemaal jaloers dus ik vond het wel jammer dat je niet mocht filmen dan had ik ze het kunnen laten horen en shot in the dark luister ik bijna de heletijd dat ik wakker ben CIAO JULLIE GROOTSTE FAN NICK +MIJN FAMILLIE (L)

  • carolcortina

    Hi Sharon! i’d like to know what perfum you use?, and if there is some fashion designer that you like so much??? LOVE YOU S2

  • carolcortina

    I’d like to know if someday you will open a store with the clothes you’ve created?? i´d love to buy some ;)

  • wtmay

    Hi Sharon..greetings from Mexico!!!

    My question is;

    How is a normal day in Sharon’s life?

    thanks and i hope see you soon, all the best and success

  • Tigro

    I want to ask Sharon:
    Are you left-handed or right-handed?
    because I saw you hold microphone the most of the time in the left hand and i got a bit unsure… (I am a left-hander)
    You do perfect job, just keep doing.

  • atheistenpapst

    Kuess die Hand, Sharon … (Old german greeting phrase :p )

    I’d like to know if you will ever wear those kind of dresses on stage again like you did in the previous tours?

  • leithinan

    What kind of warm up-exercises do you do before a show? =)
    Oh, and do you have a signing-session before the show in Helsinki? ;)

  • heru4gould

    Hi Sharon, greetings from Indonesia…

    I’d really joy to listen your “in perfect harmony”. It’s like to take me fly to the ancienter land on Scotland where my family live there…

    Thanks in advance to fresh my “Celtic” soul…

  • seb02


    I have some questions for the band and they are important! :p

    -Which show do you enjoy the most on your european tour and why?
    -What is the funniest moment that happen on this tour?
    -Who is the more popular with girls on this tour!

    And the most important… Do you think that i can beat the boys in a beer drinking contest? :p

    See you in Paris! Wish you all the best :)

  • joshnegron1997

    Hi Sharon, I was wondering if you guys are coming to America again next year? I’ve been a WT fan for years now and I want to see you guys perform in Orlando! I always want to see you and I can’t wait any longer! I hope to see you and the band soon. Take care!

  • fenizio

    There is a rumor that you will be in Chile in February … please tell us if it’s true!!

  • vailia

    Hey, Sharon! I’m going to see you guys in Stockholm tomorrow :D can’t wait! I saw you the last time you were there 2 :)
    But that’s not the reason why I’m writing. I just wanted you to know how important Within Temptation are to me. I have Asperger syndrome (a mild form of autism) ADHD, and I’m bipolar. I’ve had a lot of struggles in my life, and just as I was in a severe depression, I heard Our Farewell, and I fell in love with you at that second. I bought The Silent Force, then I was obsessed. This was 6 years ago, and I still love you guys so much. Every time I watch The Silent Force Tour DVD, or The Black Symphony DVD, I cry like a little baby. Words can not express how much I love you.

    //Kajsa Zetterberg

  • hovig

    Hi JANNY – Armenian greetings fram Stockholm to The Heart of All Souls you SHARON ..
    Are you coming to meet your fans in Stockholm ( befor or after the concert ) ? answer pls .

  • gokhan

    Hey , when will you come turkey in soon to concert with armin . If you come , I will come concert :) I promised :)

  • arisu

    Hi Sharon! ^^
    Yesterday I saw you in Stockholm, and you were amazing! I really love you guys and I wish you to come back to Stockholm NOW! xD
    Anyway, my question for you is how you warm up your voice before you sing? Any special tips?
    I love to sing and when you’re my favourite singer of all times I thought the best thing would be to ask you! :D
    Thanks for making my life worth to live! <3

  • eh84

    Hi, Just thought I’d thank you for a wonderful show in Stockholm. But even if it was not sold out you did a wonderful job as usual. Have seen you live all the times you where in sweden although unfortunately not often …
    Many love Greetings from Sweden

  • issand

    I find no other way than this, and I have to ask you a question. Write to me:

    It’s a question that only needs a yes or a no.

    I really hope you write..

    // Anna, Sweden

  • shinodasaul


  • unforgivinglunatic


    I love you. My question is: Do you love me?

    How important are the fans in your life?

  • IceQueen625

    Weird, this page disappeared from the “About” section :( . Sharon is the singer, they have to have this there ;) .

    I know you haven’t gotten to any of the many questions here yet Sharon, but I figure if I think of some good ones, I should ask ;) . So here’s another one:

    Are you excited for “The Hobbit” to be out next year? ;)

    I know I am! And for the excellent music that should go with it.

  • un4given

    Dear Sharon,
    it’s impossible to write something short. After Your performance in Prague (21.10.2011) I was SO HAPPY that I could almost die because Within Temptation is my first love in music and there will never be anything else better than You all… One of my greatest dreams became true. I just wanted to say that it has been simply perfect, the best experience in my life and the most beautiful moments when You smiled and sang – Stand My Ground, Lost or everything else. I absolutely adore You and I must say that You have got a wonderful voice which I will never forget.
    And at the and, as You were walking along the fans, I held Your hand maybe 1/2 second because it was impossible to say anything else than “THANK YOU, SHARON, I LOVE YOU!”. However, now I wonder if it’s not unpleasant for You. And that will be my question (most likely without Your answer because this comment is too long!). I mean all the absolute strange people You have never seen, and although You know they love You, isn’t it terrible when we disturb Your privacy and when we even touch You? I cannot imagine this side of Your life – You are amazing and enchanting and it’s impossible to dislike You (I’ve seen You, You’re so kindhearted person!) but do You have problems with the people like we, when we almost attack You – who knows why? People behave like animals during concerts, as I’ve realized… – SO: What are Your feelings like? Because I don’t think that we care this – but it’s a mistake, You’re just a human and it’s intolerant that we do these things. On the other hand, I hope that You wouldn’t walk along us when You wouldn’t want to do it… I’ve also found out that You’re real when I could take Your hand… (o=0
    But, neverthelles – isn’t it unpleasant to be so close to Your fans?
    (I’m very sorry about my English… It wasn’t very good.)
    I’m looking forward to the next visit of Within Temptation in Czech Republic and I adore You all forever!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  • rstarker


    You and WT have been an incredible inspiration to our new band of young kids. They are huge fans and honor WT by covering four WT songs in their first three months of existence. They cannot wait for WT to come to our town. It will be a huge thrill for them to see you live. I have a link to a video of them performing All I Need, if you would ever like to see their young attempt at being like you. Take care, and all the best to WT on your tour and to your growing family at home. Maybe soon we will see/hear the first attempt of one of your little ones being like you.

  • lynott77

    Hi Sharon. Too many things to tell so I will go the very short way. I was at show in Paris yesterday and it was Huge & Amazing. Thanks to you. Good luck to you all in WT including respective familly members and please come back to Paris again ASAP. Best regards

  • hannah333

    Your show in Birmingham yesterday was incredible – At least, the bits i saw were because i kind of burst into tears at the start, i was so happy… Best moment of my life :)
    I was wondering whether you know what the rest of the sentence will be – can’t wait to see the whole thing when the tour’s over!! also, if there’s a blue bobble hat on the picture you took, it’s mine :) hope it shows up… Seriously though, you were amazing and I feel so lucky to have been there!! Thank you so much for the wonderful performance!!

  • ninja11

    Hi Sharon seen u and the guys at manchester on the 9th and i was lucky enough to get a job up to scotland on the 10th and yes also managed to get a ticket outside the venue and needless to say thought u were wonderful and look forward to WT coming back as soon as possible. I might sort out a trip over to holland in march/april for one of those shows? Once again wonderful

  • fckinglovethis

    ongeloofelijk dat er ook nog goede artiesten zijn hier in Nederland… De meeste zijn allemaal Amerikaans.. (Beyonce, Christina Aguilera etc.) so,, thankgod you’re not. ;)
    xxx <3

  • black1angel

    Hi Sharon <3

    I'll never forget your concert in Cracow !! It was amazing !! ;-) Please come to Cracow or another Polish city again !! 


    Greetings from POLAND , Kasia Kasperczyk <3 <3 <3

  • remember77

    Hello Sharon,
    My name is Mark. I live in the Western U.S. I stumbled upon WT about a year ago and fell in love instantly. Every song I’ve heard seems to speak to me, and inspire me. I love it all! I am so grateful to all of you for the wonderful music you make.

    Just recently I became aware of a feeling that has grown stronger each time i think about it. I don’t know if “feeling” is the right word. Maybe a “hunch” or “intuition” or whatever you chose to call it. It just came to me while sitting one day and i just can’t seem to get rid of it. The “feeling” was that i need to come help you and your band in some way. I don’t know if it’s a position that needs to be filled or if it’s just some little thing you need done. I don’t know exactly what way, but there is something. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before, and i understand if you just think I’m weird and ignore me. I might do the same in your position :) This probably isn’t the best place to get in touch with you either, i know. But i had to let you know about it so i can get it off my chest. I believe there is something that you need that i can help you with. I don’t know what it is, but maybe you do? If there’s anything that you think i may be able to help you with, please let me know. You can get in touch with me through this website i believe. If not Facebook: Mark Jenson. I believe you’ll find the right one if it’s meant to be. I’m a fan :)

    I appreciate you and your band so much, and i wish you all the very best.

    Sincerely, Mark

  • Hedgehog

    Hello Sharon,
    writing to you, because at the moment I need to make an essay about people that inspires me and as you are my inspiration about 10 years (I’m 20 now), I decided to write about you… I’ve read about your bio time ago, but there is one ambiguity… a lot of web sites are showing that you’ve worked for some kind of fashion company, before you’ve started Within Temptation… I was wondering- is it true? and if yes, then what was your position, what was your duties? Have you learned fashion before? 
    these questions interests me because now I’m interested in fashion and thinking of going to uni to study it… and when I heard that you, who inspired me for so many years was related to fashion some time ago, that just intrigued me… 
    I’m hoping that you will answer to my questions… 
    Marija  ♥ ♥ ♥

  • kato980

    Hello Sharon
    Greetings from Ecuador, we are very happy that our country come WT
    My name is Kato and heard in 2004 when I was in Madrid but while I was there I could not see them live
    Now is a great opportunity to enjoy their music that is an inspiration to me.
    What I want most is to listen to “Frozen” in live because that song means a lot to me and I hope they can sing when they come
    I would really like to dedicate this song to someone special for me, his name is Nathaly and I lost long ago, that would be the most that could do for someone who was everything to me
    Thanks for everything and best regards to Rudd, Stefan, Martijn, Joroen, Mike and a great big hello to you Sharon.

    Thanks again and see you in February in Quito.


  • withinvito

    Hi Sharon!
    Come July, Kavarna Rock Fest in Bulgaria?You have not passed away!

    I love you!

  • afterall

    Hello Sharon! So, this is probably a very strange question, but I’ll ask anyway. Is the band a “Christian” band, or am I just reading into the lyrics?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions like this! Your music has helped me through some very rough times. You and the band are epic!

    Love you all!

  • madhatter

    Hallo, Sharon! Mijn vriendin Yasmin is zonder twijfel de allergrootste fan van Within Temptation die op deze aarde rondloopt. Ze is laatst naar een concert geweest (waar ze vervolgens nog weken over bleef praten omdat ze het zo geweldig vond, “Sharon maakte haar beroemde handbeweging naar me!”) en ze is strak van plan naar het volgende concert te gaan. Nu is ze binnenkort jarig, en ik weet zeker dat ze heel blij zou zijn met een kleine felicitatie. Dus ik hoop heel erg dat u haar wil feliciteren, als het niet te veel moeite is!


