Sinéad single update!

Sinead single cover

Sinéad, our new single: something different in many ways!

Both in the story of ‘The Unforgiving’ as well as on the album, ‘Sinéad‘ has always been a favorite of all of us. She is a character with a lot of different opposite sides to her, just like the song. It is catchy and feel good but at the same time emotional and melancholic. So from the start it was quite clear that Sinéad would be released as a single from this album.

In the past with single releases, we’ve very often added bonus tracks like live tracks, b-sides or acoustic versions. This time we also wanted to bring something extra to the release of Sinéad, but just like the song itself something new and fresh. As the dance influences in Sinéad are so obvious we thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if ‘real’ dance artist would remix the track.

So we approached Benno de Goeij, who we knew from the corporation with Armin van Buuren in “In and out of Love“) . VNV Nation, who often perform at the same festivals as we do like M’era Luna and last but not least Scooter (who used Sharon’s vocal track from Pale on ‘State of Mind‘. They all responded very enthusiastic and each of them put a lot of effort in it to make it happen despite their busy schedules.

So also from here we would like to thank them for the time and passion they’ve put into it and of course for the great end result. They have made this single release a very special and an exciting one for us. We hope you’ll enjoy this new experiences just as much as we have!

We hate to let you guys wait… but more information on the Sinéad release will be announced soon!

From your band who despite the music still can’t dance.

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May 19, 2011
  • Mitsy

    Still can’t dance? What are you doing online then? Go practice! Wanne see those cool moves on Huntenpop or anywhere else ;) If you need some lessons, feel free to contact me *runs off and goes practicing herself..cause I can’t really dance either..*

  • Jessica Lleonart

    Great, great! I can’t say it’s a big surprise, but it’s nice to read it officially!!

    And guys, loved the last line!! haha

  • lovethesun

    Awesome! Can’t wait to hear it! Thank you for this tantalising update :)

  • angelsheart

    Folks, Sinead is on the replay on my playlist for days now :D It is really the track that ROCKS the world! U really did the right thing making this song! It toches the core of someones being for sure in so many many ways!
    The whole album is…. impossible to describe with words at all! It has to be experiences over and over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angelsheart

    So yeah the remixes are expected! And I thank you for all the efforst U put into making all of us satisfied, no matter if we are rock fans or not! THank you for everything WT! :)


  • Kiga

    are you kidding? (at least) Sharon can dance! :lol:
    really looking forward to getting the single – Sinéad is a great song – it’ll be exciting to see how it’ll be live.. (better start the dance lessons :P )

  • hartogendelano

    OK, I am sold. Where can I buy it :P

  • truth_sellador

    Sounds really great!! Specially, I want to hear the VNV Nation remix, it’s gonna be different and nice.

  • scythe

    The last sentence!! Haaahaaa!!! :D

  • ParadiseCircus

    It’s available from the 17th of June!

  • darkwisprie

    I so loove Sinéad! The single)))

  • natasha913wt


  • anja

    can’t wait to buy it sinead is one of my favorites and also Lost the lyrics and music are so wonderfull! the whole c.d is great anyway and sharon we like new experiences so keep going this way!!

  • wayfarer

    Excelente ¡¡¡AGUANTE WITHIN!!!

  • hari

    whoop whoop! sinead is a super song, so i’m really looking forward to the single and dance mix! :-D

  • IceQueen625

    Very exciting!! Sinéad is a wonderful track and I can’t wait to have the single! :)

  • withintemptation1fan

    I love that song and thank god I got the Special Edition it came with the shot films and the videos of Faster, Sinead, and Shot in the dark, I saw sinead and I loved it.. I think you guys will like it.. I am so happy that I can get the single, i still need to get faster single.. So cant wait for this..:)

  • celticbotan

    “From your band who despite the music still can’t dance.” -> I kinda knew it when I saw Sharon “dancing” on Sinéad’s videoclip xD I feel SO like you guys right now 8D – I can’t dance to save my life. Really. LOL.

