Faster & Mother Maiden short film


Slowly the doors to “The Unforgiving” are opening. We are proud to introduce the first of our 3 short films, called “Mother Maiden”.

These movies give further insight into the concept of our fifth studio albumThe Unforgiving and are based on the comic storyline; the characters are impersonated by actors.

Each film is followed by a band performance that, all together, form a dark and compelling tale of life, love, revenge, rage, and regret. The first movie, titled “Mother Maiden”, ties in with our first single & video for ‘Faster’, introducing the main characters of the narrative.

Share the “Mother Maiden” short film via Facebook or Twitter using a “pay-with-a-tweet” application and receive a brand new Within Temptation wallpaper in return plus exclusive access to an online listening party for the album pre-release.


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January 31, 2011
  • mckaygenius

    At last!))

  • kihala

    So good its unbelieveable. Can’t wait for the rest. :) WT is the best!

  • Gabriëlle

    i love it~~!!!!~~

  • Mitsy

    Very impressive, can’t wait for more. Thanks for sharing WT :)

  • Marlene


  • Stew

    Amazing, you guys rock! I love it and can’t wait for the rest! 

  • AllINeed

    You guys, amazing!!!!!

  • jeepsman

    That was really amazing

  • Rider of Ice


  • tonyk

    Just WOW again! I love you WT! Amazing…

  • andrea_wt

    OH MY GOOOOD!!! This is great, I loved the short film (though I guess some subtitles would be finer in general!), and I giggle when I saw this version of the vid -with solo, and showing Ruud! (We were already a bit worried :P ).
    Great great great. Loved those Sharon faces and head banging movements as well.

  • afbassi

    I loved it… You are amazing…

  • Tash

    Thank you for sharing the short movie and the longer video clip. I loved it other video was too short! I really like the Mother Maiden character and will definitely share this video. Can’t wait to find out more!

  • Hypo


  • trickster

    just WOW! nice…good work! FASTER with the album! :P

  • josey4

    Love the video but it’s not letting me open the zipped file with the wallpaper :( HELP?

  • enrg38279

    WOW O_O!!!! great!!!

  • Tash

    I have just tried a few times to download the wallpaper after posting to my facebook page but it is coming up with the message The archive is corrupt. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  • 7Azimuth


  • greg1982

    it is awesome…
    i love it, you’re great…
    a very fascinating story…. i love this kind of story…
    to be honest with you, i am impressed…
    i find this clip is the best.. I am really sincere
    i love ruud’s solo guitar, i love lyrics and sharon’s voice is wonderful and rock;
    you have all my support WT, i’ll be there next autumn in holland and france; take care of you; you’re great

  • jeh1058

    Wow, impressed by the quality of the images! Really nice job, whoever did it =)

    And I’m glad to see that the guitar solo made it this time!!!

    Sharon, I think we ought to invent a new word that would allow us to express the wonder of your presence! You’re not beautiful anymore, you’re far beyond =)

    Amazing song, amazing film & amazing band


  • lizzibie


  • lizzibie

    yeah, I have the same problem with the wallpaper…
    Not opening AAAAAAAAHHH

  • deadboy

    if your winrar program says the file is corrupted, you might have had problem with your internet connection while downloading so the file was not downloaded properly. try again ;)
    I have the wallpaper ;)

  • vtsx3

    yes I am having the same problem too…cannot open the application

  • vtsx3

    I have tried 3 times

  • evilangel

    thank you guys! so amazing this vid :D  
    really love you, you’ll always be in my heart ’till the day i die! :D  

  • Tash

    Thank you for your help Deadboy:) I have tried quite a few times and am still getting the same message. Will try again later.

  • deadboy

    dont worry. not a big deal. it’s an ordinary wallpaper, which a link was written on it, it leads us to a part of this website for online listening of the new album.

  • icequeen145

    Very interesting… I love the music video, I need to see more of the films I think for it all to connect well :D . I can’t wait though!

  • P@tra

    The wallpaper is not opening (downloaded multiple times).

  • wact

    Great job!! The story, the scenes, the music…everything’s good!! Maybe only one missing thing: subtitles! :)  

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  • wiccket


  • karianne

    Phenomenal! Great concept, to put the music video together with the short movie.

