Sharon: Important news…

Hello everyone,

As we are all gearing up for the release of our new album I have news which might come as a surprise:Robert and I are expecting a child. To be honest, this was not planned at all, but we’re very happy about it as we experience our kids as an enrichment of our lives.

I’m happy to tell you that the release of our new album will not change: March 2011! The recordings for the album are completed and the songs are being mixed right now, all preparations for the release are in full swing, so there is no reason to put things on hold.

However, we couldn’t avoid rescheduling our tour as it will be impossible for me to deliver a great show for you while being in the final months of my  pregnancy. Also due to the complications during the previous pregnancies it is dangerous for our baby and for me to be very active in these final months.

The tour dates have already been re-scheduled to the fall of 2011. The tickets you have bought will remain valid for the new dates which can be found on this page. We understand that the re-scheduling of our tour is a blow for you and we can only sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused as we very much appreciate the fact that so many of you have bought  tickets for the shows early on.

We hope for your understanding and support and we’ll do everything to make the up-coming tour the best you’ve ever seen from us yet!

All the best from Sharon & Within Temptation

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November 26, 2010
  • Luna82

    Congratulations to both of you and best wishes for another beautiful, healthy baby!

  • billpolymer

    omg i wish you the best! i am so huppy that you are huppy .. you are a great family and your kids , luna and aaron & your new little baby will be excellant personalities <3 of course there is no problem about changing the tour dates… i'm sure you are graet parents , sharon and robert , wish again the best!!!

  • scythe

    At first congratulations! These are very good news for you but of course very bad news for all of your fans! Especially as I was really looking forward to your concert on 20-03-11. But it doesn’t matter anyway due to that circumstances…

  • Lady_Jinxx


  • wtpippa

    That is amazing! Congratulations!

  • peelen-erp


  • democlavien

    sharon, you keep having kids and you will end up the old woman in the shoe, ha ha ha. just kidding. good luck with number three and maybe sometime afterwards we in the us will be able to partake of a visit from you and the fellas. cheers.

  • Mikokikyouhime

    Omg!congratulations. I wish you the best

  • Mitsy

    First of all: my sincere congratulations! You guys are really blessed. It must be an incredible feeling. Of course, I’m a little bit eh, disappointed? Sounds selfish, I know, but I was really looking forward to the shows, to see you playing live again, seeing all the fans from abroad and tasting the WT atmosphere again. It’s been so long. But I do understand the circumstances and wish you all the best and can’t wait to hear the new album and see you performing again next year in fall! I know that it definitely will be worth the wait! Good luck!

  • milisha

    Would love to see you in Serbia too! :)

  • intotemptation

    Congrats guys! I’m sure everyone understands, I pray that this baby will also be as beautiful and healthy as your other two children. I’ll see you guys in the fall of 2011!!

  • Within D

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

  • Stew

    CONGRATULATIONS!! :) :P Such a great news again! :) And thank you for adding the show in Prague! I’m so excited! :)

  • greg1982

    all my congratulations for this pregnancy…
    I am a father of a child and I understand perfectly.
    The most important are that you take care of your health and that of your child, sharon.
    I and my wife will always be there to support you,
    We shall be in the next concerts by autumn, 2011 there.
    french fans

  • apollyon

    Congratulations Sharon & Robert!

  • _WT-Fan_

    Sharon and Robert Congratulations with your pregnancy ! I hope that this pregnancy will be better than the by Luna and Aiden. Enjoy and I Wish you both all best.

  • riche


    Ik heb een pup die tegen de tijd van de nieuwe datum bijna anderhalf is en langer alleen kan blijven. Dus mij komt de nieuwe datum goed uit ;)

    Heel veel succes met de zwangerschap en het nieuwe album!

  • tanderullum

    Dudes! Wow, congratulations. :D

    Well, the postponing of the tour does make me want to travel to even more shows, so I guess it’s a win-win(-win) situation for all! See you on the road and congratulations again!

  • jillianadel

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!))))I’m very happy for you!))It’s great!))Wish you, Robert, Luna, Aiden and of course the future baby all the best!)))

