Announcement: 15 year anniversary

Within Temptation

It’s exceeding everything you’ve ever seen, heard or experienced from us before…

And it’s called: Elements.

Since the release of Enter in 1997, things have skyrocketed for us. We were able to share and play our music all over the world and received so much appreciation from you. We got the chance to grow and become Holland’s most successful rock band internationally.

We are celebrating our anniversary with an incredible concert on the 13th of November in Sportpaleis Antwerpen, Belgium. The anniversary show, Elements, will be the most significant event in the history of Within Temptation.

The title represents the kind of music and live shows we are known for – the melodius, crystal clear voice of Sharon, the massive guitar riffs, the orchestral and Celtic influences and the always surprising musical collaborations.

Energetic performance, musical mastery, and visually thrilling elements ranging from impressive set designs to fireworks and specially made films and videos. Everything you have witnessed in the last 15 years will be topped during the anniversary show in Antwerp.

We will share the stage with some unexpected guests and  can already tell you that we will also be accompanied by the renowned Il Novecento Orchestra.

In the upcoming months we will reveal more details about the show but more importantly, we will celebrate our anniversary with you. A lot of exciting things coming up so please keep an eye on our website, newsletter or social media tools to make sure you are the first one to know.

Ticket sales start on Friday the 11th of May at 11 AM (CET).


Tickets are available through:

Proximus Go For Music

Phone: 0900 2 60 60 or



Starting the 21st of May, Tickets will also be available at:

Free Record Shop

Stores in Belgium and the Netherlands


Stores in Belgium


Read the complete press statement in Dutch, English, or French here.

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May 9, 2012
  • Anonymous

    AAAAAAAAH, great news!!!
    I only live 10 min. away from het Sportpaleis! Count me in; can’t wait to see you there!!

  • Despina Mpl

    I live in Greece so it’s difficult to came but please let’s see that in DVD, PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucas van der Linde

    how much will the tickets cost?

  • Eleonor MalfoyyHh

    *O* Oh my god yes scure.. See u in November *O*

  • Craig Watt

    ifi can get tix and flights from the uk i’ll b there for sure:D

  • Anonymous

    They r coming to Bulgaria. You could try n come there. :) )) I bet it’s gonna b an awsome show.

  • Wesley Truyens

    I’ll be there for sure!! :D

  • stephanie

    Really hope I’ll be able to come from the UK around that time! If not, will there be a concert DVD?!

  • Sharonistka.

    Oh my god. I want to be there really, but I can’t and this is sad… I can’t stop crying…

  • Evie D

    OOOHHH My!!!!!!! If only it was easier to get to Antwerp from the US. Is this concert going to be on DVD?

  • Angelo

    I will be the first to buy a ticket, when they come available. Antwerp, here I come :D

  • Anonymous

    i skip you are a dutch band and then you not play your 15 year anniversary
    in belgium. there are a lot of great venue’s in the netherlans( ahoy, ziggodome, gelredome ) so why to belgium for a dutch band to give his 15 year anniversary party. and then also on u teusday you most ask 2 days free from your work and that is not to do for me.

  • Jamie Robson

    This sounds insanely amazing! Definitely gonna be coming over from UK to see this :P

  • Jaco van der Molen

    This is great news, I’d like to be there! However….
    I must seriously consider whether I can or want to go. I too think it kind of sucks that it is in Belgium and on a tuesday. I agree with peppie here that it a bit weird that a Dutch band is celebrating its anniversary in another country then the Netherlands. What is the reason for this? Though Belgium is close and for me I am “only” 3 hours from Antwerp, this could be quite costly. Taking a day of from work, buy a ticket, getting there and probably stay over night. Lets see if I can make it…

  • Alice Junier

    I hope this show will be recorded, because it is so special and because I probably won’t be able to make it to see the show myself

  • Rivallien Eerioden

    I can’t be there, kill me!

