Stefan Helleblad

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Full Name: Stefan Helleblad

Date of birth: 12-11-1978

Band member since: 2011

Hobbies: Watching Tv-shows, Gaming, Discovering new music

Favorite music: Metal, hard rock, pop…

Favorite movies: The Game, Forgetting Sarah marshall, Ghostbusters, Donnie Darko, Alien, The Thing, The sixth sense, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, The shawshank redemption, Raiders of the lost ark, Twelve Monkeys, Forrest Gump, The Ring.


Stefan Helleblad was born on November 12th in Gotland, Sweden.

Stefan got his first AC/DC album at the age of six has and been playing guitar since he was nine. He then started his first band when he was fourteen, which was a trio playing instrumental versions of mostly Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Helloween and Megadeth songs.

Next to making music, Stefan has always been interested in recording music as well. In 2000 he started as an apprentice at Sandkvi Studio in Visby, Gotland where he was employed later on.

In 2004 he quit his job to become a freelance recording engineer/producer/mixer. Over the years, Stefan has been involved behind the scenes in producing several Within Temptation albums. In September 2011 he joined Within Temptation on stage as a guitar player after Robert decided to take a step back from live performing to focus on producing and writing.

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  • wtmay

    welcome to the band Stefan…the best wishes and all the succes xD greetings from Mexico

  • thestickman

    Welcome to the band. Hope you have a great experience performing with them. As a guitar player I was wondering what your stage rig consists of gear-wise & if you would be so kind as to share what type of guitar you play live as well. Thanks.

  • Michelle Wolf

    Hi Stefan, First of all I will say again welcome to the band. You’re a great guitar player. I have a few questions : What are your favorite movies, music. And what’s your favorite WT song ?

    with love, Michelle Wolf

  • fenizio

    Will you come to South America in 2012????

  • DanaeDenAdel

    Hi Stefan!

    First of all, welcome to the band! and my question is: Have you noticed that the camera loves you? Haha just kidding, but it is true you look great on the stage.

    I consider that it’s too soon to ask about how do you feel wiht this new phase in your life or what does it mean to you become a member of Within Temptation… but if you want to answer I will be just happy :)

    Instead of it, I’m about to learn how to play the electric guitar so… what’s your advice for a apprentice like me?

    All my best wishes for you.

    Danae from Mexico (or Azerus, as you wish to call me)

  • snowwhitegrace

    Hi Stefan! My name is Grace, I’m from Brasil, and my question is: What bands/artists inspired you to become a musician? Thank You, and once and again, welcome to the greatest band in the world! :)

  • robert03

    Hi Stefan, Well I’m just back from Lille a great show in a wonderful town. First off all to see you now new in the band playing it is for sure you belong too the new crew. Just a question, did i see in the beginning of the Lille show some hesitation at your side? It looked a little bit like you were looking at the other band members in a way, Ok, can i go loose now. If that was so don’t, I’m sure we will never forget what Robert did for the band but you did replace him in a great way.

    Second question, Do you have a YouTube channel or some page where i can find some solo video’s from you? Would be great to hear what you can do solo. Maybe you can beet one of my favorites from Brian. If the others have also solo channels or vid’s let me know.

    Hope to see you next year.

  • xsarum

    Een beetje verlegen nog op de bunne maar verder perfect Stefan teminste wat je liet zien in Groningen heel veel succes verder met alles wat je mee beleven met WT.G
    roetjes Marian Gelens

  • beawt

    hi stefan!!when are you arriving in Madrid?In which hotel are you staying?I want to see you, but I’m sixteen and I can’t go to La Riviera:(

  • fearofthedark

    Hi Stefan!! What’s it like to tour with Within Temptation? Do you enjoy touring?? Greetings from the US!! :)  

  • pookieddie

    Happy Birthday Steffan!! and congratulations on your concert in Madrid!! Happy Tour!!

  • marioandrade

    Hello Stefan congratulations :) you rock :D my question for you is what is your favorite band? and another is how you feel when you play in your first concert with Within Temptation? Big hug and happy tour ;)

  • snowwhitegrace

    Thanks for answering my question Stefan! Grettings from Brasil! :)

  • VampWithin

    O wee als je slecht speelt hé makker :-p ;-)
    Nu is de band compleet, hmm IK KAN NIET WACHTEN!!!!! :D :D :D

  • wtmay

    Hi Stefan..greetings from Mexico!!

    my question is: what is the most bizarre thing you’ve seen or heard of a fan? thanks for you time; all the best and many kisses for you ;D

  • fenizio

    There is a rumor that you will be in Chile in February … please tell us if it’s true!!

  • waitykatie

    Dear Stefan,

    I have never done something like this before but now
    I’m bound to say that I instantly fell in love with you.

    The way you move, your eyes, your hair, your smile…
    it’s so sexy! Your guitar play is just mindblowing! I can’t get enought of your voice and that sweet accent. And I really like your sense of humor:-) You must be a wonderful person!