  • Dark_Wings101

    Congratulations! I wish you and yours all the best in the coming months :D

  • niela

    Congratulations :D

  • enrg38279

    I can no longer see you in Madrid … this is very hard for me. Do you put the damn concert on Monday !…. I knew something would happen and I think that I can not but with this …

  • bruu

    Sharon and Robert,congrats! I’m very happy for you guys! Wish you all the best! And much health to the newest member of the WT family! You guys are truly blessed by God, that’s why he sent a third angel to brighten your life even more! I wish much more blessings and love to both and your beautiful family!love & hugs from Brazil!Bru;=)

  • sadoente

    congrats for your 3rd child =) 

    I`m really looking forward for you, even when we fans have to wait to see you live again ;)

  • thrillkill

    COngratulations, Sharon and robert!!! All the best for you and the child x)

  • Fadinha

    Congratulations!!! =)

  • Daniëlle

    Awesome news!! Congratulations with the upcoming baby, the last member of the WT revivalband ;)

    It’s actually funny to get babynews for 2 days in a row :P

  • peterja

    Many congratulations to you both ! It just gives us all more time to look forward to seeing you again. In the Paradiso and Brixton in my case. Also I see there is an extra show in Birmingham which I shall also go to. Warm wishes Peter !!

  • LadyMaeve

    Congratulation Sharon and Robert! Don’t worry about rescheduling, the most important thing is that you and your baby are fine!
    Take you time and take care!
    I’m so happy for you and your children!!

  • reaska83

    omg congrats sharon the baby is amazing news and me and all my friends are soooo excited for the new album =D

  • AllINeed

    This is awesome!! Great news!! <3

  • samantha1987

    WOW…ik dacht, laat ik weer eens kijken! En jullie verwachten gewoon een 3e kindje!

    Gefeliciteerd…veel succes en geluk weer met deze uitbreiding!

    Liefs Samantha

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  • wtnumber1fan

    Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you guys!
    Never worry about having to cancel a show because you are pregnant! You guys are great parents! Congratulations once again

  • jeepsman

    congratulations :D

  • oraidersa

    Mazel Tov :]

  • Anne

    Congrats guys! Weer een wt-baby erbij! Dat gaat hard :) .

    Helaas ben ik tegen die tijd naar Groningen verhuisd, dus het komt niet heel goed uit…

  • danhel

    omg! Congratulations! OwO too bad we will have to wait too long to finally see him/her but still,we hope you the best! you guys rock! ^^

  • narcotic


    Enjoy the time of pregnancy , Sharon !
    and don’t worry about the Tour !!! 

    Greetings from Austria

  • Methras

    Congratulations! :)

  • miladythewinter

    Super goed nieuws, en ja kindjes en gezondheid gaan voor. stiekum wel fijn,…heb ik nog tijd genoeg om straks in september alles mee te kunnen zingen ;) van harte en geniet er van!

  • Mad_Being

    Congratulations for the upcoming child! And thank you for adding a show in Lisbon! I’m so excited! And again, congratulations! 

  • gerianne

    Congratulation! Wonderful news :) take care!

  • starlighted

    congratulations to both of you !!
    We’ll wait to see you ;)

  • hari

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! there are WT babies all round! :-)

  • lullaby

    gefeliciteerd!!!! :D

  • alessiavamp

    O my God, another stork arriving at the large family of WT is a wonderful news congratulations!!! :D Vi Amooo!!!

  • fabi

    Wow, just woke up and got “bombed” with this news. I’m really speechless at the moment. But this means more time to save money for new extra shows. And I’m super happy about the Stuttgart gig, it was my dream since I saw you there for the first time, in Longhorn I mean.

    Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS of course. My god, how wonderful for you. All the best. :)


  • CelticArwen

    Congratulations on your fantastic baby news and good health to you Sharon.
    I look forward to seeing WT tour in the Autumn of 2011… hoping that you can make it to Manchester! :D
    Congratulations again Sharon & Robert XX

  • moonbeam13

    WOW!! AMAZING NEWS! :D Yay!!! congrats! im soo happy for you both, best wishes for your new baby :)

  • enrg38279

    despite all the bad … congratulations on your baby XD. the third hahaha.
    I hope your new album is the best, but you better XD Ciao

  • Within D

    CelticArwen there is a show added in manchester.. 9/11/2011!

  • federicawt


  • archanhellwtarg

    Congratulations for that notice!! I wish you all the best for you and your new baby! I’ll be waiting for the new tour. =)

  • Saz


  • bellamendes

    Cool! Another kid! Congratulations to you guys! You’re almost like the Von Trapp family (but without the nazis thankfully)! I wish you a very good pregnancy, Sharon and hope to see you soon here around Brazil! We really miss you..