  • corrado

    Dear Sharon!
    I have a small problem and also a small dream .. I sought help on several unofficial forums and now I turn to you directly. But to the point. My friend and yet hidden, the greatest love a few months, celebrating 18th birthday. For every young Pole is a special birthday. I would give her something special and I got an idea. Sara because that is the name of my friend is a big fan of your band, collect your albums, it was at your concert in Cracow and was really happy. I thought that I will give her an album which we do not yet have, and something special. I would like to ask you and the entire team about her wishes for a happy birthday and autographs. For example, even a small piece of paper with wishes for her. Maybe a video greeting for her. She was really happy and that I think is the best gift for her. What do you think? Please you very much for help. Answer me please if you can. Greet for You!

  • EvelineWT

    Hey Sharon…I have one question for you. This time not about music or related stuff but about animals…
    I am wondering how you are thinking about the story and situation about Morgan the orca…maybe you do not want to anwer this but I hope you will :) ! You can answer me here or else by my email: I realy like to hear your opinion :) ! (some people say it is stupid to ask you this)

  • jessica

    hey Sharon, i was in nov,at the concert in kerkrade, it was fabelus, but i have a questen for you, i hope you don`t maent to tel me, do you like jezus? becaus i tray to tell people that you not an antichtist are,so for gething it claer for my, i foth i sut ask sharon, sorry ,but my engelisch is not so good.

  • kamil

    Dear Sharon,

    On behalf of the polish WT fans, the users Polish-Temptation – the biggest unofficial site dedicated to Within Temptation I would ask You to help Corrado to be able to fulfill the dreams of his girl-friend.
    Each of us – Your fans would cause a great pleasure to receive from You brithday wishes on 18th brithday – a wonderful gift for the entry into adult life :)  
    Please help him in the execution of this plan. :)

    Best wishes, 

  • kamil

    I have one request :) Please, quickly come back to Poland :)  

  • ewelincia1007

    Dear Sharon,
    I am writing to you, because I have big request. My colleague, Konrad, have a friend (He loves her). Her 18. birthday are in April next year. Konrad want to do surprise and he want to give her something with Within Temptation. He was writing to You. Can You help him? I think, that is wonderful idea. I hope, You can to do that for Yours big fan. Please, Can you fulfill her dreams?
    Thank You so much.

  • kjellinge

    Hello Sharon =)
    Have you ever been in Bergen/Norway? It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it’s quite popular for concerts every summer. You and the band should give it a gp, I’m shure the whole city++ will come to watch you^^

    PS: Great concert in Oslo in October, I really loved it ;)

  • nikare



  • daqi

    你的中文名字是什么 很漂亮的美人 很漂亮的歌和乐队 –你的音乐可谓: 昔韩娥东之齐,匮粮,过雍门,鬻歌假食,既去而余音绕梁俪,三日不绝,左右以其人弗去。

  • wt15

    Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar WITHIN TEMPTATION!!!!!!:)

  • ewelincia1007

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year
    Love ;*

  • Withinthecoldheart

    Hi my name is Gaby and I’m from Ecuador I was wondering if there is any way to get my picture taken with you guys when you come to Quito is my one and only wish. Thank you for reading it.
    See you in February ^^

  • unforgiving1991

    hey dear .. first let me love you so much … and my friend also.I was really happy about your new album. and it is up and down. may all your songs by heart …. My question would be, we have been waiting for the comeback album. Do you already have info whether another album will come?You guys their best years I can hear you but only since fourth But really the best for her and my love are astride songs: Sound of final destination greedom grace oh matrimonial matrimonial ….. all I wanted to see you in october live in hamburg. but had to work unfortunately. Well that’s enough for now yes now write with.Keep it up and we love you alllg anthony

  • sunny2012

    Dear Sharon,
    Just to let you know that, here from my home country Egypt, I want to say that I really love you so much and I really wish to see you someday, never heard like you voice before and I believe nothing beyond that too :) .


  • Anonymous

    Ik wil even laten weten dat ik jullie muziek nog altijd fantastisch vind, nu ik deze al ongeveer 6 jaar ken! Ik ben heel erg ziek maar jullie liedjes vrolijken me op als ik mij verdrietig voel…Hopelijk kan ik zo snel mogelijk een concert van jullie bijwonen, zodra ik genezen ben.
    Wat ik nog zeggen wil; blijf muziek maken en spelen want jullie zijn er zo ontzettend goed in!!!

    Vele groeten,
    Rajani ;-)

    ps: Een beetje laat maar toch een gelukkig nieuwjaar gewenst!

  • Andrey Tiunov

    Hello Sharon!
    Greetings from Russia!!! Awesome performance in Moscow in December 14, 2011!! Thank you and hope to see all of you guys in the future!
    My question is about Live DVD… Do you planning a film a whole concert for making a new Live DVD of Within Temptation from The Unforgiving Tour? It would be really cool and awesome! We have Mother Earth Tour, The Silent Force Tour, Black Symphony, and what about The Unforgiving era??

  • Yeferson Vanegas

    hola, Sharon y Roberth y los demas de la banda, estaba rogando mucho para que volvieran a Colombia y por fin los voy a poder ver y conocer, deleitarme de su gloriosa musica en vivo, espero que Colombia les agrade y vengan mas seguido…..son la mejor banda del mundo…los quiero……

  • Ace Frehley

    Sharon will Within Temptation tour Australia any time soon?

  • Anonymous

    I love your music, but I am a little beside myself, why? Some of your songs, are you Christian?

  • blackkat1994

    I have to ask…have you written ALL of the songs either by yourself or with another band member? I wish to use you as my inspired poet for an advanced english assignment, but I am having troubles trying to find a list of songs you have written

    Help please?~

  • Gerson Moraes

    Hello, Sharon! I still don’t believe that I’m going to see you in Sao Paulo… it’s a dream come true!

    I’d like to know if, in the beggining of the band, you thought you would make all the success you’ve done and do, or you thought couldn’t happen? You have already realized the importance that you have in the lives of many fans, or plug it takes to fall sometimes? ‘Cause you are very important for us, the fans!

    Another questions: What was your inspirations for the lyrics and arrangements? The inspirations of the past still remain, or they changed?I’m a musician (I sing and play the piano, the keyboards and the bass), and I’m starting a project of my first CD, with own musics, in gothic metal /symphonic metal, and the Within Temptation is one of my greatest inspirations (if not most of them), along with Kamelot, Epica, Nightwish, Elis and Van Canto.

    I’m going to the show in Sao Paulo, and I’d like to give you a gift: a demo CD, with four of my songs. I would be very happy if you could listen to the CD, and give your opinions about it, along with the band.

    I hope I can meet you face to face, to say how much all of you are important in my life, and how much I love all of you. If the project of my CD is happening now, it’s because all of you’re my inspiration and a part of my life.

    Thank you for existing, for being who they are and for being part of my life! I See you in Sao Paulo!

  • Delphine Stephen

    Hello Sharon,

    Is Within Temptation going to tour in Australia?

    Within Temptation is an awesome band and has been my favourite band for a long time, I think you are an amazing singer and I love the music you make. Ive wanted to see Within Temptation at a concert since I first heard your music and you guys look great and amazing live. Please come to Australia, you have a lot of fans here, like me just wanting to see you.

  • Tedd Xanthos

    Hi Sharon,

    I am Tedd and I am from Greece. I just wanted to say that the way you sing… it’s like you’ve taken our deepest feelings and turned them into a beautiful melody… I’d love to see you live someday (hopefully soon if you plan a concert in Greece which would be just… awesome!)
    I love Within Temptation and especially when I listen to the song “Forgiven” I just feel like I’m leaving earth and start flying towards another dimention filled with all kinds of beautiful things :) I hope to see you guys live soon. Take care and keep amazing us :)

  • Philip Brodersen

    Hey Sharon!!!

    I am such a huge fan and love all your songs! I love The Heart of Everything and the Unforgiving. They are amazing! Hand of Sorrow is my favorite song out of all of them. I used it for an English project one time because we were studying poetry. I love symphonic metal, it’s the most amazing music ever

  • Arty Shulc

    Arty 23
    Hi, I really like your creativity Wait believe and hope Within Temptation in Moscow this year, 2012))) I’m from Russia)
    I love your band) strongly!)

    You have great talent Sharon know that!)

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  • Rhiannon Topping

    hi would u please come to England a bit more :D

  • Rhiannon Topping

    oh and u are an amazing singer

  • Rhiannon Topping

    are u married to robert

  • Rachel Agon

    what other movies do you like.

  • María Fernanda López

    Who is your favourite fashion designer?

  • Rachel Agon

    will you come to the usa and perform in Oregon?

  • Paralda Cevallos

    Will you guys please come to the USA-Pacific Northwest anytime soon.Lots of fans here would love to see you guys.You guys are awesome and we would love to see WT come to the West Coast.

  • Tamás Kozsup

    You are the most beautiful woman on the world Sharon!!!

  • Erin Colleen Watson

    Within Temptation NEEDS to preform in Philadelphia! There are so many fans here on the east coast that would love to see you – especially me! :D You’re an amazing band and your music is absolutely the best!

  • Rachel Agon

    there is many fans in the great northwest. its soo cool out here. i am one of the many fans. you guys rock. i listen to you guys while doing homework, which is a drag.( not fun)

  • Anonymous

    please please please come to london i love u so much ur music is my life! will you come one day?! and make sure 14yr olds can come!

  • Lydie Prenant

    Hello!!! I love so much your band and your style in your live and your clips and I would like to know what designer made your clothes. I find them very beautiful!!!

  • Tracey Yasi

    Aw, Erin you should have been at the show at the Electric Factory in September! How did you miss it, girl?

  • Rachel Agon

    You really use to seeing the guys play video games. Do you ever try to play some the video games with the guys and plzs show some clips of them playing video games in the vlogs.

  • Nerea Violet Rose

    Simply the best band ever… I can’t stop listening every CD!!! *-*

  • Juliane Lorbeer

    Why get updated very often nothing more of you received at (things) and you wan seiht back in berlin ? I would be glad if you would get there at the recommended comics ^^

  • Martin Hartl

    Hi, I would like to know how you and Robert are inspired when writing new lyrics… On that point a huge compliment for your great lyrics, which are really affecting me very deeply!

  • Emese Buza


    I’m writing in the name of my Hungarian “Within Temptation magazin”. It has been runnig for 4 years now, our “birthday” will be on March 29th. The magazine is running within a community page and has been highlighted many times even outside of the net. Actualy this is the only Hungarian WT fanzin. Last year I tried to contact the band via e-mail but I guess you were too busy because of the new album release. I hope this time you will have a bit more time for us. :)

    What I would like to ask is a short “interview” from you, Sharon, if it is possible. It could be via mail or through any online application (Skype, Messenger… or whatever you prefer). Hungarian fans would be really happy if you could do this for us, it would be a fantastic “birthday present” for the magazine’s readers.

    I hope you will read this and answer me at least here.

    All the best,
    Emese Buza (alias GhostCat),
    the owner, editor and designer of Within Temptation magazin


  • Despina Mpl

    Which is your favourite Within Temptation song?You have an amazing voice!!!

