Fan of the week: Juliana


Name: Juliana Marrão

Age: 24

Country: Brasil

How did you discover Within Temptation?
I was listening to a friend’s mp3 (old!) about 10 years ago and “Forgiven” started to play. I fell in love with Sharon’s voice instantly.

Have you ever seen the band perform live?
Yes, I did! The band have been here before, like, a thousand times. But I only got the chance to see them live in 2012 during the Hydra Tour in São Paulo, Brasil. I couldn’t eat or sleep the day before and after the show. Too much adrenaline was on my veins. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to in my whole life.

What was your first WT CD?
Silent Force. And although I really really like The Heart of Everything and Hydra, The Silent Force was my first CD and will be my favorite one forever.

Who is your favorite member of the band?
I love the boys, but…Sharon. She has the perfect balance between being like an Angel and having the force of a storm.

What is your favorite WT song?
Oh my, so many! I really can’t decide among All I Need, A Dangerous Mind, Memories, Aquarius and Angels.

If you could spend an entire day with the band, what would you do?
First, I would probably pass out. Hahaha. No, but seriously, I think I would ask them questions about some songs, try to find out more things about their inspirations and stuff like that. We would talk about music all day long! And I could perfectly hug them four or five times before I leave.

What is your best memory of Within Temptation?
I met some amazing people because of Within Temptation, mostly online. We can spend hours and hours talking about music in general and WT songs. I don’t have just one specific memory; I’m just grateful for Within Temptation that they have been there for me through my highs and lows, but specially for being the soundtrack of my happiest years.

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September 30, 2016