  • shass

    Oh, Sharon, this is great news indeed! CONGRATULATIONS to you both! I’m looking forward to more news about the baby :) and now you’ve also made sure everyone in the audience will be able to sing along with you during the concerts. Take good care of you, the baby within you and your family and see you next autumn!

  • fifthfreedom

    Wow, Are you creating music dynasty?:). Congratulations!

  • steve-cy

    Great news guys! WT family is getting bigger and bigger. Congrats Sharon and Robert! Guys have you ever consider to open a day care station? that would be fun haha!
    See you soon!

  • withintemptationrock

    Wow1 Congratultions!!!!:D! I am very happy!<3 Now Eva and Robin will have another brother/sister<3 cobgratulations!:)

  • Marcello82

    Congratulations Sharon and Robert!!! 3 is the perfect number! :D Do not worry about the tour, we will wait for you! ;) kisses and hugz for u both!

  • jadina94

    First of all: CONGRATULATIONS! I just registered for give you my best greetings, and so… CONGRATULATIONS for the second time :D I’m the third child of my parents, I wasn’t planned too, but I know that this child will be absolutely perfect like you, Robert, Eva Luna, Aiden and all the WT members are. My best wishes from Italy :)

  • cmoreno83

    Congratulations Sharon and Robert. It is pretty surprising but I’m really happy for you guys. I wish you good health, and nothing but the best. I hope you will come to the US at some point too. I look forward to the new album :)

  • mayomatt9

    Congratulations!!! AND… I’ve just seen the new tour dates, and you’re coming to Manchester – We’ll be there!!

  • Sapphireheart

    Congratulations!!!! I’m soo happy for you guys! =D <33333

  • wtrock

    Hopefully I’ll be able to get to Manchester. :) Congratulations- You’ll be amazing parents. I’m so happy for you both, Sharon & Robert. :)

  • dominique

    Congratulations Sharon and Robert. I saw that you were pregnant at the regional teletext transmitter (tv West). Many strong in the last months of pregnancy.

  • axelviii

    At first, congrats to you Sharon anr Robert. I really love your music, and i wish you all the best. But thats really bad for my. Im wating 6 years now that youre comming back to Dresden, and now the conzert is in november….and then, i maybe cant see it because of work…. :-( But thats not your fault. Maybe Im lucky and im in Dresden this Day :-) Otherwise, maybe its destiny, and i have to wait another 6 years…

  • guitargirl96


  • loentje

    Dear Robert en Sharon, I’m so happy for you! Now we have to waite till september for the concert. I hope that everything is oké with Sharon and the baby! Good luck en enjoy your pregnancy.

    Big love!!!

  • animza

    Felicitaciones! Veo que no son muy populares los comentarios en español, jejejeje..Les deseo mucha suerte y creo que han establecido bien sus prioridades. I’m very anxious waiting for your new album! Greets from Argentina

  • azurys

    Yeeeah ! That’s a very good new !
    I’m sure people will understand for the tour, the most important is Sharon’s health and the baby !
    Congratulation ! This is awesome !

  • pestik

    Congratulations Sharon and Robert!:-) And I’m looking forward to show in Prague, I was sad about missing show in Czech rep

  • celticbotan

    First of all: Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you guys! x3

    And now, I just HAVE to say it: what’s going ON after all?! LOL
    We are being shot with great/surprising news for the last two weeks! LOL

    More than ever, I wish all the best for you and your family!

  • nini4rose

    Ohhhhh :/ I’m happy for you but now I have to wait till november 2011…

  • beautynightfair

    Gefeliciteerd! When’s the due date?

  • Nerwen_Elendil

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m so happy for you two. New album and new baby… that’s amazing ^_^
    Hope everything to go smoothly and with no problems and all… So, do you want it to be another girl or another boy?? :P
    Congratulations again ^_^

  • allineed89

    Congratulations Sharon and Robert, I am sure Eva Luna and Robin Aiden are going to be well excited too!! I am really excited for the new album and your long awaited return to the UK!! A whole year to wait but it will be definitely worth it, plus it gives us extra time to learn the new lyrics for the new songs so we can sing along to them haha!! :D

  • annamoon

    Congratulation to you. I’m so happy for you. Having Child is the most beautiful Things on Life. 
    Don’t feel sorry for the Show, the Baby’s health and yours is much more important. We can Wait and be assure that We will Still be there after your pregnancy. 

