Sinéad single update!

Sinead single cover

Sinéad, our new single: something different in many ways!

Both in the story of ‘The Unforgiving’ as well as on the album, ‘Sinéad‘ has always been a favorite of all of us. She is a character with a lot of different opposite sides to her, just like the song. It is catchy and feel good but at the same time emotional and melancholic. So from the start it was quite clear that Sinéad would be released as a single from this album.

In the past with single releases, we’ve very often added bonus tracks like live tracks, b-sides or acoustic versions. This time we also wanted to bring something extra to the release of Sinéad, but just like the song itself something new and fresh. As the dance influences in Sinéad are so obvious we thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if ‘real’ dance artist would remix the track.

So we approached Benno de Goeij, who we knew from the corporation with Armin van Buuren in “In and out of Love“) . VNV Nation, who often perform at the same festivals as we do like M’era Luna and last but not least Scooter (who used Sharon’s vocal track from Pale on ‘State of Mind‘. They all responded very enthusiastic and each of them put a lot of effort in it to make it happen despite their busy schedules.

So also from here we would like to thank them for the time and passion they’ve put into it and of course for the great end result. They have made this single release a very special and an exciting one for us. We hope you’ll enjoy this new experiences just as much as we have!

We hate to let you guys wait… but more information on the Sinéad release will be announced soon!

From your band who despite the music still can’t dance.

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May 19, 2011

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