Robert to Focus on Production and Songwriting


As you know in recent years we were blessed with the birth of three children. Since then not only our kids but also Within Temptation has been growing fast and we are touring in more countries than ever before.

To be able to fulfill the needs of our children but just as much the needs of the band for now and also in the future, we decided Robert will step down from touring live, (except for the occasional show). With this change we can give stability to our children and from the home studio Robert will have more time writing new music and developing new creative ideas for the live show, the comic and future movies.

What makes the decision easier is the fact that Stefan Helleblad is willing to take Robert’s place in the band on stage. Stefan has been working with the band behind the scenes for some years. As a sound engineer he was involved in the production of our latest three records. Next to being a great sound engineer, mixing engineer and producer he is also a very gifted guitar player. On our latest album ‘The Unforgiving’ you can already hear him play some special guitar parts. His first show will be on the 21st in Heerhugowaard.

So this is not a goodbye but a new step, or actually two steps in a very exciting new and inspiring time for our band.
We hope you keep joining and enjoying this adventure together with us and our paths will keep crossing each other.

‘till soon !!!
Sharon and Robert


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September 20, 2011
  • jeh1058

    Well, as long as you don’t stop crafting amazing and beautiful songs (and I reckon this decision will give you even more time to do this), I can’t see what we fans should be afraid of =)

    Rock on WT!


  • Daniëlle

    Robert, enorm bedankt voor je gitaarspel en de liveshows van de afgelopen jaren! Met dit bericht besef ik nog beter wat een speciale dag het gisteren in Zandvoort was! Is het wel de bedoeling dat Robert er met de Fanclubdag en het Film Festival bij is?

  • axelviii

    Hmm…I fully understand your reasons….but a WT show without Robert?

    Stephan left WT, Ruud has his for all we know besides WT, Robert stols touring….so whats up next?

    I hope 500 more great tracks….

  • hartogendelano

    Wow, I must admit I didn’t see that step coming. Although I do understand it totally. Welcome on board Stefan! And Robert, thanks for all the live performances. I still hope you are coming to the FCD on Sunday! I’ve got a Japanese DVD of the Unforgiving to sign :)

  • xena

    Robert, we zullen je missen met de concerten, met deze stap kunnen er weer mooie dingen ontstaan waar je meer tijd voor krijgt waar we van kunnen genieten, ik ben ook blij voor je kinderen. En nog bedankt voor je geweldige gastvrijheid en kicken op het circuit van Zandvoort.

  • unclechristo

    Brian Wilson quit touring too – for different reasons of course – and Pet Sounds & Smile happened. Will miss seeing Robert in Birmingham but life balance in all things is good. Touring can be tiring to the creative system – so can parenthood!

  • sillysil

    As a girl, I understand totally the situation, and it’s very moving that Robert decided not to take part in the whole tour to stay with the kids!best decision!!And surely Stefan will be up to his role and play wonderfully on stage! ;) can’t wait to see you again anyway!keep on rocking guys!

  • wtcanadianfan

    I understand this completely. Family should come first. With your daughter now being school age you need to have a parent home. Robert will be missed at the live shows, not only by fans, but I am sure by Sharon and the rest of the guys. If this move allows the band to keep making great music then as a fan I am grateful.

  • fp7936a

    We will miss ya but know that you will always be there. I got a chance to meet you in Philadelphia, Pa and I am so glad I did. You are part of the driving force that is propelling this band higher and higher to the top. Good to see that you will have more time with the kids and have more time to create more for the band itself. Hope to see ya back next year in the states!!!! Good luck and God bless.

