First single: “Faster”. Premiere: 21-01!

Unforgiving 2

“Faster and Faster and Faster”…. the lyrics of Within Temptation’s new single set the pace for the exciting weeks to come.

The energetic and adrenalin boasting song  will receive its Worldwide Premiere on Guardian Media Group’s ‘Rock Radio’ network in the United Kingdom on Friday January 21st at 9am GMT / 10am CET.  Fans worldwide can tune in online to hear the single at (those in Manchester can tune in at 106.1 FM and Scotland 96.3FM).

Robert:  “Faster” is a song which surprised ourselves. It’s a very fresh new sound wrapped around the 80′ties heart and soul of the track. “Faster” reflects one of the many musical roots we have. Combined with the modern influences on our new album, it’s like the past and future created the present.”

The next milestone in our journey leading to  ”The Unforgiving” album release will be the world premiere of one of the movies featured in “The Unforgiving” film trailer. Mark the 31st of  January in your calendar, this is the day the door to “The Unforgiving” will open!

More info soon…

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January 19, 2011
  • celticbotan

    Excuse me, I just died of excitement and awesomeness ‘-’

  • AllINeed

    Aaaaaaahhh!!! ME TOO!!! *dead as hell*

  • tanderullum

    During which I will be in a MEETING at work. Aaaaaargh

    Other than that, I pretty much died a bit over this awesomeness as well.

  • eadwine


  • mahdi92

    fantastic!! can’t wait for the new song 

  • phoenicis

    Ohh, come on! I’ll be at school! >..<

  • bloodsharingan

    Just wondering, part of this says the 21st and another the 31st. Which is it please I am eagerly looking forward to this date. :) Thank God I got a free from my College first thing so I can hear it. 

  • Weronika

    Yes! I can´t believe. Thanks!

  • withintemptation4eva


  • nini4rose

    @Phoenicis : Yeah me too :/ 

  • jesaar

    EPICNESS!!! “energy and adrenalin boasting song!!!” Me likes!!!

  • hugues88

    not here at this time :-(

  • sansanders

    Thats great news and i’m on a day off work aswell so I will be online ready and waiting to hear the new single xxx

  • Kiga

    January 31st is my birthday! THANKS WT! :D :P

  • robertlaishram

    Thank you WT for releasing ur single on my 18th Birthday.

  • Rawr

    Can’t wait!

  • HöBêLöRd

    YEAH!!!!! Can’t wait!! Thank you so much for all your work, really guys, you’re so great…

  • dasha

    fantastic!! can’t wait for the new song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))))

  • mckaygenius

    Fantastic! I can’t wait!!))

  • once

    I will be at university at this time :(

  • Naz?H

    Awesome!!! 10am CET is 5pm here in my country. Looks like I hv to rush home after school!! :D

  • jesaar

    I want WT to scare me with this new album. I want them to blow me out the fucking water with some kick ass, high powered guitar riffs, fast paced, double kicks and intense drum rolls. METAL!!! It’s music to my ears. Bring on the metal WT!!! Bring it on!!!

  • withintruth

    OMG! It’s wondrous news! New single and new Album are significant for me! I’m very happy! WT, THANK YOU!!! FASTER FASTER FASTER! :-D

  • tanderullum

    bloodsharingan: 21st = radio premiere of single, 31st = video premiere. ;)

  • hanstalsma

    OMG, i can`t wait for this new song:-)!! Amazing!!!

  • sile

    oh, such a wonderful news))))) really can’t wait)))

  • warold15


  • Eafiu

    You are really becoming the master of this.

  • joannedrewery

    Not fair, I will be taking my children to school at 9am! Feel like screaming!!!!!

  • annamoon

    … I’ll be working around that time :( and No computer in The nursery… I’ll have to Wait. Can’t wait For 31st January! 

  • withintemptation4eva

    im so flippen excited<3 but i will miss it live:( hopefully be able to catch it afterwards!

  • littlesomething

    9am there is 4am for me… not sure if I’ll be able to get up for that… :(

    I can’t wait to hear it, though!

  • icequeen145

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS!!!! :) But I’m not sure if I’ll get to hear the online premier :( . It’s probably quite early here in the US. I hope you post something yourselves online the same day.

  • fearofthedark91

    CAN’T WAIT!!! I’m definitely setting my alarm so I can wake up at 4 am my time to hear this! Wouldn’t miss it!! :)

  • darkygirl

    oh thanks for the gift …. January 30th is my birthday !!!!
    I’m going to die …. I’m dead !!! so excited !!!!

