Album cover “The Unforgiving”

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January 6, 2011
  • jeepsman


  • ib205

    fantastic! album already pre-ordered from Amazon!

  • withinfloren4

    Que chulo!

  • Tash

    Great cover very colourful and I really like the style of writing!

  • Saz

    Wow.. Awesome!

  • andros

    Wow…I think this is the best cover ever…:D

  • Davor


  • majeczka

    wow! Amazing! I like it. It will look nice on my shelf ;) Full of energy and I love this font in “The Unforgiving” *.*

  • musicfairy92

    Awesome, great fonts, colours and images! I can’t wait to walk into the store and walk out of it with this in my hands…:D

  • Semirhage666

    OMG LAME! I was a bit worried that this album would be ridiculous due to the comic tie-in, and now that worry has turned into an all-out fear. This album cover is SO ridiculous. Comic books are so ridiculous. I just hope the music is able to stand alone as good WT music, and isn’t just a bunch of songs that are obviously about a stupid fucking comic.

  • kalellel

    Within Temptation como vcs conseguem ser tão fodas !!!

  • Grab Ale

    Look at this message of mine first:

    “I KNOW it’s going to be something special, indeed! I took in cosideration two possibilities as respects it and I’d gave them vitality by posting both here – an very representative photography with a scene or a possible character from “The Unforgiving” tale as well. <3" This was really COINCIDENTAL as I felt it's gonna be reflected on that! But I am totally used to think the same thing with Within Temptation telephatically…I must say I adore this new cover as it's absolutely best visually expressed, colorful, done in a superb creative way and each corner of the album's cover will absolutely spark through an image tale. I can't wait to listen the album o'er and o'er and o'er again and add it to my Within Temptation collection.

  • byby

    Super!!! Its output strongly ;)

  • kalellel

    Não importa o que os outros digam Within Tempation é pra quem tem senso de arte. Cara eu amo muito o trabalho de vocês e está capa veio ainda mais para alimentar o meu desejo The Unforgiving.

  • hugues88

    superb, beautifully done with nice colors and a beautiful view. I like it

  • katjaturunen

    Cant w8 >xD
    So cute and sooooo different<3

  • blackvelvetcouture

    I’m so excited to hear the music for this! Beautifully done cover; I LOVE it <3

  • Hypo

    Hmmm…it’s different!!!!!!

  • scream

    hmmm ..
    Great ;)
    Love it.

  • Mitsy

    Well, I do like the image and the ‘The Unforgiving’ font very much. Though I’d hoped WT would be written in the common WT font. Furthermore I am very curious about all the characters in the comic, but I hope the album itself will be able to stand om its own without the comics. I’m reaaally curious :)  

  • tanderullum

    … I’ve decided that I love it. ;)

    Phew, that went well.

  • Stew

    So awesome, so different, so special!!! …. and not more than I expected because that’s just youuu <3

  • fearofthedark91

    AMAZING! The more I look at it, the more I love it! I can’t wait for the album! :)

  • azurys

    It is very different. I love the cover, I like it. But it is strange to say that it is a cover of a WT’s album. Even if I like it. Well, I will wait until the album is released.
    We were not suppose to have a trailer too ? : p

  • wildyennifer

    Looks so novel =)

  • meisel3674

    Wonderful… so Great!!! It´s different but I like it very much. I can´t wait. I will hold it in my hands!!!

  • stefaniejade

    it’s definitely got a dark look about it! i love it. the artwork is very eye-catching. can’t wait until it’s released – it’s even more exciting than waiting for Christmas or a birthday!!

  • ladykitty

    wonderful . great cover yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • moseymole

    not what you’d expect from an album cover, but i do love the colour and it’s very eye-catching. Can’t wait to hear the album :D

  • nykmeroren

    FAIL !

  • robertfaulkner

    i love it! And it will tie in the theme so well.

  • truth_sellador

    Stunning album cover! Fantastic artwork.

  • darkangelkayla

    LOL Amazing for a concept album ;D

  • scythe

    Honestly? I’ve expected more! Although the type of the album cover isn’t really surprising – considering the fact that it’s based on a comic – the artwork could be better… but that doesn’t mean that i don’t like it!

  • sharos

    well… :/
    dunno what to say… it’s veeeery different from the other album-covers. imo it expresses everything that wt has never been…
    all this comic stuff about a half-naked woman… what’s that?! if I saw that album in the stores without knowing you, I would think about an american punk-pop band or something like that… but I hope the cover is not revealing anything about the music of the album. Can’t wait to hear something

  • sringer

    Looks good. Can’t wait…

  • snedly3c

    Interesting, look forward to hearing it

  • Naz?H

    Well, It’s neutral to me, but to think again, the cover looks like a late 80′s ‘Movie poster’, like a promo of a action/thriller movie since the album is a concept album! (: All the charactors in it, and it’s definitely not a usual WT type, but somehow special as you don’t expect WT to be like how they used to be. :D Now I seriously can’t wait for the trailer!!!