  • Corne van Mullum

    i’ll be there don’t want to mis it .take some day’s off and come to belgium

  • Sanne van Gastel

    I want tickets!! but I was wondering how much they cost? can anybody tell me that?

    thanks ;3

  • Evelien van Leeuwen

    OMG!! I would kill for a ticket!! AWESOME!

  • fredrik jonsson

    OMG OMG I have to go

  • Jhonny Calvo


  • Marilia

    Oh Guys, that’s quite amazing! I’m really happy for you and your 15th Birthday, but sad at the same time…Unfortunately I live too far away (South America, Brazil) and would not be able to go to the show due to all it would require (flight tickets, days off from work, tickets for the concert, hotel..). So, I trully wish everybody who’ll be there a GREAT concert! I’m quite sure it’ll be amazing and surprising as you guys are! And PLEASE do consider making this a CD / DVD!!!! = )

  • Johanna Kiviharju

    Yay!! Finally! I have been wating something like this to come! and Yes I´m so going to be there! <3

  • Kajsa Svensson

    happy anniversery I love you so much that my heart is going faster and faster threw fire and ice<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys. Happy anniversery!!!! it’s amazing. I want to be there too!! I want it so badly… Love you so much!

  • Javier Lerga

    Feliz Aniversario y enhorabuena por haber llegado tan lejos… os lo mereceis todo… todo

  • Georgi Manov

    When you annouce it like that, there is only one thing that one could say – See you there!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my God…! If Elements are even more wonderful than Black Symphony, how could I survive without a ticket for it? I wish all of You the best… But I would love to hear You there! If I could fly to Belgium, I would be the happiest human in the world… Why can’t the greatest dreams turn to real? )o,=

  • Celtic Botan

    Oh, that’s just AMAZING.
    A shame I’ll not be able to be there myself, to celebrate with you and other fans, but if this turns into a DVD / CD, I’ll definitely get one and watch / listen to it as if I was there with you =)

  • Faith Burton

    Wow ! Guys, it’s awesome! I really hope there will be DVD after this impressive show!!

  • Hieu Lavoce

    WOW, time flies, I love you guys wish you many many more years of successful

  • Sean Kelly

    Late last year i finally got to see those guys live. which topped off an awesome year having seeing delain revamp and epica before hand.

    They were awesome the stage show production value, the massive video screen in the back ground. everything about that night blew me away. that one show topped off a amazing year for me gig wise.

    So as one or two others before have said happy anniversery. all the best for the future. hopefully it wont take you another 5 years to see yourselves back in scotland.

  • Melvin van Wijk

    omg i have to work the day ticketsale starts…hope I won’t be to late…

  • Gina Vinckers

    Why so far away, why not in Holland

  • Jimmy Waem

    we are definitely there :)

  • Anonymous

    I hope there will be DVD after this show

  • Marta Fabianek

    aw, how intriguing. wish this was anywhere closer to me (Switzerland)…

  • Italia Chàvez

    guys … celebrate the mexico!!!
    would be great to do a commemorative DVD!! m/

  • Oleg Moskovets

    You have to visit a doctor,even if you joking. It’s such a sick joke-control yourself,cause’ a lot of children are band’s fans too.

  • Arthur Dayrell

    Great news *-*

  • Erbl Kunst

    For those of us overseas that cannot be there, I would LOVE to see another high definition Blu-Ray like Black Symphony!!!