  • fifthfreedom

    “Faster, Faster & Faster”-sounds great:)(hope it’s in imperative:)) Cannnot wait. Now I havn`t hope. Now, after trailer I know it will be delicious!

  • snowwhitegrace

    can’t wait! :)

  • democlavien

    4 am for me too, but well worth it.

  • SarahS

    I am trying to decided what is more important… School or Within Temptation. Well, if I had to choose, I would choose you, but my parents will choose school =_=

  • frenchtemptation

    Hope i’ll can hear this radio with internet ! Otherwise, I exploded my computer ! :) )

  • Luuh

    January 21st is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Wtanna

    Oh gawsh, so exciting. I think I just died a little inside. (A good kind of dying :P )

  • Jillian Cross

    today is thursday already! hehe

  • xxmimixx

    Darn, I have to wake up at 3 am in the morning to hear it ><. Maybe we'll be able to listen to it another way.

    I can't wait!!

  • WalterArgentina

    God every day becomes harder the wait for new album .. I hope you can return to give a concert in Argentina
    Argentina loves you so much you can back a thousand times and you will always welcome here THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD LOVES YOU ”WITHIN TEMPTATION”

  • jeh1058

    Yipee!!! I so wish I was able to sleep all day & night, ‘cuz I won’t physically manage to wait ’til tomorrow morning..

    Thanks guys for giving us regular bits end pieces, it feels great to collect the clues and slowly find out what’s going on – makes me feel like I’m part of the whole mystery, and I LOVE THAT =)


  • hartogendelano

    I’m so excited … and I just can’t hide it :d

  • hari

    WOW!!!! so exciting!!!! i’ll be at school when it’s released though :-(
    & the 31st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!
    things just get better and better!!!!!

  • eversleeping

    That’s a time where ordinary people have to WORK! :-(

  • withinfloren4


  • tourniquet19

    Tommorow, I’ll be waiting for you! Can’t wait :)

  • mvasiliiv

    Отличная новость, хорошо что я буду дома, у меня будет 11:00 и можно будет услышать это творение!!!

  • EvelineWT


  • wtkoen


  • lovewithint

    i can’t wait more to have the new album *-* i’m so EXCITED please let us listen the new single quickly

  • tonyk

    Can’t wait to hear it tomorrow! :D

  • Tash

    How exciting! I am going to leaving work earlier tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear Faster!

  • scream

    You are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anne

    It’s just slightly disappointing that it will be presented in UK only (okay, we’ve got internet, but hey), although your roots lie in The Netherlands. I think it’s good you try to get some fame, but why not present the new single in your home country first?

    Well, can’t wait for the single, anyway.

  • vtsx3

    That is gonna be at 4am over here—sigh—guess I’ll set my alarm!

  • jane97

    Great! :D

  • hartogendelano

    @Anne Yes, but…. everyone can listen to this. For me it’s not a big deal, even if they would decide to broadcast it on the moon, as long as I can hear it :p

  • daaniejel

    Ill have my exam for physics =( i wont be able to concentrate

  • eadwine

    I have an exam too tomorrow on that moment.. 

  • chrizzy

    Ooowww… I’m on school then… I think I can’t concetrate me. I’ve chemics then :( *yeey*

  • lullabyi

    Amazing!!! :D

  • lizzibie

    Only wish could call in sick for school on the 21st..

  • needles

    Not a good time, i hope i’ll be able to listen to it later… SO FCKIN’ EXCITED!!!!!

  • weatherluvr

    that means it will be approximatly 4 am my time, since I live in the United States. I hope that when I wake up tomorrow morning that I will see the song on Youtube or a link to the song here on the WT site. <3 you WT

  • janedoe90

    the song is on youtube and it´s soooooo GREAT. i love it… never want to close my browser *.*
    very very very great song :)  


  • isley

    Gran noticia
    para la gente latina o exactamente en colombia la presentacion en la radio seria a las 4 am

  • ParadiseCircus

    ‘Faster’ was aired on the Italian radio today… sounds really awesome. go to and click the link, then skip to 32:30min.

  • moonbeam13

    YAY!!!!! <3 I WILL BE LISTENING!!!!!! CANT WAIT!! :D woop!

  • narcotic

    Yeah song is leaked out 
    Look for : faster within temptation on youtube :D DD

  • rubz015

    is it going to be online after tomorrow??  Im latinamerican and i dont think i will be able to catch an england radio 

  • darkygirl

    the song is sooooooo awsome !!!!!!!!
    it’s WT but very different too it’s sound very very 80s but I love it … it sound the good 80s!!!
    totaly in love one more time !!!!