    We love you and again: Congratulation.

  • jesaar

    This is great news for you both!

    How will a music video for the first single work? Will you record it before you start to show?

    Will there be music videos for this album since you will be preggie for a good portion of the albums initial release? I’m assuming of course that you wont be filming videos while showing. Anyway, good luck on the pregnancy. It’ll bei interesting how you work around it for promotional purposes. 

  • sile

    WOW *__*
    excellent news =)))
    congratulations =)))

  • kuolema

    :) ) congratulations….That came as a shock!!!!
    Good luck,wish you all the best!

  • selby

    congratulations guysss <3 luv ya!!! see u in Milan October 2011 <3

  • soyhann

    wear a condom next time XD

  • scream

    wooow Congratulations for Sharon and Robert!! 
    best wishes :*:*:*:*

  • kuku333177

    Congrats Sharon & Robert ^_^

  • HöBêLöRd

    Oh! What a shocking new! I was afraid there were bigger problems!
    But that’s just a little baby on the way, anything to worry about but to be happy! Enjoy it, and get strenghts for the tour!!
    I’ll see you in Madrid next 10th October!!
    Like this i’ll have time enough to learn the lyrics by heart, by brain and by lumb… lol
    See you, and congratulation to both!

  • larsen

    I’m really happy for this news! :)
    I hope that the pregnancy will not have problems, and I hope with all my heart that Sharon and his child enjoy good health! <3
    I was hoping to see live WT for the first time in Milan … but the most important thing is her health!
    See you in autumn!
    Again congratulations!

  • bb0nes

    Aaaaaah nóg langer wachten! Balen! Maar PROFICIAT :D :D:D

  • analis

    Congratulations Sharon and Robert!
    i think it will be a girl :)
    your name could be ondine or..perhaps Belisa (like Belisa Crepusculario in the history “2 words” by Isabel Allende. :)

    Esperando el Nuevo Album desde Argentina…

  • greg1982

    I still think of this happy event for you;
    I have a 9-month-old son, my wife had problems of health during her pregnancy…
    I send you to you and to robert all my congratulations…
    You have all our support…. See you in Autumn; We shall be there..
    french fans

  • doormatt23

    Geez!! This band is like a bunch of rabbits. Seems like every time I blink, there’s a baby popping out somewhere. Congrats none the less. As long as we get our music on time.

  • icequeen145


    Congratulations Sharon and Robert!! WOW… that’s great news. I know the timing is off for you guys, but a baby is NEVER a bad thing! :) I hope you’re ok promoting the album for part of next year Sharon! Take care of yourself and your baby ;) .

    I am sure you and Robert can manage 3 kids alright! Good-luck! :)

  • becky92

    Congratulations Sharon and Robert!! I’m so happy for you both. :)

  • aimilia

    Oh my God!!! A another baby!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  • becky92

    Also, the important thing is that you and the baby are well. Take care of yourself Sharon. :)

  • cheltje1008

    congrats sharon & robert :D :D a brother or sister for luna and aiden.. so nice..
    enough time to learn the new lyrics ;)

  • mckaygenius

    It is wonderful news! With all my heart I congratulate!!

  • EvelineWT

    Hey Sharon and Robert! I am so happy for you!!! I really was looking forward to see you in March but the health of Sharon and the baby is so much more important!!!
    All the best and take good care of yourself Sharon!! Big hug and kiss!!!

  • azerett

    Wow! Big suprise! Congratulation! I hope you and your baby will be alright.

  • annforce

    CONGRATS Sharon & Robert! That´s great news for all the fans <3
    And don´t worry we all support you and we´re really really happy :P
    Take care of yourself and the precious baby inside you xD ehehe
    LOVE YOU :3

  • frenchtemptation

    Yes , great surprise ! Which marvellous and unforeseen new. I wish to Sharon a pregnancy soft and soothed down to come back to us in big form for concerts. Your future child is more important than everything. It’s going to be a long wait but i shall wait , because i love you.
    I’m inspired suddenly…GRACE (the grâce is the opposite of the unforgiving…)or STELLA (beautiful like the stars…) ,would be beautiful firstname for a girl.I’ m not inspired at this moment for a boy , sorry ;) :) )

  • evilangel

    Congrats Sharon and Robert!
    :D Is a very good new! 
    Best wishes to all of you! (Including the baby :D

  • judgedredd

    Congrats to you and your family! May your pregnancy be blessed and safe. I hope when you resume touring that you will consider a tour of the United States including a stop here in sunny Florida!