  • Roberto Velasquez

    Holy shit, Within Temptation, that sounds AWESOME! And people, YES, I’m 110% sure they’ll definitely take out a Live DVD/CD for that concert; they’re having a LIVE orchestra, several guest appearances, it’s their 15th ANNIVERSARY, and I don’t know what else, but it’s going to be fuckin EPIC!…of course, no doubt, and it’s for EVERYONE to see/listen/(and those lucky enough to go) experience!
    I know some of you Dutch fans might be disappointed, but come on, at least some of you guys have more opportunity to see Within Temptation live cause they’re right in your backyard, lol…and they just finished their Theater Tour, which was exclusively in the Netherlands! :P I’m screwed. I live in the U.S.A. When was the last time they were here, on the West Coast? 5 years ago! Lol, that sucks, but that’s why I love to purchase their DCDs/CDs cause they’re so worth it and it’s the second best way to experience a band you’ve never seen live (…yet, lol). I think Within Temptation is looking for a place where ALL Within Temptation fans from around Europe (and the world) can have more accessibility to this special concert and so there’s a fairer chance for EVERYONE to be able to get there and experience such an amazing concert that is to come. I’m so stoked for this, and can’t wait for Within Temptation to reveal more updates. And yes, Within Temptation, congratulations on your 15th. EPIC, Anniversary!

  • Nikos Stamatoulakis

    will there also be a live choir?
    i hope i’ll be there!

  • Angelo

    Bitch please, you think Antwerp is far away? There are fans from the U.S.A. who would die to get to Antwerp -.- I live in Holland myself and I’m definitely going.

  • Thomas van Grinsven

    ^ Respect!

  • Thomas van Grinsven

    40, 44, and 49€ including service costs

  • Kylie Calwell

    O wow that would be the perfect anniversary present, we’ve been married 15 years Nov 15… would so love to be there but I live in the wrong country…

  • Niels Oosterhuis

    If i can get a ticket i will for sure be there!!

  • Aimee Standiford

    I unfortunately can’t fly across the ocean for a concert, but I will DEFINITELY buy the cd of the event if you guys make one for it. Congratulations WT on making great music for so long! I wish you many more happy years together!

  • elke herk

    Great news I will be there for sure! Anybody an idea of what the tickets are going to cost?

  • Tina Galeras

    CONGRATULATIONS ! Shurely an event not to miss !

  • Gina Vinckers

    I’m not a bitch, take that back

  • Gina Vinckers

    I’m not a bitch, please take it back
    And Thomas thanks

  • Joanne Drewery

    Just sorted our babysitters out so we can be there! Can’t wait!!

  • Ana Paula Vieira

    Oh meu Deus, como eu gostaria de ir *.*
    porue vocês não fazem na Holanda?
    espero que vocês cantem músicas do cd enter que é o meu favorito e que Sharon esteja com seus lindos vestidos *.*
    espero que saia em dvd amo vocês

    Oh my God, how I wanted to go *. *
    porue you do not do in Holland?
    I hope you sing songs to enter the cd is my favorite and that Sharon is in her beautiful dresses *. *
    I hope it comes out on dvd love you

  • Carolina Erreira
  • Anna Myšková

    Maybe I´ll be there. I just have to find a well-paid summer job :D

  • Sandra Sanders

    will you be making a dvd of the Elements experience for the fans that won’t be able to attend the concert :-)

  • jess baetens

    Okay I agree, no need to call you a bitch. But serieusly??? You’re complaining Antwerop is too far away???? It’s bloody next door to Holland!!!!!A lot of us have to take planes, you don’t see us complaining…
    Oh and btw, Thomas’s respect was for Angelo…(since it was a comment on him)

  • jess baetens

    OMG it’s just a manner of speaking….the “I would kill for…” is very often used in English language. Kids who will read this, will obviously speak english and therefor know how to take it!

  • Anna Banana Loco

    Sometimes, it sucks to live in Canada. :/

  • Nenad Rosić

    So, which tickets are the closest to the stage?

  • Stephen Mayson

    huntenpop done
    manchester done
    brixton done
    now bring on antwerpen
    never to much temptation

  • Kim He

    How I can buy a ticket from Germany without a VISA oer Mastercard?