  • shypancake

    I’m russian.My English is very bad, that’s why I say in Russian: ФАНТАСТИКА! Это воистину восхитительно! Год за годом, вы, ребята, не перестаёте нас удивлять! Большое спасибо за ваш труд! Отличное видео! Россия любит вас))

  • Brimsty

    I can’t open the wallpaper too… But the video is great! I loved it!!!

  • azerett

    It´s great! I can´t wait for the other movies and the whole album. I clap my hands like a little child everytime you show us something new :D

  • LunaPower

    Whaha, she is so cool.

  • studentdan

    I watching it again and again, again and again, and can’t stop. It’s awesome, it’s really awesome!

  • maxhofmann

    great film – great song – great band :) see us in november 21th in berlin

  • withintruth

    Thank you, WT! I love you and all your songs, all that you made, that you are making, that you will make!

  • Marlene

    I LOVED IT!! It was amazing!!!
    The old woman scares me :S
    and now i’m going to look me in the mirror with fear XD

  • antzz666

    thanks wt that was amazing,cant wait for the rest of the story xxxxxx

  • elion

    Absolutely LOVE it!  Very awesome!  I put it up on my twitter!  You guys are the reason why I got a Twitter!  I never wanted one before this!!!

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  • samufan

    I think i need the comic to understand the history…but i like the video…

  • vampire1785

    Wooooow!!! This video is so wounderful and amazing. I can’t wait to buy the new album…

  • majeczka

    I like this wallpaper! And video is great, too :)

  • vampire1785

    Ohh, yes… I forgot something… Thank you for the wallpaper.

    Who we conformed Radio Gotica Ecuador wants to sent you a great hug to all of you.

    Greetings from Cuenca, Ecuador.

  • unicorn02

    Tash: I have just tried a few times to download the wallpaper after posting to my facebook page but it is coming up with the message The archive is corrupt. Is anyone else having the same problem? @Tash: Yes, I have the same problem, I’ve tried two different computers to download, but keep getting the same message :-( and @Deadboy: I also want the wallpaper and access to the link that
    leads to a part of this website for online listening of the new album :-(

  • unicorn02

    But I really love the movie “Mother Maiden” and videoclip Faster <3

  • gianakat82


  • blackrose247

    Love it, its very 80′s ;) xXxXxXx

  • bloodsharingan

    I do hope that you include the music videos and the sort films on the special edition of the album WT. This film was trully brilliant I look forward to the complete experience. 

  • aoefreak666

    That was so cool…loved it….we want to see them all !!
    Roll on March…I WANT THE ALBUM NOW !!!!!

  • Tash

    I am very disappointed that the application for Facebook to download the wallpaper with the pre-listening link doesn’t appear to be working :( Hope there is another way to pre-listen to the CD.

  • celticbotan

    I think I completely died for 9 minutes o__o”

    Geezas, it KICKED. ASS.

    Seriously, I thought the short version (that I had no idea it was only the preview #FAIL) was awesome enough – I thought that the other videos and the comics would explain the scenes and everything, but NO!, you came with a NINE MINUTES MASTER-EPIC SHORT MOVIE / VIDEO-CLIP! /dead

    My WT fan heart can’t stant that in one single day! #LOL

    It was amazing, thank you very much!

  • unicorn02

    I hope so too Tash :-( Please WT Help us!

  • phantoma

    Simply epic! :) Damn it, I eager to see who’s hiding under that hood behind the drums!!! Ghrrr :D

  • alexwithinarg

    I love Within,this short film and video Faster is the best!i’m from Argentina,your music is very amazing,the lyrics,the sound is everything to me,i love you so much and i can’t wait for hear the nwe album.Kissed for Argentina,we are wating here with the nwe world tour!
    please come back to Argentinaaa this is my dream!!!!

  • sansanders

    That was AMAZING thanks Within Temptaion for yet another FANTASTIC single and video can’t wait to see more and to get my hands on the new album at the end of March xxxxx

  • christiecy

    amazing!!!!!! love you WT :) )

  • Nerwen_Elendil

    This video has the solo *happy dance*… I just love to see Ruud with glasses ^_^

    Sharon, you look so amazing headbanging. Even pregnant, you rock and still look absolutely beautiful (as always, of course)!!!
    I can’t wait to have the album in my hands and to see you guys in Lisbon…

    You rock

  • mikolajmix

    i also can’t open listening show. hope you fix it , guys

  • aoefreak666

    I thought the video for “faster” is brilliant.
    The thing I liked the most was the drummer being masked and hooded…please keep him/her this way !! I thing Sharon is gorgeous but it adds a little something else to the band and maybe people will start to talk about the drummer a little more and perhaps take the focus of Sharon a little.
    A little mystery with WT wouldn’t do them any harm at all…what does everyone else think??

