Fire, Motorcycles, and Festivals

Zwarte Cross

We visited de Zwarte Cross in the Netherlands, Jarocin Festiwal in Poland and Deichbrand in Germany this weekend!

As motor cycles and races are a big part of de Zwarte Cross, Sharon was brought to the stage in style.

We wanted to show you these pictures of last weekend:

Photo by Danny van den Berg

Tnx zwarte cross & tante Rikie!!!!

More pictures will follow soon…

We also found some cool pictures on Twitter with #WTlive that we wanted to share with you. We like to see what you capture, so show us your live pictures, using #WTlive as well!

Photo by thomasschh

Photo by lady_jinxx

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July 23, 2012
  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Thank you Sharon and WT behind appearance in Jarocin. Super show!!!!! I can’t wait to see you in Poland next time!!!! I love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Albertjan Telgenhof

    Wicked! Was at Zwarte Cross and you guys rocked!

  • Thomas

    It was really amazing!! Gave me a blast of energy <3 Amazing.. Can't wait till Nov 13 will be here!!!

  • nathalia

    sharon you’re very powerful o.o

  • Anonymous

    Super!!! :-)

  • Piotr Ruciński

    Thank you for a great performance in Jarocin, was wonderful. Yours sincerely

  • Koushik Chetia


  • Koushik Chetia

    am a big fan of urs

  • Lauren

    I hope WT will do another USA tour like you said you would!! Will keep watching for dates!! :D

  • Дмитрий Маршалов


  • Anonymous

    Hope see you in Sweden soon!

  • Anna Konnberg

    Agree with Matsmatte :)

  • 408382066

    i love you from china fans