Sharon: Three in one



Thursday we’ve completed the shoot for our third video clip in one week! Although it was very cold, we can’t complain! Unlike some other shoots these didn’t take 24 hours each…..

We had an awesome team, so what else do you want? Now I’m off to help St. Nicholas….

I wish you a wonderful St. Nicholas eve!

X Sharon

Ps. For those who don’t know what St. Nicholas is: click here

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December 4, 2010
  • hari

    can’t wait to see the videoooooo!

  • Mitsy

    Wow, three video’s already? How ambitious! :) Can’t wait to see the results. For now I wish you a nice St. Nicholas eve! :)

  • CelticArwen

    That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see the first video and more importantly, hear the new single :D

  • fifthfreedom

    Can’t wait!

  • jimpossible87

    Just the anticipation for all this new stuff is killing me…I know it will be worth the wait…Enjoy your holidays!!!!

  • AllINeed

    3?! Wow, youre freaking amazing!!!

  • evilangel

    wanna see them :D  
    best wishes to all of you guys :D  

  • angedemon

    *impatient to see the results!!!*
    and have a nice St Nicholas eve :p

  • kuolema

    Thanks Sharon :D We can’t wait to see them ..
    We celebrate St.Nicholas here too(Romania)I cleaned my shoes and I’m very excited to see my gifts tomorrow night :D

  • annamoon

    Three… Amazing… I’m Impatient to See the Result. 

    Have a Good St.Nicholas eve. 

  • alessiavamp

    Amazing! I can not wait to see them … Good Saint Nicholas Eve… Vi Amooo!!! :D

  • wtrock

    I can’t wait to see the new stuff- and Happy St. Nicholas Eve to you as well. :)

  • greg1982

    I am going to look at what is st nicholas; Thank you for making us share it.
    And happy birthday for luna ( 7th december)

  • Wtanna

    I really, really, really can’t wait to see the new video clips! I’m sure that they will be awesome!
    And a big hello from Canada!

  • soyhann

    wow 3 videos were done.. that means we won’t be seeing your faces for another whole year anywhere :/ except for “best live act 2011 award” of course :P well, i can’t complain though, you are having another baby :)
    so, when will we be able to see those three videos eh? :P can we expect one of them before the album?

  • snowwhitegrace

    OMG! 3 videos in one week?! you guys don`t waste anytime do you?LOL. Can`t wait to see the videos. :) WT always make excepional videos, and this time, it won`t be any different.:)

  • forestmaidenvii7sev3n

    :D I can’t wait to see your new videos! Have a great St.Nicholas eve Sharon! I also can’t wait to meet you in person, if I ever get the chance that is! Take care Sharon, you and your family including the precious new life you’re carrying with you will always be in my prayers. <3

  • Anne

    Fijne pakjesavond met de kinderen allemaal!

    En natuurlijk kan ik ook niet wachten op de nieuwe clips :D . Grootse verwachtingen zullen weer waargemaakt worden!

  • maartje87

    heheh sharon als zwarte piet??? schaaaaaatig!!!

  • Stew

    Woooow, thank you for this great info :) I’m sure the videos will be super-amazing! :P can’t wait :)

  • withintemptationlove

    Guys, I dont think they’ll release all of the videos at the same time, so im pretty sure we’ll be seeing a lot of WT during next year anyway.
    Im so glad yall have already shot the videos, it amazing how theyre all done and yet we havent even heard on of the songs lol :D
    Im so excited for this next era, its been a while <3

  • withinfloren4

    No puedo esperar mas…………….xDD

  • Tash

    Thank you for the news :) I’m excited to see the results of the three videos in the future! Happy St. Nicholas Eve to you Sharon hope you have a great one with your family.

  • moonbeam13

    o.O three videos wow im surpised its so soon!!! yay great news!! i am dying of excitment to see! :D

  • lenka


  • forsha

    There are people who don’t know who ST. Nick is????

    Have fun helping St. Nick ;-)

  • icequeen145

    I can’t wait! I assume you’re doing all these videos at once because of the pregnancy ;) . So excited for the first single! I hope we get it soon.

  • hugues88

    Happy St Nicolas Eve to you Sharon and your family.
    What joy to see the children discovered and open their gift on the morning of St Nicolas.I’m waiting to see the videos.
    Good Christmas and New Year to all and happy birthday to Luna

  • ukfan

    Have you guys thought about filming a video in 3D? That would be so cool!

  • lestrangett

    Ik hoop dat jullie een fijne Sinterklaasavond hebben gehad :D
    Ik kan niet wachten om de nieuwe video te zien!! Ik wil Sharon en Robert nog even feliciteren met de komst van hun derde kindje, ik ben echt heel blij voor jullie!

  • Onyrika

    Aaah, three in one is about the videos! Phewww, I thought it was about the pregnancy haha!

    Those are reaally nice news! And I also helped Sinterklaas yesterday, we had some peppernotten and chocolate letters! Yumm!

  • Nerwen_Elendil

    3 videos???!!! Oh, God… Can’t wait to see them.
    Any idea when we might see one of them?? Or all of them?? *hint hint* LOL ;-)

  • shakti18

    new clip new songs amazing :) **

  • eadwine

    Wow, drie nieuwe clips! Super!

    Verder wil ik Luna nog een heel fijne 5de verjaardag wensen!!

    Nog veel succes met het mixen van het nieuwe album.

    Liefs, Lisa x

  • hanstalsma

    Wow, Sharon!! can`t wait to see the results!!!! Congratulations with Luna anyway:) I hope you have a wonderful day today, also with Robert and Aiden:)
    Hope you had a great St nicholas too!!

    Love and xxx

  • lucas90

    i can’t wait for the new clip =)
    but obviously it will be excellent!!!

    good luck 


  • frenchtemptation

    Thank you Sharon. In Lorraine we celebrate St-Nicolas. My filleuil and nephew who is also called Nicolas, joint with me to kiss Sharon on her tender cheeks.

  • Mikeallen

    Thanks so much for all these updates. Very excited to see 3 videos so soon. Love you Sharon, and all the best to the whole WT family :)