Sharon: From now on, nothing will be the same


Obviously the discussions about the new album have really been set on fire by ‘Where is the Edge’. 

But for the people who liked it, we’re afraid that it’s really not revealing much of what’s to come… From the moment we started writing this album we felt it was time for change, to take a bigger step in our musical development then we’ve done with the last two albums.

But instead of getting inspiration from unknown territories we’ve found them in our musical roots ,the metal, rock and even pop-hits of the late 80′s beginning 90′s. Now we can tell you about the new songs but the only way to explain it and for you to judge it, is to hear it.

A fact is that “The Unforgiving” is the album with the most diversity between the songs then ever before. Containing the heaviest riffs we’ve ever played, lots of uptempo moments, guitar-solo’s, but at the same time also some of the most catchy stuff ever. We definitely didn’t want to say goodbye to the filmic orchestral material, but there are more reasons for that…

We really can’t wait to release this album as it belongs in your hands, but unfortunately we all need to wait until the end of March.

Now here’s the good news: to endure the waiting, soon we’ll release ‘”The  Unforgiving Video-Trailer” containing parts of different songs, the music video’s and… (more about this 3rd ingredient laterrr).

We have to go back to work to finish everything ASAP and hereby also a pic of work in progress.

Stay tuned ;-) , Sharon

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December 20, 2010

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