  • Hans Talsma

    Hey Sharon, i heard that WT is bringing out an new album this year…is that true?:) and a second question for you..are you still involved in designing your dresses? I`m curious:) and i want to say that you are amazing, you have a beautiful voice, and you`re beautiful! xx Hans

  • João Maciel

    Hi Sharon! everything fine? I’d like to know the best thing and the worst thing on touring on South America ;) And also like to know if you like when the crowd sings, or disliki and think something like “damn, shut up and let me sing” HAHAHA thank you ;)

  • Hannah Thompson

    Hi Sharon! :) I was wondering, what’s been the best ever Within Temptation moment for you? And if you could write the music for the soundtrack to a film, what would it be? Xxx Hannah

  • Gustavo Azevedo

    Hi Sharon, Thanks for the brazilian show, it was amazing.
    Kisses Gustavo

  • Carolina Erreira

    You could launch the comics in Portuguese? We Brazilian fans are very anxious to read! Please. Thank you.

  • Kiga Mistriver

    will you wear dresses again on stage in the future? at the theater tour maybe? can’t wait for the amsterdam gig :) take care, love

  • Hannah Thompson

    Hi again…strange question here but what happens if you’re performing live and suddenly really, reeeeally need to sneeze?

  • Anna Myšková

    Hi! I love everything by WT and all around, but… Don´t you miss your privacy?
    And another question: Aren´t you jealous of Robert, because of the kids?
    All of us (fans) hoping there is going to be a DVD from Theaters?

  • Diego Diaz Diaz

    The show in Chile was spectacular. Sharon, are you a Christian?

  • Kylie Marcella Koonzee

    Hi, Sharon! I love you, and you’re my idol!
    Is it fun being the singer on tour? Does your voice ever get tired? Oh yeah, and why are you so amazing?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sharon loved the show here in Sao Paulo, I could see it close, I realized my dream, I dream of you always and in dreams we talked a lot, I love you and please do not wait to go back to Sao Paulo, kisses

  • Abbie

    When you’re on Tour, does it ever get tiring when you go to performance after performance?
    And what is the process you guys have to go through to go on tours?

  • Georgi Manov

    Why do you choose NOT to play certain songs live (including but not limitting to: Final Destination, A Demon’s Fate, Murder)? How do you select the playlist for each show?(I admire that you play different setlist each show, it’s amazing)

  • Weronika Lesniak

    hey Sharon! I love you soo much <3 I would like to ask you,Do you not miss your ''old'' style a bit?

  • Ashley Marie

    Hi Sharon! When will you be coming to the United States? (Illinois)

  • Yulia Cherkasyuk

    Hello, Sharon! Why you never come to Belarus? I know set of people, which would pay any money (even the latest) to get on your concert!!!

  • k.seraphiel

    Sharon you are a great vocalist. I even covered “Ice Queen”, check it out!

  • eric

    I eagerly await your arrival at Zenith de Strasbourg in France if possible!

  • Jhono Vermeer

    just wondering, do you think you will ever have a tour going through New Zealand, or Australia?

  • Julian Monaco

    Hi Sharon!

    I’m trying to get the “Faster” video that you showed at screen during “Faster” at Buenos Aires, it was great and I would like to see it one more time but I could not find it in your You Tube channel.

    Could you help me?

    See you soon!

  • Maria Belen- Ald Accesorios

    hi sharon, i’m belen from argentina. i made you a present, it was a necklace chocker, i gave it to you at argentina’s last show, at 2-10-2012, did you got it? do you like it? i just want to know that. i hope to see you soon! all my love! maria belen

  • ♥‿♥ Merlissa! ★彡

    Lieve Sharon,

    Ik weet dat je heel erg lang bij Within Temptation zit.
    Mij vraag wat was je geworden misschien als je niet in de muziek industrie terecht was gekomen? Of bedoel heb je ook ander werk gedaan dan alleen muziek?

    Liefs van Merlissa Prins 23 Jaar uit Lelystad.

  • Anne den Adel

    Dear Sharon,

    I know I may sound stupid enough with this but, what’s your favourite colour? I always wanted to know.
    I’m a new fan but I got addicted to the band quite easily. I’m in Greece and I’d like to know if you’ll come here during the tour. I’d like to come and see you

    Loads of Love from Greece! <3

    P.S: Don't laugh at my Name, I post from my Twitter account. I like to show how much addicted I am :D

    P.S 2: Do you have a Twitter or facebook account?

  • mithrandir

    My question:
    Do you believe in God? what´s your relationship to God?

  •üller/100001392437193 Melanie Müller

    Liebe Sharon,
    ich komme am 07.03. nach Utrecht, um mir ein besonderes Geburtstagsgeschenk zu machen. Ich wünsche mir so sehr, dich einmal zu treffen, denkst du, ich bekomme an diesem Abend die Chance? Der Tag wäre dann perfekt und ich könnte glücklich und zufrieden nach Deutschland zurück fahren.

    Viele Grüße Melanie

  • Pei Fon

    Sharon i love you so much !
    you singin’ very well !! you’re beautiful , sweetie =]
    Come to Brazil again!

    Send a kiss to me?

  • Anonymous

    You Rock are world and that’s cool. Will you come to Canada on 2012 ? Montreal ? It would be fun, Hope to see you here! By-By.

  • Daniel

    Hi Sharon,
    My name is Daniel from New Jersey in the U.S.A. I’m wondering when are you all coming to the States cause the truth I’m so hook on your sound I mean I just LOVE the group: Within Temptation so far I have two of your CD’s
    The heart of everything and The Unforgiving
    And I must say “The Unforgiving” really rocks and “The heart of everything” rock too But I strongly love the cd “The Unforgiving”

  • Hermes Peredo

    Hey Sharon, my name is Hermes Peredo, the one who traveled from Bolivia to Argentina to see you guys play, which worth it all!!!!! . I saw you at the Tribeca Hotel the day of the show at the morning and gave you a letter and a little present from Bolivia. I was wondering if you read the letter and if you liked it……..
    thanks for answering and thenaks for making my days brightert xoxo

  • horselover02

    Hey Ms. Sharon.
    I was curious why you sing in English, when you’re actually Dutch? Not that I mind. :D But I’ve always wondered about that. Love you! Great new album. Just as amazing as all the past ones.

  • Nodir Sagatov

    Hi Sharon!

    I’m trying to get the “Faster” video that you showed at screen during “Faster” at Buenos Aires, it was great and I would like to see it one more time but I could not find it in your You Tube channel.

  • Anonymous

    Its not nice in Dutch Horselover02;-) :-p

  • Anonymous

    Hallo Sharon

    Ik wou eigenlijk Robert spreken maar ik denk dat u het ookwel zal weten.
    Hoe zijn jullie op het idee gekomen voor deze spetterende theatershow? (Oh man, ik kan haast niet wachten:-D) Is het één van de fantasielijnen van Robert? Chapeau dan voor hem!! Great. En verschijnt je nichtje ookweer ten tonele ofniet? Het duet tijdens ‘Unforgiven’ was echt bloedmooi^^

    Tot ziens;-)
    Lisa X

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sharon,
    I decided to write you because of my children !!
    They become big fans of WT and I promise them that we will be at your first concert in Bucharest.
    So – Victor (6 years) and Mara (10 years) are waiting for you here in Bucharest.
    They know already some of your songs and be sure – they will sign with you …
    Regard’s from Romania – Marius

  • Juan Rodrigo Arellano

    Hi Sharon! When are you going to release a DVD concert of the Unforgiving Tour, I am dying to have one in my house. Love you!

  • horselover02

    Lol, with that much talent, both her and the rest of the band, they could pull it off.

  • Gniecha Pietrzykowska

    Dear Sharon.
    I’m your big fan from Poland. That was the best moment of my life when I saw you in real. Before that we’ve met in Empik shop, you received the golden disks the Unforging album. I was there. And I was so shy and excited of meeting you. So I couldn’t say any word, couldn’t tell you how much You mean to me. You’re my inspiration. Authority. You have beautiful voice, wondeful personality. Your music gives so much emotions, lyrics touching my heart.
    Your music helped me survived when I was suffer from depression for 4 years. Did you always wonna to sing with band? Did you dreamed of that to become a rock star when you were a teenager? I wonder that becouse I’m learning sing classical style but I still don’t know if isn’t something for me. I hope you’ll come back to Poland again. We all missing you already.
    Love you very much, Sharon and wish you all the best. I’ll be waiting for your answer.
    P.S. Sorry for my english, but I’m still studing;p
    Agnieszka(or Agnes if you prefer:) from Warsow.

  • Anonymous

    Hee Sharon,
    Ik zag vandaag voor het eerst een dvd van jullie. Samen met mijn vriend (die jij welicht kent) Bas Kayen woonde eerst in Tilburg en nu weer in Dongen. Ik was in de stad en zag een dvd liggen en ik wist dat hij er super gek van was en dat hij het vaak over jou heeft dus ik kon het niet laten om hem te kopen. En inderdaad het is geweldig!! Bas wil snel weer eens langs komen en hoopt je dan weer te kunnen zien!! en of je hem nog kent! Ik ben aan het kijken of ik hem misschien binnenkort kan verrassen! Heeel veel groetjes!! van Bas!!! en ook van mij natuurlijk !!

    x Manon de Caluwe

  • Synnove Shuhei

    Dear Sharon,
    I just wanna say that since the first time I listened to WT songs and some works you’ve done with other artists I became a really loyal fan of yours. You’ve been my idol for at least 6 years. I do admire and respect your voice, personality, humility and charisma. You were always there even if in reality you were in other place and you helped me to overcome hard times with succeeding.
    I remember that once I had a serious problem with my family. I was really bad to the point of thinking of suicide. That day I escaped to the forest to walk. The hours passed and it was getting dark. I decided to sit and listen to music. The song that appeared was “somewhere”. That moment, in which I was lost, your voice guide me and now I am here to tell about the day I was alone in the forest trying to find my way home.
    When I first saw WT in Mexico City last February I was the happiest person in the world and I still am (that day will be in my memory forever!). Thank you very much for everything!! Greetings from Mexico :)
    With love,

  • patrick

    Hey sharon,

    Ik ben al jaren fan van jullie,
    Heb alle cd’s/dvd’s op de eerste na.
    Ik heb altyd wt opstaan,
    En was er zelfs bij in brussel met q music.

    Maar nou was mijn vraag:
    is er een mogelijkheid dat ik een handteking kan krijg van jullie of op de foto met jullie de 24ste in groningen??

    Hoop snel iets te horen
    mvg patrick

  • Anonymous

    Sharon…………………….la pregunta es muy facil , cuando vas a responder alguno de mis tantos mensajes ????????

  • Anonymous

    Hoi sharon,

    Ik heb begrepen dat je schilderen/tekenen houdt. Zou ons een keertje iets wat je zelf gemaakt hebt kunnen laten zien?