  • frenchtemptation

    It’s a forgiving news , Sharon , don’t worry :) Forgiving ,this word say something to me… ;)

  • vtsx3

    Congrats guys!!!!! Our prayers are with you for a healthy child and an uncomplicated pregnancy :-) Take care of yourselves so you can come back in the fall and ROCK OUR WORLD!!!!!!!!!. I’m already looking into moving our airline reservations so we’re still coming :-) But man–having to wait another nine months to see you guys in concert—who ever heard of having to wait nine months for….uh ..ohh..yeah…hehe. So this in what? 5 WT babies in the last 5 years….what are they putting in the water over there….??? ;-)

  • rogier40

    sharon en robert gefeliciteerd met de zwangerschap.Ik kan niet wachten op jullie nieuwe album.Jullie vorige albums waren allemaal toppie dus heb er veel vertrouwen dat het nieuwe album zal klinken als een klok grtz en veel liefs van rogier

  • snowwhitegrace

    Congrats Sharon and Robert! :) We are all very happy to hear that a new member of WT family is coming up! :) Thats great news ! I wish you guys all the happiness in the world, from the bottom of my heart! :) We love you guys! PS: Please come back to Brasil! We miss you!

  • xwen1207

    Congratulations, my best wishes for the new baby, blessings,from Mexico =)

  • epikamelot

    Congrats! :) I was SOOO HAPPY to see that you’ve planned a show in Nantes ( France)!! Just screamed in front of my computer!

  • withinfloren4

    Muchas Felicidades!

  • mother

    we are always by your site! congrats to both! keep care of you,thats the important thing for you. we love you all and all the best!!!!

  • wtkoen

    Congratulations Sharon with your pregnancy!

  • JethroTull

    Congratulations! I guess this is the reason for the early photoshoots for the album ;)

  • han2601

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie zwangerschap!Wat een super nieuws!!!Geniet er met volle teugen van…See you in Tilburg!

  • wtkoen

    Robert, what have you done now!? ;-)

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  • silvijawt

    Congratulations :D

  • Alicej

    congrats! The baby within temptation band is growing fast :)

  • mlkoevoets

    Hoi Sharon & Robert,

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met het goede nieuws van de zwangerschap! Geniet er van. Groeten van de familie Koevoets uit Zeeland! Congratulations with the good news of your pregnancy! Enjoy it. From Zeeland with love, De familie Koevoets.

  • amy719

    Congratulations to both, I hope everything goes well, =)

  • poes16

    dear robert en sharon great news i hope everithing gonne be good for all of you!
    see you in september

  • byby

    Congratulations! all my wishes of happiness! As they say at home in Corsica, Pace è Salute
    (Peace and Health)

  • fairy89

    Congratulations!!!!!! :)

  • lisitea

    oh yes of course we can wait!! now the most important is your family! many congratulations for you both,God bless your baby.:D
    a big hug for within temptation the best!!!!

  • withinfloren4

    Menudo cachondeo de gente, esto no es serio, que me devuelvan el dinero de la entrada.

  • withinfloren4

    Lo siento, pero es que me ha jodido mogollon el cambio de fechas.

  • hartogendelano

    Congratulations Robert and Sharon. I was wondering why I received an email regarding the new tour date, but now I know. I am sure everyone understands this. Being careful with something so precious is the best thing to do in your situation.

  • adeline7777

    i wish you the very best and i’m happy for you, sharon and robert! i hope the baby will be healthy, as i wish the same thing to you too sharon, to have a beautiful life and to look like their parents: awsome!!!!

  • JeffRKline

    wow this was a shocker considering she just had a baby.


  • jhonny93

    congratulations Sharon & Robert!!! all the best to the Baby!!!

