Contest: Show Your 15-years of WT!

WT Collection

As we are celebrating our 15-year-anniversary with you this year, we would like to see what you have gathered over the years!

Take a picture of your Within Temptation collection, including albums, merchandise, posters, and anything WT related. Send the picture of your collection to and you might win a unique set of prizes!

The set includes a Within Temptation mug, four different coloured wristbands, a leather lanyard keyring, and unique guitar picks from Stefan and Ruud! (check the pictures)

You can only send in ONE picture containing your complete collection, so make sure you capture everything in one photo. Keep an eye on the website, as we will announce the winner here! We’re looking forward to recieving your pictures!

Also keep an eye on Facebook, as we will be posting your pictures on our page as well!

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August 8, 2012
  • Sanne van Gastel

    Love the contest,, definentely going to enter ;D

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hetgeen wat ik afgelopen jaren heb verzameld past helaas niet op 1 foto.
    Mag het ook een panorama foto zijn ? :D

  • Anonymous

    Oké, ik begin er na mijn werk onmiddelijk aan^^
    En sorry maar waar blijft mijn poster die ik gewonnen heb op fb?

    Groetjes en tot 13 november ;-)

    Owja, signeren jullie weer elders vooraf of isdat geheim? :-( En na de show? Want ik krijg jullie maar niet te pakken…

  • Martin Hartl

    Will those guitar picks also be available in your web ship some time? This would be great!

  • jess baetens

    Serieusly, one picture? Guess you guys don’t realise how huge some collections are…

  • Sharon’s Girl ★

    when is the deadline ?

  • Sharon’s Girl ★

    i would have loved to participate BUT i dont have WT stuff cause it’s hard to find them here x/

  • John Stock

    I an take an image of a mountain with one picture.

  • Eline

    When is the last day you can send in?

  • jess baetens

    oh yeah, suppose I could just pile it all up “mountain style” but then it wouldn’t be very clear what’s actually there though :p

  • Anonymous

    Just one picture ? god….
    Only collections or me / my wife / my dog or anything else ?
    All my house live with WT…

  • jess baetens

    Sure, so you’re suggesting i put my collection somewhere, walk back a few miles and then take the pic? Cause that’s the only way you can get a whole mountain in a pic…

  • Daniel Mawby

    when is the deadline?

  • Milou Bergsma

    My Collection aint big but love it anyways ^^

  • John Stock

    It’s the only way it’s gonna work unfortunately.

  • Ann Shlipatskaya

    So do I… unfortunately… I’ve got only a few handmade items and one poster… but i was too exited to see it in the shop, so i didn’t notice a mistake made in it’s title..))

  • Evelien van Leeuwen

    I have WT stuff everywhere, and you guys ask for just one picture, wow. How am I gonna do this … xD

  • Garnet Til Alexandros

    Same here :(

  • Simone Agrò

    Picture sent! It’s not a huge collection,but it’s a precious one! m/

  • Martin Georgiev

    id love to take a mug home only one problem…first the stuf is hard to find here i mean the real deal and not some cheap imitations and secondly it costs alot to have a colection of any kind

  •ébastien-Oget/638666590 Sébastien Oget

    I’m not very lucky with contest but who knows this time!

  • Anonymous

    Picture sent :) hopefully it will make to the best ones!

  • Arisusa Runaru

    Meestal moet je dan naar de achter uit/ingang gaan na het concert en ze daar op wachten ;)

  • guessWho

    hey guys! never mind how many you’ve got!! so what that you have one or 2 things, what matters is your passion and dedication for the band! send what you have! I also have only few things (i’m from Poland), but I will send a pic anyway

  • Chloe Fong

    Please come to hong kong to have tour!
    That would be a biggest gift ever!

  • Koushik Chetia

    Will participate…. i gt some stuff

  • Carolyn

    i have sent my email just hope it worked. thanks for holding awesome contests:). Your the best band ever

  • Pierre Burette

    I try my luck too !