  • Juha Lilja

    Hi Sharon …. Ben je nog steeds op tournee? Ik heb geluisterd naar je muziek een paar maanden geleden … en ik luister elke dag :) Mijn oudste zoon graag luisteren naar uw muziek, en droom om gepubliceerd in de laatste gesigneerde cd,
    lijkt onmogelijk te zijn, we leven in Finland en U denkt toch dit deel van de tour niet in de nabije toekomst … Ik wil graag cd’s importeren voor mijn zoon! geen engel, en stuur het naar mij?
    lever natuurlijk, noodzakelijk voor u kulut.kiitos mooie Sharon.laitoin het Nederlands, dus dat je niet het Engels tong met afschuw vervuld: P kan spreken Engels, maar het schrijven is moeilijk …. Ik niet veranderen.
    mijn facebook account is Juha Lilja Hyvinkää, Finland (
    schrijf iets op mijn muur, zou het geweldig zijn!
    Met vriendelijke groet, Juha 1973


  • Jhono Vermeer

    um if they started in dutch, chances of getting world famous would be like becoming a topmodel :/ english is is the prefered language to listen to because its versatile, especialy for gothic metal styled bands,

  • Marijke van Zundert

    hey sharon.
    jullie waren 17 maart in tilburg weer geweldig.
    ik hoop dat het goed gaat met ruud.
    maar ik had een vraagje… komt er een dvd van de theater tour? mooi als aandenken aan deze spetterende show!!
    ik hoop dat ik er iets van hoor want ik zou heel graag een dvd willen.
    xxxjes marijke van zundert

  • Diana Gavrilova

    Hi Sharon.
    I love you very much. Your songs are nice! Come to Russian Far East! Do you like Russia?=)

  • MitchelllEnZo

    hey Sharon,
    Je was echt weer fantastish 21 maart in Heerlen.
    Ik had egt een kei goeie plek.
    vond het wel heel leuk dat je zwaaide :)
    Ik wou de 22 weer komen maar kon niet.
    Mijn droom ooit zanger te worden heeft nu meer zelfvertrouwen.
    Heel erg bedankt dat je er was.

    xxxxx Mitchell Adams

  • Lhamu Bhutia

    sharon all of your songs are a legend for me especially “ITS THE FEAR” dont you guys ever stop making music……..

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sharon :* Im 11(I know,kinda young) and Im a big fan of you since I heard your song at the age 5 or 6.I live in Ireland and I’d always wanted to meet you,so bad.You mean so much to me and and I love you :) I love all your songs and I think you are amazing.I hope somedays I’ll see a concert,of you guys.I wanted to go to London but I couldnt :| Hope to see yous sometime :* <3

  • Anonymous

    Within Temptation continua a ser minha banda favorita, apesar de vocês terem tido uma brusca mudança com este último álbum “the unforgiving” mas o que mais me deixou triste foi o fato de você sharon não usar mais aqueles lindos vestidos e não fazer mais aquela dança única que você faia em suas apresentações ao vivo *-* aquilo fazia de você única, por favor voltem com seus vestidos e a dança, muitos fãs antigos como eu sentem falta disso, tem até uma página no facebook em que pedem que você volte com seus vestidos
    Eu te amo

    Within Temptation is still my favorite band, though you have had a sudden change with this latest album “the unforgiving” but what really made ​​me sad was the fact that you sharon no longer use those beautiful dresses and not do more that dance beech only you in their live performances * – * what made ​​you unique, please come back with their dresses and dance, many old fans like me miss it even has a facebook page where they ask you to return to their dresses
    I love you

  • Anonymous

    Robert left Within Temptation?

  • patrick


    Robert only left within temptation for an half,
    He still write songs.
    And when some1 is not feeling well he jumps in.

    So hes out but still in :)

  • tim mulder

    Vraagje: Zouden jullie AUB alles op LP willen/kunnen uitbrengen ik heb al de Unforgiving LP en die hoes is in het groot zeer mooi.

  • Jared Fierce

    Hey Sharon!
    I’m a big fan of Within Temptation.
    Your voice is amazing! One of my biggest wishes is to sing a song with you. I practise as often as I can to get even better in singing. My favorite song is Memories :)
    And I have a question: I like your clothes very much. Would it be possible to buy some of them? Or have you got a collection for people who are interested in those clothes?
    Greetings from Germany! :)

  • Anonymous

    Holoman’Sydney Australia,the unforgiven music is unlike what i have never heard before,music is my life and metal has been a large part off it these past 15 years,mother earth was and still is my love at first sight and sound,but now with the unforgiven i have had this album for three months now and it just keeps getting bettter every time i hear it, it has become an addiction to want to hear it every day and last night i play it 3 times on repeat,there is something magical about the unforgiven.

  • Kelly Rickle

    Hello, Sharon, my name is Kelly. I live in New Jersey in the United States, and I was wondering if you were ever going to come on tour here anytime soon. If so, I’d like to know so my friends and I could come see. :-) Thanks.

  • ℓiкα † Amy Lee †

    Olá Sharon, eu sou a Lisiane moro em São Paulo no Brasil, sou uma grande fã da Within Temptation infelizmente não tive a oportunidade de ir para o show que vocês fizeram aqui em São Paulo e gostaria de saber quando que vocês estaram de volta ao Brasil? Quero que saiba que os seus fãs brasileiro te amam …

    Ficarei muito lisonjeada se você me responder pois te admiro muito

  • Alexandre Cardoso

    I think Sharon a “bigest” singer, and, for me, she is the better single in the last 10 years. I like very so much of music Ice quenn, and the music Stand of ground….. And I think her,…. a beautiful woman…. Here, in Brazil, they are very fans….

  • Anonymous

    Hoi Sharon,
    7 juni is Prokkelstagedag, een dag dat mensen met een verstandelijke beperking bij bedrijven mee gaan lopen.
    Nu is er een jonge vrouw die heel graag een dagje met jou wil meelopen. Ze komt uit Soest en is fan van jou. Deze jonge vrouw is helemaal in haar element met popsterren om haar heen. Die ze onder andere uit de Hitkrant knipt. Het zou geweldig zijn als we dit voor elkaar zouden krijgen! Ik hoor graag van je. Groetjes, R Jochemsen

    Voor meer informatie zie:

  • Romain Lemaire-Duchesne

    Hi Sharon, and all the band ! First, thank you for all. You’re simply the best, so I can’t say something else !

    I just have a question to the band : I think you have your own reasons, but why don’t you play “A Demon’s Fate” in live anymore ? You only played it @Huntendop, and even if it’s a hard song, it’s so powerful in live !

    You’re the greatest band I know, and Sharon you’re the best singer I know : you can sing it ! I would die to heard this song live one more time =)

    I don’t know why you don’t perform it anymore, I just wanted to say this, because many of your fans LOVE this song.

    Once again, you’re the best, all of you. Thank you for all that you do for us, it’s so wonderful.
    See u soon ! =)

    Romain, France

  • Kalten Teylor

    Hey there um i have a few questions…. whos the leader of the band?
    what age do you have to be to be able to get in and have u a spot for vocalist/keyboard player? to answer my question send me a message at hope to hear from you :)

  • Orod Alpacino

    i love her voice

  • Rick Perrelet

    As you are one of my favorite bands I hope you release a Blu-Ray disc of “The Unforgiving”. The last one, “Black Symphony”, was and is incredible!!! Since it doesn’t look like you will be coming to the USA, a Blu-Ray is the next best thing! I tell you though, the USA is missing out dearly by not listening to one of the best bands in Europe today! I wish you all continued success in every CD you create and may God bless each and every one of you!

  • Aman Markos

    Morning Mrs. Adel, I am an aspiring to become a music composer and I must ask, how do you come up with the orchestrations for your songs?

    You can reach me on facebook, or e-mail me,

  • Frank Phinney

    u guys r awesome i hope one i get to meet or see u guys live. i do live in charlotte NC hope to see there sometime. blessed be you yur voice, that of an angel!

  • Miguel Flores

    sounds of freedom brought tears to my eyes …Ive been looking for something as close as this cuz Ive lived under alotta rules and control and sometimes opression …where it seems that I will never break free …..and this one DOES MAKE ME WANNA TRY

  • Miguel Flores


  • Jenna Christine Wyllie

    Love you :) <3

  • Anonymous

    Hello Sharon,

    Ik heb gisteren DWDD zitten kijken en wat heb ik genoten toen jij aan bod kwam om de cover te zingen. Kippenvel kreeg ik en wat een stem heb je toch. Hard en sound-full als je uithaalt, maar fluweelachtig als je deze ballade zingt. Wat zou ik je graag horen als je rustige akoestische nummers een eigen gevoel geeft, interpreteert en zingt zoals bijvoorbeeld van Barbara Streisand, Madonna, Tina Turner, George Michael. Natuurlijk niet helemaal jouw genre, maar wat lijkt mij dat gaaf.
    Dikke kus uit Almere Erwin

    Ps: Carre was TOPPIE !!!!

  • samantha Stanio

    Are you guys planning on doing a tour here in America, Canada, or Mexico anytime soon? My boyfriend listens to your music 24/7 (I now have all of your songs from the last three albums memorized) and I would love to take him to one of your concerts. Thanks so much,

  • Andrey Filippov

    Hello Sharon Den Adel, I very much liked your song In And Out Of Love, I’m not particularly uvlikayus music, but damn this song takes the soul, and I just want to say thank you, nades my letter will reach you.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Sharon, I am so interested in finding out who wrote the lyrics and music for each one of your songs but can’t find it anywhere and I don’t really tryst wikipedia. Could you please help me with it? Thanks a lot in advance. :)

  • Jamie Neely

    i cant wait for you to perform in Charleston, South Carolina.

    i love your music sharon.

  • Oleg Moskovets

    No questions..I know all the answers..She is..

    101.Sharon den Adel

  • Rene Kurvers

    Aanstaande vrijdag zijn jullie bij on s op het parkfeest in Oosterhout. Een collega van mij kan daar niet bij zijn want zij gaat die dag trouwen. Normaal gesproken ze ze alles opzij om naar jullie concert te kunnen, maar je begrijpt, dat lukt die dag niet. Ze trouwt in Etten leur,vlakbij Oosterhout! zou jij een mogelijkheid zien om bij haar op haar trouwfeest (even) langs te komen , dat zou geweldig zijn!Het feest is ‘s avonds in het Turfschip in Etten Leur, zij heet dan Davina Baaten. Het zou geweldig zijn als je dit kon doen, zij is immers een groot fan van jullie! Alvast bedankt!!
    Rene Kurvers

  • Gabriel

    Sharon, you have no earthly idea how in love with you that I am. “Stand My Ground” is my song. It’s my motivation in the morning and all through the day to get through. You are so amazing and keep them coming!! :D

  • Sam

    Is it ever possible for ou to tour Sydney, Australia, coz I’m literally dying to see you guys…….. and girl live. I love Hand Of Sorrow, Murder and……… ACTUALLY i change my mind. I love almost every song that is played by you I love you so much If I saw you I would kiss and hug I need you here in Australia, You have lots of fans from Australia. Just trust the hell outta me you will love it here and so will I………. I would kiss you all on the cheek that is how desperite (don’t i spelt that right but) yeah you know I love you.


    love Sammy your biggest Aussie fan 4ever!!!!!

    here is my email address so you can reply………

    Hope ou reply I’ll be waiting…… even if it’s along time……..

  • Jack

    Sharon, is it possible you could come to Philadelphia, PA, USA again? I really would LOVE to go to one of your concerts. I love all of your songs. When I first heard of you, I thought “What was I listening to all this time”. Can’t wait until you come back!!! I love you Sharon!!!!
    I hope you can reply even if I have to wait forever.

  • Ilona Schutte

    hoi sharon
    eerst de complimenten dat jullie er iedere keer weer een feestje van maken echt genieten!!!had eigenlijk een vraagje over je heerlen in het theater had je hele gave aan zilver als ik het goed had en aan de achterkant een glinsterstreep
    ben er helemaal weg van maar kan ze nergens vinden als je dat wilt delen heel graag xxxilona

  • Rick Neff

    Hi. This is driving me crazy. At the end of the song “Fire and Ice” at around the 3:41 mark there sounds like someone coughed. I was just wondering if it was intentional? Thanks!
    Rick (Pittsburgh, PA)
    Please reply! :)
    Thank you!

  • jane doe

    als ik het goed heb heeft ze die dockers zelf gemaakt met zilvere verf en glim steenen zou wel willen weten welke verf ze gebruikt mijn dockers kunnen wel een opknap beurt gebruiken

  • Richard Slater


    I would like to know what opportuities are there to collaboarate with Ms. Sharon on an EDM project of a quite sophisticated nature both in sound quality and texture.

