Official videoclip: Sinéad


You all know that “Sinéad” has been chosen as the second single of The Unforgiving.

With undeniable disco grooves, we took the opportunity to further enhance the track’s dance floor appeal; commissioning special remixes from four acclaimed dance producers. Some time ago we already announced 3 producers:

Benno De Goeij delivers a sparkling trance radio mix. De Goeij is best known for his work with Dutch superstar DJs Tiesto and Armin van Buuren.

Scooter, one of Germany’s most successful techno groups abroad. Scooter: “Sharon’s voice and the bombastic Rock of Within Temptation are a truly unique mixture. It was a pleasure for us to contribute our mix for Sinéad”.

Irish/ British duo VNV Nation has contributed a stylish, electro-industrial mix. VNV Nation is one of the most innovative groups in the international electro EBM scene. We will also share the stage with VNV Nation at the M’era Luna Festival in August.

And the fourth producer that will remix Sinéad is: Groove Coverage’s. Their strength is the ability to find the perfect balance between melancholia and power. Many of their hit mixes such as “Poison”, a cover of Alice Cooper’s successfully travelled around the world.

Choosing to release “Sinéad” as the follow-up  single, underlines our ambition to break down the walls between musical genres. We’re excepting Sinéad to be released in the beginning of July. And of course we’ll update you on any release dates in the near future.

With every single release comes a videoclip. We’re proud to show you the official videoclip of Sinéad. Enjoy!

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June 10, 2011
  • BgIvanov

    Bullets are flying and people are dying… :)

  • sinead

    OH MY GOD 
    I’m so proud of WT !!!

  • Mitsy

    How nice that you guys will be sharing the stage with VNV nation! Go and practice those dance moves!


  • icer82

    Sinead maakt me vrolijk! Ik kan echt niet wachten om de nieuwe nummers live te horen.
    Nog maar 2 maandjes wachten :)

  • anja

    oh sharon you just look great and the choreography is just marvellous with the dancers its one of my favorite songs!!!!

  • danhel

    two words: LOVE IT
    just a little detail: i think is a bit too much focused on Sharon’s face.

  • VampWithin

    No Danhel, its just perfect:-D Just P E R F E C T^^
    And just like Scooter told: Sharon her voice and the bombastic rock are unique. That’s why i love that cd sooo damn much;-)
    P.S: wanneer komen de mixen dan uit of komen we dat niet te weten? :-p

  • hanstalsma

    Wow!! I love it!!! <3<3. Beautiful song, and Sharon looks beautiful as always!!

  • hanstalsma

    Love her!!<3

  • Silvia Andrade


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  • allineed89

    I first saw this video a few months ago on the bonus material from the album – I totally love it, Sharon looks amazing as usual, a different direction for W.T but amazing as ever!! Looking forward to the remixes too – keep rocking guys!! :D

  • lovethesun

    Love this song! It’s great that you guys experiment so much with your sound – whatever mood I’m in, I can listen to your music :D
    Good job with the video too! Sharon’s hair is fabulous haha.

  • EvelineWT

    I love the song and I love you WT! XX

  • mckaygenius

    Wow!!! Cool!!!! Fantastic!!!!)))

  • snowwhitegrace

    Loved it! :) This video blew me away! Loved everything about it! :) Congrats for another masterpiece! :)

  • xsarum

    Fantastic it is a very beatifull song it was direct my favorit.
    Het ie een heerlijk nummer echt geweldig ook heerlijk in de auto en dan KEIHARD echt supper……………dank je wel WT!

  • xsarum

    per =super Sorry

  • allineed89

    I’ve just realised something about you Sharon in this video! Despite seeing it several times, I have just noticed you only have one earring in haha! Just thought i’d say . . :D

  • violante

    Stunningly beautiful song, incredibly beautiful and stylish Sharon! Please come this year in Kiev! :) )

  • azerett

    I love the moments, when she walks with the guns. And Robert nodding with his head :D

  • juliane

    This is a wonderful song, the whole band shines with energy, good work ;)

  • hari

    one of my favourite songs on the album… and a music video to match! :-D

  • stiffhome

    This is great, can’t stop listening and watching…;)

  • WTmobile

    Edwin Bryan Barzola Olivares from the WT iPhone/iPad app:


  • sineadharkin

    5/5. Enough said.

  • blutgoettin

    LOL? WT is nu een pop-band, en eindigt als Unheilig, in de hitparade?Een beetje te pop voor WT. Maar anders, een geweldig nummer!
    Groeten uit Duitsland

  • WTmobile

    Draven Ahmad from the WT iPhone/iPad app:

    Nice !

  • yoyomanman

    I just sign up a account and can’t wait to say your new album unforgiving is fking amazing
    keep going 

  • kaio

    Thank you WT!10/5 :P

  • ravenamaranth

    lol I love the look on her face as she pulls up her guns before going around the corner. The was the ultimate “oh crap” moment.

    Lovin the new video =)

  • wtforeverwt

    the new albüm is excellent, Sharon you are very beautiful and pretty:)You have to come to Turkey as soon as possibly, because there are a lot of fans, and we’ve waited you so long time please come to Turkey, I love you WT :)

  • thrillkill

    Amazing song!

  • alalex


  • avilesrocker

    El nuevo album es excelente, me encanta!!!! Pero el tema más genial (a mi juicio) es MURDER asi que ojalá Within’ Temptation le haga un gran video pronto,realzando a esa gran frontwoman Sharon…ella es de lo más linda!!! ¿Cuándo vienen a Chile pooor faaaavooor? saludos metal rooockeeersss!!!

  • olga

    можно было лучше снять