Sinéad released with bonus tracks!


Sinéad the 2nd single from “The Unforgiving” will be released between July 15th and 19th in most countries.

With undeniable disco grooves, we took this opportunity to further enhance the track’s dance floor appeal merging these seemingly disparate genres to create contagious new versions of “Sinéad with the help of four acclaimed dance producers. Scooter, VNV Nation, Benno de Goeij and Groove Coverage. Each of the collaborating DJ producers had carte blanche to reinterpret “Sinéad” to suit their preferred style and personal vision.

Both in the story of ‘The Unforgiving’ as well as on the album, ‘Sinéad‘ has always been a favorite of all of us. She is a character with a lot of different opposite sides to her, just like the song. It is catchy and feel good but at the same time emotional and melancholic. So from the start it was quite clear that Sinéad would be released as a single from this album.

We recently launched the videoclip of Sinéad. And you can still win an exclusive signed merchandise package, by sharing the video on your Facebookprofile for one week.

Only Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands will release physical CD formats in addition to digital bundles with the various mixes and the unreleased track “Emty Eyes”. All other markets will make the tracks available as digital downloads.

Due to a unique sponsoring opportunity, the fans in Germany will find a voucher code in the CD 2 track singles which will give them free access to Within Temptation’s “The First Challenge” concert on August 12th. If you get your 2 track CD single  in Germany you’ll find a voucher code in your single.

Another nice bonus is included in the Maxi CDs which are sold at in the Netherlands. The Maxi CD comes with the 2nd edition of the WT comic “Penance Part II”.

Here the details of the various single formats:

1 Track digital:

  • Sinéad (Single Edit)

Order link: Musicbox, Musicload, iTunes

2 Track phyiscal “The First Challenge edition”: (Germany,Switzerland,Austria)

  • Sinéad (Single Edit)
  • Sinéad (Scooter Remix)

Order link:, JPC, Weltbild

Maxi-CD (5 Tracks): (Germany, Switzerland, Austria & The Netherlands)

  • Sinéad (Single Edit)
  • Empty Eyes (exclusive on MAXI-CD)
  • Sinéad (VNV Nation Remix)
  • Sinéad (Scooter Remix)
  • Sinéad (Groove Coverage Remix)

Order link:,,,

Digital Combo Bundle Exclusive (Musicload Exclusive Edition)

  • Sinéad (Single Edit)
  • Sinéad (VNV Nation Remix)
  • Sinéad (Groove Coverage Remix)
  • Sinéad (Scooter Remix)
  • Sinéad (Groove Coverage Remix Edit)
  • Sinéad (VNV Nation Radio Edit)
  • Sínéad (Benno de Goeij Remix) EXCLUSIVE TRACK
  • Sinéad (Video Broadcast Version)

Order link: Musicload

Digital Combo Bundle I -Tunes U.K. (release date 24.07.)

  • Sinéad (Radio Edit)
  • Sinéad (Scooter Remix)
  • Sinéad (VNV Nation Remix)
  • Sinéad (Video Broadcast Version)

Digital Audio Bundle

  • Sinéad (Single Edit)
  • Sinéad (VNV Nation Remix)
  • Sinéad (Scooter Remix)
  • Sinéad (Groove Coverage Remix)
  • Sinéad (Groove Coverage Remix Edit)
  • Sinéad (VNV Nation Radio Edit)

Digital Combo Bundle

  • Sinéad (Single Edit)
  • Sinéad (VNV Nation Remix)
  • Sinéad (Scooter Remix)
  • Sinéad (Groove Coverage Remix)
  • Sinéad (Groove Coverage Remix Edit)
  • Sinéad (VNV Nation Radio Edit)
  • Sinéad (Video Broadcast Version)

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July 21, 2011
  • Mitsy

    Oh my, that’s a lot of versions! Which means: more to enjoy! Can’t wait! :)

  • Mitsy

    Since I can’t edit my last comment, I’ll comment again, sorry! When I go to the 2track link, I get indeed the 2 track, but the tracklist is 1. Sinéad and 2. Empty Eyes? Is that yet another version? Or just a typo on the site?

  • WT official

    You’re right, mistake from JPC. We removed the link. They hopefully restore the right configurations soon. 

  • Mitsy

    Well, I guess it’s not only a mistake from JPC, since and list the same tracks for the 2track..

  • WT official

    We’re looking into that! 

  • Mitsy

    Alrighty then! :)

  • dagger42

    No physical CD for the USA that sucks!I guess will just download the “VNV Nation remix” since that will be the best one.Love WT and VNV.

  • scythe

    Am I right for the german fans to win a free ticket to your first challenge show in August? That’s great! I can’t believe it, and the idea of the four extra versions of sinead is fantastic!!

  • hartogendelano

    Just pre-ordered at!!
    Thanks for putting Empty Eyes on the Maxi-CD! :)

  • thelordinator

    Why ? WHY ?? WHY only germany and Netherland had physical disc for singles ? That’s not fair ! Real WT’s fan don’t care about download format ! They want real disc !

