Fan of the week: Cameron


Name: Cameron Chung

Age: 19

Country: Australia

How did you discover Within Temptation?
I discovered the group after barging into my sister’s room back in November 2009 (yes I remember the exact date! XD), and Stand My Ground was playing. I and instantly fell in love with it! But at first I thought it was ‘Dragon Ball Z’ (Japanese Anime) music lol. But I wasn’t sure so I asked her and she told me the name of the song and the band and then from that day on my love for them started there!

Have you ever seen the band perform live?
Unfortunately the band has not come down to the Aussieland to hold concerts (as I think there are not enough fans down here)! I really wish I though, maybe in the near future as I’ve finally finished school! Yay!

What was your first WT CD?
Unfortunately I have not physically purchased a CD (as the price was abit too high). But my first digital copy was The Silent Force!

Who is your favorite member of the band?
I don’t know actually all the members are important and contribute to the band in their own unique way so I ave to say I love them all! But if this one was an exam and I have to choose one, I’d have to say Sharon den Adel, because of her unique vocals! or Ruud Jolie because of his amazing guitar solos! XD.

What is your favorite WT song?
This like an exam question my goodness! Why? Because I have so many! But anyway, my two favourites at the moment would probably be Candles. I love the beautiful Beauty and Beast vocal structure, it’s just beautiful! I just miss the your Gothic rock routes (not complaining!) as well as Bittersweet because I’m in love with the flute as well as the lyrics.

If you could spend an entire day with the band, what would you do?
Well first of all I’d probably collapse and then someone would have to try resuscitate me and second of all it really depends where we are if it’s my hometown then we could go to our local park and play a game of soccer or touch footy (football) or perhaps just chill and sing on guitar (although I can’t play any instruments inlcuding vocals lol.) And I could ask Martijn to teach me how to play on keyboards (as I would really like to know how to play Restless, Our Farewell, Dog Days and a few others on keyboard! And then we could also eat at a restaurant ( I don’t know which one, too many good ones lol).

What is your best memory of Within Temptation?
I’m not really sure to be honest. I remember doing a speech about them in year 7 (back in 2010). As we were to compose a speech about any topic we like so I decided to do one about the band.

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October 7, 2016