  • ulathar

    Good cover, though very different from the ones you used in previous albums. I really like the font. Can’t wait to hear it ^^

  • _WT-Fan_

    If I have to be honest. I had expected a bandphoto . But because this album is based on a comic I understand the choice. Honestly I have to say it looks cool

  • shadowdweller

    ♥ Awesome cover ♥, very clourful & I like the typography. I can´t wait to have the album! & it´ll take a while to get to my country. Cheers from Argentina

  • selby

    it’s different from all the other covers. i dont’know… 
    however… i can’t wait to hear the new album!!!

  • ninadoll

    I guess it goes with the theme of the album and i love ‘Where is the edge’ so im sure the album will be fantastic but i hope WT dont go to far away from their roots.

  • lordinator

    I love this cover very much : Totally amazing, I don’t have any words for describe how I’m exciting for this album !!!
    I love comic books since 15 years and Within Temptation since The Dance EP and it’s the first time that my two passions are united !
    I am very happy to notice that Within Temptation is still a band which in spite of his success still has the courage to dare new and innovative things, thank you again for that and don’t listen the bad criticisms and continue to support this project, me in any case I am completely with the band !

  • darkwisprie

    Nice.. can’t w8 to hear the songs :)

  • emynk

    OMG…I love you guys, and i know that for some people comics are the best (not my case). I respect that…
    But metal and comics just don’t fit, make and album based on a comic….mmmmmmm OK. But the cover a comic????? NO.
    We are used to see great covers from you such as TSF or THOE, but this????
    This is the cover of a comic. Not the “deep-music-and-heart-touching-lyrics band WT….

    =(I’m sorry, but really dissapointed..
    I hope i don’t feel the same aboput the music,i really think i won’t.

  • mckaygenius

    All is more interesting and more interesting. I can’t wait any more, I want to hear!))

  • Onyrika

    Really different from Sharon’s pics from the other covers… it doesn’t seem WT, it’s weird!

  • auryn

    I really like it! Though I’m a big comic book fan.

  • celticbotan

    Wow, it’s so different, I thought it would be a picture of the band / Sharon wearing something very “Queen-like”, lol – but all this difference was already “expected”, since you said nothing will be the same from now ;D
    I really love it! =D
    The colors are gorgeous and all those unkown characters leave me even more curious about the story and the songs behind it.

    And excuse me, but I have to say something to this unpolite people who commented before:


    This is somebody’s HARD WORK – I’ve worked with art comissions before, and believe me when I say it’s HARD; not to mention the band – “The Unforgiving” is a project that took years to be made, so don’t bash them only because YOU think it’s lame.

    If you don’t like it, just say you don’t like, there’s NO need to be rude, even more in a FOREIGN LANGUAGE.

    To WT:
    Don’t be upset by this kind of comment.
    You have the right of doing whatever you want with your album. Keep up with it, I know you won’t disappoint us fans =D

    All the best and congratulations!
    I can’t wait to listen to the songs now =D

  • lordinator

    emynk @ Apparently you do not know much about comics, but I can assure you that comics can also be “deep-and-heart-touching” the whole is to avoid getting excited for nothing and showing ability of a little open-mindedness.

    Then since Enter, the album covers of the Band followed quite the same theme : Sharon dressed elegantly in a particular context, only the Silent Force had to try new things (I found personnaly the Accosutic Night At The Theatre cover simply classic…).
    I find this is a welcome change and I still congratulate the band for that.

  • Its-Me

    Oh my.

    I’m not sure on it.
    I love the artwork, But I dont’t really like it as an album cover. Saying that, I’m sure I’ll get over it it. ;)

  • HöBêLöRd

    I must admit that i was expecting a cover where the band members or at least Sharon appeared on it (perhaps in a drawing way?), and that i see that cover more for the comic than for the album. Anyway, i like it and think i’m going t love the album :P

  • draema

    wow..i´m speakless. It´s a new site of Within Temptation and i´m very very nosy to listen to the Album!lovely greets from Germany

  • Semirhage666

    Wow, the people speaking English here have very poor grammar for the most part.

  • lordinator

    We write with a bad grammar but at least we, we remain polite and open-minded.

