‘Shot in the Dark’ Official Video


The third single of The Unforgiving album is ‘Shot in the Dark’.

Today we are proud to release the official video!

Do we need to say more…

Watch the ‘Shot in the Dark’ video below!

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October 4, 2011
  • jaccobaan

    Very Nice video,Nice made

  • kyarawt

    Nice, but it is almost the same as Faster

  • jeffreyboy2

    Can’t wait for the new Iron clip !! :)

  • http://www.donttearmedown.info/ AllINeed

    And what about the official CD single?? or isn’t there going to be one? :/

  • EvelineWT

    I love it <3!!!!!

  • Marcello82

    I love it!!! Put the single on Itunes UK PLEASE!!!

  • fadingviolet

    Question: Will Sharon now wear this outfit when performing, or will she stick with her outfit from the Sinead music video??? 

  • IceQueen625

    A CD single with an unreleased track would be real nice!! ;)

    Nice video btw :D .

    I think you should release a 4th single and it should either be: Iron, Lost, Murder, or Stairway to the Skies ;) .

  • promise

    And it’s already no longer available in germany =( I really HATE this!!!
    but I LOVE the song and video so much!!

  • xaniata

    I love this video! This is my favourite with “Mother Earth”. You rock! :D

  • jmgaco

    This song deserved a better video, I love this song and I thought that video would be a more aggressive, more dynamic and powerful, perhaps reflecting the strength of the band on stage
    Sorry I’m a big fan of WT and I did not like the video

  • Dark Intentions

    Awesome song, one of my favourites if not my very favourite from The Unforgiving! Can’t wait to see WT live in Birmingham, hopefully you’ll play this song !! :D You rule guys ! \,,/

  • feuerteufel112

    Das Video wird in Deutschland leider blockiert. Angeblich keine Genehmigung der GEMA. Finde ich schon merkwürdig, dass sich die GEMA über die Rechte der Künstler stellt.

  • Daishol

    Is the drummer still wearing a black “mask” ? And yes, I really do agree that the video misses the power that the song has. The song is brilliant, but I agree with jmgaco. (still love WT tho ;) )

  • belamanth

    Ich empfehle deutschen Nutzern, sich mal anzuschauen, was Tunnelbear für euch tun kann… ;)

  • caestelitac

    nice video, but nice video but I miss you more power, should do video clip of the song murder

  • caestelitac

    from perú, from peru, should do 2 songs short of murder and in the middle of the night

  • corbie

    NOOOOOOOO! The video does not work in germany!!!

  • corbie

    auf myvideo.de können wir deutschen es auch schauen :-)

  • paezano

    WT, the best living Heavy Rock band in the world!! YOU ROCK, GUYS!
    When are you coming to Brazil? Garanto que a rapaziada está louca para botar tudo a baixo com vocês!

  • allineed89

    I love this song, one of the best from the Unforgiving album :) Only a month now until I see you guys in Birmingham – excited!!!! :D

  • hanstalsma

    I love it!!!<3<3 well done :-)

  • http://www.donttearmedown.info/ AllINeed

    When do we get our physical release from SHOT IN THE DARK?????????

  • wt44

    the video of a shot in the dark is so amazing!!!! Within temptation you are the best band of gothic metal in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • withinvito

    Best,best,best! -)

  • alextao


  • marioandrade

    Amazing song and mazing video ^^ Within Temptation are the best band in The World :D thank you for there you are always in my heart :)

  • vario

    Just amazing. You guys know how to make great music. Congratulations

  • tatrish

    Amazing! no words to describe it. Congratulations guys!

  • 7Azimuth

    Хороший клип.