New single: “Faster”

Faster_singlecover web

The time is here, our first official single of “The Unforgiving”!

Faster is being played by several radio stations around the world, so it’s time to share it with you.


The next milestone in our journey leading to  ”The Unforgiving” album release will be the world premiere of one of the movies featured in “The Unforgiving” film trailer. Mark the 31st of  January in your calendar, this is the day the door to “The Unforgiving” will open!

Single cover:

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January 21, 2011
  • Rawr


  • tourniquet19

    I just heard it on the radio…great :) )Love your styling, guys..

  • Jillian Cross

    oh please, I hate to break to you all but is it our WT???

  • onewingedangel

    Loved it. Was glued to the computer 10:00-10:04! Lovely<3

  • chris83

    GENIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andros

    love it..It’s more than words can describe :D

  • Mad_Being

    @Jillian Not, it’s not the WT that we’re used to… But.. I think their essence is all there.. but I know what you mean.. It’s hard to get used to ir…

  • mvasiliiv

    Качаю эту тему себе!!! И наслаждаюсь!!!

  • add12

    Well this is interesting little repeatative with Faster and Faster and Faster and Faster and Faster etc but good its nice to hear another new track :)

  • cutthroat

    Though I didn’t manage to listen it on the web(can’t find it…), I listen it here. XD

  • Hypo

    Yay…thanks for making it available…

  • aeleane

    “Faster” is an amazing song.. i realy love it !!

  • mvasiliiv

    Sharon такая сексуальная на обложке нового сингла, я люблю её!!!

  • joannedrewery

    I love this song guys, you made my day! I ran all the way back from taking my kids to school so I could hear it, telling myself to go faster!

  • allineed89

    :@ Jillian Cross – Yeah it is totally different to what W.T have done before when you compare it to what they have done previously, but its still awesome :) I think W.T are very brave to try something different and I think it has paid off as this new song is awesome just like ‘Where Is The Edge’. Can’t wait for the new video and the new album :)

  • Elsa

    Very good song!And I’m happy that this version is longer than the one we could hear on the radio!

  • Jillian Cross

    @Mad_Being: yeah I understand! I’m trying to fall in love with it, with other songs, it’s really easy! but with this one, I need more time and more tracks of the album also! I guess I got used too much to Gothic style these days, hope so

  • tourniquet19

    It’s good that WT are getting the new would be boring if everything is the same all the time. <3

  • Jillian Cross

    @Allineed89: Yeah so sooo brave =)) they have to move on after their success right? and I love Where is the Edge!

  • moonbeam13

    I LOVE IT!!!!! I HEARD ON THE RADIO! AMAZING SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WT CAN DO ANYTHING! eeee <3 thanks for posting the song here so others can hear it and we can hear it again and again and again and again!!! and a still pic from the video O.o WT4EVER!:D

  • andros

    Oh come one…I know it’s not “mother earth” material but it’s still within temptation…bands, just like people change..I bet you guys are not the same persons you where 7 years ago … everything changes..and so dose music!I love the song and the new WT stile.
    Well done Within temptation I love it!!!!

  • wtmay

    I need the album FASTER awesome song!!!!!!

  • divalasvegas61

    Love it!!!

  • tonyk

    WOW it’s AWESOME!!! Bravo WT!

  • daaanielle

    omg i love it! <3

  • etsukazu

    OMG! This is such a good song!! Thank you!!! I love it! It is different from what you used to do, but at the same time we can find the essence of Within temptation in it! My headache is not enough to stop me from listening to it!!

  • ladylalaura

    I love it!!! AVESOME

  • Mad_Being

    @Alinee89 I tottaly agree with you!

    @Jillian Cross I understand you, cause I’m also expecting other songs, like In The Middle Of The Night, for example =D the sample on their trailler got me realy excited about the new album.. That one is more WT style, but Faster is a good one too…

  • dyotov

    It’s a great song i like it but it would gave been better if there was alittle bit solo by Ruud.Don’t you think? The guitar solo is missing here :-(

  • snooz

    erg mooi nummer :D !! super! :D :D

  • icer82

    I realy love this song! Looove the vocals!
    You are the Best!

  • Rawr

    I don’t understand why people keep mocking about the fact that WT changed their styles. Within Temptation are really diverse. Every album they produced had a different sound from the previous one. And this song is a prime example of how diverse and GREAT this band actually is. They can do anything.

  • Mitsy

    I really love it <3

  • cliche

    Awwesome! ;) Realy nice =)

  • moonbeam13

    i just listened to both this song and the trailer video on the right at the same time!!!!!!! In the Middle of te night and Faster together O_o YAY!!!!! :D WT4EVER!

  • alessiavamp

    is wonderful, I was touched so wow, while listening to the radio bursting with joy like a child on Christmas Day… Siete mitici, stupendi, favolosi, Divini, Vi Amooooo!!!! Grazie!!!

  • withinfloren4

    Me ha gustado bastante,aunque estan abandonando mucho su esencia….

  • naorsh2

    Reminds me alot of Nightwish’s For the heart I once had.. haven’t decided yet if it’s a good or a bad thing…

  • Jillian Cross

    @Mad_Being: I love The Middle of the Night, evethough I just listened to a very short part of it, I know it’s GREAT!!!

  • zexon

    OMG I <3 it!!

    Nice track again from WT =)

  • reikicolin

    Catchy song, with an 80s big hair US rock vibe! But I like it!!
    Welldone, WT! Could even make national radio airplay here in UK (i.e. Radio 2) and on into the charts! :) Looking forward to the movies and the album! :)

  • jonathan

    i love it the music is still there and the voice still amazing thanks for keeping us updated cant wait for my hands to get the album 

  • andros

    can’t stop listening to the it me or is this song addictive? ah..the Within fever strikes me again…and this time it’s faster and faster and faster :D

  • soyhann

    how many times is enough for a first day listening of this ? 100??

  • mourningalice

    Great song! It’s all building up to the album release! It’s gonna be like an explosion when it’s released! :)

  • withintruth

    I love cover very mach!

  • croc

    I loved the new song!
    Kisses from Brazil!

  • moonbeam13


  • mcoskun89


  • tanderullum

    “It’s a great song i like it but it would gave been better if there was alittle bit solo by Ruud.Don’t you think? The guitar solo is missing here :-(

    Huh? What part of the excellent 30 second guitar solo from 2:52-3:22 didn’t you hear?!

  • Kerschenpower

    sounds amaaaaaazing :D  
    I skipped school for this song …. and I’m proud of it

  • byby

    I am subjugated! Musically nothing to say! Then Sharon still surprises me with his vocal performance out who keeps evolving over time despite two children and a third on the way it has preserved his voice which is not given to everyone to keep his voice after a baby! Bravo to the artist she had to work hard!

  • Tash

    I just heard Faster on the English radio station. I’m really loving Faster it’s a very catchy song with a great chorus! Thank you for putting Faster on You Tube:) Can’t wait until the CD is released. Hope the special edition is available from Australia!

  • Jillian Cross

    what do you guys think about the cover?

  • angelofyourdarkestdreams

    Ik kan nu al niet meer wachten tot september in de Oosterpoort!

  • greg1982

    i listen to within temptation for 8 years; in three words: wonderful, beautiful and Fascinating.
    i like ” where is the edge”, but “faster” : i love very much!!!
    it’s great… i love your music, it’s always original…
    and your voice, sharon, for me, is the most beautiful in the world.
    I have great respect for your musical work; you have my support and my loyalty…
    take care of you WT. you’re great!