  • salu28

    The short movie/video-clip is really awesome! Very well done WT!! The thing is that I posted the video on my facebook wall and downloaded the poster, I can’t open it. I just keep seeing an error message wen I try to open the ZIP file. That is to bad ’cause I really wanted to see the content.. :( Is there something I can do to solve this? This happened to anyone else? Can you hep me, please? Keep up the good job WT. This idea of “post WT stuff and receave something in return” is a very good idea ’cause it works both ways: more people get to know your work and you give something back to your fans (wich are suposed to increase with this). Very very good :D Sharon, congratulations on your pregnancy!! :) love you all

    kisses from Protugal (can´t wait for 12/11/2011!!! LOL :D )

    p.s: sorry my comment is so big.. LOL :D

  • salu28

    sorry, the concert in Lisbon is on 12/10/2011 not 12/11/2011… can’t wait for it anyway.. LOOOOL :D

    You rock!!

  • annamoon

    WOW… Love it…  You’ve made my day! 

  • mikolajmix

    salu28 – almost a half of us can;t open this

  • etsukazu

    unexpected, but very good!! sadly, i tried to post on facebook twitter, but neither of them work… anyway, i can’t wait to see more of the album and the story! I love strange movies like that, with things that we don’t understand. Great job!! Can’t wait to see you in october in Toulouse!!!

  • lynhdgs

    Love the edginess of the video. Everyone looks amazing. Unmasking the drummer has probably been planned out. Can’t wait to hear more from this band.

  • hugues88

    one word : wonderful <3

  • underworldqueen

    You’re awesome!

  • hanstalsma

    Amazing!!! Simply great!! And Sharon looks beautiful as always!!!:-) Hugs and xxx

  • robertfaulkner

    Absolutely brilliant, caan’t wait for the next installment.

  • unicorn02

    I have finally got the wallpaper and pre-listening link :D
    @Tash and others who can not download / unzip: Use FireFox ;)

  • wtrock

    Wow!! The video’s great and Sharon looks as beautiful as ever. Great video guys. I can’t wait til March. :)

  • relaeli

    Wow Epic =D great work.    

  • chaosgoettin

    The Song is epic. unfortunatly, the package you can download after posting on facebook and/or twitter is broken q^q°

  • thornburgh

    Already commented that I love the new video. One thing about the link to share the video — it’s a great idea to get people to share, and nice to get something in return, but the resulting Facebook link has no picture and looks a little like spam since it says “pay.” The way you did it for Where is the Edge was probably better.

  • arthurswench

    I got to hear Sharon practicing before an actual show, in Chicago. My dress was steel boned and they (the club) wanted to inspect it, before I was allowed admission……and there she was on stage, just her…practicing. Perfect voice even without music. :)

    The pay with a tweet didnt work for me either, btw.

  • allineed89

    Just when I think you guys can’t get any better, you do!! This is absolutely amazing, I love it!! I really hope I win this competition to go and meet you guys in Birmingham on Thursday, would make my year if it did! Can’t wait until more amazing stuff comes our way, keep it up W.T!! :D

  • joannedrewery

    Wow, this really blew my mind guys! Amazing, love it! Will try pay with a tweet again tomorrow, not working for me either at the moment.

  • enomis

    Forever Within Temptation….the video is beautiful … even the movie .. we wait for the album!!!

  • stormwind47

    This video (and the song) is amazing, I love you guys, you’re just the best.

  • fifthfreedom

    Oh yes! That’s my second best single (sfter Howling)

  • kanayu21

    this video is absolutely amazing , perfect!!!!!!!!!! i love the solo of ruud !!! i love within temptation!!


    i love you sharon !!!!! come to mexico please!! 

  • thedarkestwings

    Love the video <3
    Sharon is soooo pretty :) I can't wait for the album anymore :D

  • laly2607

    Love the video…love the song…and I will loooveee to see the wallpaper and to check the pre-listening aswell…but I`m having the same problem that other users are whit the corrupt file….=(….hope you fixed that guys….♥♥♥…

  • dangerous1031


  • wtmay

    I can’t open the wallpaper why?????