  • wt79

    If you want some CDs you should buy at just like me, there are good prices… ;)

  • thelordinator

    Wt79 @ Already done ;-)

  • rusl

    Love!!! :) :) :)

  • vanny

    ich bin so auf die ganzen neuen Versionen von dem Song gespannt.
    Sinead ist mein absolutes Lieblingslied von eurem neuem Album.
    Als ich diesen Song zum ersten Mal gehört habe, hat sich mein Freund gerade von mir getrennt. Dieser Song hat mir so geholfen darüber hinweg zu kommen. Ich habe mich dem Song angenommen und genau das gemacht was ihr darin zitiert: I been drowning in sorrow
    Chasing tomorrow,
    Running away.
    Danke Leute für diesen geilen Song!

    LG Vanny

  • WT official

    @ Mitsy, has changed the configurations! 

  • Mitsy

    @WT Official, thanks for the heads up! :)

  • jillead00

    I love that idea.
    I hope You will be in Poland as soon as it’s possible! <3
    Liebe! Liebe! Liebe!!!

  • MCMLTripleX

    Itching to hear this VNV Nation mix, their track The Great Divide grew on me very unexpectedly.

  • withintruth

    OMG! So many versions, and I don’t know is it good or bad ;-) I love you! I like song and video Sinéad very much… also as all your songs and videos!

  • johntims

    Hi Sinead was played today on Kerrang Radio (UK), DJ’s very positive about the song and the band in general, which is alright in my book! Can’t wait for the single to come out, it ought to be HUGE! The work thats gone in to this album in general just blows me away. And the passion in the first line Sharon sings in Sinead…”I’ve got to try, not over yet, no signals of life have you left, my heart is bleeding just for you…..” Magic! Just listen to that again!

  • theunforg1v1ng12345

    Super!!! Very nice= ) Love you= )

  • nzwtfan

    Sounds really awesome. Well the single be released in new zealand?

  • man_of_the_oak

    Grr… I hate digital releases soooo much >.<" Oh well… at least I can order 5tr physical single.

  • man_of_the_oak

    @jillead00 Go and order it at or wait until it’s available at : )

  • angedemon

    Sucks though that you can only download from Musicload if you live in Germany…

  • shadowrise

    whoa, sinead was always my favorite track from new album, thanks for this :3

  • luiz

    amigos eu adorei os três singles que eles lançaram fora do album THE UNFOGIVING… e o meu preferido foi EMPTY EYES… deveriam fazer um VIDEO CLIP dessa musica irada! abraços meus amigos e te amo WITHIN TEMPTATION

  • Mitsy

    Just downloaded the EP from iTunes. Loving the remixes! <3

  • brightasday97

    :( i don’t get iTunes anymore, so I won’t be able to get the CD… but that’s why youtube is there! :D i hope the people that get it enjoy it!

  • herrzrbo

    Is there any place for U.S. folks to download this??

  • aoefreak666

    Well..I am keeping my fingers crossed that the cd’s I have ordered have at least 1 voucher in them… I have 5 coming from Switzerland…please..please..please… ;-)

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  • AllINeed

    Just received my copies! :D
    Both German import, but no voucher! But I’m going anyways!! Can’t wait!!!!! :D

  • Tash

    Looking forward to receiving my copy hopefully by the end of this month :)

  • xObsidianx

    Any ideas when the Digital downloads and the remixes will be available in the U.S.?

  • rusl

    Wonderful single and remixes) Super group) <З :)

  • scythe

    At first very good idea with the remixes… but imo the remixes are much too different from ‘WT-Style’ and too much techno, though. I don’t really like it, sorry…

  • graypegasus

    Will there be a US release, or do we need to find ways to get CD’s from other countries?

  • ludo57

    The remixes are very good!!
    WT <3

  • hari

    my favourite remix is the VNV nation one, but i love the others too! i didn’t think i would like any of them, but they’ve really suprised me! :D

  • nachodeceiver

    JUST SO GREAT :)  I love any version of Sinéad,  whatever is always going to be one of my favorite songs from this album, along with Shot in the dark. See you in Argentina soon guys!

  • Tash

    Just received my maxi CD in the mail! Excited to hear all the remixes!

  • amk151

    Hi would love to get the Musicload version in the UK. Any way I can?

  • faster

    Awesome :)

  • pickofdestiny

    Just listened to the Scooter Remix, and did not like it at all. I hope WT just did this one for a laugh. As Scooter also did a remix version of Weekend by Dutch band Earth and Fire, maybe a collaboration with the Koerts brothers of this 70′s band is possible. Would WT give it a try?

  • daria

    I now one a Maxi-CD (5 Tracks) edition. I lóve Empty Eyes!

  • theend

    welcome to Shang Hai i love you forever

  • axelviii

    I where in a club tonight. DJ Novus (Groove Coverage) was the man for the music. And he also used his Sinéad remix…..that was pretty cool :D

  • Irén Nengerman

    scooter rules and thx for let them have a change to do this thing for you. im very excited i love it!! thx everyone!!