“Paradise (What About Us?)” will be an EP

New video and single coming soon

“Paradise (What About Us?)”  will be released as an EP, containing four new songs.

In addition to Paradise (What About Us?), the EP will contain demo versions of three brand new songs:
“Let Us Burn”, “Silver Moonlight” and “Dog Days”.

By releasing these demos we want to invite you in our home studio and show how we capture song ideas at an early stage of creating a new album. These demo versions are far from their final sound on the album, but will give you a hint of what we’re working on.  It will be fascinating to hear what the end result will sound like, once the album is released.

We hope to make the waiting time for the new album a little shorter and sweeter with this release. It’s so exciting to share the different stages of our music with you. Stay tuned for more important news on the EP.

The EP Paradise (What About Us?), will be released on Friday September 27th world wide and on October 1st in North America.

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August 30, 2013
  • AS

    YES! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

  • Natalie Anne Molyneux

    Excellent. finally a release date :) Getting closer all the time and to be able to hear demo versions is just amazing xx

  • Sebastian Fudali

    Please give exact tracklist, european label which will release it and cover.

  • Ro’RockMe♫

    September will be a long, veeeerry long month… But I love the fact that we will have demo versions ! And I love the new titles, “Let Us Burn” and “Silver Moonlight” sounds great :D
    Can’t wait !!

  • Lea

    That’s great! And on the other hand bad. Great because finally we know, WHEN the EP will be released, bad because it’s soooo long to wait…

  • Robert Tauchnitz

    What is with the european Fans ??

  • Cam Chung

    Dog Days sounds interesting!! I can’t wait!!!

  • Natasha Alweyn

    That’s great news really looking forward to hearing the EP! The demo titles sound good especially Silver Moonlight! Hope the EP is available in Australia otherwise will order from overseas :-)

  • Fede Leites


  • Kristin C

    AAAAAHHHHHHHH *flails*

  • Krysten Hill

    Oh! I want it, I want it, I want it! Where can I preorder it?!

    Hopefully College will make September speed by fast!

  • Delight

    Coming soon… Oh, can’t wait!!!

  • http://verwijs.wordpress.com/ André Verwijs

    COOOOL :)

  • David Senter

    Not looking forward to those 5 days when the world has it and I don’t.

  • José Cardoso

    Just Great….I hope that the 2014 tour visit Portugal….:)

  • Anonymous

    Jesus take the weel *faints*

  • MAU_X64

    sing in spanish.Would be perfect

  • Mega Indah Sari

    Can’t Wait :D /

  • mars

    Come on this is not right, you guys always find new ways to grab people’s money, although they give it gladly to you as I can see. Just the new album would be enough I guess. I know you need to gain money cause you actually live from the band but hold on little bit, think of your fans a bit more, for some of them it’s hard to buy even the new album. I bet you already made a lot of money out of the cover album and the shows, don’t be so greedy for goodness’ sake..

  • Anja Meusel

    oh come on. You dont have to buy the single if you dont want to. Nobdy is forced to buy it.

  • mars

    Of course I won’t buy it, but I am free to judge this attitude as well. Personally, I tihnk WT has become the most attention-seeking band in the world of “metal-rock”. I am sure you all agree with me that they made a HUGE fuss out of releasing this new album. Advertising is acceptable at some point, but ain’t this so exaggerating? They desperately seek for ways to grab people’s attention and money, I think this is sneaky. I am sorry but this is how I see it. You all think that they care for their fans and that’s why they post so much useless info about the new album. Hello!!! This is such a naive thought, they don’t give a damn about their fans, all they want is your money. And yes I am so mad at them because they used to be so humble and remarkable artists while they ended up to be a business group of greedy fame hunters. This is called selling out and I am sure a lot of people are gonna attack me now but I don’t care, I am free to express my huge disappointment over how they abased themselves..

  • Arty Kuzmin

    I will download it for free from the internet LOL

  • Anja Meusel

    ok, this is your oppinion and I accept this. But I also see the other side. You know, it is very hard for bands to live from their music nowadays. And WT aren’t that famous so they need to advertise and such stuff. Dont judge a band just because they try to sell their music. They need this to live. And thats hard in a world where you can download music for free illegal.

  • mars

    I respect your opinion but personally I don’t agree with your way of thinking at all. WT is a well-known band and even with their past down to earth attitude they managed to gain money “for a living” at least even just from the NORMAL album and the touring, without all those none-stop advertising. Take Epica as an example. Equally famous band but way more discreet and serious than WT. If they have a new album coming out soon they’ll just post a video and maybe some words and that’s all. That’s what every band should do, to my mind. I hope you can get the difference between promoting a band in that extent so they can ensure a dignified life in terms of money, and promoting a band in that extent of becoming disgustingly rich and famous. This is their aim with their current attitude and this is abasement.