  • riche

    Ik had een foto van de band mooier gevonden, net als de cover van “The Heart of Everything”. Maar omdat de cd op een stripboek is gebaseerd snap ik de keus wel. Gelukkig ben ik wel helemaal weg van “Where is the edge” en daar gaat het om!

  • jimpossible87

    WOW…really cool and really different for WT….looks like a movie.

  • Luckie

    I understand the choice for an albumcover like this but personally I don’t like it..

  • raven82

    wow amazing… can’t wait for the new album……..

  • bishmality

    Amazing!! Cant wait!

  • metalgi

    Would’ve liked it better if Sharon was one the cover :D

  • evilangel

    really great!!
    loved it!!!!!!!!!
    wanna hear it :D :D :D  

  • ttbtr

    Since i saw the album cover,i can’t wait to hear the whole album, gonna buy it as soon as it comes out in march 2011,. Who design this album cover?it’s just brilliant but to be honest with you WT, I LOVE all the graphic and the fonts but what i don’t like is the colour of the album name. But i still love it. & i m still going to buy it, yay!

  • soyhann

    seriously wtf? :/

  • esmera

    It’s nice :)

  • hartogendelano

    For all those who don’t like the cover: get over it! It’s the music that counts… Sure it’s different, but I like it ;)

  • SarahS

    Wow, this is really different! Much more colorful then a lot of the others, except for Mother Eart!
    I really like it! It is different but just as amazing, hopwfully just like the songs!

  • P@tra

    I think it’s awfull.

  • daaanielle

    I agree with @Its-Me

  • xerger

    The album cover does not match what WT is. WT represents energy, force, intensity and at the same time melody, beauty, perfection, neatness, melancholy… Sometimes with a simpler cover like The Silence Force album, it is possible to say more. Less is more…

    My first impression with this album cover was that it looks like a cover of computer game…or maybe a movie, because the characters in the background, but a movie for children.

    Please, try to rethink the concept of the album cover, it must reflect the WT identity which is much much more that a Harry Potter style animated story. There is still time…

  • azerett

    It looks good, I like it! Something totally different.

  • sanctuspiox

    I love it but I agree with my other fans, it would have been nice to have Sharon “drawn” into the cover! Can’t wait!!

  • Kiga

    i was kind of hoping it would not be a comic-cover

  • once

    the album cover is really nice and very original, don’t be upset by the rude comments ;)

  • dreadlord

    This is a refreshing new style for WT, and im looking foward for this new album, so far guy’s everything you’ve done is amazing.
    IMO you should keep doing music that you want to do instead of trying too much to please the commercial side of the buisness.

    I personaly miss what you guys did in the beginning but please continue to entertain us!

  • yul1vk


  • AllINeed

    Ehm.. okay

  • ParadiseCircus

    I don’t like it at all. It’s so not WT. I was hoping for a more WT-ish cover. To me this looks like a dull computergame or something.

    I hope the music is better than the cover…

  • ParadiseCircus

    When you released the cover of The Heart of Everything I was blown-away. But this..

  • withintemptation4eva

    WOW! This is amazing!:)

  • hari

    this looks AMAZING! really great artwork and colours :-)

    but WT, don’t listen to the people leaving rude and stupid comments. 
    i know, everyone is allowed to express their opinions, but nobody wants to know when they are leaving unthoughtful, disrespectful and rude comments!!!!

    i think it’s great, so keep the teasers coming! 

  • arato

    I don’t know.
    The artwork is beatiful and original, but don’t looks like an album cover. But is an WT album and we will love it.

  • zippyman

    I love it ! :D … is AMAZING ! *-*

  • maxhofmann

    great ;-)

  • thrillkill

    AMAZING *_* Sinead on the front <3

  • hariet

    I adore it =)it`s soo cool!! =D

  • angedemon

    How come negative comments are always being considered rude and stupid???? We have the right not to blindly love everything WT does (we’re not sheep after all…)

  • jasmineloveswt

    It is certainly very different! But there again this album is something completely different and unique so the cover was bound to be unlike any previous WT album cover. I like it, I think once we read more of the comic pages and hear more of the music the cover will make much more sense, =).

  • snowwhitegrace

    LOVED IT! :) You guys did it again! :) What a great art cover! So cinematic, so original! :) It’s so different from everything you’ve guys have done before, but this is NOT A BAD THING AT ALL! I just LOVE how you guys are always looking for something new, and trying to break your own boundaries! This is a great quality for a band to have. That’s one of the things the make me pround to be a WT fan! Keep up the good work! WE ARE FOR YOU! ;)

  • snowwhitegrace

    Loved it! :) You guys did it again! :) What a great art cover! So cinematic, so original! :) It’s, of course, very DIFFERENT from everything you guys have done before, but this is NOT A BAD THING AT ALL! I just LOVE how you guys are always looking for something new, and trying to break your own boundaries! This a great quality for a band to have. That’s one of the things that make proud to be your fan. Keep up the good work! YOU GUYS ROCK! :)

  • Mitsy

    I agree with Angedemon :)

  • celticbotan

    @angedemon the thing is not to critique – constructive critiques are very welcome and people can say it’s not what they expected / or that they didn’t like it, giving their own personal reasons.