  • HöBêLöRd

    I was afraid that might happen, but was expecting at least to see you during this tour in Madrid… :(
    Anyway, i completely understand what you’re doing and i’m happy and really appreciate the fact that you’ll still keep beeing part of WT, even though we’re all going to miss you so much in the stages

    See you and listen to your new creations! :P
    (hope that’ll mean we wont have to wait 4 years for a new album? :D )

  • celticbotan

    Oh, dear Robert and Sharon, I understand this, and I really support your decision. Your children don’t deserve to be left without their parents, not at all. I love your band and music, but of course I care a lot for you and your family too. =)

    I feel very happy though that Sharon decided to keep on touring, to sing for people all around the world who wants so bad to see WT live (me included, I hope you come to Brazil soon! =D). I think she will give her best shots knowing Robert is taking care of it all (though I also want very bad to see him live D=). So please, Robert, present us with new beautiful, fresh compositions, we’ll listen to them gladly! =D
    And Stefan, welcome aboard, I wish you luck on your performances! =D

  • joannedrewery

    I totally understand. As a mother myself I have often looked at you guys and wondered how you manage to do everything! My husband and I would do exactly the same in your situation, ’cause your family has to come first, right?

  • lexiel

    What a great way to handle the situation.  You’re making time for you children without actually leaving the band, congrats :D

  • federicawt

    I understand your decision, but i know that i’ll miss Robert so much.

    I hope that one day he’ll return on the stage .


  • allineed89

    A brilliant comment by wtcanadianfan – wouldn’t add anything else to that, its totally understandable :)

  • Scrius

    Long echoes of my congratulations guys :) Once more I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in the States and that the rest of your shows were just as magical. Very best of luck with your new lifestyle.

  • azerett

    Noooooooo! I understand perfectly, that you want the best for your children, but I am soooo sad that I won’t see Robert on the stage in Prague :(

  • wtcanadianfan

    Do we call Robert “Mr. Mom” now?

  • vtsx3

    Very sad for the fans…but understandable… comes first….any chance Robert will still be at fanclub day??????

  • gloomshadow

    Wow, it’s kind of hard to believe that Robert won’t be on stage anymore… I guess I won’t be able to see him in Oporto in October.
    However, I do understand the decision you guys made. Family comes first, and I know the effect that having a dysfunctional family can have in children… I’m really glad that you’re putting your family first, but without Robert fully leaving WT! Welcome on board, Stefan! Within Temptation will always be the best band in the face of earth! Love you guys !

  • IceQueen625

    Robert! You will be missed on tour so much! I hope someday you’ll be on the stage again! But I understand family comes first, and you children deserve to have some stability. In the meantime, write some good stuff for WT! ;)

  • lemony

    OMG this is a big deal! I hope the band adjust well to the change (especially Sharon of course) but, as already stated the children absolutely come first and to be honest I don’t know how you would manage everything otherwise, realistically. It can;t have been an easy decision so well done! A lot of change eh! xxxx

  • Goth lover

    I applaud Robert for his willingness to stay at home for his kids. I’m sure he’ll miss touring and Sharon, but he’s doing the right thing. Sharon needs to stay on the road cause she is the face of WT!!! I saw your show in Toronto and it ROCKED!!! I certainly do hope you do come back again next year. I loved the mix of new and older songs, you guys did not disappoint!!!

  • mitch3043

    Having to make a career change when I was over half-way to retirement because I was a single parent and not about to sacrifice raising my daughter properly I full understand, support, and congratulate everyone on this decision. I’m just glad that 8 days ago we had the opportunity to meet Robert personally and see him on stage, it makes the memory of that occassion all the more meaningful! This can only serve to be a positive for the future of the band as I see it. And hey, there are still plenty of DVD’s and videos out there if we ever desire to see Robert playing (plus remember, the mnessage did express he will still play at the occassional show – think how special that will be).

  • eyisybuety6

    I hope you keep Ruud :(

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  • Mad_Being

    It is a very mature decision you guys are taking. So, no fear for what’s to come! Welcome, Stefan Helleblad, and see you around, Robert! =D

  • cristianapt

    Oh no! :( This was a big surprise to me, I was so so happy with my first WT concert in Portugal and I’m really sad for Robert can’t be on stage. But It’s okay, Robert and Sharon you are great parents and this is the prove, so I understand and I’m by your side. I wish you all the best with the kids and I see the others in Portugal, I can’t wait! :D

  • truth_sellador

    As I put on WT Facebook wall: I’m became in two differents kind of feelings when I readed the news: On the one hand, I understand the new situation of the band and is the best decision that you made for your childrens. On the other hand, I’ll really miss the presence of Robert in stage when I’ll see you again on next month and on the upcoming tour dates. He is one of the souls of the band, and is so sad, but all and all, Im happy to konw that WT is still here, creating, envolving and stay with us. The changes sometimes are great, and I can believe that the band will be here forever. After all, welcome to a little but enormous rocking world, Stefan! We’ll see you soon in Barcelona! Good luck Sharon and guys.