  • lael

    With a clear head: it’s obviously a good song. Very good. I also have nothing against WT showing off their awesome diversity and going in different directions with their music. So I’m just going to make this entirely personal (and so, not objective). To me, personally, (and it’s not a criticism of the music itself) the “spirit” of WT that made me fall in love with it over 10 years ago is not present. Every other album “spoke” to me, if you know what I mean. So far, this one doesn’t, and it’s kind of heartbreaking. WT is still awesome, still making awesome music, but it doesn’t resonate with me anymore. 

    That said, I’m still waiting for the rest of the album… here’s to hoping there will be something on it I can actually feel. :)

  • andros

    @Jillian Cross : The cover is nothing special,but than again it’s a picture of Sharon,and she looks cute so it’s ok.

  • Rawr

    I love the cover of Faster. It’s way better than the cover of the album.

  • knys

    I’m very happy that they finally did something really different. Couldn’t stand Where is the Edge that is a copycat without originality, but this single is very nice :-) It’s different, new, catchy, and makes me so look forward the new album.

    GG guys ! :-)

  • adeline7777

    this is a very nice and unexpected surprise.. i can’t get enough… :X:X:X:
    a very great sound that i’m just inlove with….
    waiting for the album.
    all the best from Romania and please come back :)

  • andros

    @adeline7777 : da si eu vreau sa vina inapoi in Romania :P
    Romania loves Within Temptation :D

  • decodercyfrowy

    love. < 3

  • moonbeam13

    I love the single cover very much!!! Sharons looks beautiful! :P At the very beginning i thought that she would dress like the queen character, but i love this photo! :D

  • christiecy

    Love it!!!

  • sansanders

    LOVE the new single FASTER can’t stop playing it looking forward to seeing the video on 31st Jan.Sharon looks great on the cover.

  • tanatos

    Another masterpiece from WT!

  • airsay

    I love it ! Just can’t wait for the album <3

  • Dark Lioness

    Prachtig nr! Blijft ook hangen:D. Het is inderdaad wel weer een iets andere WT, maar je hoort er toch wel wat van in terug.

  • democlavien

    amazon has the pre-order up. got mine done already he he.

  • azerett

    I expected, that the “Faster” will be faster :D But it´s great song. And Sharon looks pretty in the photo. Great voice and good look, lucky person :D

  • HöBêLöRd

    Incredible… as i said really better the full version than the one they put on the radio. Just think this is going to be a great jump for WT! You guys just rock so much!!!
    Really looking forward October!!

  • jeh1058


    I’m listening to the song for the third time in a row and all I can say is I honestly love it; very innovative and powerful, it’s more than obvious that you guys took huge risks on this track (and the rest of the album?), as we can clearly hear that the song, despite its clearly recognizable WT sound, is wrapped in a surprising electro-pop ambiance. It works very well with Sharon’s voice. And the solo is, to my opinion, the best guitar solo you’ve ever offered! So all in all, a very very good song, full of surprises and promises!!!!

    Thanks guys for already making it available, you allowed us to breathe a little while waiting for the most expected album of the year =)

    Love you all!

  • lullubies

    Within Temptation show us that it is a very good group ’cause they change! And what a change! What a style! Magnificent =o ! The theme is all the more attractive! One wait that matter now!!! MARCH!!!!!! 
    Love Within Temptation! 
    Corscia loves Within Temptation!!!!! =)

  • Mikeallen

    Its a bit of a power rock song than a symphonic or gothic sounding song, but it is a single and Sharon delivers a beautiful vocal. The lyrics have less diversity than some might have hoped for. I feel the change in styles is a bit similar to one of my other favourite bands- Lacuna Coil. People slagged them for making a more ‘pop’ type album with their last one, but I understand that bands like to try new things so I am not the kind of person that will lose interest in a band due to a change in style. I’m still very excited about hearing ‘The Unforgiving’! :)

  • Mikeallen

    And yes Sharon looks very beautiful in the picture and video. Can’t wait to see it :)

  • patrickpeeters

    Yep, it sounds “different” but wasn’t every album a bit different than the previous? I’m already hooked, I wish the release of the album/video/clips went faster and faster and faster …
    I love the guitar sound from 2:56 and at the end! Sounds so good.

  • patrickpeeters

    The picture from the single-cover looks great!!!

  • heilvlack

    It’s amazing im crying. Sharon your voice well basically to put into context nothing compaires to it :D . Please Please PLEASE come to Sydney Australia PLEASE it would make my life so much better acctually seeing and hopefully meeting you guys.

    From a very super happy crying girl

    Love suesann <3

  • once

    awesome song, Sharon your voice is incredibly beautiful here :)

  • davezee

    just heard the new single, Faster, UNBELIEVABLE!!!! absolutely luv it!! can’t wait for the album!

  • aoefreak666

    Love it…yes it is different but change is good (isn’t that what we are all told?)…thumbs up here WT !!! :-)

  • shahiyela

    I love this powerful song! ;o)
    Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mahdi92

    I realy love the new song’s so  energitic and differnet from wt previous song and i think the unforgiving will be one of their best album and even sharon use her voice with a different way  and it’s so good … can’t wait for the unforgiving 

  • chrisbv

    Hello WT, I am french and i speak english very bad sorry ^^
    We are (me and several friends)  great fan of our music, but today we are very disapointed, indeed, faster and where is the edge are great song but where is WT ? where is metal sympnonic ? where is epic and magic ?

    Next i think faster is really commercial, sound like superbus (or other pop rock music) and sharon’s voice is no really exploited.

    In the middle of the night seems be better !

    It’s a double face album ?… I am sceptic

    We have place for the paris dates … We wait…

    Good continuation with this new “world”

    Long life to mother earth, TSF, THOE !

  • thrillkill

    Dark and Powerful! AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  • kake

    nice :)

  • metalwolf

    Not bad at all :) It’s also funny that when you’re done watching the video, they’re showing a “weight loss – before & after pictures” video xD

  • jane_doe

    Holy wow!! Amazing!:D
    And Sharon, the picture of you is beyond stunning! Looking forward to see you all again in Oslo:)
    -Best wishes from Nina-

  • vtsx3

    Um ….do I have a different version of this song….cus i sure hear a guitar solo…..

  • Sapientia

    I like this song but not seem a Within temptation’s song, I think is time to try other stuff and that is what they are doing, the guitars rocks!! Ruud and Robert I’m so excited to hear you in live. I love your music since 2004 and you have my respect and my support. Sharon shows her versatile voice!! I will always love the way you sing no matter what style =)Cheers from Spain!!

  • akya

    Sweet !!

  • vtsx3

    There have been a lot of comments about this new album and the new songs over the last several weeks, and for sure–everyone is entitled to an opinion. No one can please everybody. But what is overwhelmingly obvious is that the majority of the comments are very positive—with a few obvious negatives. The positive comments Greatly outnumber the negatives! As it is human nature to be more likely to need to comment on negative feelings than to comment on positive ones, this bodes very well for WT and I think this album will be a great success. :-)

  • captend

    wow amazing. I love this song.
    I can’t wait to hear the rest of the new cd.

  • Weiss

    My gods, i’ll worship you forever you know that right? My ears are ringing ’cause listenin this over and over again, but just can’t stop until I become deaf which I hopefully won’t be before The Unforgiving is released. Looove the new sounds of yours :) It almost fits you guys better than Mother Earth or anyother album you have made :) I just LOOOOOOVe it :) And can’t wait to see you gigs :) It’s a shame you guys aren’t coming to Finland but hey, There’s always Sweden which we can invade ;)

  • hugues88

    Simply beautiful, I love this little sound very 80′s and this little guitar solo is very beautiful. We will not discuss Sharon’s voice as usual is superb. Congratulations to you all, this single is a pure marvel to me.WT i love you

  • metal76

    Great song with a catchy ref. :)
    Heard it first time in october

  • withintruth

    Faster is wonderful song! I admire it! WT, Thanks for that you exist!!! :-D :-D :-D

  • weatherluvr

    I love it. After hearing this, the preview of Where is the Edge, and the music in your The Unforgiving trailer, I believe The Unforgiving album is going to be amazing!