  •!/amaranth77 amaranth77

    I love the video i cant wait to see the other short films ad the comic! This song is amazing. I hope you come back to Colombia on your new tour :)

  • fearofthedark91

    This is great!!! Absolutely amazing!!! The story is so interesting!! I love the wallpaper too!

  • soyhann

    it’s not a short film
    it’s the shortest film ever :D

  • cellossong

    I love it!!!

    I can´t wait for the second part! *-*

    Within Temptation is the best!!♥
    My favorite band for ever! :D

  • snowwhitegrace

    All I can say that you guys make me even more proud to be your fan! This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are breaking new ground here! Love that! :) I’m really, really proud of this short film/video! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

  • salu28

    @unicorn02 – thanks for the tip. I already got the wallpaper! :D

  • Ad van Rijsingen

    Amazing Nice film cannot wait for the others.
    And the music Wow thats super. your great WT love it.

  • peachwithdrpepperflecks


  • wtisbestbandever

    Now until the next movie/single comes out, I wish to know who Mystery Drummer is! Please tell us!

  • allmyagony

    it’s fantastic *_* i love it <3.<3'

  • jdrocknut


  • ayaka

    Love it !!! You guys are doing a great job, I really love the concept of making short movies. I can’t wait for the next video and for the album ! :)

  • freedom

    ik moest even wennen aan de nieuwe sound maar het is super

  • ruidomingos

    Great work :)  

  • kata

    wow! hermoso son grosos! besos y saludos de argentina.. <3

  • ealin

    Just one word AMAZING
    can’t stop listen to it.

  • scythe

    Absolutely fantastic!! Never seen something like that from another band, really fantastic! Also Faster is going to be better from time to time…
    But unfortunately i can’t unpack the data too…

  • vtsx3

    Any word on when the download is going to get fixed??

  • vtsx3

    @unicorn02 Thanks………….firefox worked :-) !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tash

    Thank you for your help unicorn02 :) I was able to open the download on Firefox.

  • ultraviolet707

    This is soooo AWESOME!! :D Cant WAIT 4 the Album release! Faster is an AWESOME song! :D Thanks 4 the wallpaper tehe!! :D :D :D

  • morrow

    늦게나마 within temptation을 알게 되어 기쁘다. 이번 싱글도 너무 멋지다. @morrow4zzi (twitter) 

  • mother

    It is a masterpiece! It`s WOW!!! My girl and I loves your musik and this album, i hope, will be under the Top-Ten Hitlist of Germany.
    I think you don`t lose your unique Stile, it`s a different kind of it! I hear you all in each song.It will be an amazing album and Tour! Can`t wait to see you the first time in my life and to share some houres with you in cologne. See you!
    PS: Take care of you all!!!!

  • allineediswt

    i love the new video very much :) well done ;)
    but i´m very sadly, that i cannot open the zip file with the wallpaper :(

  • sringer

    great power… awesome.

  • VampWithin

    Bloody Bloody hell :-o Its fucking fantastic ^^ Certainly with the shortcut of the little ‘creepy’ film :-p
    I thought that the old women looks like the old woman of the clip: ‘memoiries’, no? XD Could be.
    WT you make my day idd :-D Can’t wait till March and your tour ;-)

  • VampWithin

    It looks like i’ve lost a best friend for a long time ago and now your back, my best friend is also back ^^ (Oké sound a bit crazy but YOU GUYS ARE JUST AMAZING!!!! :-D :-D :-D

  • matthewb67

    Absolutely brilliant concept. Pity the download via F/B & Twitter doesn’t work!!!! :-)

  • hammer80

    That was really really amazing VIDEO…….. yeah !
    Sharon is so beautiful and so fantastic, i like it

  • peterja

    Wow Planet Rock have just played ‘Faster’ for the second day running !!!:-) The presenter Darren Reddick said how much he liked it ….