  • wtcanadianfan

    Stefan is hella cute!

  • graypegasus

    I totally agree with Wtcanadianfan; Stefan is a hottie! :-D I know Robert will be missed on tour, but as everyone else has said earlier family needs to come first. It is amazing to see how much the band does and I’m glad that you are able to find a way to put on amazing shows for us and still take care of yourselves. Plus, if this means less time between now and the next album it has to be a good thing! ;-) WT forever!

  • philaver2001

    Well, what can I say, is a little bit sad, but I understand, the family is always first, especially the kids, so good luck Robert in any project that you decide to make and good luck to Stefan also, welcome to the stage, I just hope that the band still rock our minds for long time.

  • Wtanna

    It is sad that we won’t get to see you play live anymore, but I am (and almost every other WT fan out) completely understanding of the fact that family comes first. You must be a seriously devoted father, and now I have even more respect for the band as a whole (Which is nearly impossible. You guys are amazing.) And, it will interesting to see Stefan’s style on stage. Can’t wait to see him perform live!

  • nadalija2011

    creo que los hijos son una bendicion y a ellos todo el respeto y dedicacion…hoy por hoy within temptation como banda es consolidada y creo que aunque robert este detras del escenario apoyando de otra manera hara que la banda se establezca aun mas y se den mejores espectativas,inclusive el hecho de poder contar con uno de sus mejores ingenieros hace notar que la calidad y dominio como musicos es lo que a hecho que esten donde estan en un gran pedestal…de mi parte bendiciones y exitos para EVA,ROBIN Y LOGAN JUNTO A ROBERTH y a SHARON MUCHO EXITO EN LAS GIRAS,CADA UNO DE LOS MIEMBROS DE LA BANDA SON ESENCIALES PARA QUE EXITA COMO TAL WITHIN TEMPTATION,,,IGUAL SEGUIRAN SIENDO ESPECTACULARES Y ROBERT ESTE EN EL ESCENARIO O COMPONIENDO DE IGUAL FORMA LO VAMOS A SENTIR EN LA MUSICA DE WITHIN TEMPTATION POR SU FORMA PARTICULAR Y ESPECIAL DE COMPONER…UN ABRAZO FRATERNAL DESDE COSTA RICA…PAZ Y BIEN….

  • bjorn

    beste wt ,

    jammer dat robert geen live shows meer zal spelen, ik heb altijd genoten van de shows ( en dat blijf ik ook doen ) en robert is en blijft toch een van de gezichten van WT. ik begrijp natuurlijk jullie keuze en dat zal niet makkelijk zijn geweest aangezien Robert al van begin af aan mee gespeelt heeft. maar de keuze is in mijn ogen niet meer als natuurlijk en logisch familie gaat ten alle tijden voor en vooral als je 3 mooie kinderen hebt dan is de keuze lijkt mij ook zo gemaakt. gelukkig blijft robert wel mee werken met WT in alle opzichten dus we hoeven Robert eigenlijk niet te missen. ik kijk nu al uit naar jullie shows en daar ga ik weer volle 110% van genieten! ik ben en blijf fan van jullie! ik zie jullie snel ;-)
    Horns Up! Greets Bjorn