  • lordinator

    I love that song, this new sound is great !
    Can’t wait for the album !

  • darkwisprie

    OMG! I absolutely love it.. Sharon’s voice just amazed me once moar :) Can’t w8 to hear entire album!

  • EvelineWT

    I love you!

  • fiddler

    I really hoped that the new record will sound something like that. I’ve been listening to Within Temptation since I saw them live 2003 and from then on I loved each and every song they’ve released.

    And I can promise that it will stay so.
    It’s wonderful!

  • Mad_Being

    Ok.. I’m addicted to it… It reminds me of Wicked Game <3 This song is great! Love it..

  • keithb

    I can`t stop listening & head banging to this brillient track, well done again WT I love this single!

  • evilangel

    guys i loved it
    it’s a hit!
    love you! 

  • alisson

    is amazing *-* great!

  • celticbotan

    *grabs water pistol and points to the band*
    I want the new album like, now. U____U

    LOL, talking serious now.

    I don’t know what to say anymore – I’m really out of compliments, haha!

    But I CAN tell: My dad TOTALLY APROVED your teaser and Faster song; just like me, he was amazed by both quality of the movie and the music, he was very excited – enough to say AGAIN that you guys are the best thing that happened to music lately and are on the same hall of his personal favorites (Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd). =)

    And as I said via twitter, “YOU’ve mesmerized my heart”.

    I can honestly say that I really fell in love with your music and each one of you, who provides it. Thank you so very much! =D

  • once

    now I’m starting to think that The Unforgiving maybe will be your best album. I can’t describe how much I like Faster :)

  • SoulEater

    I have no words, the song is awesome and I’m so happy that WT are always able to reinvent themselves, with exceptional results! I can’t wait for the album!!
    Anybody knows when the single will be avaible on iTunes??

  • EvelineWT

    You look amazing Sharon <3!!

  • karianne

    Really liking the new WT single. And it’s been some time that a song of theirs really gave me that feeling of more than just ‘This is very good’. This one I feel.
    Thumbs up for the non-gothic production! :) Refreshing.
    By the way, it reminds me of Wicked game by Chris Isaak.

  • scream

    Sharon you look awesome!!!!!!!!!
    This song is the best !
    LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • dantes

    OMG OMG OMG OMG Yes it’s different but I love it the more important to me it’s Sharon voice ……………. 

  • karianne

    Although they might have a hard time competing for the #1 spot in the hit charts with ‘Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig)’ by Parry Gripp ;)

  • Eafiu

    I don’t understand when people say “This is not the old WT, they are mainstream now.” They are upset when the band mildly sounds like different bands from another genre but would be glad if they did the same thing they did a couple of years prior? I really don’t understand. Beautiful song, the 80′s inspiration shows! Assuming the other songs from the album will show the band’s inspiration from the other stuff they mentioned, the album will be very interesting and since this is WT we are talking about: It will be awesome. :D

  • jaqueline

    Wow Sharon you look stunning!!!! :D
    I was
    not able to hear it on the radio =( But i listened to it here on the page and I was sooo stunned! It gaves me heebie-jeebies on my whole body!!! It is something else but I love it and cant wait to buy the single and ofc the whole album, thank you so much for this awesome music <3 Cant wait for the gig in Cologneeee !

  • orly

    oke the Cover is a bit too Lady Gaga, but the song is nice, at least its no softy as All I Need and Forgivin.

  • JethroTull

    Ok, it sounds a lot like Wicked Game, for sure. But nevertheless it’s a great song for a single. It’s earcatchy, but also rocks a lot. It sounds new for WT, but still familiar. A great song, better than Where is the Edge in my opinion.

  • wtfan1995

    I absolutely freaking love the song <3 Thank you WT!! <3 <3

  • ruidomingos

    Great music guys :)
    I ill see u when u come to Portugal, i´ve all ready the tickets :) )

  • orly

    How to get rid of a Gothic image. well do this xD

  • mnieuwenhuis

    Phenomenal new song guys! Rocks like hell and sent shivers up my spine. For me that means that is goes right into my system. Awesome. Thanks for that :-D

  • Starbuk

    I love WT but faster does nothing for me. I really like where is the edge and hope the rest of the songs are more “edge” than “fast”. Perhaps faster will grow on me with time…

  • berees

    FINALLY!!! Guitar solos :D :D:D:D
    The intro is nice, too, but that solo seriously had me crying at my pc(had to watch out, my keyboard isn’t waterproof xD).

  • icequeen145

    I really enjoy this song! First listen though, I’ll have to listen again. But I’m very excited for this album!! :D

  • brightasday97

    this is such an amazing song! i already know that i’m going to love the new album! where is the edge and faster (in my opinon) have a very diffrent sound! this album is going to be amazing! :D keep up the good work!

  • Tash

    I really like the cover of the single as well. Hope there will be a bside on it! Just requested for Faster to be played on a local radio metal show in Australia :)

  • steve-cy

    such an amazing tune!! finallt a song with somehow a ‘happy beat’

  • gabby18

    WOW!!!!!! I’M REALLY SPEACHLESS…THE ONLY WORD I CAN SAY IS: A M A Z I N G G G G G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

  • SarahS

    This is amazing! At first in the beginning, I thought it was okay, because it just sounded different, but then it got to the chorus and it was just like O_O AMAZING!

  • roseg

    I like it and I’m already humming bits of it. Like the lyrics too. The combination of melody, beat and lyrics is what makes WT the band they are. They just vary one of those elements each time they record a new song or album, which is what gives them the varied styles. To me it just means there is always a WT song that suits whatever mood I’m in. That’s why they are my fav band!

  • needles

    this sucks, you are known for sounding natural and real. In this song and also on Where Is The Edge, you use synthetic sound for the keyboards instead of real sounding instruments. Also it all sound very poppy and th sound is horrible, you should work on that. I mean i can barely hear the guitar solo and hights are awful.

  • lovewithint

    AMAZING love the song *-* you’re the best band on this World LOVE YOU GUYS 

  • johcom1

    Fine new song . Think that the album again great is. Can’t wait to go to the shop.

  • Suryo

    Although Where Is The Edge sounds better than this, Faster still a good single

  • dasha


  • scythe

    Not a bad song, but Where Is The Edge would have been better for the first single. Also the cover could be better, hmm… i hope Faster isn’t already one of the best songs of the album.

  • viking66

    real good…you have to take a trip to norway and give us this live from stage…love it….

  • bartlomieja


  • xeros666

    I can only say THANK!!! VENEZUELA is waiting for us, Great sond!!!

  • musiclooz

    It’s amazing, fantastic and…great!!!

  • gripper76

    Nice, WT will loose fans and win fans this way, bands evolve!!
    I have been here since the ME days, i’m still here!! :-)
    Looking forward to the album!!!!

  • poes16

    it sounds great it remands me at early days very rocky number

  • maxhofmann

    wow a great song :)

  • mirte

    Wow Sharon your vocal technique has improved so much =O The power in your voice is incredible!

  • patleal

    Simply amazing :) )

  • truth_sellador

    What a great single!!! Awesome song! and what a guitar solo and voice!! can’t wait to see the video & movie! This wanna be a masterpiece work!

  • irenegarcia

    WOW….Beautiful pic of Sharon really beautiful…
    “Faster” ok I Like good song

  • paul93

    i just love it!! amazing song

  • esora

    With WT’s group talent, they could create any style of music, and have it sound amazing! Vielen Dank for another great song and inspiration. Ik hou van jou!

  • sokindly

    Great song, thak you guys

  • dansor


  • divinestrength

    Like pretty much every other WT song, this sent shivers down my spine. I really can’t wait until the new album!