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    they do it for twoo reasons to help us wayt (even though that wot last more than 2 days but they try) and ofcourse they also try to sell more cause geuss what every one needs money i am not atacking any one but i agree with anja

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    sharon an the boys were always more out going with stuf doesnt make em diferent there very sweet ppl i know that for a fact she got my friend to safety when she fainted and gave her her own flowers so she would feel better i once fainted i dont even reember why but i did probebly lack of oxegen asmatic and all doesnt matter she and the guys made shore i got out of the veneu safe again on a fan club dau deu to lack of oxegen and beeing pressed agaist ppl to long i felt wonky she orderd to get me out of 013 so i could cacka breath normaly youre not alowed back in sharon aranged i was alowed to go back in to the veneu not carring? i dont think so

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    i will buy it cause i have a colection to fill and do still believe in them

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    can i join you in not wayting???:P:P:P

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    tell me about it favorate band releases and favorate show starting all in the last week of september it wil be looooooong

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    lets alll join a club my dear friends lets call it the leage of a waiting to long please make us able to manipulate time!! ITS A JOKE

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    i am one and i dont know robert i wish i did i just still believe and love this band

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    i wish i could help you my sweet natasha i realy realy do

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    no darling wt but i understand the comfusion :P :P:P:P joking

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    dont worry dear i know my wt and theyll be late for us probebly

  • 8iris

    the music store were I go to buy all WT stuff is closed… where can I get the EP now?

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    bol.com euhm online stores trough a freind. i tunes

  • Filipe Mourão

    Great news!

    I’d like to know about the possibility of releasing a high-quality Elements Blu-ray/Dvd such as Black Symphony. How can that moment not be registered for the ages (I wasn’t there!)? Please, answer me!

    Greetings from Brazil (I hope to see U here soon)!

  • Joel Mota

    Hey. I agree with both of you. But try to see the things as they are. WT were signed with rodruner label which released the previous album “The Unforgiving”. And this new album will be released by Sony BMG and Nuclear Blast. And Nuclear Blast is all about promotion and advertisement. And as they signed with Nuclear Blast they have to play by the label’s rules. That’s why “Paradise (What About Us?)” will be releasef as an EP. They still the same the only diference is that they start working with a different boss!

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    they wont release it

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    the unforgiving they paid for them selves

  • Filipe Mourão

    Do you happen to know why? That’s sad.

  • Joel Mota

    Yes but they were associated with rodrunner label. And now it seems that they associate with nuclear blast. But one way or another they still the same and the new album will be amazing. :)

  • Kristin C

    They said in an interview that the footage didn’t turn out 100% the way they wanted. :(

  • Kristin C

    Uhm, releasing EP’s, singles and b-sides is hardly something new, neither in WT’s career history nor in the music industry in general.

  • mars

    Uhm.. so what?

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    that youre just a whiner baby thats so what

  • mars

    Being rude with me doesn’t exactly honour you. I always post my opinion in a kind way, if you don’t like it, please accept it silently. You are a grown up so prove it.

  • Daniel Noel

    “Paradise (what About Us?)” Isn’t their first EP. They likely aren’t releasing it because Nuclear Blast told them too. WT’s first EP was “the Dance”, and since then they’ve had a couple others. This is not some scheme or money grab that they’ve just come up with. It’s the same thing they’ve been doing since 1996.

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    i think its ruse you try to make every one see everything youre way i believe in this band i always have i always will and saying they don care while you clearly never met them is also ruse and dis respect ful so all i ending with is what goes around comes around

  • mars

    I am just spotting my opinion and disappointment for the way this band has ended up like. It’s not my fault if you think it’s disrespectful jut because it’s negative. I am not so paranoid, and I am glad I can see things clearly. I used to love this band a lot, but now they seem to have taken an one way ticket to the road of selling out. At least this is how I see it. I am not expcting from everyone to agree with me neither to adopt my point of view, you misunderstood. I understand that you get upset when seeing negative comments for your favourtie band but you should learn how to accept them instead of blaming them.

  • Cas

    Hello WT!

    Ik lees nu dus pas dat er geen release komt van Elements. Erg jammer, maar begrijpelijk (waarschijnlijk vanwege o.a. het vuurwerk dat niet synchroon liep bij The Promise. Super jammer, want de uitvoering van dat nummer zelf was perfect! Kippenvel! Beter dan Black Symphony en dat zegt wat!).

    Één fan zal vast niet veel in te brengen hebben, maar what about een release van The Unforgiving Tour met slechts een aantal nummers van Elements + de beste uitvoeringen van nummers de theatertours? Ik bedoel: Candles live met orkest, het klonk zó perfect! – The Last Dance – Never-Ending Story – Say My Name – Our Farewell. Dit zijn zulke speciale en zeldzame hoogtepunten; die mogen gewoon niet verloren gaan!

    Groetjes van een Appelpopper!

  • José Manuel Jiménez García

    Hi! I just wanna know if “Paradise (What About Us?)” will be released physically or as digital EP… I hope it’s physical, I’m longing to see that album cover on my desk! :)