  • Kim He

    *How can I buy

  • Nadja MetalCat

    tickets … in my pocket :D

  • Anonymous

    See you in Antwerpen! XD

  • Anonymous

    have tickets reserved and gave my credit card info, but still not PAID. Should I be worried or just patient? This was at 11.10am this morning and still not showing as paid. :(

  • Angelo

    Tickets in the pocket. Antwerp, here I come :D

  • Oleg Moskovets

    I understand that you’re very smart and also thanks for you attention to a problem,which isn’t your business. But I think you’re not as smart as you want to be,cause’ you don’t understand that from those childrens/fans,there a lot of people of different cultures and many of them-can percieve it wrong. Our discussion is over. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Almost convinced my brother to buy tickets and ready for my promnight;
    what else do you need?

  • Delphine Stephen

    OMG!! That Sounds So Awesome!! Within Temptation Forever!!
    Congratulations on 15 Amazing great years!! You guys Rock!!
    I would LOVE to be there to celebrate and see you live but I can’t go.
    It sounds like this will be better than ‘The Black Symphony’ concert,
    which was an Awesome damn Great concert, I have the DVD and loving it!
    Probably the best concert I have ever seen, no kidding, it’s amazing!
    I don’t know how you’re going to top that but no doubt in my mind you will!
    Within Temptation is my favourite band and you are so Amazingly Great!
    Really happy for your success and looking forward to the ‘Elements’ DVD/CD!

    Also, just wondering but have you thought about coming down to Australia?
    You have a lot of fans here, it’d be so Amazingly Awesome to get to see you Live!

  • Conrad van den Heijkant

    wij zijn er ook bij yesssssssssssssssssss

  • Wybren Den Breejen

    I’m really excited to go and see this. Best of all I will have just been married a month, and it will be my future wife’s first live music event. Hopefully she will be hooked!

  • Macarena

    please!!! i want a DVD of this concert !!!!

  • dante2love33

    DVD I WANT IT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, ik was er in Tilburg bij en nu ga ik ook naar Antwerpen. SEE YOU THERE

  • Alexia Wild

    I have my ticket!!!! I’m so happy! Omg.
    I’m from France to see you WT!!!

  • Ludovic BURGUN

    I have also my ticket, can’t wait. I come from France to see you !!!!! <3

  • Hans Talsma

    I also have a ticket, can`t wait to see this special event:) i`m looking forward to see you there WT!!! And i hope there will be a dvd from that concert….love you

  • Kelly Rickle

    I WANT TO GO SO BAD!!!! T.T I can’t because I’m so far away!

  • Bistra Bodurova

    I have tickets! Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhh. Can’t wait

  • Franklin Maas

    alright i see a lot of reactions about that the concert is in Belgium. its realy tot bad ,it should be in the netherlands and in belgium so please Wt do celibrate in the netherlands also ziggo dome, gelre dome, ahoy youname it
    saw you in Carre andsee again at appelpop in september but the concert in Antwerp is not possible for me and thats to bad.
    Please reconcider

  • Conrad van den Heijkant

    we zijn er bij yessssssssssssssssss

  • Anonymous

    Yaaay!!!! Such great news! And with an orchestra even!
    Only I don´t think I´ll be able to see the show (too far away). It´s a shame there´ll only be one concert… Can´t you guys at least publish a DVD of the show? Or a CD? I´d love that!!

  • Anonymous

    1 woord: AWESOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMEEEE ^^ I love you, yes i do ;-)
    En special guests: let me guess; Anneke & Armin & Robert????? XD En en whooooo George Oosthoek ^^ Die moet er zkr bijzijn want hij is echt GEWELDIG!!!!!!!

    Morgen rennen naar Free Record Shoppaah ^^

  • Anonymous


  • Peter Maes

    Mijn tickets liggen al klaar :) :) :)

  • Lee Farrow

    Just booked my tickets, just got to get to Antwerp now! Thank goodness for Eurostar!

  • Facundo Luis

    this sound like a Black Symphony – volumen 2………………………..

  • Anonymous

    Kaartjes zijn vanaf 21 mei bij Free Record Shop te koop, ze zijn al wel online te bestellen!

