Don’t miss out on the 2011 fanclub day!


Make sure that you get your tickets to the 013 concert on the 25th of September.

As many fans try to attend the fanclub day, the concert tickets for this show are selling out really fast! The fan club day takes place just before the concert which is held on the same day.

You can buy tickets for the concert HERE. And ticket for the fanclub day can be bought HERE.

More information about the fan club day will be posted soon.

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February 8, 2011
  • hartogendelano

    I won’t miss it ;)
    Last year you were all so nice to my son that I would be in big trouble skipping that great day. And it was a great experience to me as well :)

  • tande-

    no worries, i wont miss either of them! got my tickets already :P

    we’ll most likely be there on friday already, too bad that concert is already sold out.

  • Onyrika

    I just got them! I skipped FCD last year, that won’t happen again :P

  • annamoon

    I won’t miss It. I still Need to Buy my ticket (next week or the week after )

  • hanstalsma

    I have both tickets!! For the fcd and the concert in the evening:-). Can`t wait to see you again WT!!!! And i want to meet Sharon again!! :-) :D You`re the best!!!

  • hanstalsma


  • gargar

    Ticketservice got the worst possible service. they use captcha test even on registered user, they won’t accept any of my international credit cards (even thought i buy quit a bit of stuff abroad)and there is no way to contact them. The contact us link on the site just state that if there is a problem then… contact us. BUT HOW TO CONTACT???? damn it, i can’t get myself a ticket.

  • hartogendelano

    @Gargar I didn’t had any trouble with Ticketservice.
    There is a number you can dial in the Netherlands
    0900-3001250 (45 cpm)

  • gargar

    I know of this number. however, there is no way to call it from outside of the Netherlands. the site itself state so.

    I never seen a horrible service like this. I’ll probably have to resort to Ebay after the tickets will be sold out.

  • hartogendelano

    If you are a member of The Silent Force then check out my nickname. It’s the same as in here. When you click on my nick you can drop me an email.

    Perhaps I can help you buying the tickets.

  • gargar

    I’m not a member. but tell me how to contact you. I will be grateful if you can indeed help.

  • hartogendelano

    I have created a temporary email address. Send an email to

  • moonbeam13

    wish i could go :( have a great day! ;)

  • Mitsy

    Again, I will be present this year. Like a tradition, haven’t missed a single one :) . Always a very fun day, meeting all the abroad fans and friends <3 oh and of course seeing the band! :)

  • _WT-Fan_

    I be there !! At the fanclubday and at the concert

  • ryan76

    I have both tickets too and I can`t wait! I am a little concerned however about the line to the concert being really long by the time the FCD ends and all of us ending up far back of the line and in the back of the arena..Anyone else concerned about this?

  • ronburgundy84

    please come to canada!!!! im from the UK but live in canada now, please we need good music!!! lol

  • vtsx3

    @ryan76: I’ve never been to a WT concert before, how early do people usually start lining up? (Yes I had the same concern)

  • Hypo

    @Vtsx3 + Ryan76, Most of the people who would want to queue early doors would be in the Fanclub Day anyway so the queue for the evening show wouldn’t form until the daytime part of the event draws to a close – probably around 5pm.

    As for other shows and when people start queuing, it varies from venue to venue and also depends on whether it’s a weekday or a weekend. There will always be people queuing from early morning but you can almost always get a decent spot near the front if you turn up 3-4 hours before the doors open.

  • ryan76

    Ok, thanks Hypo, I hope you are right:-). I´ve never been to a WT concert before and now I´m going all the way to Holland to see them. I want really bad to be in the front..

  • chant18

    I have both tickets! But I just read you need to be a TSF member to go to FCD… my dad bought me guest tickets but I am worried that we may not get in FCD. Can anyone help me out? 

  • unicorn02

    I also have both tickets :D For the Fanclubday and the concert in the evening :D I can`t wait to see and hear you play The Unforgiving live ;)

  • frenchtemptation

    Sniff ! :( Je n’ai pas fait attention à la commande des tickets du F.C.D. que les tickets du concert étaient à part :( (
    Je me console car je vais les voir au Luxembourg début Novembre :) )

  • Tash

    I am still not able to order my ticket for the FCD and any of the concerts listed on the same website. After quite a few calls to my bank they have confirmed it is a problem with the website and not the card I am using. Unless there is another way for me to pay for the ticket I will not be able to go. Is it possible to pay another way maybe with Paypal?

  • thedarkestwings

    Does anybody know if I can meet the Band there?