  • vtsx3

    Well –based on the 90 secs or so that was leaked–I think I’m really gonna like this song :-) But I have to say I think Where is the Edge is the better of the two! haven’t heard enough of In the Middle of the Night to tell about that one.

  • wtfan1995

    Oh my Sharon, I am so excited! It will be 3 am here… but I’m waking up anyways!!! <3 <3

  • HöBêLöRd

    Just 30 more seconds… :D
    SO EXCITED!!!!!

  • HöBêLöRd

    minutes, lol

  • Rawr

    I’m in love with the 90seconds preview. Only a few minutes left for the full track to premiere.

  • Mad_Being

    Good morning!! Who’s already listening to the rockradio? =P Humm… can’t wait! =D

  • scythe

    Meee! Thank god that I’m a student! I’m just waiting for the song to have a little break from learning :P

  • PurplCrosswords

    I shouldn’t have set my alarm clock this early. Now I can’t wait for 9am… Anyway, almost there! And I refuse to give in to temptation and go to Youtube to listen to it.

  • JimJamJamieJoo

    I’m sat here with that radio playing right now waiting for the new song, really excited! And it’s a good station that I weren’t even aware of!

  • frenchtemptation

    Hello :) ) Great song , i love it ! Where can we heard the entire song Faster ?, partial on you tube. Thanks for your response.

  • Mad_Being

    YEY! It’s playing!!!

  • andros

    I’m listening to it :D

  • majeczka

    I’m in love with this song!

  • soyhann

    faster faster faster faster faster XD

  • andros

    hell ye….It’s wonderful :D

  • steve-cy

    faster and faster!!!! great beat!!

  •!/profile.php?id=1299025782 tracey21

    love it :)

  • scythe

    Not bad!!! Really not bad!! :D

  • Mad_Being

    Uhh.. Hummm… it’s catchy like Where Is The Edge so, it’s a good single =D

  • soyhann

    well, moderate song i think.. oh and that was too short :( anyone recorded it?

  • EvelineWT

    I LOVE IT….LOVE IT….LOVE IT!!! I ant the whole album NOW :D !!!I love you WT!!!

  • Rawr

    It’s a great song, <3

  • tonyk

    It’s great! I just hope that the album version is longer :)

  • onewingedangel

    Oh. My. God. Mindblowing<3

  • mourningalice

    Interesting! A lot more keyboards than usual for you guys, but it’s still a great song! Can’t wait for the album release!

  • andros

    wonderful …I’m speechless :D …if this song was a guy I’d marry him :D

  • edizzywyn

    Thumbs up here!!! Can you release the album FASTER, please?????

  • JimJamJamieJoo

    The new song’s awesome ;) .

  • HöBêLöRd

    I really loved it, i just expected for it to be a little longer (perhaps that was a shorter version for radio single?), but anyway it was great! I really loved it!

  • allineed89

    Just heard it . . . its as awesome as I anticipated :D Can’t wait for the new album, can it come any faster? :D

  • mvasiliiv

    Свершилось!!! Мне понравилось очень, немного новый WT, но всё равно класс!!!

  • Hypo

    Impressive….but a bit short. Hope the album version is longer :-D

  • EvelineWT

    Haha…I wrote ant….lol. Ofcourse it has to be want :D

  • Mikeallen

    Heard ‘Faster’! Well it is a little bit different from previous singles, but it is a good single. It is a little more mainstream rock than usual but I like Sharon’s vocals. If it can get more people liking Within Temptation’s music then all the better.

  • aoefreak666

    Love it…it is different from the “old” wt….but I think it’s great….thumbs up here WT !!!! :-)

  • poeva

    I miss in that single more orchestral music….but, its soooo goood single! I like it a lot!

  • steve47

    Spinetingling!! what a great single. Really looking forward to the album. Rock on WT

  • sabi

    I heard “Faster”!! It’s groovy, great, nice!! I loved it so much!!! <3 <3 <3!!!!!*******

  • sspain

    Best!, ya queda menos….

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  • lovewithint

    please give us more songs from the new album *-* i can’t wait MORE ;’(

  • BrutikusIV

    Two great songs and now Everyone is raving lunatics wanting 2,3,4 oh heck the Whole Album GIMMIE. /cringe. Must hear more. /shiver Paws the monitor looking for one more song. 8D . Awesome job WT. This new album is looking so promising. Hope it brings great success even in these slight recessions. Know I’ve saved to buy an album or two if it’s the ONLY albums I buy :P

  • vita

    From now on, this is my favorite song. It is really incredible. Impressive vocals, guitar is heard perfectly. Even the text by heart and I know how annoying that my friends. : D