    Your reply on this matter is much appreciated.


  • Richard Slater
  • Den Vandenhelder

    Beste Sharon,
    morgen zijn jullie in Heerlen op Parkcity Live. Mijn dochter Robin is daar ook en wordt die dag (23 juni) 9 jaar oud. Helaas kan ik dat niet met haar vieren omdat ik op dit moment al 2 maanden in Afghanistan zit om Afghaanse agenten te trainen. Ik kan haar verjaardag dus niet met haar vieren. Dat is best moeilijk en ik mis haar, haar zusje en mijn vrouw, best wel. Zouden jullie Robin vanaf het podium een fijne verjaardag willen wensen namens mij. Dat zou ze super vinden, dat vond ze trouwens ook van jullie optreden in Kerkrade in de Rodahal. Ik heb deze vraag een paar maanden geleden ook al gesteld dus hoop eigenlijk dat dit al op jullie lijstje stond…
    Alvast bedankt voor de moeite namens Dennis.

  • Artem Isotikov

    You’d better give us her REAL twetter if she has one..

  • fatma yaşa

    what do you think Turkey ? I am so excited to you are going to come again

  • Evelien Heijne

    hey! Ik ben egt een groot fan van jjullie :D Ik was op 25 maart in oosterpoort bij een concert van jullie! (mijn eerste concert) En ik ga na de zomervakantie beginnen met drummen, het lijkt me wel een goed idee dat ik over een aantal jaartjes mike gwn over neem.. hihi :$ Jullie zijn egt tof! -xxx- Evelien (13)

  • King Highbreed

    I LOVE YOU SHARON!!! I don’t really have a question, i just wanted to tell the world I LOVE Within Temptation. Your my favorite band! I know your Symphonic Rock, but listening to your music can help me write my Gothic poems. I haven’t published any, (or tried) but I just love you guys. NUMBER ONE AMERICAN FAN!!! Oops. I’ve taken up too much space. =^.^= (Ps. I don’t use my real name for people who don’t know me personally.) Just two more things. Is there any chance we’ll ever find your E-Mail on this site? (if you’ve ever said anything about it, sorry. Just found this site recently.) And I’ll promote you guys on my site.

  • Stephany Salem

    sharon i just want to ask you if i can see you when i go to netherlands just i need to spend one day to see how you live your life love you so much plz answer meee can i see you plz my dream to see you in netherland i’m from lebanon i’m just 18 and my name in stephany salem i know you so busy you cannot answer me but i hope you to do this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :) within temptation is my lifee

  • Anonymous

    I think Sharon and all the other bandmembers don’t set their private things such as adress or emailadress in your case on the site or facebook or whatever…

    That would be to risky i guess.. Just contact their fanclub to see or ask a personal question :-)

    Greetz An huge fan also ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Sharon Alvast een héle gelukkige verjaardag gewenst en hopelijk kan je erwat van genieten^^

    Zie jullie hopelijk héééééééél snel 13 november :-D ;-)

  • Anonymous

    van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag

  • Nathalie Khatcherian

    I finally saw you guys in Lebanon, and i fell in love with you guys even more (which i didn’t think it was possible) , you’re even more beautiful in person :)
    is there any chance that you’ll come back to Lebanon next year ?
    PS: Just keep doing what you’re doing , because you guys ROCK!!! m/

  • Anonymous

    feliz cumple

  • Anonymous

    feliz cumple

  • Anna Sylwia Kotus

    Happy Birthday Sharon :) m/

  • Kristen Osborne

    Just wondering if you guys are coming to the US anytime soon? Would love to see you guys live!

  • Béllatrix Léstrangé-Rp

    It’s such a pity… You guys went to Bulgaria but you didn’t come to Athens… I’d be front like screaming like mad, if you did. xD That’s for sure. Are you ever planning to come by?

  • Мирослав Христов

    I was on your show in Sofia and just want to know what do you think for Bulgaria and the supporters here? You were great and I hope that you’ll come again for your own show!

  • Nick Wesley Otte

    het is een beetje laat maar als nog hartelijk gefeliciteerd en ik wil zeker weer naar een concert van jullie want jullie zijn gewoon vet cool

  • Dennis Harrison

    When will WT come to the US? Please come you are the best!!!!

  • Charina Galima

    please come to CALIFORNIA..PLS. PLS. PLS….

  • Sharon’s Girl ★

    1 question ? i have ZILLIONS of questions for sharon :3

  • Jonathan Gray

    Do you know where

  • Jonathan Gray

    Have you ever listened or heard of Bullet For My Valentine and Matt Tuck?
    They Are my favourite British Metal Band.
    Oh and plz come to Reading Festival some year in the future I would love to see you life with Bullet For My Valentine doing a combined song. That is if you could and are up to it, pleeeeaaaaseeeeee. If you could I would definitely be ecstatic at the fact my two favourite bands would be playing a song together live.

  • Zak Hammat

    I have the same question as below but US Metal band Trivium and Matt Heafy

  • Sharon’s Girl ★

    i will start with them one by one :D your fav color ?

  • Susanne Marie Jensen

    I love all the same music and Ren and Stimpy tooo and all those movies

  • Sita … ★

    hey sharon idk if you rememeber me, im Sita from lebanon ! :D first thank you for the AMAZING concert in leb, you guys sound really great live *o* keep up the good work sharon :D you are one of the rare artists nowadays who actually ‘sing from their heart’ if you know what i mean ;) i’d like to know what’s your fav color :3

  • Sita … ★

    i also like x men, nirvana, bob marley :D we have many things in common sharon *0*

  • RainKenstein

    Sharon, I am from Indonesia.. Do You Know that Country? Ahaha.. Never Mind if don’t know. I love Ur Voice.. It’s amazing.. I only have heard 1 of Ur Song (Memories), and I already love Ur Voice.. Great.. Nice Band..

  • WT_Colombia

    Hi sharon We are so excited to have you here in Colombia again someday. we hope to see you soon :) take care

  • Victor

    Dear Sharon,
    I have a very personal question, so you may not answer it if u don’t want. Some of your band’s songs, for example What have u done, Shot in the dark, Sinead, maybe Iron and others are about some character. What do you know about the him? Do you know each other? If you want I can dig for you about him. I may be only an apprentice occultist but i still pack a punch.Best regards, Victor (

  • doruk kaynak

    hey sharon im a song writer myself is there any way of contacting you and sharing my work with you without involving a somebody else it would be great to get an opinion from you about my songs im also looking for someone to sing my song i have thousands of them just laying around im not a good singer :/ if you see and like my work any chance of singing them?(i dont even want credit just them to be heard) thank you

  • Cierra-Joy Newman

    Sharon, I’m Cierra-Joy and I just wanted to say that you are such an inspiration to me and I just wanted to say your my hero. My dream is to become a great singer like you and I know I don’t have a question but I just wanted to tell you your my idol and I hope that you’ll keep singing for a very long time to come. Love from Canada!

  • Melissa Louise Vincent

    Omg, I love you sharon!! All of your songs express some part of my life. I am offten bullied because I have Scoliosis but Within Temptation keeps me going!! I know nearly all your songs off by heart from ‘The Heart of Everything’ & ‘Angels’ & ‘The Unforgiving’ <3 I'd love it if you could Tour to England! Perhaps Northamptonshire/London Area!! MY bestfriend would LOVE it if you did. It would be an amazing birthday present!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WE LOVE YOUxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • MaRi AnTo Medina

    that is what most motivates you ////// report to my facebook

  • Gerben van Alphen

    Gister Tiel was echt te gek, zijn er ook momenten dat jullie nummers van de eerste 2 albums spelen? Ik vind dat wat donkere geluid namelijk ook helemaal te gek.

  • Jelica

    Sharon, please, tell me if there is any chance for you to play in Belgrade, Serbia soon? Could you include Belgrade in your tour?

  • Carol

    Hmmmm I don’t have any question…
    I just want to tell Sharon how much I love her ♥♥ I almost worship her !! :) The most amazing person who ever walked on Earth♥

  • Matthew Spriggs

    Hello im a big Within Temptation fan have been for 15 years since Enter days love you so much like many other Australians are you going to tour Australia down under soon, love to see you here please tour next year its a great holiday destination an we have good venues for a tour Melbourne being the best metal city ok.

  • brittany

    What does all of your songs really mean?

  • Sally Mens

    Dag Sharon,

    Zoals altijd, al sinds 1996, is je muziek weer fantastisch.

    Aangezien je in Jemen gewoond hebt wil ik je vragen of je een petitie wilt tekenen, gericht aan de conferentie van “Friends of Yemen”, een coalitie van landen die Jemen begeleiden, en die oproept het bestrijden van de hongersnood in het land die steeds grotere vormen aanneemt, prioriteit boven alles te geven.

    Als je meer voor Jemen wilt doen beveel ik je aan met de in de petitie genoemde organisatie Yemen Peace Project contact op te nemen.

    Alvast bedankt voor je aandacht.

  • Sally Mens
  • Christelle ツ

    Hello dear Sharon♥ I’m from Lebanon, the concert was AMAZING, I really hope you’ll come in 2013 for a second concert and who knows maybe as a tourist ;) In the concert while performing Mother Earth m/ you recorded us the crowd and we were screaming enjoying the moment so are you going to make a video about your concerts in Turkey, Bulgaria and Lebanon! ???

  • Kate Savranskaya

    Dear Sharon,
    First, I’d like to thank you for your concert in Kyiv last month. It was amazing! I’ve never been so happy before. But unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get your autograph and take picture with you(( Anyway, I was glad to see you there! Please, come to Ukraine again!!!
    So, I’d like to ask you a question. The thing is that I’m writing my book and I’d like give your name to the main character, as I think that it’s suitable for her (she is a queen). But I can’t do it without your permission, so may I do it?
    I am looking forward to your answer.

  • Leona Lyn Azucena

    Hello Sharon! I am very inspired by your voice I always wished I could sing like you. I am also glad that you like Enigma too..greetings and good luck! <3

  • Marleen van Panhuis

    Hai Sharon,
    Ik zou graag willen weten of jullie (leuke of minder leuke) reacties hebt gehad van de artiesten van wie jullie songs hebben gecoverd?Groetjes, Marleen

  • Aaron Johnson

    Oh most beautiful voice on earth

  • Sita

    i’d love to know whom (among the fellow metal female singers) are the closest to you ! :D

  • Anna Samovila

    Hi Sharon.
    I’ve been a WT fan for a number of years now, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet you guys on three occasions (you all seem like such nice, friendly and down- to- earth people). Your songs mean a lot to me and have helped me through some difficult times.

    As such, I’m really hoping you can reassure me about something. I’ve seen some photos of you wearing what I really hope is just faux fur. Please could you tell me if this is the case? (If so, I’m really sorry to trouble you with this question and I’ll love you guys forever).

  • DethSlash

    Beste Sharon.

    ik heb een mail gestuurd naar, daarin heb ik u persoonlijk
    aangesproken. Bij deze wil u vragen daarnaar te kijken, mocht u daarvoor
    de mogelijkheid hebben.


  • Marcos Daniel Berti

    Seria muy lindo para nosotros los Latinos, que hicieran alguna version de algun tema de la banda o ya que estan haciendo covers, algun cover en español, gracias y saludos desde Argentina, los esperamos pronto.

  • Alex Valdi

    Could you come to Calgary? Last time saw you guys was at Tilburg =)

  • Jeff

    I was just wondering if your have heard of the band Fates Warning? I would love to see both bands tour together!