  • jesseroy324

    Awwww Robert, what a great thing to do. Our children are everything. I was once told this and never forgot it…Een persoon kan de hardste werker worden. Werken sneller en beter dan alle anderen, zouden alle de jongens bij het bedrijf zeggen: “wow hij is snel, is hij niet geweldig”. De persoon werkt al het overwerk en is nooit ziek. Nu opeens de persoon sterft, en voor de week ze zeggen wow dat hij snel was, maand later veel wow zeggen dat hij was geweldig. 5 jaar later niemand herinnert zich de man helemaal. Hij kan af en toe een gedachte zijn, maar zeer zeldzaam. Maar zijn kinderen nooit vergeten. Het is onze familie, dat is onze enige echte erfenis. Het is onze kinderen, die zich herinneren hoe we onze toast eten en hoe we begroeten een vreemdeling, zijn ze altijd leren van ons. Natuurlijk, Within Temptation is een unieke erfenis ook wel, ik juich je voor het maken van deze moeilijke beslissing en ik ben verliefd op uw toewijding aan uw kinderen!

    I am the guy who had the Barbie CD out back in Philly.
    And hey you were the only one who didn’t sign my shirt, I hope you can return next year to sign it but if not is it okay if I take Sharon out for a spin? Have fun my friend and the new Barbie movie will be out soon for the holiday season!!

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  • zackeriahsilver

    The fact that i live in Texas its really rare that within temptations would come here to perform, they are my favorite band in the whole world and Robert is one of my hero’s, the fact that i will proly never get to see my favorite band and now proly never get to see my hero perform its hitting me pretty hard rite now T-T……but its understandable….i love their kids like they are my own siblings and i respect the decision…idk if i’ll ever get used to it but no harm in trying…..Love you robert rock on 

  • anja

    he robert wat een beslissing met alle respect de kids gaan voor we zullen je missen on stage maar geweldig dat je voor je gezin kiest !!en natuurlijk achter de schermen bij w.t.zullen we nog genoeg van je horen
    ben benieuwd naar de nieuwe w.t.
    gr anja

  • VampWithin

    Hmm.. Aan de éne kant begrijp ik jullie wel, (ik zou ook geen vreemde op de kleintjes laten passen) en zo gaan jullie nooit achterlopen op schema:-D Aan de andere kant :-( Robert hoort gewoon bij WT, hij is een deel van jullie..
    Deze beslissing komt idd wat schokkend over:o Hopelijk maar tijdelijk?? :-/
    xXx Lisa
    P.S: vindt jullie nog steeds steengoed hoor;-) )

  • VampWithin

    @ Anja: nieuwe WT, zo zou je het wel kunnen zeggen:p

  • hanstalsma

    Hey`s very sad that you will stop touring from now:( but i really appreciate your decision. The kids and family are very important:) that`s for sure. I hope you will return to WT very soon in the future. All respect for you, and i wish you all the best with the new songwriting:) I`m curious for new WT future releases. Rock on Robert!!! Thumbs up.

  • reprep

    like Sharon would sing , its so damn sad,

    hope to see you sometime Robert! you where great

  • marriett

    It’s sad to know that Robert is going out of stages, but it is a really honorable and beautiful decision. I think all your fans must be proud of you. And we’ll always be sending best vibrations for this big and lovely family, that is Within Temptation.

    Best wishes!! :)

  • 7thsymphony

    It’s sad to konow that we won’t get to see Robert playing live for a while, but he’s doing what is best for his kids and we love and respect him all the more for this. So, hugs and kisses to him and welcome on board to Stefan! see you soon in Milan!

  • loz26

    As much as it is sad that we won’t get to see Robert on stage, i wish the best for the band and I know their amazing music will continue to flourish! I still think that if you ever get the chance, you should come to Australia!!

  • MedusaDeMol

    Heey heey Stefan ik heb je gisteren zien spelen in de 013 in tilburg en ik vond je echt heel goed. :D
    X Medusa

  • bvince

    Sharon and Robert: it is me! Vince Brusio from Diamond Comics. I am happy for you both and your family, and I know Stefan Helleblad will do a good job for you on your live shows. If I can ever help you and the band in the future, you can send me a message on Twitter, @VinceBrusio, or email me at Take care. Peace!

  • Marlene

    :O I hadn’t read this…
    u.u really sad, but i understand. Childrens always are first. I hope to meet Robert someday