    What I thought very disrespectful was “critiques” like “it’s awful/ ridiculous / “chulo” (what, in Brazilian Portuguese, my first language, means something like “of bad taste, vulgar”).

    It’s very unpolite, considering that WT is working hard on it for years and they are being so nice with us showing teasers and keeping us updated. =/

  • angedemon

    Trust me, they’re not gonna lie awake at night because of bad comments :p
    And yes I love the fact they keep us updated like this (or should I say teasing us??)
    The thing is, the cover would be okay for the comic itself (even though imo it’s too busy and it screams), but for the CD I just don’t like it, as a friend said to me on MSN, it’s just too unpersonal

  • celticbotan


    See, that’s what I was trying to say;
    That’s your opinion, I (and WT for sure) understand your point of view and no bad words were needed to make yourself clear =)

    Haha, and no, I don’t believe they would lie awake at night due to bad comments, they have more important things to worry about LOL But I think they don’t like it either – nobody would; that was my point too.

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  • igormmf


  • netgirl2112

    Cool. Get me curious about the rest……….

  • sansanders

    Well it’s really different from anything else you have done but I like it and can’t wait until March to listen to it.xxxxxxxxxxx

  • 7Azimuth

    I like.

  • icecream

    it’s so different *_*
    I can’t wait to new album


  • syntheticlolita

    First, the good: I really like the font used for both the album title and for the band name. Its suitably dark and fits the mood slendidly.
    That being said, I really do not like the new direction the album art is suggesting. If I were to see this album in a store without knowing the band, I would pass it up as just another of the new “metal bands” trying to pass off as “gothic” but sounding a bad imitation of In This Moment. Also, like many have said before me, the art is more suitable for the cover of a comic book or a video game (ironically, it reminds me of the cover of BloodRayne. Heh). While I know that this is a concept album based off of a comic book, I think a more subtle cover could have both expressed the idea behind the album and still remained true to what Within Temptation is. (That being an amazing dark symphonic power metal band with brilliant and profound lyrics.)
    However, because I love Within Temptation, I still remain hopeful that the music will be as brilliant as previous albums. Just three more months until I found out!

    (Despite how this may have come off, I really DO love Within Temptation. I’m just very skeptical about the new album.)

  • joannedrewery

    Gorgeous, can’t wait!

  • syntheticlolita

    (OH! And I did not mean to suggest that In This Moment is not a good band. I enjoyed their first album immensely. I just meant to suggest that there are many other bands trying to imitate their sound — And failing epically. Not that I believe Within Temptation will fail.)

  • orly

    As soon there is a nice real WT pic. I will photoshop my own cover. Shouldnt Sharon wear a dress from Ronal Klok on the cover or something ???

  • Fadinha

    I dont like it… And i´m sad…

  • hieu84

    Great…I expected the gang will be in the cover :(
    But it’s a great change. Can’t wait for the Album to come out :)

  • annamoon

    It’s different for Sure but I realy Like it, Even if I see it more on the Comics Itself than on the Album.   

  • lullabyi

    It’s very different from the others cover but I like it! ^^ Can’t wait to have it *.* <3

  • darkpassiontia9

    It sucks. Hope the music will be better.
    Glad to know that “Where is the edge” doesn’t represent the whole album.

  • Kerschenpower

    This is such a surprise – I think that no one had expected that :D
    Because of that I love WT – They always surprise their fans :D

  • Grab Ale

    Look at this message of mine first:
    “I KNOW it’s going to be something special, indeed! I took in cosideration two possibilities as respects it and I’d gave them vitality by posting both here – an very representative photography with a scene or a possible character from “The Unforgiving” tale as well. <3" This was really COINCIDENTAL as I felt it's gonna be reflected on that! But I am totally used to think the same thing with Within Temptation telephatically…I must say I adore this new cover as it's absolutely best visually expressed, colorful, done in a superb creative way and each corner of the album's cover will absolutely spark through an image tale. I can't wait to listen the album o'er and o'er and o'er again and add it to my Within Temptation collection.