  • angel robertson

    my name is ANGEL and i love your song Angels irronic

  • Lea

    Hello, here is my question. What do you do, when you become ill before a show? I always wonder, why band members (not just your band, also others) never get ill or something. Are you resistant and bulletproof? ;)

    That doesn’t has to mean, that you have to get ill, my god no, I am only interested.

    (Your music is absolutely great. Go on that way, be yourself, whatever you want to do)

  • Alex Turunen-Olzon Tuomas-Jord

    OMG Shraon you are my Idol since 8 years ago (And I’m 16 ^^).
    WT Have make me discover metal culture. Thank you sooo much for that ! You’re my icon of success, my queen, my goodness, my divine incarnation of wonder, sweetness, perfection. You’re perfect to me … If I could, I would ask you to marry me lol ^^. Seriously, I wish to you all the best for this new year, have fun, happiness, ’cause you really deserve this. I wish soooo hard to meet you one day, so I could die serenly. I love you ’till the end of time for brought me from my darkest critical period of my life. Sharon den Adel forevermore. ♥♥♥ !!!!

  • Emily Samuels

    Dear Sharon, I absolutely love your voice!! It touches my heart and inspires me to write music. The lyrics are simply amazing!! You are my number one inspiration! Could you come to San Francisco? It would be awesome if you did!!

  • Volker


    I want to know about who writes the lyrics of Within Temptation’s songs.

    Can u answer me? Pls!

  • Adson Figueiredo

    Olá, gostaria de saber se W. Temptation fará turnê pelo Brasil. Porque além de mim existem milhares de fãs espalhados por este imenso País.


    Hello, I wonder if W. Temptation will tour in Brazil. Because besides me there are thousands of fans spread across this vast country

  • Martin Hartl

    “I’ve been so lost since you’ve gone… why not me before you? Why did fate deceive me? Everything turned out so wrong… why do you leave me in silence?” This affects me so deeply and hit my heart and soul! Thank you all for your unbelievable great music and especially you, Sharon & Robert, for your heart-warming lyrics! Best band on earth!!!

  • Elements WT Tribute

    Hello Sharon we mean that the work of the band Within Temptation and wonderful. Here in Brazil we are the banda Elements that pays tribute to its leading banda Within the sound in some parts and not because you can always come here soon we are also sounding copyright. Continue straight so you are too. Success always ^ ^

    Elements banda (Within Temptation Tribute and Sound Proprio)

    Enjoy Our Page on Facebook:

    Follow our Twitter:

    Blog Elements:

  • eygnar

    hi sharon, remember me, eygnar bordones

  • Levi Vandenheede

    Hello sharon,

    I have a special request, saturday it is my dad his birthday and you guys are his favorite group ( specially Sharon )
    So i tought because i only see him once a week, i could hive him a present he won’t forget…
    my request is: could you call him 9 februari to say happy birthday? please answer :)

    I hope you respond.

    greetings Levi, (Belgium)

  • Martijn Wolf

    hey Sharon, hoe gaat het met je? hier in het uitgestorven Assen is alles saai maar binnenkort weer naar Arnhem. hey groetjes aan de andere en meid zet em op.

  • Abdullah Mamun Sadid

    Sharon we’d like to make a cover band of Within Temptation, and cover from Enter album to The Unforgiving Album. Give us some tips please.

  • Chris

    Do you believe in God, pray or sth ? Are you Christian ? I’m asking because of your song “Our Solemn Hour”, which is addressed to Holy Spirit, and it’s full of strength and it’s incredible. However you are giving me a lot of hope “in my darkest hours”. Thanks a lot !

  • Alexandro

    Sharon!!!! me haria muy feliz si algun dia ofrecieran un concierto en Mexico!!!!!! espero y ese gran dia pueda llegar…

  • CJ DaVanzo

    Hello Sharon -
    I don’t actually have a question. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate what Within Temptation stands for. In an industry polluted with self-service and twisted ideals, WT tries to make the world a better place by raising awareness about a variety of issues, like domestic abuse (Frozen), general violence (The Howling), and people’s moral shortcomings (Utopia). What you have to say is so true. This is what art and music should be all about – art should be beautiful in form and make us better as humans through its ability to affect us on a deeper level. I love music, but there’s only so much I can take of the usual pop radio crap because it’s so empty. I love that WT makes music that actually means something. I wish that more musicians had the courage to speak out against what seems to have become the norm. Utopia is my favorite WT song for this reason.
    All that to say thank you for giving us something worthwhile to believe in.

  • Natalie

    Are you ever going to come to Sacramento,CA??? Please do.

  • Ruslan Lapshyn

    Hi Sharon .. When you come to Ukraine?

  • Hayley Morris

    what you think about your brasilian fan?

  • Njohn Camero

    Hi Sharon have just booked my tickets for the concert in Glasgow and so looking forward to seeing you all live. I have been a massive fan of WT for the past 10 years and although having the albums and the live dvds will be amazing to be in the same room as WT. When will the new album be released and will you be doing any of the old stuff on this tour ?

  • Liv Johansen

    Hey there… i recently discoveret your music. your songs realy touched my heart. i have search the web for information with no luck. i am realy interested in the story behind your songs like frozen and angels but cant find anything about that. hope you could tell me what made you make those songs. sorry if there are spelling fauls. im from denmark. hope you will help me get the answer. thank you and will be looking forward to hear more of your fantastic music. from Liv

  • Sascha

    I hope WT come to Austria at the World Tour 2014 :) :) :)

  • sara

    some nice words about love that Sharon has said?

    PD: i really love within and Sharonnn!!!!

  • Anonymous

    zo`n topact weer gisteravond voor de 2e keer in buurdorp pijnacker op het oranjefeest!!
    als je als superband gewoon ook nog op zo`n feestje komt dan ben je voor mij echt een grote!!
    je kan gewoon echt zien dat ze er zelf ook volop plezier in hebben !!
    daar kunnen heel veel “”grote”" artiesten nog een voorbeeld aan nemen!!

  • jaja

    i like the way u acting ” legend of seeker” nice.. :)

  • Tiago Schlogl

    Dear Sharon, there is the possibility of Within Temptation perform at Brazil, on tour in 2014? Even more, it could happen in that location?

    I love you and Within Temptation too! <3 *-*

  • Matthew Spriggs

    Dear Sharon one biggest fans worldwide how are you and family please think about Australian tour this time around we must see you, one greatest bands ever, travelling hard for me now must see meet greet our country is so lovely you must see ok.

  • Cam Chung

    Dear Sharon and the rest of WT,

    Please come to Australia, you have many fans in Australia and I’m one of them! I’ve always watched your shows, and they are so awesome, I can’t wait for you to announce your tour in Australia, it will be like living a dream that I’ve dreamt for 4 years! I love you and hope to see you guys soon!

    Love from Cam, and behalf of Australia!

  • Lea

    Hey Sharon, I just wanna say thank you. I think, you get a lot of such comments and maybe you even don’t read this, but I want you to know, that you and the rest of the band are helping me through a very hard time. Your music remembers me who I am and doesn’t let the depression gets too strong. I don’t know, what I would have done without you, maybe would be already dead, like I often think about. A really big thank you for keeping me alive. I don’t knwo what else I can do than leave a comment here. You guys really reach my heart and let it beats stronger. I wish you best of luck for everything you do for your fans. You really deserve it. All of you.

  • jember indonesia

    love u sharoon.

  • Katrina

    You like x-men! Omg, like me ;d

  • 4c1d.r4inb0w

    Sharon, your music makes me smile :]

  • fireferret07

    You’re my hero :3

  • Lis McElhoes

    Please come to Pittsburgh PA USA! It’d be my homour to have you come to my home town!

  • G. Ojavee

    I have a question and I hope You’re going to find a way to answer to this. I really wanna know, where could I find this song that is at the end of Mother Maiden short film during the credits? Please, someone, help! :)
    NB. Thank You, Within Temptation, for being more than just a band. Thank You so much! You’re like a best friend that I can carry with me everywhere I go. My life was a mess, now it’s a mess full of great music. :) Thank You again! You’re perfect!

  • Alicia

    Hey Sharon… have you ever acted or wanted to act in a movie?

  • Peter Paulsen

    when you made In And Out Of Love what made you do it? Because that is not your normal ballpark of music. But anyway i love that number Wihtin Temptation and you have a GREAT trance vocal

  • Katie

    You’re like my role model Sharon! Love ya!

  • Ashleigh

    Have you ever saw a movie called “Merlin”, it was released in 1998 starring Sam Neill and Miranda Richardson? If not you should totally watch it because it’s wonderful Queen Mab is this beautiful dark goddess and her look reminds me of you. It’d have been awesome if you guys had done the soundtrack for the movie back then. I ask because it is my fave and I think if you like Braveheart you may like Merlin. When I found the music you guys make I found something wonderful, I guess Im just trying to put you onto Merlin to return the favor. :) xoxo

  • AS

    Happy birthday Sharon!!! You are such a sweet and amazing person! i am so glad to listen to WT (and I even picked up some Dutch :D ). Enjoy your special day!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♪ ♪

  • Jette

    I’ll do my congratulations in English, and Dutch :)
    Happy birthday Sharon, I hope you have a good time with Robert, Luna, , Aiden, Logan and all your other friends and family!

    Gefeliciteerd Sharon, met je verjaardag, nog vele jaren toegewenst natuurlijk, en veel plezier! <3


  • Wilson Ramirez

    Happy Birthday Sharon!!!! best wishes for this new year, we love you so much in Colombia, and we hope see you soon, have a special and nice day

  • David

    Heppy Birthday Sharon :-)

  • Ilian Krumov

    Happy Birthday Sharon !:)

  • SergLoveSharon

    Sweetheart Sharon!

    met je verjaardag! Ik wens je veel geluk, gezondheid en liefde! Ik
    wens u een lang en gelukkig leven en succes in de muziek! Stel, je
    zal altijd een succes, inspiratie en veel muzikale creativiteit zijn!
    Ik wens u veel trouwe en goede vrienden, muzikanten en
    muziekliefhebbers. Moge je altijd liefde geven uw familie, kinderen,
    vrienden, lekker eten en leuke mensen! Ik wou en ik vraag dat u en uw
    gezin altijd beschermd en zegende God! En dank God voor je geboorte,
    voor het feit dat je een fijne singer-songwriter, mooie, intelligente
    en vriendelijke vrouw met een unieke charme in de werken, en de
    rijkdom van de liefde in je innerlijke wereld en doet het hart! Laat
    ze in je hart altijd vrede en liefde!

    de beste wensen voor u uit het hart, liefde en respect, Sergey!

    Ik hoop u te ontmoeten in het leven of tijdens een concert in de stad
    Lviv (Oekraïne) veel mensen zoals jij!


    Dear and loved Sharon den

    on your birthday! I wish you much happiness, health and love! I wish
    you a long and happy life and success in the music! Suppose you
    always will be a success, inspiration and a lot of musical
    creativity! I wish you a lot of loyal and good friends, musicians and
    music lovers. May you always give love your family, children,
    friends, good food and nice people! I wish and I ask that you and
    your family always protected and blessed God! And thank God for your
    birth, for the fact that you’re a fine singer-songwriter, beautiful,
    intelligent and kind woman with a unique charm in the works, and the
    wealth of love in your inner world and do the heart! Let them in your
    heart always be peace and love!

    best wishes to you from the heart, love and respect, Sergey!

    I hope to meet you in life or at a concert in the city of Lviv
    (Ukraine) many people like you!