  • emynk

    It’s different…but it’s GREAT!!!!!!!!

    I Love it.
    I love the lyrics, the voice, everything!

  • emynk

    Buenisimo, excelente…bravo!!!

    Vengan a la Argentina!

  • hari

    wow! it’s different, but i like it. i like it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

  • fercho0386

    This is not the WT that i fell in love many years ago,
    The new sounds is so far from ENTER yes, but is not that far from THOE, the riffs remind me of WHYD, THOE, HOS, OSH. I like the new sound, I can’t wait to have THE UNFORGIVING in my hands and listen to it all day long, jajaja…
    WT has been evolving through the years an I have been evolving with it… I miss songs like ENTER, CANDLES, RESTLESS, DEEP WITHIN, THE DANCE, etc, but i love everything WT does, why listen to the same thing over and over, i love their hability to embrace change

  • underworldqueen

    At first, I hated it. But now I actually love it. It’s not the WT we’re used to. But it’s still good. Not one of youur best songs but it’s fun that you try something new! :) But Where is the edge is still way better than this song. I think that that song should have been the single.

  • milana

    Amazing song ^___^ )))))Ребята, вы молодцы!!!!!

  • atilarampazo

    Very good I love within temptation sharon and best of all

  • batmanjones

    As much as I love WT I refuse to just jump on the bandwagon here. This “sound” is the sound that every band that ever existed has……it is not why we love them. If you encourage them then this “sound” is all we will hear from them anymore.

  • AllINeed

    I”M IN LOVE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    Oh God, I love you so much!!

  • Hella

    It’s amazing !! WT you are the best. can’t wait till the new album. Thank you guys, for being so amazing !

  • lizzibie

    first of all I want to say I really love and admire the way WT change their sound!! I really like it, but I honestly have to admit I’m not thrilled about it.. I quite miss the epic, gothic sound I just got used to and fell in love with …..
    But deep within I’m sure The Unforgiving will be GREAT and I will be proud once again that WT is by far my favourite band!!!
    Spoken from the heart and lots of love to all of you

  • thedarkestwings

    It’s not really what I expected, but anyway I really like this song, cause I love everything WT is doing… I think even if they would start to make hiphop music or something, I would still love their music and I think it’s a good think when the music of a band changes over the years, cause people are changing, too…. maybe the next album after the unforgiving will be like the old WT songs, but I’m excited to hear different music of them :)
    I love this song! :D

  • wtrock

    I admire you guys for changing your sound too & I love what I’ve heard of the new album in ‘Where Is The Edge’ and now ‘Faster’. I can’t wait for the album- I’m sure it will be epic. :)

  • mckaygenius

    It is a pity that has just now heard, could not earlier, there was an examination at university)) Well, it was pleasant to me)) But “Where is the Edge”, in my opinion, is better)

  • einar92

    Wow… I love your previous albums, but I think that this one will be my favourite. I admire that you slighly changed your style. Can’t wait for concert in Krakow :)
    Are you going to launch official pre-order for “Unforgiving”?

  • wtdka79

    Hmmm, had dit niet verwacht, wel ander soort muziek, maar dit niet.
    Heb de song nu meermaals beluisterd, en ben toch overtuigd, fantastisch nummer!
    Een goei up tempo nummer, gaat een topper worden.Ben benieuwd voor de rest van het album :)

  • fearofthedark91

    I LOVE IT!!!!! I hope it gets released on the US iTunes!!! :)

  • withintemptation4eva

    THIS IS AMAZING<3 SERIOUSLY! If people call themselves WT fans then why hate over their new stuff? I love it. The song is amazing and lets just say I am addicted to it at the moment!!! Im so happy!!:D

  • mr666

    Zelfs mijn katten headbangen met dit nummer mee! Wat een lekker nummer is dit. Van mij mag Maart “faster” komen.

  • Naz?H

    This is great!! I love the new style and the new song! :D It’s awesome :) I can wait for 31st January and March 2011!!

    A concept album with a comic series and a movie, wow! I don’t think any other bands that I listen to has ever done this kind of project so far. I adore you guys!! :D

  • temptme63

    Great bands continue to evolve just listen to Judas Priest, all their Cds are great but very different.I have only been a fan for a year but i love WT and have purchased many of their older cds along with the new ones and love all of them my fave song is still “Ice queen” live. its hard to judge a new cd by one track as you don’t get the flow of the music.

  • WalterArgentina

    It is simply amazing, wooooow, I say, is so different, it is a very good sound and renovated ….
    Argentina is waiting for you,
    Leer fonéticamente
    Diccionario – Ver diccionario detalladofrase0.this are

  • WintersRose

    I’ve been listening to Within Temptation since 2003. I know this because I just started highschool and I remember walking home from school with their music blaring. I certainly am not the same person I was in 2003, most of us aren’t. Time changes, new experiences happen and as a musician I can see how most musicians/artists eventually change their style. With a heavy heart though I’m simply not able to get into this song. This is the first time this has happened with Within Temptation, still I wish you a great journey and much success.

  • sefan17

    Hey guys of WT,congradulations one more time!. I’ve never listened a good band like this. I love you so much, you are my reason of inspiration. Come to Perú, maybe you would make a tour in latinamerica one more time.

    Well my opnion about this song is the best. Don’t expect about bad comments, i have to say that you are the best band for me. Good luck and take care. chao

  • nanaswasey4

    I LOVE IT !!!!!! Great Job !!! You are so lucky to have such talent. Sharon there is no voice like yours… thank you. Your music is a huge part of my life right now.. IT GIVES ME REASON !!
    Now please come to SLC, Utah. PLEASE….

  • annaflacca

    It’s very beautiful this song!!! <3

  • gabrihell

    Personally,WT can play whatever they want and I ‘ll love it,because I LOVE Sharon’s voice,and that’s enough for me.
    Sharon amazing performance , love from Chile.

  • hanstalsma

    AWESOME, really!!!! What a great song, i love it!! And Sharon, you really look good:-) as always…and you`re voice will always be great!! I love you, and WT… i can`t wait for march anymore…oh i wish it was now! :-) . Powerfull music , love it!! XXX

  • reborn

    really good song guys!!! come to México!!! love solo guitar.. love where is the edge two

  • stevenx110

    Genial!, el ritmo es muy diferente al de su segundo album The heart of Everything pero sigue conservando su estilo, por lo demas la primera canción Where is the Edge tiene un ritmo mas sinfonico. Felicitaciones

  • boetoek


  • royalstars

    @ Jillian. yeah, common! Sharon, why you guys wanna play rock when you are so good at Gothic Metal!!! Miss the hell out of ” Enter” …

  • dagger42

    WOW!! Love the new song!!! I still think Where Is The Edge is better song but this song does grow on you the more you listen to it!!! Faster sounds like it was made for the radio or effort to try to crossover into mainstream.I think In The Middle Of The Night will be there heavier song.Looking forward to hearing the rest.

  • lexiel

    Can’t wait for the rest of it !

  • Angelique88

    Wel even wennen, maar het is een geweldig gaaf nummer!! Kan niet wachten tot het album er is :D

  • annamoon

    Love it. Less Symphonic than Usual though…. <3<3 Gosh I can't wait for The unforgiving to get out. 

  • Nerwen_Elendil

    First, the two pictures you share here (the cover and the one on the video) are just amazing. Sharon, you look beautiful… wait, what the hell am I saying??? You are beautiful ^_^
    Second, I loved the song. Yes, it’s a bit different from your previous style but I love it anyhow. And, it really sounds a bit like the 80′s as you describe it and I enjoyed it. I think it gives the song a nice touch.
    Third, your torturing fans… the more I hear and read about “The Unforgiving”, the more I need to have the album in my hands. Desperate…
    Thanks for sharing it with us. I’ll try to see the video and the rest of the things on January 31st.
    Love you guys ^_^

  • chrisaw41

     the new single, the best band of the word WITHIN TEMPTATION…..god song…..