  • unicorn02

    Congratulations Sharon and Robert with the pregnancy of your third child and of course Luna and Aiden too :-D I hope that this pregnancy is going well for you Sharon! and do not think about the concerts, your health and the health of your baby is more important! Lots of love and health for you all! And then I will see you all in Tilburg on 23 and 25 September 2011 ;-)

  • prospero

    Robert en Sharon Gefeliciteerd met deze gezinsuitbreiding

  • garwatts

    well done and congrats and hope to see you in ireland if yu ever play here _)

  • Davor

    Congratulations Sharon and Robert !!!

  • helviti

    Great news Sharon & Robert and all my bests wishes for you!!! Congratulations from Mexico :)

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  • icequeen92

    Congratulation Sharon and Robert.
    Really a very big surprise.
    Even if we were made an enjoyment see again you in February, We shall know how to wait now on September 21st..
    My husband and I will be for dates Dutch, as well as dates French. We shall be to like twice more your return, And as usual, You will know how to bring us so many things. The most important are that you take care of your health and that of your future baby, sharon.
    We hope that everything will take place for best, and that we shall have news from time to time.
    Still our congratulations for the future baby.

  • Tash

    Congratulations to Sharon, Robert and family! Don’t worry about rescheduling the concerts I can understand the reasons your health and the health of your unborn baby is more important. Hopefully I will able to come to the concerts planned in November. Take care

  • karjens42

    Congratulations Sharon and Robert. I’m very happy for you and your family and wish you all the best!

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  • wtmelanie

    congratulations Sharon and Robert!!!, it looks like to receive their Christmas gift, with the beautiful news of expecting their third child.
    greetings from chile south america.
    every blessing for his family.:)

  • withinfloren4

    Si dios quiere espero volver a ver a mi banda preferida el 10 de octubre en Madrid. Muchas felicidades a Sharon y Robert. Saludos desde España.

  • withinfloren4

    Within Temptation. Majestuosos.

  • hanstalsma

    Hey Sharon and Robert, congratulations with this great news!! I`m so happy for you both!:) I was really looking forward to the end of february, to your concert,because i want to see you again so much live!!
    But of course i understand that the health for you Sharon and for the child is very important! At the first place of course. I understand also the reason of the later concert dates.
    I wish you a very good time together, with good health and love, and i will see you in september next year!! Love and kisses xx

  • lucas90

    congratulations guys!!!!!!!!!!
    a child is always cause for celebration and happiness =)

    best wishes for both!


  • spaceland

    Im so angry now…
    I’ve been waiting for 3 years to see you live and I was looking forward to the dates in March 2011…
    Im just dissappointed and sad.

  • forestmaidenvii7sev3n

    Wow! That’s a shocker! I am very happy for you Sharon and Robert. I’m very sad about the reschedule but what can you do?! I’ll be praying for your whole families well being. I hope that 1 day you will announce a wedding for yourselves because you make the best couple and i know you would treat marriage as it ought to be treated unlike katie price ^_^. <3

  • kanayu21


  • wyn8910

    congratulations sharon and robert, good to drink at their congratulations hope soon to begin the tour and do not forget to come to Peru’s long wait for here please do not forget we have many fans love and adore and I’m ximenna falcon but I’m his fans come to peru lucky soon, look for me on twitter or facebook luck

  • crush1986


  • luminora6

    Congratulations :) I`m so happy for you both )) ♥

  • falcon1

    Congratulations on your news.Recently became a fan of your music through working with Dutch guys on board the vessel DCV Balder. We are working off the coast of Angola and listening to you guys’ music helps pass my time out here. Look forward to hearing more of your music.Take care you guys

  • snowblack13

    Pure gutted that I got to wait till NOVEMBER!!! :-( But congrats to u both and I soooooo cant wait for the new album eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Excited!!!!!! xx

  • welshguy

    Congratulations guys, that`s a great news. I was looking forward to see you live, but I understand that the safety of your new baby comes first. I hope that everything it will be fine, in the meantime I will enjoy the new album hoping that is taking me off the hook of the last one lol.

  • martafil

    Congratulations!!!!! I’m happy for you both, will see you in Lisbon show ;)
    Greetings from Portugal

  • menelwen

    Oh my God, it’s so emotional T_T I’m very happy for both of you! (S)he will be your third child, right?
    I feel so happy and excited seeing you added a date in Lyon, France!!!!! I’ll definitely be there!!! To see you for the 5th time :)

  • ForcyForck

    Congratulations <3
    I know you guys have always a suprise in store but this time I'm kinda overwhelmed!
    I still hear you saying "no more kids for me" ;)
    Sharon, enjoy your time being pregnant for the 3rd time and please take care !
    Anyway, I hope everything will be fine and I send you all good wishes :)


  • wizzardx

    Congrats! Best of luck to both of you.