    And now, here is my question:


    Never mind, I am looking forward to see and hear you in up-coming videos again & wish you and the band all the best
    for the rest of the tour!

    Hope to see you in real one day:-)

    Lots of love from Germany,

  • waitykatie

    Grattis på födelsedagen!:-)

    Another year has passed, another year has come.
    May your special day be filled with joy
    and the year ahead full of love, laughter & treasures.
    In my toughts I’ll be with you today.

    On the road to success, the rule is, always to look ahead.
    Keep your spirits unshaken & you’ll always walk the glory road.
    May your journey be wonderful.

    I wish you an awesome birthday, Stefan!

    With love,

    Last but not least, I thought about this poem and
    would like to dedicate it to you…

    Your birthday’s a time for careful reflection
    About your life, and its future direction.
    You see where you’ve been when you look at the past;
    Most of it’s great; you had quite a blast!

    You wonder what’s coming, what life has in store;
    Will it be just the same? Will there be a new door?
    Remember this, as you blow out the last candle:
    Life holds no challenge that you cannot handle.

    (written by Joanna Fuchs)

  • celticbotan

    Happy B-day, Stefan!
    I wish you all the inspiration for the music, and cake (because life without cake isn’t worth to be living – LOL #Dramatic)
    Anyway xD All the best for you!

    See you guys in São Paulo, in February!
    Celtic botan

  • Why Does It Rain?

    Happy Birthday Stefan!! :D

  • wtcanadianfan

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEFAN! Best wishes from Canada. Hope your birthday is great. Have fun!

  • Ann-K

    Hey! You’re doing a great job! Yesterday’s concert in Hamburg was amazing. xx

  • scythe

    Hey Stefan, you did a great job in Berlin! You really rocked the stage!! \m/

  • Gerson Moraes

    Be welcome to Brazil, my friend! See you in Sao Paulo!

  • Lizbeth Sthefany Meza Cosme

    An amazing concert in Lima, Perú … we love you Stefan! :D

  • Lino

    I saw you at the concert in Ecuador, and you’re really handsome… I like your legs…mmm daddy…

  • Andrey Tiunov

    Hello Stefan! Excellent show in Russia on December 14!! Thank you for this great playing!
    My question is – do Within Temptation planning to make a new DVD from The Unforgiving Tour? This would be really awesome!! We have Mother earth Tour/The Silent Force Tour/Black Symphony and we hoping for a new material, maybe full concert from tour or Theater Tour….

  • Despina Mpl

    Which is your favourite Within Temptation song?

  • João Maciel

    Hi Stefan! thanks for the amazing show in Rio! I’d like to know how does it feel to be a new member on the band and suddenly be in a world tour, travelling a lot into a lot of countries and seeing so many crazy and loving people around the planet ;) thank you!

  • Anna Myšková

    Hi! I´ve got three questions.
    With whom you want to cooperate with? (Your idols)
    How many guitars do you own?
    What made you to change your hairstyle? (´Cause you had different one on the Black Symphony DVD – journey to Prague)

  • Kylie Marcella Koonzee

    Hey, Stefan!
    Why don’t you join WT? I’d love it if you would! Thank you!

  • Julian Monaco

    Hi Stefan, great show at Buenos Aires! was great see you and the band giving us that great concert! let me ask you, is there any place where I can find the “Faster” video that you show in the screen at the concert?

    Thanks in advance, look forward to see you again!

  • Desirée Lucytish Córdova

    Hej!! Great Show in Chile, I want to thank you for trying to throw me twice your guitar pick, what can i say I have butterfingers lol… and some kid end up with them =(, my question to you is, If you were not a guitarrist,what instrument would have played?
    Tack för din tid och för att vara så trevliga och söta =)
    (Ja, Jag har att lära sig några svenska)
    Sköt om! Många kramar och goda tankar!

  • Melanie

    Hi Stefan! It was a stunning and breathtaking show yesterday in Nijmegen! You guys are amazing. You really did rock the stage, hope to see you with WT on concerts during the next decades! =)
    I want to say thanx a lot (!!) for your guitar plectrum!! This item means a lot to me, it’s incredible!

  • Sita … ★

    hey handsome ;) i saw you guys in lebanon it was the best day of my life *__* i miss robert damn much BUT you are great too *0* handsome, nice person, and also a great musician, it’s like you were born to make music and play guitar on the stage :D i have no question just wanted to express my admiration to you<3 xx

  • Sita … ★

    wait yes i do have a question…it is kinda, erm….private…do you have a gf ?

    hey im kidding dont runaway ! lol :) xx

  • Peggy Beckers

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  • melissa

    Who is the lyricist for the band? I’m writing an english paper on the poetic values within songs and chose my favorite song <3! (Angels) You guys are awesome! – with love, from the U.S.

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