The concept album is based on a comic book series, written by Steven O’Connell (BloodRayne & Dark 48). Comic artist Romano Molenaar (Witchblade, Darkness and X-men) draws the characters and scenery. The comic series will be released throughout 2011 in hard copy and digital copy, which can be ordered in our web shop, and can be read in the Within Temptation iPhone and iPad Apps.

The prequel: “Perdition” is released for free on the website. This prequel is also available for free in the iPhone and iPad Apps.

The Unforgiving, Perdition + Penance: Part 1

A powerful medium, Mother Maiden recruits lost souls to be part of her wraith taskforce to fight evil in all its forms. What better way to hunt serial killers than to use killers? Their servants are culled from genuinely remorseful souls; ones who may not have been cold-blooded killers, but those who did in turn take a life and are deeply sorry for their sins. Guilt can be a powerful motivator… and redemption, even greater. They each carry a specific guilt about something they did in their lives. Mother Maiden offers them an opportunity to “make right what is wrong” by giving them missions and assignments to hunt down evil as a penance for their previous sins.

Order “The Unforgiving, Perdition + Penance: part onehere.

The Unforgiving, Penance: Part 2

Detective Janyce Beecham feels she’s losing her mind. After a hunter stumbles upon the latest Disciple victim, Janyce is herself attacked by The Triplets who, as quickly as they appear, vanish into the night air. Shaken but undeterred, Detective Beecham soldiers on. Her driving force? Finding Disciple – the one who took her daughter Rorey away – and making him pay.

Order “The Unforgiving, Penance: part twohere.

The Unforgiving, Penance: Part 3

The Disciple ramps up his killing spree, as Janyce faces life without her badge for firing a weapon in public. The Triplets appear to Janyce, this time in the precinct house, and lead her on a chase throughout the building. Is she losing her mind? She suspects it, but regains her sanity just in time to meet the leader of the Wraith Taskforce – the mysterious Mother Maiden.

Order “The Unforgiving, Penance: part threehere.

The Unforgiving, Penance: Part 4

The hunters become the hunted as an evil force is hot on the trail of the Wraith Taskforce. Janyce gets more case information from her anonymous “friend” which will hopefully lead her closer to closing the case file on The Disciple. At the same time, another body is found. Is it the work of The Disciple or has the “Shoe” killer decided he wants to grab the headlines?

Order “The Unforgiving, Penance: part fourhere.

The Unforgiving, Penance: Part 5

Janyce continues her investigation into finding who Disciple is and stopping him at all costs.  She tries to get into his head which may cause more long-term damage than Janyce intends. Meanwhile, Sinead and The Triplets wage war against the Wraith Killer, who has joined forces with Myriad – an unexpected ally.  Can Sinead and The Triplets mount a combined assault that will take out to two demonic creatures? One thing is for certain, both sides will sustain casualties…but who will fall? This epic battle leads into the final issue of the series!

Order “The Unforgiving, Penance: part five“ here.

The Unforgiving, Penance: Part 6

All the pieces of the puzzle come together in the dramatic conclusion to the Penance storyline. Can Janyce bring The Disciple into custody as her Captain has requested or will she let her vengeance override her common sense and allow her to be his executioner? The Wraith Taskforce is taking a beating as a whole. Will Sinead and the Triplets triumph over the Wraith Killer or will their demise put an end to the team forever?

Pre-order “The Unforgiving, Penance: part sixhere.

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