    The Unforgiving’s official cover does represent the album in a very efficient visual method in a strong concordance with it's qualities such as unfathomable powerful, benighted mystery, windy darkness winding a colorful cover though.

  • dansor

    o my god… i think that is be very awesome)

  • lithium0992

    I loved the album cover for ‘The Heart Of Everything’ but this album cover is not quite what I expected. I hoped the album cover would be something different, but I guess I was wrong. This album cover does not reflect the essential characteristics that WT has displayed on their music since the beginning of the band. At least, from my perspective. 

  • wtmelanie

    looks a good job in the picture, but the letters used in particular where it says “Within Temptation” does not seem consistent with the typography has always been used, it is as if the album title was more important than the same band. that’s my opinion.
    Greetings to all and just wait to hear the album. :)

  • mvasiliiv

    Обложку дождались, осталось только альбом подождать)))
    WT решели сделать что-то новое, на комиксы подсели, будем надеятся что будет не хуже чем раньше, а только лучше, Where Is The Edge мне лично понравилась, ну что же, ждём продолжения!

  • seewhoiam


  • icequeen145

    I actually like it, it’s something different. I was wondering what you’d do with a comic-themed concept album, and I think it looks good. Putting yourselves on the cover wouldn’t work for a concept album like this anyway, it would take away from the theme. I think you want to remove “Within Temptation” from it all and have us just focus on the story and the songs that go with it.

  • stormwind47

    well, well…what can I say? I think I need more time to make my own opinion. This is confusing me, this is so different. When Sharon said ‘nothing will be the same’, well… that was true. And now I’m afraid to hear the new songs.

  • ryan76

    OK. I´m not into comics but if this is what you guys wanna do then ok.I love your music so I´m not gonna be all upset cause I don´t like the cover, we´re all different (though a cover with the amazingly beautiful Sharon would have been more to my liking:-) it`s not up to me to say, you follow where your hearts take you and I totally respect that. You are so talanted and and I love you guys so if this makes you happy, rock on!

  • darkygirl

    so different but I like so much the colours !

    This cover make some light come into my rainy day
    sorry my english is not very good .. -_-’

    luv WT !!! ^^

  • NeonFishnets

    *sharp breath in*

    The artwork is…utterly fantastic. The entire concept and everything you guys are doing is, as always, utterly fantastic. But, like others have said, this picture would probably be better suited for the cover of the comic book itself in my eyes. I mean, don’t get me wrong–it really is stunning and clearly took tons and tons of hard work on the artists part, but I’m really not a fan of it as an album cover. I’m just not.

    I feel bad for not supporting you guys completely in every little thing, but I just..was a bit disappointed when I opened the link this morning. :-/

  • guisimons

    Bad. The sharon could be on the cover, so it might be a little better =/

  • descended

    I think its fantastic!! I love the fact that it different. I have every WT CD and I love all the art work, its refreshing to see that this is different. I like comics dont love them but the art work ‘speaks’ for itself and I feel the new cd incorporating a comic theme is going to be awesome. Im not sure how people can say Metal & Comics dont mix, Look at Disturbed… Anyway awesome choice! I LoVE WT and I cant wait to see and hear MoRE!!!

    PS Sharon you are just absolutely beautiful, your look is ‘timeless’. Like you just stepped out of the Victorian Era =)

  • andrea_wt

    It’s completely different from anything previous (just like Sharon herself said, “from now on, nothing will be the same”!), but maybe it is so fantastic because of that.
    Many people will be shocked (it is shocking, actually), and some fans won’t like it just because it is so different, but I’m loving it because of that (and because it is really arty).
    You’re brave, you dared to do it, and I’m proud of that as a fan.
    And it fits great with the concept of the album! No other cover would have fitted better. Congratulations.

  • Wtanna

    When Sharon said “nothing will be the same”, I wasn’t really expecting this.

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  • emynk

    lordinato @ Let me tell you I do know about comics, and of course, they can be heart-touching, it’s just that in my opinion this cover doesn’t have anything to do with WT or their music or whatever.
    Songs being inspired by the comic…OK, great. But this is the album, i would have prefered the cover of a metal album. Like the ones before. Not the same, but definitely not this half naked girl with that sexy face and a gun (???). Does that reminds you of WT?
    I know bands change and so the music, that is great and i support that, but i definitely don’t think this cover is appropiated. Anyway, hope the music is still great as before.

  • jhonny93

    Esa portada es demasiado Sexy!!! me impactó!! no se parece en nda a las portdas de los abumes anteriores…muy interesante… llegará a la latinoamerica?

  • jesaar

    I really like it. It works with the theme of the concept of the album. Not only does it represent 80s comic and graphic novels, but it also represents album covers of that time. 