  • celticbotan

    Oh, almost forgot to mention: SINÉAD IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS EVER BY YOU. <3

  • thedarkestwings

    Great! :) I love the song… but I have to say that I don’t really like Scooter. But still I can’t wait to hear/buy it! :D

  • stormwind47

    You guys can’t dance? Ok doesn’t really matter, at least you can play good music! By the way, I can’t dance either! The truth is I dance like a potatoe and sing like a frying pan :-)

  • jimpossible87

    That sounds really cool. i do like dance music too even tho Im mostly a rocker lol. I always like to see bands experiment and grow. I am glad for all your success with the new album. Looking forward to seeing you in NYC in September!!! tickets are on my fridge :-)

  • erix

    Sinead is a great catchy song and perfect for this format… The whole album, in fact, has a real 80s Glam Rock quality to it. I hope that comparison isn’t offensive. But I was telling my friend that it’s basically like PAT BENATAR with 500 more guitars and The London Symphony Orchestra backing her up. I really like it a lot.

  • dagger42

    This is really cool that you have VNV Nation remixing the song!I love there music!!Sharon can dance remember that cool Gothic dance she use to do on stage with her arms!! I always wondered what the dance was called and if she created it her self??I guess she doesn’t do it any more she headbangs instead lol.Can’t wait too hear the remixes!

  • kusiciel


  • Tash

    I can’t wait to experience the dance version of Sinead it is one of my favorite songs on TU :)

  • youlookism

    Everyone loves Sharon designs/style. I would LOVE to see a gallery/recollection of all her dresses in all her presentations…Wow, would be amazing.
    I vote for that!!

  • Kiga

    ^i have made a website dedicated to sharon’s outfits :D

  • darkxdesire

    i love all of your albums! and everyone from my familly loves your musics.. my mom, my sister, my oncle, my grandmother and grandfather, my cousins and even my boyfriend xP

  • hari

    @Kiga fantastic website! It must have taken you ages! :-)

  • shotinthedark

    Aaaaww, I love Sinead!
    really, really fantastic song! <33

  • existenz

    Ok, i’m gonna get slated for this, but what the hell are u guys doing? I love u guys and i have all of ur albums but ur going Mainstream. Where’s the goth, orchestral, moody orgasms we all know and love. The last band that did this was Evanescence, i loved those guys, i went to see them on numerous occasions, but they succummed to the pressures of commercialism. I’m gonna see u guys at Brixton Academy after the long delay and can’t wait to see Sharon and the guys in all their glory. WT all the way baby.

  • Catherine

    you are gonna get slated for that, because you haven’t really thought about what you’ve said. the goth, orchestral moody elements are all still there! don’t let yourself turn into one of those bitter people who turns their back on their favourite band because they think they’re ‘mainstream’. the fact is WT have been mainstream since they released ‘ice queen’ and because of that they can afford to make amazing videos & put on spectacular shows. it’s a good thing, don’t resent them for it! and despite everything it’s not like they’re getting a ton of radio play. the long-time fans are still the most important. i’m going to brixton too, it’s gonna be amazing :D

  • angedemon

    @Existenz, not to mention the fact that if they would’ve stayed “underground”, you wouldn’t be able to go and see them in London, cause they wouldn’t play there……

  • youlookism

    @Kiga LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! its amazing, was looking for a site like yours <3

  • darkena

    @Existenz, I understand your feelings..I must say that I was very disappointed with this track when I discovered the new album..and I still do not really like it..too electro for me…but I understand that the band need to do some new things also and although it is not very dark and has electro sounds, it is not like David Ghetta’s commercial shit…Sinéad has something epic in the last part of the song

  • youlookism

    Yes, I feel the same about many comments. But whatever….. I just listen to the old cds and thats it. Im not buying the last one cause I only like 1 track (Where is the edge), but still support the band, and will wait till they release a new album. Hopefully will be of my linking. Still would love to listen them live if they come to South America.

  • withintemptation1fan

    I am sure that I can’t wait for this single to come out. Waiting is good more we wait the more you guys do to it :) be cool if you can do a remix or something like that, that will be really cool :)

  • Luqu

    Can’t wait to get it! I like VNV Nation but I lost track of them the last few years. Now my interest is triggered again! I really like the new album. Ga zo door!

  • Diogo Ribeirinha

    I’ll dance for you, guys.