    Дорогая и Любимая

    тебя с днем рождения! Желаю тебе много
    счастья, здоровья, любви! Желаю тебе
    долгих лет счастливой жизни и успехов
    в музыке! Пусть у тебя всегда будет
    успех, вдохновение и много музыкального
    творчества! Желаю тебе много верных и
    хороших друзей, музыкантов и любителей
    музыки. Пусть тебе всегда дарят любовь
    твоя семья, дети, друзья,
    добрые и хорошие люди! Желаю и прошу
    чтобы тебя и твою семью всегда оберегал
    и благословлял Бог! И благодарю Бога за
    твоё рождение, за то что ты прекрасный
    исполнитель песен, красивая, умная и
    добрая женщина с неповторимым шармом
    в творчестве, и богатством любви в твоём
    внутреннем мире и творем
    сердце! Пускай в твоём
    сердце всегда будет мир и любовь!

    наилучшими тебе пожеланиями от
    сердца, уважением и любовью Сергей!

    Надеюсь встретится с
    тобой в жизни или на концерте в городе
    Львов (Украина) тебя многие любят!

  • Guest

    Haapy Birthday dear Sharon!!!

    We love you!!!

    Kisses, The Unforgiving Brasil

  • theunforgivingbrasil

    The Unforgiving Brasil- a brazilian fan club, wishes good health, peace and success to our Mother Earth Sharon Janny den Adel.

    Dear Sharon, very happiness for you.

    Always keep singing like a angel to us

    We love you!!!

    Below, there is a video that our fan club made for you.

    We hope you enjoy! ;)

    With love,

    The Unforgiving Brasil.

  • Steinar Mellingen

    is it any program for the consert in Oslo to find on this site? I just love the song “Shot In The Dark”, “Faster” and “What Have You Done”

  • Steinar Mellingen

    Hello Sharon. I would just like to ask what is your favorite song you made and why? I have just bought tickets to your consert in norway the 24august. Its hard to wait soo long. My favorite songs is “faster”, “a shot in the dark”, “what have you done” and “iron” and it was the first song i have heard of you, i just love the lyrics and it makes me feel great and now i cant stop listen it, i relly hope to hear it in your consert. I have never heard anyone with such perfect voice and personality like you Sharon. Is it allowed to deliver flower bouqet as thank you for your great work at the consert? I wish it was. Looking forward to see you live. Thanks making such great music and please keep on doing your great work.

  • Brian

    I don’t have questions for you. simply
    you are beautiful.

  • Paul Baayens

    Hey Sharon,
    Hopelijk kun/wil je samenwerken met Nicole Atkins voor haar nieuwe plaat. Geweldige artiest


  • Robin Fissum

    Hey Sharon ;) Looking forward to seeing you and the others in Trondheim the 23. I was just wondering if you could pleeease play See Who I Am, because me and a Ton of others ared Dying to hear that song. Your voice and their performing are a Perfect mix <3 ty forehand

  • jorge

    Sharon its the most beautiful women that i know in the world and obviusly his voice its awesome, i expect that you can come to mexico soon bye

  • Steinar Mellingen

    Hello Sharon. Are you gonna make a video recording of you consert in oslo the 24August thats possible to buy? Would really like that on dvd or bluray. And is it gonna be anything else to buy like posters, clothes or anything after the consert?

  • Dan Dumitru-Oradea Romania

    The concert in Sibiu (ro) was fantastic.I hope Cynthia red and black heart are with you.Many regards, health and happiness

  • Dan Dumitru-Oradea Romania

    I would enjoy a concert in Oradea(near the hungarian frontier)

  • Manny Peralta Lagustan

    Sharon I love your pretty face and your angelic voice. Can’t go to work without hearing your songs. More power to you and your band.

  • ziotibia

    Hey Sharon, looking forward to see you at the Webley Arena in London. I can`t live without your music! I love you! Stefi

  • Gyuri

    Hello Sharon! I found of your band 2 weeks before on internet, I listen the Unforgiving CD evary day , more times. My doughters want to listen every morning in car, before we go to school. Funny, i was born 12.07.1974. also:-) I am waiting netx March, when you will come to Budapest! I wish you and all of band much IRON!

  • Tri Maryanto Ashab Alimi

    Hello beauty Sharon! I listen to your amazing voice everytime, so you make me happy in my life

  • Nevado Lince

    Good evening, Sharon! I want to ask you: why don’t you (and many music groups also) add texts of your songs at your website?

  • Tatiane

    You seem each day younger and more beautiful…you’re a great talent, your voice is too sweet… Congratulations ever!! Please, sing Brazil again!! All of us are waiting for WT here one more time!!

  • Natalia Aguilar

    Hi dear Sharon… I dont know if you’re going to read this, butI really hope that so! I really want that you to know i am such a big fan your, I love your songs, your voice, your performance……..
    I got a dream: to meet you and look right inside your eyes to say Thank you for making my days so happy with your music. Please, who is reading this make Sharon see it ok?

  • Caitlin


  • Glen O’Neill

    Marry Me lol just got turned on to your music and it is sensational love it

  • Jonah

    Dear Sharon. My best friend is the biggest Within Temptation fan, I’ve ever met. Her name is Lea. She listen to your music almost the whole day. But she is a very sad person and she don’t really want to keep on living. But yesterday she tells me that her greatest wish is to meed you and hear you saying that she should keep on fighting. I know, it is crazy and of course I know that you can’t come to her, but I want you to ask, if you can write her here that she should not give up and that she should keep on fighting…

  • Ilian Krumov

    I’m still loving you

  • Jonah

    My best friend and I are very big fans of you and your band. But I’ ve made a big mistake and now she’ s ignoring me. So I want to ask her here, where everybody can see it, to forive me.

  • Steven Peterson

    I just heard this band for the first time and I am VERY impressed! I did some googling and found out Sharon and I share the same birthday – only mine was 1 year before hers! Very cool! Love this band!

  • tri maryanto

    I always love you and your band, since 2005 until this time and forever….

  • Iordan-Bulgaria

    Perhaps now should considet a song with E Nomine or the Rasmus,ot perhaps Delain :D

  • Iordan-Bulgaria

    Maybe with Tarja and the others also :D

  • Duweey_Bali Beaches

    I Love “WT” Since heard ‘Restless’ on 1997, and of course your magical voice make me love Gothic Metal (I was played for Death Metal on that time)… hope you & WT will be the best forever,,

  • Jonah

    I know, I wrote this, some months ago, but the post doesn’t seam to exist anymore.
    My best friend is a very sad person, but the biggest Within Temptation Fan ever. Her biggest wish is to her you telling her, to keep on living. I know, it’s a little bit crazy, but could you write this as commend below this post? It would help her very much

  • Iordan-Bulgaria

    There is no easy way,if you want something good you will have to work for it,not living wont help you.

  • Steve

    Hello Sharon, I’ve been a fan of your music for the last 4 years when I first heard your “Mother Earth” release. The song “Our Farewell” helped me out during my divorce 4 years ago after 19 years of marriage and the passing of my younger brother.
    I love the collaborations of your bands music and the driving force behind the melodies with the balance of your angelic voice with symphonic harmonies of the band. I read that you visited us here in the USA a couple of years ago to play at two cities,but they were too far away for me. I live here in NE Oklahoma also known as the Heartland. I have all of your cd’s except “Enter” and can’t get enough them. Besides the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, you are my favorite band!! I grew up listening to Rock music and Classical music. I played in my school’s stage band playing drums and hoped that one day someone would combine the two harmonies together and you have done so very eloquently.
    I watched the “Black Symphony” dvd and was mesmerized by the power, magic, and beauty of the performance that I will have to watch it over many times. The power of the bands tones combined with your beautiful, angelic voice is a match made beyond any music I’ve heard besides Evanescence. The energy and performance that was played and vocaled by the most beautiful woman in music has made me a fan for life!!
    I hope you can play here in Tulsa, Ok USA at our BOK center one day so the fans like me here can experience the performance of a lifetime.
    It would be great to see you here in the Heartland because to me, your music is The Heart Of Everything!!!

  • Daniel Gillespie

    I could not stand it Sharon! I broke into my savings and bought a ticket to fly from the east coast to come to holland and got a ticket to the saturday night show in Amsterdam! I’ve been a WT fan for so long, the thought of not seeing your in concert yet was just killing me, the band and you are so amazing. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for being such an amazing artist.

  • Nastya

    Люблю Вашу группу!!!!!
    Вы лучшие!!!!
    Жду концерт 28.02.14 !!!!!! ))

  • Ksenia Plashkova

    I love you, Sharon! You are the best!:) See you on your concert in Minsk:)

  • Stephanie Diaz

    Oh Sharon I love your music! It’s so amazing and inspiring..everyday I sing them and I plan to sing them in a school concert, you inspire me so much!

  • Iordan-Bulgaria

    Girl love :D

  • Ksenia Plashkova

    I mean that I love her voice and music :D

  • Iordan-Bulgaria

    I dont belive you :D

  • Ksenia Plashkova

    It’s your problem that you don’t believe, not mine :)

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    presiseley honey dont care what others think

  • Iordan-Bulgaria

    Girls support each other :D .

  • Ksenia Plashkova

    Of course :D It’s female solidarity :)

  • Iordan-Bulgaria

    We turned this in to a chat good thing noone sees it :D

  • Iordan-Bulgaria

    I’m evil arent I :D .

  • Ksenia Plashkova

    I’m not sure :D

  • Marie

    hi Sharon, please remember the Liberty and the sea where our names are waiting for you -.-

  • Karen 13 jaar

    Beste Sharon, ik weet dat ik je niet ken maar ik jou well en ik wou alleen zeggen dat je voor mij m’n grootste voorbeeld ben(zang) Ik wil later net zo goed worden als jouw je bent mijn enige hoop :) ) je liedjes zijn echt amazing ik wou dat ik op de tour mocht komen:)) tot ooit hoop ik

  • Steinar Mellingen

    where is the consert in Berlin gonna be and where is the nearest hotel to it? Need to know when gonna order tickets and place to stay for the consert in April

  • kodok

    Sharon, I would like to hear u sing a “dang dut” song,,, hhhhmmmm,,,what it’s look like, yeaa?? this is one dangdut music sample, do not laugh the clip, hahahaha,,

  • Steinar Mellingen

    Are you coming to Norway this year as you said you would on your consert in Norway last year? Please come, i beg on my knees! Love your music

  • Sergio G

    I´ve been a WT fan for so long,since Mother Earth release, and I only can say that…Sharon,for me you´re the best singer in the world!!!Thank you very much for your angelical voice and your music.You´re really AMAZING!:)

  • Iordan-Bulgaria

    She is good but dont get too obsessed with the compliment :D

  • Steinar Mellingen

    Im so happy, me and my friend traveling from Norway to Berlin Germany at Friday 18April and got tickets to the consert 20April, looking forward to your consert this year too.

  • Iordan-Bulgaria

    Be carefull when traveling to other countries.

