Fan of the week: Vitaly


Name: Vitaly Mikhaylov

Age: 26

Country: Russian Federation

How did you discover Within Temptation?
It was 9 years ago. In 2007 i studied and lived in Admiral Ushakov Maritime State Academy(today it’s University) in Novorossiysk and once evening i took comrade’s cell phone to play games. At that moment the phone was working player, there played song WT “A Dangerous Mind”. The phone was very old and to play the game i needed to get out of the music, but when i heard the song, i was not able to switch off – the music and the voice fascinated me. When it ended i turned on again. So instead of playing games i was listening to all songs WT that were on the phone.

Have you ever seen the band perform live?
Unfortunately no. And most offensive that there was concert WT in my city(Krasnodar) in 24.10.15 But it was Saturday and no one wanted to change shifts with me and i worked from dusk till dawn. I couldn’t even to quit because according to law i must work 2 weeks after submit application, it was really horror time for me.

What was your first WT CD?
I didn’t have any CD because it was nowhere to insert them. Neither i nor my companions didn’t have computers or CDplayers because academy was paramilitary “school” and all consumer and digital products were been banned. We lived in casern and only phones were allowed, but all rest our commanders confiscated or destroyed(from teapots and plates to any civilian clothes). Only after second class when we started live in easy mode (commanders secretly allowed us a lot and cover us from chief officers when we leave territory, for example for job) i bought laptop, but reveal new problem: there was no any CD WT in all magazines town, that i was!!! I repeated a few weeks “WTF!”. But my friend helped me, when they allowed us go home to New Year holidays, he brought me flash drive with all albums WT, photos, texts, songs and videos. I was really happy and it was really the best New Year’s gift for me.

Who is your favorite member of the band?
Sharon!!! At first i loved her for her voice and fantastic beauty, but i was shocked when i knew that in addition to many tours, speeches, surveys, recordings, rehearsals, writing music and songs she work as a manager in the credit’s company 5 days a week, brings up three children, invents their awsome costumes, have many hobbies, reads a lot, grow flowers, play the piano, draws well, and in communion with the fans she simple, careful and very cute. I don’t just love her, i also very respect her for amazing, hard-working and forceful spirit.

What is your favorite WT song?
I don’t know exactly. I love all songs and there are songs that i love more than other, for example “Howling”, “Stand my ground”, “Dance”, “Dangerous mind”, “Iron”, “Memories”, ” Truth Beneath The Rose” but there are a lot of them and i can’t choose some one.

If you could spend an entire day with the band, what would you do?
Always i look at all things realistically, but if to dream – it would be great for me to talk with them about something and watch what they do in their some simple day or recreation or rehearsal or party or anything(doesn’t metter), just to be near and see them.

What is your best memory of Within Temptation?
When i was cadet in Novorossiysk in our company there were guys almost from every corners of country(from Murmansk to Magadan and from Sochi to Vladivostok) and many guys differently looked at same things. Only 2 years later we became a one family, but at first half year we had fights every evenings and there was a guy Vladislav(i often took his phone to listening music) he was very weak and almost no one communicated and nobody talk with him, but when i find songs WT on his phone i started talk with him about WT and other music, about other things and soon i understood that he was intelligent, honest, fair and good man, just modest and very shy. Later we became friends, one day i gave him few necessary advised and in that evening he broke nose of some guy which wanted to scoff him. After that all they start respect him and he became a part of company. So, actually thanks WT i had a good friend and i understood that never should judge a person by his wrapping.

By this token, then it is he presented me flash drive with all songs WT for New Year.

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November 4, 2016