New Music Video: Fire And Ice

Fire and Ice

As promised, we’re releasing a new music video from The Unforgiving album: Fire And Ice.

The video features live footage and video footage shot especially for visuals used in The Unforgiving Tour.

Without further ado: the new music video for Fire and Ice!


You can watch all of our music videos here.

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December 20, 2011
  • naar

    So beautiful <3 AWESOME \m/ 
    I love this video.

  • romainwt

    I love this video ! Thank you, it’s a very beautfiul gift for Christmas :D

  • carmilla1872

    It’s definitely the most romantic and heartbreaking song of the cd, and one of my favorite song from all Within Temptation albums ever. It’s a wonderful video, thanks!..:)

  • thrillkill


  • promise

    oh how mean… that’s not fair, i can’t see the video in germany =(
    stupid GEMA!!

  • hans

    there are two songs that stays in your head when you listen to the album the unforgiven. the first is in the middle of the night. the other one is fire and ice. so it’s good to hear that one of these choices were made into a new videoclip. thanks hope it will be somewhere on a dvd or blu ray after a while as well.

  • axelviii

    Germany=NO Fire&Ice :(

  • alinka

    Sharon must be on that girl’s place. ;)

  • un4given

    Oh, it was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t even breathe during watching and I almost felt tears in my eyes, it touched me so much.
    I remember several moments of this video from Your concert in Prag – it was interesting (I was saying to myself “it’s so wonderful, I need to know what it is about…! I need to see it all again… I wish that WT would give this video to the world…”) and beautiful – heaven, angel-wings, gothic windows with decorated glass… But there was no time to watch it everything when You were standing in front of us – so I didn’t know that the demon cut her wings away – that’s so cruel… And powerful as an element of a tale (I don’t know how to say it, don’t speak English so well…). Although I do not understand the meaning, I love this one.
    Hope You’ll create until the end of time! ♥

  • un4given

    And I forgot to ask – will there be also a videoclip to the song Lost? I love it most of The Unforgiving… Well, Fire And Ice is the best song but Lost is my favorite. There was also a long video in the concert so… Could we see it there later? (o=O

  • BgIvanov

    Great video and great song! Nothing more to ssay :)

  • Shadowqueen

    GEMA… it’s so frustrating… I just want to see this new video… :(

  • asguaardian

    Beautiful video  =) And beautiful song of course  !!!

  • sansanders

    Love this song and it’s a great video aswell :-) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Sharon Robert and the rest of W T xxxx

  • daqi

    冰与火我看到了 戎装Sharon

  • celticbotan

    It’s a great video, I love the scenes, and the story behind it, it really fits the music! The locations are beautiful, and so is the girl and her acting. I’m curious to know how is this angel related to The Unforgiving story, if she’s a character that we don’t know yet or if she no one knows that she was an angel!

    My only critique regarding the video is that, in my opinion, the live performance shouldn’t have been included in the video, it seems a little off from the rest. And since we know you guys were touring and had no time to record a performance specially made for the video, I think it would be better if the video only showed the story of the angel girl.

    THank you a lot for presenting us with another video =)

  • mckaygenius


  • mmartafdavid

    made this,follow

  • frrristyer

    great :) make a video for Lost to!!!

  • gloomshadow

    Oh my, it got me teary eyed! It was so heartbreakingly beautiful… And totally unexpected, I never imagined that the video for the song would be this good or tell this story, but it blew me away, one million times better than what I had invisioned. Fire and Ice is one of my favourite songs from the album. By the way, I thought that the live footage looked great!
    Congratulations, WT, you have done it again! ;) Merry Christmas =)

  • wt15

    so beutifull video!! and i agree with alinka Sharon must be on that girl’s place. And merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you WT!!

    LOVE WT!!!!!

  • Luna82

    Lovely video! When the second angel is flying over, I imagine her yelling, “No, just fly away! It’s a trap!!!” lol. :D She needs the angels from the “Angels” video to come and rescue her, they seem pretty good at that. ;) Would have been kinda cool if one wing was left on, sorta like an anti-Sephiroth. Well anyway, that’s my nerdy idea lol. Great video for one of my favorite songs from The Unforgiving! Have a wonderful Christmas, Within Temptation & family! :D

  • anja

    its my favorite song!!!

  • hanstalsma

    Beautiful video….and a wonderful song<3<3

  • aoefreak666

    There is only 1 thing wrong with the video (IMHO) and that is that Sharon wasn’t the Angel !
    Othere than that I love it :-)

  • vita

    is the best gift I got for
    Christmas! :)

    Vita from Lithuania

  • Nadun Hemachandra

    Can you explain me the meaning of this video..?

  • Ronnie Stamps

    who is that angel girl in the video ?

  • Manny Peralta Lagustan

    Last year (2012) my daughter introduce me the band Within Temptation to me and this time all their songs are among my favorites especially Fire and Ice…this song completed my whole day and I love Sharon singing this song together all of the rest of the band that were completely so awesome and great to see all of them in the video. A complete package of the great artists.