    For people who are true fans of WT’s music, the album cover shouldn’t matter. Who buys an album just because of the artwork? You might be intrigued by an album cover, but until you hear the music on the album; you cant really determine if you will like it’s music or not.

    For instance, when I first got into WT; I was on researching bands similar to After Forever. Upon seeing the album cover for Mother Earth, I was intrigued enough to listen to samples of the album’s songs. My decision to buy the CD was based on what I heard. I would never just buy a CD simply because of it’s artwork without hearing it’s contents, for it could be some sort of gangster rap and I would simply hate that.

    In the end, I think it’s nice to depart from having Sharon on the cover. At least for this album (seeing how it’s based on a comic book). I remember a lot of folks disliked the album cover for TSF and it ended up being an amazing album, one of WT’s best! I will admit, I hope for an album cover one day that features all of the member of the band. 

    In the end, no one can get upset at people for having opinions. It’s natural and normal for us to have our own opinions on things like artwork and music. Not ever person will feel the same way. And that’s OK. So, some will love it, some will hate it, some will like it, and some just wont give a shit! I like the album cover and think it will fit well with the booklet, album’s music, and comic. 

    Cheers WT!

  • littlesomething

    It’s really really different. :\ I know it goes with the whole evolution of style and stuff, but… I love the old covers, and I was hoping to see something with Sharon pictured like usual. This is still nice, though. It looks interesting, but more like a movie poster than an album cover. And it just doesn’t look like WT to me. :\

    Of course, I won’t judge an album by its cover! I’m sure the music will be amazing and I can’t wait to hear it. To be honest, though, I’m still kinda worried that WT will fall prey to a They Changed It Now It Sucks kind of fandom split. But it’s impossible for WT to suck, right? I shouldn’t be worried. You guys just aren’t capable of being anything less than awesome. <3

  • Naz?H

    The more I look at the cover, the more I like it, the more cooler it is :D

  • highwayman

    Is this really going to be the cover or a joke?:) it looks like a big joke hahaha you guys really had me going there april fools! though it’s january?

  • forsha

    I love it!!!!!

  • liley

    I don’t really like it, especially the lady, though it must have been such a hard work for the painter/drawer. But if your music is as great as usual, I’ll forget the cover immediately ;)

  • Limtubb

    I think when people finally hear the songs, they will start connect them with the cover and the comic itself, and it will be easier to like the whole idea. I think. Judging the cover itself based on their previous covers and themes is not going to work. That being said… Damn, I love the fact that this actually is a Within Temptation album cover! :D So not what I expected, but it is awesome. If this represents the feeling of The Unforgivings’ songs, then I am incredibly excited and bewildered at the same time!

  • moonbeam13

    :) my first reaction was..WOW OMG THIS IS SOO AMAZING!!!!!!

    I love it soo much!! eeeeee <3 there has been soo much work in this!! i cant wait for the music videos! will we see these characters animated and come to life :D Now how many bands have done this? create a story, comic with songs based on it!!!


  • Jillian Cross


    It’s like a comic cover!!!

  • harleybarley

    Terrible cover – I have major worries about the bands direction now. The new website is poor, the song Where is the Edge is instantly forgettable (and god only knows why the trailer for the film was used). Not alone on this – head over to WT Facebook page where the feeling is overwhelming negative.
    Sorry WT but after seeing you 5 times in the last couple of years I’m concerned that this might be the parting of the ways! :-(

  • Athanais

    it sure is different from the styling of the previous covers – But, we should judge a CD by its cover. we’ll just have to wait and listen…

  • Catherine

    i don’t think the cover says anything about the band’s musical direction to be honest. i’m not a huge fan of comic books, or of this artwork if i’m honest, BUT i don’t think the concept has to overwhelm the music, and i’m really looking forward to hearing it!

    i love WT! i hope there’s a nice shoot of the band in the booklet :)

    oh and i think making comments about people’s grammar is pretty childish considering most of the users on here probably don’t speak english as their first language… english grammar is really hard!

  • temptme63

    Love the cover art, looks wicked cool and i’m sure the music will be kickass like the rest of your music.

