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Full Name: Sharon Janny den Adel

Date of birth: 12-07-1974

Band member since: 1996

Hobbies: Music, fashion, movies

Favorite music: Arid, Tori Amos, Heather Nova, Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, Bjork, Alanis Morisette, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, A Perfect Circle, Ayreon, The Verve, Orphanage, Annie Lennox, Enigma, HIM and Bob Marley

Favorite movies: The X-men, Braveheart, Interview with the vampire, Dracula, Legends of the fall, Sleepy hollow, Grease, Dumb & Dumber and Dancing with wolves (+ Ren and Stimpy)


Sharon Janny den Adel was born in Waddinxveen on the 12th of July 1974. As a child she traveled a lot but when she entered high school she returned to The Netherlands. Sharon didn’t like high school until she was able to audition for the school band.  After a while she met Robert Westerholt (he was in another band) and they fell in love. In 1996 they decided to quit their bands and start their own. Their band was called “The Portal,” but before they even released a song it was changed into Within Temptation.

Sharon has defined their work as epic and cinematic. Her vocals play a major role in the band’s sound, despite having never received formal vocal training. Sharon has a mezzo-soprano range but her vocal quality is light and lyric despite her range.

Before Within Temptation became famous, Sharon worked for a fashion company. As the band became more successful with their hit single Ice Queen, Sharon left the fashion industry to focus on music. She utilizes her fashion expertise by designing her stage costumes and the band’s merchandise.

Sharon  participated in the song “Beyond me” from After Forever and a song from Aemen, called “Time.” She also played the role of Anna Held in Avantasia: The Metal Opera. On the album “Into the Electric Castle” from Ayrean, Sharon sang the part of “The Indian.”

Together with Nightwish-bassist and singer Marco Hietala, Sharon worked on the album “Lucidity” from Delain for the song “No Compliance.”

In 2005 Sharon recorded a song together with various Dutch celebrities as “Artists for Asia”, this number one hit was used for collecting money, to help the victims of the Tsunami disaster.

Sharon recorded a song with DJ Armin van Buuren in 2008, called “In and Out of Love.” On the 19th of April 2008 they performed together live during the annual “Armin Only” event in Utrecht.

Sharon and Robert have a daughter, Eva Luna Westerholt. On the 1st of June 2009 their son Robin Aiden Westerholt was born. In 2010 Sharon announced that she is pregnant of their 3rd child.

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