  • jimmy mad

    I knew there was a reason that I kept delaying the purchase of air tickets and booking of hotels! :) Congrats S & R!

  • lpbrowncoat

    Congrats Sharon and Robert! 

  • eveningthought

    Congrats Sharon and Robert! WT is really multiplying these days:) I wish you all the health and happiness in the world xxx

  • sharon255

    Congrats! I wish you a healthy baby :)

  • imaginations

    Congrats to you both! That’s wonderful news! :-)

  • minakhn

    Congratulations WT :) )) Congratulations Sharon and Robert!!! I’m really so happy for you :) )) I wish you a very happy and successful life… And please send my wishes also to your children :D Please come to Egypt in your rescheduled tour PLEEEASSEEE!!! 

  • xxelainexx

    Fabulous news, congratulations to you  both…and daughter and l are soooooooooo looking forward to joining you and the WT in November 2011 in London….our best wishes to you both and your familyxxx

  • andrea_wt

    Congratulations!! :)

    It evidently comes as a little shock to us all, who are so eagerly waiting for your shows, but of course we will keep it rolling the needed time!
    May you have a great pregnancy, and keep us updated! :)

  • azerett

    I´m really happy that you´ll come to Czech republic next year! I hope I´ll see you there.

  • bosse

    Congratulations :) I hope to see you in Sweden soon!

  • Biljana

    Congratulations to whole family, I wish you all the best. Take care of yourself Sharon. I guess, i’ll have to wait one year to see you again but it’s OK. Best wishes.

  • alexiel80

    Congrats Sharon & Robert! I wish you the best
    See you in november in france

  • wtlover911

    WOOOOOO!!! Congrats! Hope all goes well :D :D:D

  • nealy

    Congrats Sharon and Robert. I wish you all the best like everyone else :-) We really looked foreward for your show at the end of February but on the otherside I’m glad because i’m pregnant as well with our second child and in Febrauary I will be almost eight months so that was no jumping for me ;-) but in September I can jump again so that’s the positive side of it all. :-) Our first child is already fan of your music with almost two years old. Really nice to see!! Enjoy your precancy and hopefully everything goes well with you and the baby!!!

  • VampWithin

    Sharon ik vergeef het je ;-) Ik hoop dat je in goede gezondheid verkeerd en wens je natuurlijk het beste voor u & Robert. See you soon (just a little later :( )


  • paddykell

    Wow, Congratulations!

    Make sure to come to Ireland sometime soon, we’d love to see you here :)

  • dmitry


  • erronea

    Congrats! :D

  • jimpossible87

    Congratulations on your happy surprise! I am the hugest WT fan from the US I was able to see you here when you came to Boston Ma and it was the greatest time of my life. I am loving the new website and cant wait for the new album!!! The artwork for the comic is amazing. I love the art style. I hope when WT tours again you will make it to the states but if not I am going to do my best to find a way to come see you perform again.

  • rainx3

    I really do hope that Sharon will be OK, healthy and with her singing voice unaffected…and all the good things :)

  • anmu17

    CONGRATS!!! Absoltely fabulous!!! I am so happy for you… I wish you all the best…. And I also cant await seeing you in November in Hamburg ;-)

  • Peaceweapon

    As if we would be angry about it! Your health and your baby’s is first!
    I have a suggestion, if it’s a boy, call him Adam Sol! It goes well with Eva Luna… :P j/kidding!

  • hugues88

    Congratulations Sharon and Robert for this wonderful news.

    I wish to Sharon a pleasant pregnancy and especially to take good care of her. It is the most important. I know Robert, Eva Luna and Aiden will be there to support Sharon during these 9 months.
    I hope to see you soon in concert and / or fanclubday whatever it is I have my place for Esch sur Alzette.

    Big kisses from France

  • richardgimpel

    Mijn eerste concert van jullie in een geweldige zaal Paradiso, kon niet wachten. Maar dit nieuws is het wachten waard en voor jullie heel veel geluk en gezondheid, en tot september.

