‘Shot in the Dark’ Official Video Release Next Week


After ‘Faster’ and ‘Sinéad’, the third single of the Unforgiving album will be ‘Shot in the Dark’!

As you know, with every single release comes a music video. Next week, we will release the official video for ‘Shot in the Dark’, so stay tuned!

You can watch the videos for ‘Faster’ and ‘Sinéad’ below:

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September 30, 2011
  • axelviii

    My most favourite song of the whole record. LOVE IT.

  • haplodaplo

    Isn’t it called ‘Shot in the Dark’ not “A” shot..?

  • nzwtfan

    my favourites to. yay cant wait

  • azka

    really ithink the official video is already released but mot show by wtofficial but saritacp87 in you tube

  • anja

    great news one of my favourites!!

  • bvince

    Can’t wait! Then we can get “In the Middle of the Night,” right? I’m promoting The Unforgiving comic book at the New York Comic Con in the USA, where writer Steven O’ Connell will be signing books and prints! We should have pictures and video to share with you. I will give you more news soon. Cheers! ~Vince Brusio, Webmaster, http://www.previewsworld.com

  • daria

    I’m really curious. Can’t wait to see the video and the cover.

  • EvelineWT

    I love Shot In The Dark <3!!!

  • musicislife

    such an awesome song!!! *-* I fell inlove with it the minute I’ve heard it!
    love you guys you awesome \m/♥

  • romainwt

    I really LOVE this song ! And Ruud’s solo is awesome ! Can’t wait to see you at Paris in November !!! FRENCHS LOVE YOU ! 

  • VampWithin

    Hahha, nog steeds ‘drummer onbekend’ XD Geef mij toch maar ‘Faster’ als musicvideo tot nu toe.. :-p

    Hopelijk word ‘Shot In The Dark’ echt fenomenaal geweldig want het is echt een dijk van een nummer:D Heb hem als ringtone en al ontelbaar keer grijsgedraaid gewoon^^

    Love You Guys, can’t wait till November;-)

  • jeffreyboy2

    Ja ik heb foto`s van achter de schermen gezien van de nieuwe Iron videoclip in het Within Temptation Blad (van The Silent Force)..
    Dat word weer een indrukwekkende clip !. Kan niet w8en om hem te zien !!..

  • thygus

    Bonjour, je vous laisse le soin de me traduire ! ;-)
    J’adore votre musique et permettez moi de vous dire, Sharon, que vous êtes une femme superbe !
    Merci pour l’émotion.

    A little french.