Blacky is out, Mike is in!

WT new drummer

Yeahhhh we are a full team again !

Mike Coolen is our new drummer. He has played with us in the past on a few occasions before. The chemistry has always been very good both on stage as on personal level so he was the first on our mind.

So, Mike great to have you onboard!

Now to us he is no stranger but you probably don’t know who Mike Coolen is. Who can introduce the new drummer better then the man himself:

Cheers, Within Temptation

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February 22, 2011
  • Jillian Cross

    ooooooooh finally he’s revealed!!!! He’s gonna be great!!

  • Stew

    Amazing news!!!! No surprise though :P :P:P 

  • Lady_Jinxx

    Great news! I think Mike is a good addition to WT :D !

  • jeepsman

    This is great news ;D

  • Hypo

    Excellent…very happy for Mike :-)

  • matjuhhh

    Great news I like it. 

  • hugues88

    Welcome Mike, I’m very happy for you. WT for ever <3

  • tanderullum

    Yaay, welcome to the WT family, Mike! Can’t wait to see you all on the road.

  • Daniëlle

    Woooh for Mike!! *cheers* Welcome to the family, although you were part of it already :P

  • milas_lacrymosa

    welcome, mike :) I’m so happy :D

  • tourniquet19

    Great! Welcome Mike, you seem like a nice guy, I think you and Ruud are gonna get along xD

  • idarobo

    Hey, this are great News. Thank you very much and good Luck for Mike!!!

  • eadwine


  • anja

    welcome mike and enjoy beeing with are a great drummer!!

  • tande-

    yay! :) as expected, but all this waiting and secrecy just had me doubting. mike seemed like a nice guy, we had a change to talk to him a bit after FCD2010.

  • andros

    I like this guy he is funny :D
    Best of luck to you …. I need a new wallpaper for my desktop now …can’t say I am a WT fan if I don’t have them all on my computer..pls..hurry…must have picture with the hole band….must see new WT in concert…must go to the bath room…I mean I love WT ..GO MIKE :p

  • Tash

    Welcome Mike! I thought you could be the new drummer. Really liked your drumming at a festival I saw in Finland back in 2007 and the acoustic concerts in 2008. Really excited now for the concerts and FCD in September!

  • utrillaayala

    Enhorabuena! te deseo lo mejor como componente de Within Temptation. Qué seas muy feliz!!!

  • Within D

    Welcome on board Mike!! :D

  • eversleeping

    Yeah, that’s cool. Welcome Mike! See you on Tour :-)
    All the best from Germany.

  • wtrock

    Welcome Mike. Glad to a have a full WT again. :)

  • P@tra

    This is great news! Congratulations Mike! I wish you the best! See you soon!

  • celticbotan

    Welcome, Mike! :D

  • mbs464

    Welcome, Mike! You are now part of a great team!I am sincerely looking forward to seeing Within Temptation in New York later this year — thanks for coming to America!

  • sansanders

    Hi Mike welcome to Within Temptation look forward to seeing and hearing you and the rest of the band in Birmingham and London in November xxxx

  • xarturiax

    See you on September 10th Mike!! Congrats!! Welcome to the WT Family :D <3

  • IceQueen625

    Welcome Mike!! Nice to meet you! :) Looking forward to seeing you guys in NYC and hopefully I’ll get to shake your hand! ;)

  • kanayu21

    que bien!!!!! por fin me gustaria ya ver fotos de todos juntos!!!! within temptation for ever jejejeje!!!!

  • xhdb

    welcome Mike to WT !!! :)

  • within1991

    Welkom mike bij de beste band:D:D

  • snowwhitegrace

    Helo Mike, welcome to the family! :)

  • kata

    mike hello welcome to WT are very good at the drums and I am very happy to meet you

  • danhel

    Welcome,mike :D The commnity of WithinTemptation fans salutes you ^_^

  • angedemon

    yey I’m glad it’s Mike, he already felt a bit like part of the band after the theatre tours :)

  • withintruth

    Yes! New drummer! Welcome, Mike! I’m glad :-)

  • melianna

    Hello, nice to see you ))
    Godd luck ))

  • annamoon

    Yeah! Welcome to WT, Mike! 

  • joannedrewery

    So glad it’s you Mike, congratulations!

  • hanstalsma

    Hey Mike!! Welcome to WT :-) I was always thinking that you would be the new drummer. haha. Since you played with WT at the theatretour, and last fanclubday XD.
    You are playing with the best band in the world now!!!! See you soon.

  • rebirthbydeath

    Haha, this guy is great!! Congrats man! I think you will be a great addition. You seem like a lot of fun, and you love the band which is the most important thing! Hope to see you soon! :)

  • truth_sellador

    Welcome Mike!! Nice news!!

  • SarahS

    Aha, I’m looking forward to this new drummer! His hair is crazy, he’s funny, and just a relaxed looking guy! Good luck!

  • hammer80

    I’m glad they finally announced the drummer! Welcome Mike Coolen

  • frenchtemptation

    Well played to the band ! ;) You’ve put us voluntarily, i think, on a wrong way by changing the position of some hand drums (floor tom …) drummer to mislead us. I fell into the trap ;) . I’m pressed to see you all on stage and FC Day . A bientôt mes amis <3<3<3<3<3<3

  • nadun87

    Hey WT people, Need some photos of the full crew now….  I need a new wallpaper for my desktop now.. Seriously… :D :D  

  • hari

    at last! great choice for drummer! welcome mike :-)

  • stormwind47

    welcome Mike, I’m sure you’ll be doing great! Good luck!

  • bambi

    I’m very happy thet now the band is complete again!!!! :) :) :)

  • moonbeam13

    yay!!!! WT4EVER!!!!!!!!! :p

  • Kiga

    I was hoping Mike to be the new drummer :D Welcome to the band!

  • dartvader

    He Mike i’m very happy for you and the band. Kick ass !!!!!!!

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  • xrenaxryuuguxgirlx

    Yay! You finally got urselves a new drummer! It’s about time one showed up :P

  • thehowling20462

    yyyeeeeeeaahhh!!!!,, finally we can know him

  • hartogendelano

    Heee Mike, welcome to WT.
    Can’t wait to hear you at Huntenpop!

  • EvelineWT

    Welcome Mike!!!!!!!

  • domy

    Benvenuto Mike, un grande batterista in una grande band :)

  • LunaPower

    Hij heet ook gewoon Cool(en) van zn achternaam xD

  • azerett

    At last! I will miss Stephen, but Mike looks that he is crazy enough to play with Within Temptation :D

  • jmge2010

    I just hope you bring more glory for the Band, GO GO GO WT

  • _WT-Fan_

    Welcome to the WT Family Mike. It’s sad the movie is so soft. You should really listen to hear what you say. I can say that I already have a drumstick from the new drummer. I was by a Maiden UniteD gig but that doesn’t matter :)

  • rianne260691

    How surprising, haha! I saw him at last year’s Fanclubday, He really is great:). And he took some time for me and Gabb to take some pictures after the show:) thanks!