  • Judi Cook

    Um…I’m kind of afraid to write this on here, but I don’t know any other way to ask. I guess people are just going to have to think me crazy. I stumbled upon your music last night on youtube and I kept listening to more and more of your songs because the first one had so attracted my attention. I don’t know if the songs I listened to were written from personal experience or not, but “Shot in the Dark”, “Truth Beneath the Rose”, “Murder”, “Stand My Ground”, and “It’s the Fear”, among some others pretty much describe what has been my husband and my daily life for some years now. He had dabbled in some really dark things and the dark followed him. We basically lived in a haunted house for 13 years because of it. My seven year old son, among 8 other living witnesses have seen it or what it decides to show us. It all blew up back on Feb. 15, 2014, when my husband basically became overcome by it and attacked me. It was not his eyes I was looking into. This was a man who had never raised a hand to me in 13 years and had no reason to do so at that time. Whatever it was that had my husband said it could slice me to pieces and cause me more pain than I’d ever known and make me deny my God, which I told it I would not do. It ended with whatever this was attacking my daughter with a gun, then in the last seconds, my husband got control, grabbed me and held me as tight as he could and then shot himself to death. He did it to save the kids. I was protected, for whatever reason, something we had known for years. I took a brutal, brutal attack and only had a bit of a black eye and a split lip, and wasn’t sore at all. The police believed our story because, in their words, “There is no scientific explanation for what went on in that room.” He shot himself with a .45. I was 5 inches away from the gun and didn’t have a drop of blood on me. The room was clean, no splatter. The only thing I had to throw away was 2 pairs of his jeans and an angry bird sign, all which he had fallen on. The only blood on the wall was when the took him out and accidentally got to close at the door. I am desperately looking for answers, to know that we’re not the only people on the planet who has experienced such things. If you, or anybody in your band knows ANYTHING…I know you’re awful busy…I used to be on the road in a band also, although nothing compared to you, and it was still so tiring. I am in this to fight “them”. My husband had become a Christian and was wearing the cross he had just bought, as I was wearing the one he bought for me when it got ripped off my neck. He told me he prayed and asked God to forgive him halfway through the ordeal, when he came to himself for a few minutes before he was pulled away from me again…I believe with all my heart that God saved him and us. But, from the experience, I am hoping to write a book, which hopefully will sell, and start a foundation from the profits using volunteers whose travel, food, and lodging will be paid, so they can go to as many people as call out for help and get the dark out of their lives and their homes. If you have personal experience, or if anyone in your band did, if you would please just message me privately…I never give my email out in public, but I’m not really expecting anything to come of this, but I’m hoping. I’m dying more and more inside everyday since the death of my husband. I just know I have things I have to accomplish before I join him. I have a score to settle…

  • Simon

    I am 45, well nearly and only about 3 years ago became aware of Nightwish. Even worse, I only heard about WT about 2 months ago.Needless to say if you have been a passenger in my car the past 2 months, all you would have heard is Within Temptation. In a way it was great as I got to experience all the albums at once.. Brilliant stuff. When are you heading to South Africa??

  • Emory Lee Riley

    Hi Sharon,
    I was looking over your dates for the North American section
    of the world tour, and I noticed Texas isn’t
    on the list. There are a lot of fans in Texas that would love to see you!.

  • Fabrizio

    hai una voce fantastica

  • isis

    does anyone knows where you can buy the lace bracelets Sharon has at the Black Symphony dvd… Like at the song ‘what have you done’? I really like those lace bracelets, but can’t find them anywhere…. :(

  • nikola

    Hello Seron, I’m a big fan, a beautiful girl who is now in hospital and is struggling with some of his demons is the person who introduced me to your music, she loves your songs, there is no thing I would do anything for her so I came to idea to ask if she could not make the a short video message of support, maybe you woke up from the darkness in which it is located, you’ll be thankful for life, I believe you have a lot of commitments, and no matter what you’re gonna be the best singer I have listened to life, thanks in advance NIKOLA

  • nikola

    my english is bad bat I hope you understant message

  • sarge

    Be careful when you are traveling to other countries

  • Michal Hetzer

    Hello Sharon. I wish you all beautiful for your birthday.
    Your great fan and admirer of Michal Hetzer, Czech Republic …

  • Jacek Rużyczka

    Happy 40th birthday, Sharon! Wanna join me in a bottle of mead? o/ And don’t forget to keep on singing and making marvellous metal music! Greetings from Oldenburg, Germany, gentle hugs & kisses. :-*

  • Ilian Krumov

    to Sharon,with little late: Hallo dear Sharon.Happy birghtday ! I love you,i’m really in love with you but i can’t reach you. I’ll try, i’m not sure will i succeed but i won’t give up. Do you remember me; i am the guy with the roses and the letter in Manchester Apollo,11th of March. I can not get out of my country for now
    I suppose i have to be richer, i’ll try. I sent the same message for you in the fan page but i’m not sure are you exactly the person who read there. With love; iliyan Krumov

  • mark Smotak

    sharon, you inspired me to achieve the most important goals of my life. thank you for being there for us., for all the songs and such as beuatiful voice! stay, who you are, we wish you all the best in your life!

  • Evan White

    Am I the only American on here?

  • daniela

    I love you sharon den adel!! you where me influence vocal! dankee!! <3 danielaaaaa argentinaa!

  • Wolvain

    Hi Sharon, your voice is breath taking and beautiful, i love you guys SO MUCH! i hope you plan a trick to South Africa someday, i want more than anything to see a live performance <3

  • Randy

    Hi Sharon. Have tickets for Chicago, can’t wait. Question? Want to plan vacation your side of pond next summer. What Festivals will WT be in next year that might have other bands similar to you. Going to plan vacation around where I can see WT and other symphonic rock and progressive bands. Have a great show in Chicago….so looking forward to seeing you. Randy

  • Scott Gardner

    Sharon, I’m traveling to Denver to see you guys on 9/28/14. What is the camera/video policy for WT? Can I bring a fixed-lens camera? I’m coming over 500 miles to see you so I need to pack appropriately!

  • Richard Luxford

    Scott, good question. I’m flying from Los Angeles to see WT and visit family. I like the Gothic theater better than Club Nokia. I have the same question about cameras.

  • Scott Gardner

    Yes, thank you Richard! I’ve never been to the Gothic. Is it pretty cool? Decent part of town? Let me know if you find out any details…..I haven’t heard anything so far…… m/

  • Richard Luxford

    The Gothic Theater is very cool. It’s a small venue and you can get up close to the band. It is in a good part of Englewood. It’s general admission so get their early. You’ll find me right up front.

  • Sharon

    Am so jealous
    Enjoy concert
    I am to far away in Oz ..

  • Randy S. Hocevar

    I went to the show at Club Nokia on Friday! Amazing!!! EPIC!!!

  • Diego Sousa

    Sharon, i’m a big fan of WT. And, i often post about the band on my website. Please, can you take a look?

    Thank you! <3

  • Dustin S Cloyes

    Hello Sharon, I wanted to thank you for the awesome autographs and the two pictures I got with you. It is very much appreciated that you and the rest of the band were willing to be so gracious and friendly despite being so exhausted. It is what truly separates Within Temptation from other bands in my opinion. Your voice is so angelic and beautiful, you truly are talented. I just wanted to thank you as a big fan!

  • Nicholas Rooney

    To all of the band: I was at your concert in Philly and it was by far the best concert of my life. The Electric Factory is a crap hole but WT made it into a palace for 3 hours! I felt like Cinderella when midnight struck, I just didn’t want it to end!! It was a gift that i will never forget! Thank you for the great memories and the awesome music! Sharon- your voice and performance were amazing. I love what you and the band stand for and your words carry so much meaning! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and beg/plead that WT comes back to states again soon!!!

  • mistreatedone .

    Just stumbled on an old post on here from “Graikos” which kind of sums up the way all WT fans feel about the band, and Sharon in particular.He describes what sounded suspiciously like an out-of-body experience at his first WT concert a few years back. I haven’t seen them live yet, just devour everything on Youtube I can, but I get chills down my spine and come over all happy whenever I hear that angelic voice!! I’ve loved a lot of bands,going back as far as the seventies, but only Sharon can stir my soul so completely. A bad day becomes good,stress and pain evaporate when I hear her sing. A gift like hers is so rare,and she is such a sincere,kind and thoughtful person as well. A fantastic role model. Thanks WT and Sharon for the joy you give us all, and the message of peace,respect and tolerance you bring to us – THANKS SO MUCH,LOVE YOU ALL!!! ^^^/

  • Tracymarie Mcd

    Hi Sharon love WT so much u guys are amazing fo you think there might be a tour date for Ireland anytime they say that a band hasn’t played live until they experience an irish audience please try and visit soon xxxxx tracey xx

  • Iris

    I can’t say well.Because I can speak English little.
    Loud park Within temptation show is great show!
    I met Sharon in autograph session when I am ninja !
    Ninja tool Syuriken give your child!
    I want took picture Sharon and me in autograph session post to Within Temptation’s facebook or twitter!
    I hope Within temptation Japan come agein!

  • Tehreem Hussain

    Hey Sharon …. My husband and I love your band!!!! When you guys came to Baltimore Maryland we came out to rams head live to see you all and the show was great!!! I was hoping you can send us a signed picture for my husband’s birthday on November 16. If you can please contact me at It would be the best gift ever since he has been in love with your band since he was 13.

    Thanks !!!!!
    Love you guys xoxoxo

  • Taras Rubakha

    Vivienne Mort – Leti
    I like your work,
    I recommend to listen to this group, you can ever hear together at the concert.
    Thank you.

  • Greg Williams

    My girlfriend and I broke up few weeks ago. she started acting strange, she was ignoring all of my

    calls and won’t speak to me at all, i wanted us to be back together forever and work through things as

    a lovely couples. I just could not picture my life without her. i felt so rejected when i discovered

    that she was cheating on me. it made me go crazy because i took her as the only love of my life, my

    best friend, my soul mate, after making some research i found ONIHA on the net that he can restore

    broken relationship and i gave it a try, after using his love spell, my girlfriend came back to me

    asking for forgiveness and since then I definitely believe is real, I must

    admit, the result was perfect, wonderful, this caster ONIHA is real and trust worthy.

  • Martin Hartl

    I remember back in 2007 when I heard What Have You Done the first time I instantly fell in love with your – not music, it’s a little heaven on earth. Since you’ve become my life companion and I hope this bonding lasts forever. Thanks for all the past years and all the upcoming! See you in Amsterdam for the acoustic hydra!

  • Susanne Jensen

    I just wish you could tell my kid somehow that i am not nuts for loving the music of wt and that we were friends long long ago so she would talk to me and visit me she left and she is the only family i have left in the world and she thinks i am completely insane sigh oh well I will still listen to the music forever even if the cost was so high… it was worth it to say hi back then even if it caused so much misunderstandings and trouble wasn’t my intention really wasn’t – your artist fan ! let the Music rock on forever…

  • Mark Stagg

    Never had an outright favorite band until I came across WT. I’ve so many questions I’d like to ask the song writers. I also want to say a massive thanks to the band for the joy they have given me. Within Temptation has become an important part of my life.

  • Caroline Johar

    I think this band is a bit underrated. WT is so cool, I love it from the first time I heard Ice Queen & Angels. Not many people know this band, their popularity should be like other greatest rock band in the world. Their music will be timeless too. Sharon is so pretty & amazing. Wish I could see their live concert. Love from Indonesia <3

  • Tony Stiles

    You Guys and The Lovley Sharon are the greatest band to come along in a long time. Please come to Canada, and the West coast especialy Vancouver BC.

  • Andrew

    Indeed Caroline, they seem underrated to me, too.
    After checking out their albums, many wonderful songs, some of which sounded familiar, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard all about them long ago.
    I (we & all of us here) are so lucky to have discovered them!

    All the best,

  • Rick Mitchell

    W.T great music love listening to you im 57 ex drummer and vocalist i discovered symphonic metal several years ago and it has progressed since if you ever make it to the U S im down with a concert oh Happy late B-day Sharon best wishes

  • Andrew

    Hi Sharon,
    I love how you rock.

    All the best,

  • Marcin Łysy

    What a voice! What a music!! What a beauty!!!
    Poland loves you!

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