    Groet richard.

  • kihala

    Congratulations on the baby. I hope you and your family are well and that the baby will be healthy and beautiful. Good luck.

  • louiseh

    Big congratulations to both of you! It’s amazing news.
    Besides that, I think it’s great news that the tour has been moved to the fall of 2011 because I then will be able to attend to your concert in DK! I look so much forward – you’ll be able to see me up front for sure!
    The greatest wishes for you all + the little one to come! :)

  • PearlsofLight.

    Beste Sharon en Robert
    Gefeliciteerd met de komst van jullie baby. Fantastisch nieuws natuurlijk! Heel begrijpelijk dat de shows verplaatst worden, hoewel ik jullie graag zie en ik zag er erg naar uit. Maar Sharon, jouw gezondheid en die van de baby gaan absoluut voor. Ik wens jullie het allerbeste!
    Liefs, Jessica

  • forsha

    Awesome news people!!!

    I have a questions though, I didn’t see Croatia on your 2011. tour list…. Why is that??

    All the best wishes for one of the best bands EVER!!!!
    Oh, and thanks for the answer ;-)

  • vampiremarina

    Dear Sharon take care of yourself and your family and your baby!!!! I wish you excellent health and I wish you to give birth to your baby well.
    We’ll see you & WT when you’ll come to London and I will come and see you in the Netherlands with my friends as we did for DVD in 2007 & 2008
    Lots of Love from your fan in England xxxx

  • lovett

    woooow :D . I’m totally keen on you guys anyway ! Congrats :*
    Sharon, take care of yourself that time ;) ! And see you soon in Poland! <3

    Monica Lovett

  • seppe64

    Vanwege mijn vrouwtje Dina en de kinderen Maaike, Ellen en mezelf
    Stephaan van harte gefeliciteerd. Laat het je goed gaan en ook
    voor je ventje. We zien je wel op 13 november in Brussel.

  • asiapl

    Exactly, congratulations
    I’m happy to see you in Cracow :) I was sad when I thought: ” I cannot see them in Warsaw”… But Cracow is my homecity :) See you soon

  •!/Lag111 lag111


  • annewt

    Félicitations à vous deux, super bonne nouvelle !!!

  • vampiregirl

    OMG! THIS IS GREAT! CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy about this :D I hope you’ll be happy! :D

  • salu28

    Ohhh, that’s awesome! XD Congratulations! I wish you all the best. I am so happy for both of you. :D Take care Sharon! See you soon in Portugal! ;D
    huge hug!
    Salomé (Portugal)

  • maksn

    Поздравляю! Within Temptation Вы супер! Шерон Ты супер, с нетерпение ждем нового альбома! Береги Себя и ребенка!
    Ждем в Украине

  • kelisco

    Well congrats – I guess I should have waited a day before buying my plaine tickets from the US to paris!

  • alte

    Congrats too you both.. I wish you all the best.

    Alte (Denmark)

  • wt4stever

    Felicitation a tous les deux!!!! Congrats too both of you ;)

  • zenith75

    Congratulation Sharon and Robert. It’s a great news. All the best for you all.

  • jase

    Can’t say that the shift in dates affects me, as you are not touring New Zealand *HINT HINT :P * but tour dates can be rescheduled. Pregnancies however, can’t…and I am sure all your fans would rather you were taking care of yourself and your baby first over anything else. Good luck and all the best for 2011.

  • linaena

    Congratulatios Sharon and Robert . all the best for you all. i really hope one i see you in greece . I hope all goes well.

    Big kisses and wishes from greece

  • miguel44

    Congratulations to you both. The bolivians fans are happy for you. The most important thing now is that you Sharon and the baby are very well. Greetings from Bolivia bye

  • marlene94

    Congratulations to both. A child always brings happiness, and you two have three kids XD
    Don’t worry, the tour can wait some month :D
    Your and your child’s health it’s more important than the concerts.

    Happy new year :D

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  • 13angels

    gefiliciteerd :D , kan niet wachten op het nieuwe album (L)

    veel liefs amanda (L)

  • sunrise

    CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF YOU!!!…I can’t wait for your new album, I believe it will be perfect since it is created by you Within Temptation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laszlo Csala

    A little late, but i wish many blessings, good health and congratulations both You and Robert! Frienly regards: Laszlo