  • fifthfreedom

    Very AMAZING song.One of the best solos I have ever heard.I thought Faster isn’t the best from Unforgiving (In the Middle of the Night trailer). Sharon looks better every next day. She is so beautiful

  • fifthfreedom

    but wait….. oh no-they changed amplifiers, I love MESA , Marshall sux in compare to Rectifier…….. but it’s the only one regressive change:)

  • Catherine

    gorgeous picture sharon! listening to the song now…it’s got that kind of 80′s goth style to it. amazing vocal performance too…i love! :)

  • Catherine

    oh and @Needles, not that your comment is particularly worth replying to, but, you think the fake choir sounds on mother earth were natural and real? not to mention the fact that ice queen was the song that got them major commercial success. the thing is that WT are hugely popular and yes, MAINSTREAM in their home country… that doesn’t mean a thing. except that they can make awesome sounding albums and put on amazing and expensive shows like black symphony for us, with a REAL orchestra… but there’s nothing ‘poppy’ about releasing a concept album like they are doing, so i don’t know what you and everyone else who’s mentioned this are on about…

    why anyone would resent their favourite band becoming successful is beyond me… if you have enter and mother earth and that’s all you want to hear from them, go listen to those albums over and over and let us enjoy the new one…

  • Catherine

    i’m going to regret posting that i know it… oh well

  • dannygothic

    Beautiful song… congrats 

  • aarushi

    A-mazing! Fab lyrics and I’m loving the new style, way to go! :) And Sharon, you look gorgeous! Xxx I’m sure the new album will be totally great too! <3

  • nini4rose

    AMAZINGGG !! Can’t wait for the album.
    And yess it’s really different from what the used to do but I really think that it makes sense if they evolve with time and it’s reaaalllyyy goood :D

  • kingnarik

    Amazing song, I’ve listened it about 15 times in a row, fascinating music %)

  • vampiregirl

    Waaaa…. This is different!!!!!! but… well it’s somehow like Within Temptation, but it’s not at the same time!!!
    It is great! and new!!! ahhhh I’m loving it :D

  • menchan

    oooh!! God!! soo amazinggggggggg!!! *O* !! love it !! <3 

  • menchan

    VENEZUELA is waiting for us !! 

  • the1metalfan

    it´s the firs time i listen to the single, it´s ok, l´ll decide later if it´s commercial or not….but it´s still better than conventional music….

  • kanayu21

    i think the song is great!!!!! 

  • Marieke

    In my opinion every album gets better:) Sounds really nice these songs! 

    Naar mijn mening wordt elk album beter, ze klinken heel goed deze nummers!

  • juanisespana

    Love it!!!!

  • diospyros

    I love it! It’s an awesome song! Congratulations everybody! :3

  • killerkitty666

    omg, its awesome, i dnt care that its different to other albums it sounds great and i am soooooooooooooo excited bout the new album. so cant wait , well done WT for the great song. :) :)

  • Gaguinho

    Man.. Love it, Love it, Love it.. =)

  • piders

    Sorry all, but, to me this hit sounds like the group HEART! :(

    This single is coming to “POP”. I hope WT come back to the “Heavy”!

    BRAZIL is waiting for another show, quickly!

  • blackrose247

    Its soooo ROCKS i love it love it love it. :)

    and the photo of Sharon is awesome as she always is.

    Love you guys xXxXxXx

  • jimprw

    Commercial isn’t necessarily a bad word. If Faster is commercial, it only promotes more people to explore and appreciate WT. The band was going for diverse elements from their musical influences – this song reminiscent of the 1980′s – and it hits the mark perfectly. A band has to explore, move forward, move on or they stagnate. Bravo to WT. Sharon was born to sing for the music WT has and will bring forth. Nice job!

  • scream

    Sharon! You are amazing!I never saw better singer than you!!!<3Kisses from POLAND!\m/

  • radiorockcafe

    This is not the WT we are used I agree.

    This has got to be THE BEST single from WT i’ve heard so far!!

    Can’t wait to hear the rest!

  • jimmy mad

    Love it, love it, F**KING LOVE IT! It sounds so 80s!!

  • littlesomething

    This song killed me with its awesome. <3

  • fifthfreedom

    @piders-I think you watched trailer-this song is hard. On previous albums all songs weren’t hard too. Frozen for example. This song is very universal and superb simultaneously. I wish Faster was sung by Sharon in duet with Cristina Scabbia.

  • eternalguardian

    Great song, can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. When is it released on iTunes in the UK?

  • apoc778

    Thank you, it’s a powerful song!

  • fifthfreedom

    solo is “onkneesthrowing”

  • Hypo

    I know some folk are disappointed that Faster doesn’t have a strong symphonic element to it, but I don’t think an orchestra would add much to the song. If anything it would clutter up the mix and make it sound a bloated.

    Yes, this is a departure from what we’ve been used to hearing from WT, but then again so were tracks like ‘All I Need’, ‘What Have You Done’, ‘Perfect Harmony’ and ‘Neverending Story’ when they were released. And if ‘All I Need’ isn’t the most cheesy, commercial sounding song they’ve ever done then I don’t know what is!

    I like Faster for what it is, I like the 80s vibe (that’s my era anyway!) and I think it’s quite dark and heavy without being dark and heavy just for the sake of it. And there’s plenty going on in the mix without it sounding cluttered and too busy. Yes, it does sound a bit like HIM in places (esp Wicked Game) but when ‘Stand My Ground’ came out loads of WT fans complained that it sounded too much like Evanescence and ‘All I Need’ was likened to Celine Dion by some! 

    The only thing I dislike about Faster are the effects used on Sharon’s vocals – she has one of the best voices out there so there’s really no need for all that processing and compression, but that’s just a personal thing. 

  • wonderpony

    This is another winner… I’m so happy that WT is not afraid to express all the different facets of their talent and creativity! It’s certainly a giant bonus for all of us. I can’t wait to hear the rest of this album!

  • jane97


  • Jasper

    I listened a few times, and I think I have to listen it much more to get used to it. It’s a great song (I hadn’t aspect any different), and deep inside it has sound that makes it WT, but for now the touch that makes most of the other songs of WT feel like magic, is missing. I don’t know why.

    I like the deep low bass in the total song, the synthesizer is a bit disappointing and I have to get used to the playing. It isn’t a bad song, but there are a lot of repeating elements in it. to much for me, it takes the tensions away.  

    I also would love to hear more of the symphonic style, but I know it doesn’t fit in this song. It is just what I like so much at hear songs, but that’s my personal opinion. It’s great they try to change and develop their music every time. sometimes it work and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t know yet. I really love this song and where is the edge, but I hope there is much more in the album. 

    keep going WT, you know how to put a feeling in a song,, i hope you still can do this. 

    with love Jasper

  • heavensangel

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!
    this music are simply AWESOME!!!!!

    Within suprising me every time!!!!!


  • noturningbackfromhere

    2 out of 2 Great new tracks so far then!! So come on, do tell, is that maybe your NEW DRUMMER I hear, or Stephan or Ivar………..???

  • ikir

    Awesome song, can’t wait to see its music video

  • jhonny93

    es diferente a lo escuchado antes..uhm pero es bueno!! un buen regalo en mi cumpleaños!!

  • sammy12

    omg, klinkt vett zoals altijd van julie :O

  • anaozinho

    I really liked it!!! I can’t wait for the day to see you in Porto!!!