  • savielle1987

    Wow….. what a video. Love the clip too. Faster is such a great song. Loved your performance at Vrienden van Amstel Live. Just as WT should be. Can’t wait till the 29th of september. See you guys at de Oosterpoort.
    Enjoy your pragnancy, Sharon. You look so beautiful! But you always do!
    Pity the download at facebook doesn’t work. Would have loved to have the wallpaper…. :S

  • hammer80

    Thank you geys for the file zip to download ;)
    I received the new Within Temptation wallpaper :) :) :) :)
    it’s a great poster for the album “The Unforgiving”

  • matthewb67

    @savielle1987 – Did you have the same problem too? Hope that they recitfy the problem soon :-)

  • unicorn02

    You’re welcome @ salu28, vtsx3 and Tash :D
    For the others who can not download / unzip: Use FireFox ;)

  • aarushi

    Awesome! But the short video clip was nothing compared to the amazingness of the actual song! :D Can’t wait for moreee! Keep on rocking with ur fresh tunes!

  • gianakat82


  • pinda

    Whow, this video totally changes my opinion of the song! The graphs are great and the music quality is very good.
    I was quite amazed, loved it, actually ;D WT is back! I’m getting curious about the rest of the songs!! I’m certainly going to buy the new CD, it’s almost March! :D :D:D

  • journeymanneke

    I just shared this awesome movie thru paye wh a tweet or facebook. i ‘ve downloaded the zipfile… but nothings happening after i’ve unzipped the file. there’s a blank file in the folder… and i really would like to enjoy the <allpaper :-( anny idea what's going wrong?

  • withinfloren4

    Yo tambien tengo mi fondo de pantalla, bien!! Muchas gracias Within, pasada de album va a ser este, Felicidades!!!!

  • scream

    Awesome…. Perfect….Absolutely brilliant film!
    WT you are the best!!!!!!!!!LOVE YOU!

  • silasappel

    that movie was so very awesome.

    but 1 question: Why does the drummer has a bag on his head????

    gr your dutch fan,


  • charmed7031

    awesome as always WT. I am awaiting the release of the album. thank you for all your hard work

  • truth_sellador

    Exciting video!!! The short movie was amazing and what can I say to Mother Maiden character, stunnig and gorgeous! Sharon, as always you impressed me, you’re really awesome and the headbanging dance is really sweet :P
    Thanks for your incredible work!

  • moonbeam13

    Fantasic!!!!!!!!!!! :D WT4EVER!!! AMAZING I LOVED IT :p And yes.. who is the mysterious drummer? o.O

  • moonbeam13

    -slowly the doors to The Unforgiving open- :D -runs and pushes everyone out the way!!!- >.<

  • Yvonne

    Geweldige film!! Ik kan helaas ook het zip-bestand niet openen, ondanks meerdere keren downloaden. Heb toch echt goede verbinding, maar iets is niet goed met het bestand.

  • joannedrewery

    Hope the problem gets fixed soon as I don’t want to miss the pre listening! I have posted to my facebook profile about five times!!

  • luminora6

    Great !! Really unusual ))

  • celticbotan

    I couldn’t resist! I just had to do it! XD

    An art-review of Mother Maiden / Faster for you WT guys =)

  • daaniejel

    For al Dutch ppl out there… tomorrow Vrienden van Amstel Live is on NL3 at about 20.25! WT opened so I’m guessing they’ll start with WT =)

    They sung Ouverture+Ice Queen, Faster and Mother Earth…. Just wanted to let you all know cause it’s not on site (yet).

  • antonnightwatcher

    Good song and video but….uhm…why in my head a little voice still sayin’…. “The Wicked Game” ;-)

  • Sapphireheart

    yay!!! I’m so excited!!! <3

  • robn4

    Guys amazing video!!!!!!!!!!! love it so much
    and the song is great too
    congrats for everything =)

  • nadun87

    Gosh…!!! Awesome stuff… Everything is so great… How in the world you guys come up with these ideas…??? Breathtaking… Love you guys… 

  • cjr87

    I love this video so much its awesome cannot wait to see how the other videos will tie into it. Robert I love your guitar choices, the Gibson SG you used was beautiful, hope to own one of those one day. Keep up the good work.

  • forsha

    AAAAAAA!!!!! AT LAST!!!!!! And this is a sign that it wont be long till the main thing!!!!

    I love what you did and I love the idea of it all even more!!!!

    You are absolutely amazing and I love you all so much!

  • orly

    WHAHAHA the drummer has a wearing a panty on his head!!!!

  • tinkerybell

    Wow, what a treat!? Looking forward for the next one and the release of your album! Hugs for you guys =0)

  • edlo


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  • kata

    faster seems like a great theme .. and the idea of this new cd is great!!! … I loved the short film .. greetings and kisses from Argentina. love them!<3

  • caw11

    just love it cant wait for the rest

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  • keinaf

    I love the short film and the music video faster.
    I just feel that there is more to the movie and it should be longer.