  • hanstalsma

    I don`t really like this cover, i prefer the previous albumcovers, that was more WT. Of course, this one handles about a cartoon, so it`s a logically step to use a picture like this. That`s a good reason to choose this cover, however…..but it`s not a typical WT cover, that`s a pity.
    Hope that the next one will be more WT like:). A photograph of Sharon, what it used to be.
    But however….i love you and your music, of course!! Let there be no mis understanding about that!!:) Keep rockin and see you soon!! Love xx

  • Sharon_Fan

    i really like the artwork, but not really as a cover for the album… I mean what was the whole album artwork photo shoot for? There is meant to be 12 unforgiving comics so we will get enough of that, and i bet the inside of the booklet will be a comic too so we’ll be lucky to even get one photo of wt on the album. I quite like the red unforgiving font but within temptation dont just looks like standard word processor font and i’m hoping it will change. I think that the very best thing to do would be to have a cardboard slipcase with their photo on it and reveal the comic image underneath. I think that would be a lot better and would certainly keep EVERYBODY happy i guess…

  •!/Lag111 lag111

    I love it!!!

  • joaomaradao

    Stop teasing us and release the album already! :O
    Anyway, it looks really nice (kinda mysterious)… :D

  • steveo

    @Sharon_Fan: The comic is a 6-issue series…not 12.

    I can’t wait to see the videos! C’mon WT…

  • xsarum

    Wow!!!! it is a beatifull cover yes it is so different then al the albums before.

  • wtrock

    I love the cover!! It fits great with the comic & I know the music will be awesome too. Go WT!! :)

  • tonyk

    What’s wrong with you people? It’s a CONCEPT album about a COMIC! What does the genre of music have to do with a cover? I understand if someone says that he/she doesn’t like it but to say that it’s horrible and that it sucks is very rude. From the time they announced the album title they said that it will be based on a comic. So I expected a comic cover. I’m sure they will never again make a concept album because people are so narrow-minded that it really hurts… 

  • annaflacca

    it’s great, different from the past covers but great!! :D

  • Catherine

    the woman to the left of sinead looks just like the actress who plays nancy in the movie ‘the craft’:

  • Catherine

    to the right*, even

  • greg1982

    It is true that the heroine reminds me ” bloodrayne “.
    As every time it is different, and I like this one. it’s not my favorite but i like it. I really want to know the story of the comics; And I know that the album will please me enormously as every time. I do not say it as fan but as somebody who was always moved by your music from now on 8 years. so you have all my support WT.

  • dmdx3

    I’m kinda scared about the direction Within Temptation is taking. When I saw this cover, it just made me feel sort of… depressed. I understand that this is a concept album based on a comic, but the cover being a picture of the comic? It’s just really not creative at all. Also a bit cheesy in my opinion.

  • andrea_wt

    People, I have to say, with all my respect, that you are overreacting a little bit… GO WT! Show everybody who you really are… as you are in the sense you do what you actually want.

  • malb

    While my initial, knee-jerk reaction was pretty mixed despite all the warning we’ve had from the band about how this new album will be different, after a moment’s thought this album cover is really exciting me. The lyrics from “Where is the Edge” fit in perfectly with this cover: the dagger ‘v’, the glare of the gun-wielding protagonist on the front; the theme of this new material really is the focus of it all. I think it’s wonderful WT are using a comic as the inspiring essence of the album. Their songs have *always* told a story, and this time that story is the very basis on which it is all built.
    The songs are going to be all about the emotions and experiences of this woman, it is only fitting she is the album’s cover-girl instead of Sharon. Really impressed by how much thought it looks like has gone into this newest release :)

  • vtsx3

    I’ve waited a bit to comment because I wanted time to figure out what I was really thinking and not give a knee jerk reponse. I like the album cover OK. Its not what I would have done. I don’t mind the graphic art, I think thats cool. But it just seems a little busy and there are too many things trying to pull my attention. If it were up to me–simpler would have been better.

    But Guess What?—its not up to me!!! This is not my creative outlet! Its WT’s –and if this is the way their creative forces are leading them—then I’m along for the ride, 100%! If they start denying their own creative forces because they are too worried about what we think—then they are selling out—and who wants that to happen?? With 15 years of material behind them, they have not disappointed me yet. I have no doubt this album is gonna rock my world —again! :-)

  • angedemon

    Off course the band has the right to do whatever they want (they wouldn’t enjoy doing it otherwise and I’m all behind that), but we as fans have the right not to like something as well!!It’s not showing disrespect. Lying about it and saying we love it when we don’t, would be!

    And yes, it’s only an albumcover, not very important, but probably because at the moment it’s the only thing we have, we all kinda focus on that. When the time comes, and we can finally (!!!!) listen to the songs, we’ll forget all about the cover.
    The thing is, for me personally (and probably for a lot of people that don’t like it), is that I’m really not into comics at all, even as a child. So yes I was fine with the actual books (of course I would buy them and heck, I’d even read them!!), but now that’s it’s also the album cover, it’s just, you know, a bit much for me. I feel like I’m drowning in a comic page (kinda like the video for AHA “take on me” )

    Anyways, bad covers doesn’t mean bad albums (80′s band Crowded House being a perfect example of that)

    All I can say now is “bring on bloody March”!!!!!!!!

