Start Unforgiving South American Tour

South America

The bags are packed, today we’re on our way to the airport to start our South American Tour!

After almost 4 years we’re returning tomorrow by starting off the tour with a sold out show in Mexico City, to finally end up in Rio de Janeiro by the end of this tour.

For more information on the venues and (legal) ticket links, check the tourpages.

Check the tour schedule below:

02-02-2012 Mexico City (MX)

04-02-2012 Quito (EC)

07-02-2012 Lima (PE)

08-02-2012 Santiago (CL)

10-02-2012 Buenos Aires (AR)

11-02-2012 São Paulo (BR)

12-02-2012 Rio de Janeiro (BR)

South America, are you ready? We’ll see you soon!

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February 1, 2012
  • Miguel Angelo Marques

    I love Within Temptation

  • Konstantin Polivtsev

    Good luck!!!!

  • Michelle Cotoras

    Good luck. A little question…. what day are going to land to Chile? Because I would like going to wait at the airport :D .!!!! ONLY IF IT CAN :)

  • cristhian alejandro estelita c

    welcome to peru!!!!!!!!and good luck

  • Damian Esteban Diaz

    I have my tickets for Buenos Aires Show!!!! counting the days to see you! All the best wishes for this tour!

  • Damian Esteban Diaz

    a little question: you have already chosen the setlist for this tour? or will be a surprise? ^_^

  • Arthur Dayrell

    Só mais 10 dias pro show em São Paulo *-*

  • Anonymous

    We’re on our way!

  • Orietta Molina


  • Luis Ruben

    Great guys, I´m very excited to enjoy the concert in México, You´re alway welcome , See you

  • João Maciel

    11 dias pro RJ <3

  • Nacho Benzi

    Greaaaat!! We’ll meet soon on Feb 10th :) have a safe trip, see you guys!

  • Yolimar Plaza

    Don’t you come to Bogota? :(

  • Alberto M. Valencia

    I´m so so sad, I bought my ticket and the concert was cancelled, OMG, you have to promise that you will not take anothers four years to come back, please guys you have to come to Colombia and fill this emptyness

  • Mari Lyn

    Oh…. just waiting 8 days more…. just 8….

  • July Fernandes

    Wow! I´m not believe that my ticket is with me now.. I can´t to wait till 11/02 when I´ll see my favorite band after almost 03 years ago…Your brazilians fans are waiting for you!

  • Hans Talsma

    Within Temptation, i want to wish you a very wonderful time in South America, have fun, and good luck:) <3

  • David Lora

    Bienvenidos a Ecuador!!! Los veré el sábado …see you

  • Maria Paz

    Can’t wait to see you live in Chile! Welcome back!

  • Jorge Antonio Castillo

    I can´t wait until tomorrow… tanks to come to Ecuador

  • Ann de Barbarac

    I love the concert that you gave last night in Mexico City! The best night and the best concert of my life!! Thanks for coming to Mexico City!

  • Anderson Cogollo

    is a shame that he is not able to make such a great concert in my country Colombia …. all your fans and we are very sad to look forward to your visit, hopefully soon the problems of logistics and producers is fixed and can enjoy all your repertoire .. and all that and do not know how they could see the envy and Great Band……… Awesone Band ….. Congrats ^_^

  • SANdra BELLtrix LOVeTtS°°°

    Magical night in Mexico City!!! THANKS WT!!!! I lovE yOU!!!!
    Sharon , you are my angel of music!!!!!

  • Jose Garz Lars

    Magnificent Concert !!! Full of magic and incredible music performance.

    The atmosphere was simpply great !!!

    Comeback Soon !!!

  • Jocelyn Jimenez

    The best concert!! Come back again to Mexico City

  • Mayita Haro

    amazing show in Quito!!!! thanks WT!!!!

  • Victor Yuz Sagurié

    I see you in Chile!!!!

  • Xav Mor

    It was a dream come relidad thank you for the great entertainment that we were meant to offer for all of us your fans of always. Thanks Within Temptation………
    Ecuador you carry in the heart…

  • Luis Felipe Falconi

    Tomorrow finally you are playing Lima-Peru, im there, please i need to see you playing FROZEN and ALL I NEED. is the first time you play lima-peru, i hope you guys make an exception and play those two songs. see you tomorrow within temptation.

  • Carolina Erreira

    Please! “Hand Of Sorrow” and “The Howling” in São Paulo!!! Please!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Que buen concierto… Muchas Gracias Within Temptation por haber estado en la Carita de Dios. Quito – Ecuador. Los esperamos de nuevo, reitero conciertazo y Muchas Gracias.
    Desde Quito. Luz de América.

    Great concert … Within Temptation thank you very much for being in the Face of God (Carita de Dios). Quito – Ecuador. We wait again, I reiterate great show and Thank You.
    From Quito. Light of America (Luz de América).

  • Elias Teixeira

    See you Sunday ( 12 fev )Sharon den Adel

  • Alex Villanueva

    Excelent concert yesterday in Lima Peru . Sharon… are the best

  • Carolina Erreira

    Please!!! Play The Howling, Our Solemn Hour and Hand Of Sorrow in São Paulo!!!! Please!!!

  • Marcos Daniel Berti

    Gracias por el Show de Buenos Aires, estuvo espectacular,esperamos que se repita pronto.
    Thanks for the show in Buenos Aires, was spectacular, we hope to repeat soon.