  • joannedrewery

    I still can’t open the file guys, still says it’s corrupted. Really hope I can still pre-listen to the album or I think I will go nuts!!

  • un4given

    A few things…: 1)
    Mother Maiden has got a perfect handwriting! It’s so beautiful – like her room… I would like to visit her…

    2) Now at last I know what is the secret behind the mirror – the hand! It’s frightening, it seems like one horror story that I read 4 years before – the worst horror I know…! I wish I could understand all these characters from The Unforgiving but I have always had problems with comics – I’m not able to think in this way, unfortunately… And I don’t also hear it because there is no sound in our computer, lol…

    3) I’m worrying that there is no more magic in Your new album because the video looks like it’s more from our world and reality… It seems so modern; evil comes only from people – murders and so on – and things are not so sacred like before in The Silent Force, Mother Earth and The Heart Of Everything, there was everything so mysterious, dark, seductive… I wish that it’s not the truth, just my redundant fear and the magic is still here but I don’t know… I’m so looking forward to the day when The Unforgiving is born and than I can understand it. Good luck, I adore You all! ♥
    PS: What happened with the key ENTER? It is out of order there in the comments, isn’t it?

  • killersideshow

    As with every other one of your videos that I’ve watched over a hundred times, I’m in love with it. It was creepy. It was beautiful. and, it was extremely powerful. moved me to the core of my being. I will surely get more then one hundred views added onto your view count within a few days.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the story plays out. I would also like to get my hands on a copy of the comic, but sadly I don’t know of anyone here locally that has a copy. I guess I will be searching the web…lol.

  • carys66

    It’s just epic… and sharon looks so much brighter.. ;-) longing to hear and see the rest of the album.. You rock guys…in everyway!

  • yoly

    Amazing film! I like the song, but I miss the “dark sound” from previous albums…

  • bettyinferno

    Mother Maiden make me scared!!! Faster make me cry!!!
    I’m glad to see your masterpiece again.
    I love you,WT!!!!

  • rexaf

    I lost your perfect harmonic songs… but I got the best rock songs now! love ya WT! Both Faster and Where is the edge are strong and powerful songs! I’m curious with Sinead that you’d made the video clip, hadn’t u?

  • ttbtr

    between the songs faster and where is the edge, i love the where is the edge song better, but i love faster also. Ruud jolie is wearing glasses in this vid, he look so cute with or without glasses. everybody look amazing in this vid well , except for the

  • allmyagony

    it’s amazing!!!! I love it :’)
     faster and where is the edge are very interesting; i can’t wait for listen The Unforgiving (:

    Sharon and WT, I love you!!! and come to mexico!!!! please (:

  • aysel

    faster is really energetic and great song!! and much better than where is the edge. The movie is really exciting and i hope the comic book will be available in Turkey. good luck in these busy weeks… love from Turkey….

  • dagger42

    I can’t get the wallpaper folder to open it does not work whats going on??

  • Onyrika

    Maybe the ones you can’t open it should try to do it again from another internet navigator? Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome worked fine for me. 
    Also you can try to download WinRAR (it’s for free) to decompress it or something? 

  • wits

    Within Temptation’s ‘Faster’ hoogste nieuwkomer in de MNM top 5 (België) op nummer 27. Niet slecht, hé. Hopelijke stijgen jullie nog heel wat hoger.

  • vampiregirl

    Mother Miaden’s voice… is creepy… Kind of freak me out hahaha

  • frenchtemptation

    Very great song, Sharon’s voice is marvellous and the others too. For the drummer,i have my own idea on the issue … it is not available to the usual set of Mike Coolen, not really too the set of Ivar de Graff. It would be a session drummer, the band is probably a surprise to the release of the album. ;)

  • majeczka

    I hope to see Your beautiful dresses on the tour, dear Sharon :)

  • Hypo

    Faster is the highest new entry on this weeks UK Rock Singles chart, coming in at No 6:

  • mutantkeyboard

    this song is PERFECT!!!! I like the new style and new energy, but yet the same old WT ;) Keep on good work guys and we’ll keep on supporting you. Greetings from Croatia.

  • scott3mj

    whoa …

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  • sparklybitz


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