  • Anonymous

    @ BELGIUM this time :-D :-D :-D
    Maakt jullie fout meteen goed van ‘The Black Symphony’ NIET in België te doen :-p

  • Beth Hoggle Winky Luxton

    I REALLY want to go but I’m 16, I live in the UK and I’ve only just got my job and it doesen’t pay very well. I CAN’T miss this, I guess I’m going to have to save up and literally beg for money on my birthday, if I do manage to go it’ll be the BEST night of my life….Apart from when I saw you at Brixton :’)) I LOVE you guys, PLEASEE come back to the UK….We miss youu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33

  • Miquel Sanjuan

    really want to go to that concert!!!
    but i think it’s too far for me… :(

    i hope to enjoy this AWESOME show online if it’s possible ^^

  • Sandra Birmensdorfer

    Will be there too from Switzerland!!! ;)

  • Anonymous

    oh yes we wil be there to but i am still waiting of my tickets i hoop they come soon

  • Nikos Stamatoulakis

    Greece is also coming!

  • Morgen Campbell

    I wish i could go, but i live in the US and currently jobless…I would love for there to be a way to watch it or do like what you guys did for Black Symphony. I wish i could be there but money, time and school are all factors i have to take in-I loved seeing you guys in Worchester, MA when you were here!! Come back soon!!

  • Sjoukje Smeets

    hoop als mijn vakantie geld binnen is er nog 2 kaartjes te koop zijn zoja dan ben ik er zeker bij (heb jullie in enschede ook gezien , dat was bij mij om de hoek) dus kan niet wachten jullie weer te zien :D i love you guys

  • sanroman

    Amazing!!! I’m excited! Within Temptation deserves everything good ever!

  • Sjoukje Smeets

    ja de 7e ff 2 kaartjes kopen yihaaaaaaaaaa we are coming

  • Joost van Oudheusden

    Super muziek , jullie nummer our farewell heeft een nu een speciale betekenis voor ons , was het afscheidsnummer voor de dienst van onze 16jarige zoon.
    Ga zo door mensen , owja misschien kom ik je wel tegen in Tilburg je blijkt vlak bij me ouders te wonen/komen ;)

    MvG Joost

  • Anonymous

    Heb de tickets^^ Eindelijk!!!! Maar nog altijd zenuwen XD ;-) Toi toi den 13de maar daar ben ik ZEKER van :-D

    P.S: signeren jullie ook na de show? Want de vorige keer vroeg ik het eens lief aan één van de security maar jullie gingen dan naar Parijs:-( Dus please, dan maak je pas ECHT mijn avond goed :-D :-D :-D

  • Anonymous

    Zij maar vlug want zo’n geweldige, fenomenale groep is binnen 3 tellen uitverkocht ^^ :-p

  • Anonymous

    @ BELGIUM THIS TIME!!!!! Thx guys, thx :-D :-D :-D

  • Anonymous

    I am coming from Mexico just for the concert. I am breaking the bank but wtf, I will enjoy it every second and the experience will remain for a lifetime as it will also be my first time in Europe. Anyone else from Mexico? I already have my ticket.

  • Anonymous

    Eres mexicana? Vas al concierto? Yo voy especialmente para eso desde Playa del Carmen. Avisame si vas, tal vez podamos hacer equipo.

  • Anonymous

    you’re absolutely right. I am coming from Mexico just for the concert. This is ging to be sick

  • Anonymous

    How lucky to get the concert so close from home. I am coming all the way from Mexico just for the show. We both will witness something very special. I am sure. See ya’

  • Anonymous

    yay, got my tickets!!

  • Cláudia Rocha

    Yes! A DVD would be amazing!!!

  • Reun Wu

    we hope you will put out a dvd of the event for WT fans from other part of the world to join in the celebration. horns up!!!

  • Lucas Nascimento

    Esse sim é um show que eu venderia um rim pra poder ir.

    That’s the kind os show that would make me sell one kidney to see.

  • wtlover2011

    You are my best favorite group & Sharon is the best singer. Unfortunately I was not be there but I want to see it’s DVD so muchhhhhhhh.