  • thornburgh

    I like it. This album has a story, and this cover looks like a movie poster. It’s dramatic, and I think the main character looks cool.

    In fact, I had already made a cover of her for “Where is the Edge” cropped form the prequel comics. Just seems natural. Link here:

  • Axur

    nice – different but nice

  • stormbringer

    Very different for WT, looking forward to the album a lot!!

  • wtfan99

    I´m really sorry but I don´t like this new concept at all. To me it looks like an attempt to earn more money by searching a new comercial concept that might target lots of people :-( I hope that I´m wrong and that it will be a new great WT-album that also elates their old, maybe a bit “conservative” fans ;-)

  • gothroselady

    Very Good!!!

  • bloodbath101


  • jane97

    great :)

  • harleybarley

    @Wtfan99 – couldn’t agree with you more. Appears that the commercialisation of the WT “brand” continues (e.g. The attempt to publicise the “Me and Mr Jones” movie via getting people to upload the sampler track onto Facebook, the previous tie in with the Howling video game etc etc).

    Even the new website appears to be attempting to get WT fans to be accessing random websites that publicise products (e.g. the recent Supermario / Nintendo link).

    The link to the comic is particularly cynical though – simply appears to me to be a way of selling comics based upon WT album sales (and also possibly selling WT albums based on comic sales?). I know its a concept album but the whole concept just appears “shabby” to me!

    Sorry guys – I know this is being negative and will upset many other fans but I thought I was following a serious symphonic / gothec metal band – not a corporate selling team!

    Think THOE will have been my last album! Over and out!

  • painofseven

    @Wtfan99 & Harleybarley: I seriously hope you two are wrong. Either way, I’d still listen to their old albums more even if this one is a disappointment. But can we really judge the new album (which hasn’t been released yet) based on what they’ve done so far?

  • sd2024566

    It have been a long time for their new ablum.

  • papatiny01

    I don’t care what any of these so called fans think of your album cover, it is great. So dark and menacing in comic form ties in so well. My only question when are you coming to the states to play?

  • bellamendes

    Well..the picture itself is really cool, but I don’t think it’s so connected to Within Temptation. I think it’s more connected to the comic book. Looks like it’s a sound track for the comic book than a new WT album. OF COURSE I’m saying all these things based on first impressions, and maybe I’m mistaken… I’m sure I’ll have more to say as soon as I hear the full album and match it with the new cover and concept. But I must add that I loved “where is the edge” and I’m really sure I’ll love the rest of the songs :)

  • seasidekev

    Very mundane… not a Within Temptation cover. Have they run out of ideas for songs?… Why link to a comic… New track released is poor… hope the album proves better….sorry I cant juts auto matically like it just because its WT…

  • satori

    The Album cover is definitely new and its great that WT, you guys are trying something new. Cant wait to get this! Thanks for sharing it with me, WT forever!!

  • gripper76

    odd for WT, I understand the concept BUT i hope the music is better than the cover!!!

  • zelsis

    it looks different, but promising! let’s just hope it’s still a symphonic metal album and not boring pop…

  • vlee

    I really like the band, and that’s why I must to say that the cover dont’t have nothing about you guys… I hope the music is better than the conver… :/

  • zaxuku

    Pretyyyyyy *_* So intense.

  • lyriane

    It looks amazing! I’m really looking foward to listen it since I love every single song you have ever made.
    thanks ^_^ ^_^

  • Erik

    Uptill now, everything I’ve seen and heard from “the unforgiving” is fantastic. The cover is not my thing, I like a more “mystic” cover like “The Silent Force” or “”The Heart of Everything”, this one is to violent and busy for me, but who cares, it’s the music that counts and from the two songs I have heard, it will be amazing. I have already tickets for the upcoming tour in november, can’t wait !!!

  • wtfan73

    I love it!! Change is good! Like many fans, I am more into the gothic images for the covers, BUT the music says it all! All I have heard so far has been awesome! No disappoinments at all!

    P.S. Is Sharon really pregnant? I saw it on the internet and was seeing if it was a rumor. If she is congrats!! Luna and Aiden are beautiful, just like their parents!

  • wtfan73

    Ooops, My bad, I see back in November there is announcements of WT babies. Congratulations Sharon and Robert!!

  • dvd7

    That’s great… specially because I love Comics and the Rock sound, like Within Temptation and the others bands, which play the similar sound. Congratulations!!! Now, all the fans ask you: When??