  • ryan76

    It´s a good song and I love WT but I have to say.. I remember the first time ever I heard a WT song and I was like “oh my god, what band is this? this is amazing!!!” For me it has nothing to do with whether it`s a “commercial” or “Pop song” it has to do with the feeling I get. If this song was playing on the radio and I didn`t know the band I wouldn`t even react on it. I love WT so much and I totally respect their need to progress and change and I will always support them! I´m just so sad that I don`t feel the feelings I usually do when I hear a WT song. Maybe it will grow on me, and maybe other songs on the album will give me those WT goosebumps.I hope so but right now my heart is breaking.

  • Mikokikyouhime

    WT can give us more…this song is pop and I hope that your next album will be better than this….

  • roseg

    Played this on and off all day. Been listening to the lyrics instead of just humming along and now I really LOVE this song. Spoke to me on a personal level. Can’t WAIT for the whole album!!

  • Wtanna

    I don’t know about you guys, bu this song is awesome! I love 80′s metal and rock, and this just has that kind of feel to it. It’s great. <3

  • hammer80

    “Faster” is an amazing song i like it !!

  • hammer80

    “Faster” is cool but i like “where is the edge” no videoclip with this song ?

  • cabeshon

    I definetly hated it….it’s so pop….
    not you…
    where is the edge is great..but this……..
    hope the album isn’t a waste of time to hear….!

  • eris

    OMG! Are you guys serious??? Is the whole album gonna be like THIS?? And is this song one of the best on album if you made it the first single? I hoped Utopia was enough for you and we’ll hear good old Within Temtation on the album
    I guess, I’m just gonna watch TSF tour 2nite and cry
    RIP my ex-favourite band, hello lady gaga

  • wuss26f

    Eris, dude you are just one of those numb nuts who wouldnt know of something good if it came out of your ass! Do everyone on here a favor and go listen to your new favorite poppy bubble gum artist and leave these comments to people who actually know good music!!!

  • deaddoll999

    Great piece of lyrics and music! I feel like my life is out of control and just getting faster and faster all of the time. I need to slow down but life is too short and thats what happens in my life faster and faster. deaddoll999

  • ceresaru

    hmmm I don’t know…
    i loved the lyrics
    but the music and her screams I don’t know… is like cheap rock… but well i love this band anyhow

  • matthewjtan

    It’s good – quite ‘pop’ and it almost sounds like something I’ve heard before: ‘Smalltown boy’ by Bronski beat perhaps.

  • Rosiel

    Hm… there is just no WT-magic in this song. Felt like I was listening to The Rasmus or Tokio Hotel or some other mediocre band. :(

  • billpolymer

    I love it! can’t wait till the new album releashed!

  • poptrasha

    For those who complain that it isn’t ‘our’ WT I’d like to remind you that every album WT has done has a kind of theme and style that runs through it. The new song Faster is not as intense as previous songs release by our WT but a Musicians life is about evolving and growing and trying new sounds and idea. Have they ever let their fans down before? NOPE! You can bet your bottom dollar they won’t this time. Give it a chance guys!


  • lahamu

    I am really a WT fun, but I think changing something what worked is not a good idea. Anyways I think this isn’t so far from what WT used to sign but it isn’t that touching gothic metal I used to hear from them. Good song (but hope the others will be better and a bit more “traditional”)

  • lovethesun

    Okay, really really love this!! Quite happy to get this song stuck in my head :D Well done everyone!

  • elii255

    I really love this!!!! I can’t wait for the album!!! :*

  • spaceland

    Its not the WT, I felt in love with a long time ago…
    Im sad…

  • moshind

    Very very nice.

  • aoife

    I have to agree that this wasn’t the kind of song I was expecting but after i listened to if for a few times I soon became hooked!! I love it! Its sooo catchy and very different from the WT of last year. It stil has that subtle Within Temptation trade mark but with a twist. Its brilliant! and i can’t till the album comes out :D

  • sarrna

    Okay, so personally I think that every band has to change sometimes. That’s why the first single of The unforgiving sounds differently. Honestly, I’m not into that song, but I understand the reason why the band is recording something new… I’m sure that some fans will turn their back on WT. If it’s about me, I still can’t wait for the new album, although I’m not as excited as I was before. If I will not like it, I just stick to their older songs. Because every band has their high points and low point, right?

  • vtsx3

    @Piders- this sounds “like Heart”? Why yes it does a little –and you know what– most female artists in the rock arena would take that as a hell of a compliment! Heart has been rocking the world for 37 years–and they are still touring and making albums! They are one of the pioneers that have paved the way for bands like WT to exist today. Ann Wilson has an extremely versitile voice and can carry off the powerful Ballads and explode like a bomb on the harder and faster stuff. Few women in the rock arena can pull off what she does—fortunately for us—Sharon is one of them!!! This album—according to Sharon—is gonna have some of everything—harder and softer—some even Iron Maiden like! Give it a chance!

  • hilleh

    Sounds like “Wicked Game” but it doesn’t matter. This song is awesome! <3

  • bonnometalhead17

    When I heard this song for the first time I almost cried.
    Its so beautiful and powerful I love their new style so much. but I don’t understand why so many people are saying that its pop and not WT
    I think if you love WT, you love Faster.
    Thank you so much WT!!!!!!!

  • olesyas

    Great lyrics, wonderful music, amazing vocal!!!
    Thank you!!!
    not news ;) Can’t wait your album

  • prospero

    Ik vindt hem weer geweldig !!!

  • forsha

    As Sharon said in one of the earlier posts …. It’s won’t be the same as all the albums before…..

    Well…. I don’t like change very much, especially in music but…. I still love WT cause I piratically grew up listening to their music. So, I respect that turn from their usual stile cause, well, as I did – grow up and found some new things to listen to, so did WT – grow up and found something new to play…. As long as they play I’ll be their devoted fan.

    The song is different, and well, I have to honest and say that I heard better from them, but I’m sure when I listen to it one too many times more – I’ll love it :-)

    Thank you for existing WT

  • mirte

    Why is everyone so afraid of change?

  • allineediswt

    love it <3

  • sarrna

    @Mirte, good question. Some people are not able to see that every band want to develop, evolve.

  • vtsx3

    @Mirte cus some people find comfort in stagnation

  • lynhdgs

    Amazing song. Been waiting for the new album and am thrilled by what I’ve heard so far. Change is inevitable, but the heart of WT remains the same. Bravo! Please come to America again.

  • wtaddict

    dear WT, i’ve always been into pop music until a friend let me hear the song ‘never ending story’, and from that time i became a big fan of gothic metal and within temptation became my passion, my obsession, my everything ! within temptation who sang memories<333 my fav song of all time, and the howling, ice queen, mother earth, stand my ground, enter, angels, frozen, forgiven, in perfect harmony, our solemn hour, and more and more….what i wanted to say is that people always improve themselves, you are a gothic metal band who inspired me for many times…i voted for sharon to be a metal queen ! so why do you want to change your genre ???????????

  • vtsx3

    For you “gothic metal” fans: WT has never considered themselves a gothic metal band! Sharon even specifically said many years ago that they were not…They call themselves a rock band or a symphonic rock band (check their FB page under genre). The term gothic metal is a term they accepted because that is how others have continued to descibed them over the years–but they have never felt bound by it–that may be coming more obvious now…but the vocals are still awesome—the lyrics are still great—and the music is still powerful–quit dissecting it—just close your eyes turn up the volume and listen—you might still enjoy it.

  • fifthfreedom

    @mirte-I don’t know. Now I know it wont be worse then previous stuff. People are afraid because they have bad association with changes of other bands (Lacuna Coil, Evanescence….)

  • WT4STever

    I am totally in love with this song!!!! I think I’ll always love your evolution guys ;) your music is always amazing.
    kisses from Montreal, QC CAN.
    P.s : don’t forget that even if some people don’t like evolution in music group, some love it!

  • no2hate

    I agree with the comments that this is different than earlier WT. I don’t mind different but this sounds too generic and not the definitive sound that very few bands except WT were putting out. I like the song, don’t get me wrong, but I was hoping for something with that “special sound” that WT has. I want WT to evolve but don’t “devolve” backwards to the 19800s – go forward with new concepts like you always have. Love you and PLEASE tour in the US!!!!!!!

  • leowt

    Está Fantástica La Canción, Estoy Ansioso Para Ver también El Vídeo Y Para Comprar El Nuevo CD Cuando Salga, Si Es Posible El Mismo Día

    Por Cierto No Creo Que Hayan Dejado Atrás Su Estilo, Sino Que Las Bandas Evolucionan

  • amaranth1


  • wittemanne

    Just like Where is the edge, AMAZING.
    I love it.

    WT, keep on going!!!

  • noyau

    Insufficent music quality for me although I adore this new song. wait for the CD…

  • fallingjupiter

    I love you guys so much! AS long as this band is living, you’ll stay in my heart forever. I don’t care about “this evolution” change. As long as you keep singing and playing, then nothing else matters. 

  • mk003

    I agree with the with earlier comments about this being slightly generic as well. I love your music, and I love Sharon’s voice. But this sounds very main-stream. I hope the rest of the album will be different?

    Any chance you might consider Australia for a tour? ;-)

  • ricardowt

    WOW!!! This song is simply amazing!!!! It’s really a new sound of Within Temptation, but it is very good!!!!!!!! Sharon, I’m from Brazil and I Love you! You are so fabulous and seems to be a very nice person. Wish I could meet with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greeting from your 1° brazilian fan!

  • stefaniejade

    its not the sort of music i would expect from WT, but it’s very good! also, i agree with Mk003 – will you consider coming to Australia for a show or two?

  • jacqiejjj

    Ik vind het nummer echt geweldig!! Na de eerste keer luisteren was ik er al verslaafd aan haha
    Kan niet wachten tot het album uit is!

  • faster

    I’m looking forward to the whole album! Really good single there. :)

  • frenchtemptation

    It’s a bit different of the others albums but we can easily recognize the WT touch :) ) . Great song, really and i thouhgt we ‘ll not be deceived by the album.<3<3<3<3<3

  • AllINeed

    Since the release:
    – Faster (Single version) – iTunes x73
    – Faster (Album version) – youtube x39

    And still counting!
    Love you guys xD

  • choupix

    Is there something they can’t do ?? they are just … well… I can’t talk anymore 8D

  • mw95

    amazing song ! I love it.. and I´m looking very forward to your concert in Dresden ! xxx maria :)

  • franbriz

    Guys, i accept your change and it sounds great :) , but I hope that don’t leave the orchest it all please!!! I love you guys!^^

  • reaska83

    i really do like the change and the songs all sound sooooooooo amazing, but please don’t loose your original sound for the next album =) because its that sound that i love about you guys

  • edividas

    Well, it’s a different but it’s the WT and Sharon. No doubts that ‘Faster’ is more satin than we were wont to hear, but the song is really good including lyrics ‘And I can’t hide from the feeling cause it’s right.

  • Nerwen_Elendil

    The band said this album was going to be different from anything they’ve done before. And it’s a concept album, you can’t wait the same style over and over again.
    I still love WT and they were really brave to try something new and not keep the same genre.
    What’s important is that they are trying different things, trying to grow as a band and to re-ivent themselves and their music.
    For me, if their new album was a copy of their previous work, I would be very disappointed.I like when bands bring us something new, different.
    Can’t wait for the album, I’m sure it’s gonna be suprisingly good (despite some criticism).

  • rbrt1976

    Fantastica canzone!!!!!

  • brightasday97

    I have another thing to say to all the people who dislike the song:

    First off: WHY?!? Within Temptation will be amazing no matter what they do!!! The new sound that WT is working on is increciable!!!!!! All of you people saying you miss the old sound, incase you haven’t noticed, people these days don’t like those old sounds (i always will)!!!! What WT is doing with their sound will get them SOO much more popular I can almost see it! Pretty soon WT will be well known in America for this new sound because I know people who love this kind of music and would love this song!!! We all want WT to be more well known!! We all want the world to hear Sharon’s amazing voice!!! What’s up with the comments about old and new WT? You’re turning this into Nightwish!!! There is no old or new WT!!! WT will always be the same!!!!!! I can’t believe some of you people don’t like this sound!!!! I am so excited for WT I can’t think straight!!!!!!!! Come one guys!!!!

    ~ BrightAsDay97

  • mpmeadow

    It sounds great!
    greetings from Colombia.
    Waiting for you guys.

  • isalie2511

    Dear fans of WT, this evening we went to Vrienden van Amstel Live at Rotterdam. And there we heard the new song for the first time live. This was great, and better than the video you,ve seen on the WT-site or You-Tube.
    Sharon looks very well and was great to hear her singing. Greetz from 2 big fans at Oud-Beijerland in Holland

  • vtsx3

    @ Isalie who was drumming???

  • copey

    i`m really liking this song, i think this will be a good live song.

  • kata

    aff!! =D me encantó el temasoo!!me encanta esta idea!! sharon! i love you! you so fuckin´ special…jajaja <3

  • noctmoon

    Where did the beautiful WT composer go?

  • xhdb

    I just love this song <3 !!!

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  • tmreis

    I don’t want to be rude… but … I miss stuff like Dark Wings and such … :)

  • gamagiss

    OMG!! im waiting!!!! i just love the song!!! i want the cd!!!! i love you guys!!!

  • Marlene

    it’s a fantastic song!!

  • Antonio

    Amazing, greetings from Portugal.

  • morgengry

    loving it <3

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  • isalie2511

    @ Vtsx3 : we don’t know, because he was wearing a hooded sweater and his face was invisible. maybe by presentation of the new cd whe see who he is.

  • lbrandes1

    I love it. Can’t wait for the new album to come out.

  • Jillian Cross

    I see them performing Faster on youtube! she couldn’t sing like studio version, she missed the highest note at chorus, I feel so pity for her, maybe she was not in a good mood with all that baby stuff. and also this song is really hard to sing!!! :(

  • robn4

    Expecting and anxious about the new album!!!!
    I Hope and i’m so sure this will be an other great job of WT!!!

  • lusi

    Excellent!!! Thank you! I love it!

  • lilith2403

    AMAZING!!!love you guys!!!!!

  • guillerthekiller

    My English is pretty bad so sorry. I’m a WT fan 4life. I’ve followed the band since 2000 and I think they haven’t lost their essence. I was very dissapointed when they launched “What have you Done”,”Forgiven” &”Utopia”. I left to listen to them. But this new single brought me new hopes.
    Faster doesn’t sound as harder than “The howling” but has traces of that. And Maybe sounds like HEART(personally I hate that band)at the begining but not sounds “pop”. At the end if you analyse there is a bit of the Judas Priest or another Metal bands style in the guitars.
    Its something new, different but good. If someone is looking for the old WT “Where is the Edge” it fits with that label. I miss the old days of “Enter”, “Dark Wings”, “Jane Doe”, and so on, but I’m open to the change and always support to Within Temptation.

  • gerhardvdh

    If the album is slightly as good as this song then I’m gonna love it! Seriously, this song is really AWESOME! I like the Within Temptation music a lot, but this is by far the best song I’ve heared of you :D

  • Jillian Cross

    yeah i miss the old days too! they’re not poppy, they’re just different I guess!

  • zelsis

    when will be this be available on Napster?

  • rockfanuk

    Yes i agree ,from the sound of the new single faster the band have approached ,in my eyes a change of direction,others wont agree.
    I have seen WT lots of times live and to be totally honest i was getting board with the same old set list and sound ,but heyy lets be honest ,all the bands at present seem to be moving on and trying new things,i have just bought my tickets to see WT in Manchester nov 2011,and on the back of this new project im now very exited ,its all new and i hope better for the band,i wish Sharon and the boys all the best with this record,its differant and should give us all a chance to here new music rather than the same old dated sounds

  • lahamu

    @bonnometalhead17- I must say that you are wrong. There is a huge difference between music and band. Just look what happened to Sirenia after they changed their style. Til the “Sirenian Shores” they rocked, had lots of fans but their next album was “not so good” and the last one was even bad (for the fans they previously had). I know ‘cus I followed them, I was a fan too.
    I must say WT was my favourite band for TWO years (thats a lot of time in my opinion for a band to stay on the throne). Yet I think every single band needs changes but that must be worked out carefully. GOOD LUCK WT!
    PS: My favourite song is still “Somewhere” lets see if you can sing me a better one :)

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  • snowwhitegrace

    You guys, I have no words to describe this amazing single! *____* It’s everything that I hoped for and more! A FANTASTIC SONG!! THIS SONG FUCKING RULES, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU! *____*

  • luminora6

    Great! Wonderful! Amazing!

  • jessica

    great song, i hear it yesterday on the radio and blow up the speakers. to sad i have to wath a little bit longer for the concert at 15 nov. in kerkrade, but offcorse for a good, wonderfull reason,congratulations with your pregnetie.

  • karostam

    I loved WT. I love WT and I will always love WT!

  • tehuz

    My God! Perfect single. I loved the symphonic style of you, but this new style is also great, you guys are very bom.Todos of congratulations.

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  • mahdi92
  • scythe

    Why isn’t it available yet in Germany?? O.o

  • forsakengatekeeper

    Well after listening to the single for a few days now im going to give it an honest opinion, so here it goes… even though it is a bit different to WT’s usual stuff i’ve grown to quite like the song, dare I say it I also think that it could suit a racing game quite well…hint hint about possibly including it on the new need for speed’s soundtrack ;-)
    that would certaintly make me go Faster

  • Jillian Cross

    wow you guys should listen to this cover!!! it’s great!!! (how hot is this single, gets covered after a couple of days release!!!)

  • Starbuk

    I also, after listening to this song a few more times, find that it is growing on me.
    I’m used to hearing WT songs for the 1st time and getting bowled over so my expectations are high :)
    I’m surprised some people see this as their favourite WT song as the songs from WT’s previous albums are truly special, but we are all different :) For me, the 1st song I heard from WT was Mother Earth, and since then I could not go a day without listening to WT for a loooooong time.
    Bring on the album and WT, I’ll see you later this year when you come to London! :D

  • dmitry


  • dresden_x_doll

    When can I hear it in Holland?


  • barroquinha

    Hy Guys , great new song !!! I can´t wait until the release of your new album. I´m a great fan of yors since i heard for the first time your song “memories” on portuguese RFM radio. Since that day that i became yoour fan. But for my surprise and pride your a ducth band . I´m living in Portugal but I had born in Rotterdam and came with my parents ( they are portuguese), in the age of 6 . And i love my birth country and so when i listen to your musics I always remember the days that i lived in holand and using a tipical portuguese word that have no translation , SAUDADES ( the most like is Homesick) .

    I´m waiting for your concert in October in Lisbon to see you all e feel my self more close to Holand , since I had never came back there since the age of 6. Beside the tipical ducth “DROPS” , you are one of the best things from Holand . Keep going .

    Best Regards Ricardo Soares

  • cutiexsmall

    Die x-x the song is the best !!!!
    I love them :D

  • LunaPower

    I love this song so much.. <3

  • arch

    The problem for all who don’t like the song (and over 50% even of the ppl that like it) are not listened the first EP or the album Enter,from there to your favorite Silent Force (I suppose for most of you It’s this album…)were many changes but no one complained bout them right ? Cuz no one was listening to them at that time…that was pity…But from Mother Earth there was that great BOOOM and everybody start thinking THIS IS THE STYLE OF WT…Pf…One band like WT with that big potential of doing fuckin’awesome things Enter was not the THING,the style that they were (that is not gothic…god damn stop being such music taggers) till now weren’t the THING for them either,they are trying with something new that may BE THE FUCKIN’ THING,they MUST try with something new (if they don’t want to be like AC/DC fcourse…some guys that everybody love but stuck in one place).And someday I guess other guys just like you wil remember this new album (and the ones after it) when they compared them…And will not remember any of the older stuff,which is not cool,and this is why so few of you understand why WT are making something extremly new…It’s not cuz they are not WT It’s cuz just the fact that they want to be themself when they play THEIR music…Dunno If you would undestand me…and a matter of fact I don’t give a damn,It was just important to say that in that sait…below that song…And the song is strong with awesome solo (thumbs up) I will remember that song and that album like all of the rest,WT is the most precious music group for me,most of their songs are true inspiration.Sry for the bad english,sry for the long comment and sry if I had offended somebody.

  • olddtfan

    Great song cant wait to hear the rest of the album.

  • idarobo

    Ich liebe eure Vielseitighkeit! Der vorgeschmack der beiden Singleauskopplungen versprechen mal wieder ein grandioses Album! Ich freu mich riesig auf Montag und das Faster-Video!!!
    Weiter so!!! Ihr seid die Größten!!! Wir sehen uns in Stuttgart!!!

    liebe Grüße, Roberto

  • werwolf

    Not the WT I loved … I’m afraid about the rest ! So long ?

  • unicorn02

    Great song :D and I love it <3 March must come Faster, because I want the cd and dvd :P

  • feuerengel

    I love this song. Sounds a little bit like old school Rock. Can’t wait for the concert in November!

  • skunkworks

    Sounds like “Wicked Game” By “H.I.M.” who also covered it from “Chris Isaak”

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  • duitsechris

    Sounds different of what I am used to hear from WT. But it sounds great and I am really looking forward to the new album. I am really excited. I am also looking forward to September when I see WT live in Tilburg and to November to see the concert in Cologne. 

  • blackchimera

    I think this is a great song. Very, very catchy indeed. Looking forward to hearing the album!

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  • monkeysack

    First off I LOVE the new sound. I do wonder after watching the video. The guitar solo was cut out. And is it me or is that NOT Ruud playing guitar? Looking at the band foto it doesn’t look like Ruud. And who is the mystery drummer? The video matched the song very well. I just wish it would have included the guitar solo. To me that makes the song complete. Sharon looks fabulous as always! Can’t wait for the album already pre ordered it. Woohoo!

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  • hikerboy1963

    Just purchased the track “Faster”. Great sound and great song. If this song is indicative of the music on your next album it will be an absolute, must have album. Thanks WT.

  • nonow

    faster still not available on swiss itunes store… :(

  • imusic

    what a great song, loved it, it’s different, had to adjust, but great, can’t wait to hear more

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  • alireza

    i am new with wt.i have question.what is wt’s genre?i listened to our farewell ,pale,say my name ,somewhere,and… and i don’t think wt’s genre is rock metal or something like that.and the other question is what is sharon’s talent and i am sure that the answer is not metal or rock because there is song like our me every body 

  • sunrise

    Fantastic song!…Sharon looks…WOW…GREAT!!!


  • dareckie

    The greatest song ever.

  • sta1993

    not from my favourite ones of WT…still pretty cool though ;)

  • richardpeej

    I love this song the 4/4 beat really rocks!!

  • f6m13

    Both the song and Sharon are incredible! This is great music.

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  • cyril

    from the little french I am just the best song I found in the unforgiving :)

  • William Gustavo


  • Anonymous

    Just brilliant! Great sound and fantastic voice! thanks for 15 years of great music! The world needs more bands like you guys! J-J