“The Unforgiving” OUT NOW!!!

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Four years after “The Heart Of Everything”, finally our new studio album “The Unforgiving” hit the stores last weekend!

Depending on where you live you can now buy the album online as well as in your favourite record store, or you can do so by Tuesday at the latest, for example in the US! At this first day of release we already hit the charts on iTunes: Norway #13, Belgium #4, Sweden #3 and Holland #2. Check out below overview for release dates in your country (could be earlier depending on local record stores / iTunes, below dates are the official release dates though):

March 25, 2011: Australia, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK
March 28, 2011: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Israël, Slovenia/Croatia, Mexico
March 29, 2011: Italy, Spain
March 30, 2011: Finland, Korea, USA
April 6, 2011: Japan (postponed release due to the earthquake)

Before you get your own copy of “The Unforgiving”, be sure you checked out this huge competition we launched called “Your Unforgiving Experience”. Make your own 1-minute short film of the moment you buy the album, listen to it with your friends or having your own secret release party. The most original film on spending the day of “The Unforgiving” release will win a trip to New York where you and 1 friend will visit our concert at Terminal 5 on September 10th! Check the competition page for more information and requirements.

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March 28, 2011
  • nonow

    Hi! Great album! 4th place on swiss iTunes :D I like “Where Is The Edge” and “In The Middle Of The Night” very much! Thank you ;)

  • Axur

    oh yeah – and my album is on the way – :) so good to live in australia!!! you guys should come here! :)

  • alltheseafterthoughts

    Just found the cd in my postbox.. It’s great! You guys really surpassed yourselves :D I’m looking forward hearing it live!

  • andros

    No fair I have to wait until the 28th … but I love you guys :)

  • nadun87

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome…!!! This is definitely going to be the greatest album of the year…!!! Each and every track is Splendid.. Supreme work by WT…. Within Temptation Forever…!!! 10/10  :D 

  • adeline7777

    God! I can’t believe it… I actually gonna find your album on Romania! I’m so happy guys!!! Cheers from Romania and we all waiting for a new concert… hope I’ll see you here :)

  • HöBêLöRd

    Congratulations from Spain for this incredibly great album!!
    I’ll surely will send you a video of my “The Unforgiving” experience!!
    Really, WT, you gave us another master piece to never forget. Than you ;)

  • antoon

    Geweldig album dit overtreft alles !!!!
    leuk om de video’s te bekijken de cd/dvd al bijna grijs gedraaid haha

  • demelza88


  • ocean

    Wow guys, the album sounds so great! Really, you couldn’t have made me more happy! All the songs rock and I love the way you gave yourself a new sound but you also kept that real Within Temptation feeling throughout the album. Thank you so much, I can’t stop listening to it! :) Horns up!

  • http://meadiciona.com/domenicorj Domenico Russo

    BRAZIL!!!! Please u.u

  • ayaka

    YEAH !!! Can’t wait can’t wait !!!! I am so excited to have it ! :) I’ll have it on Monday, because I am in France ! Thank you guys… You guys are so great ! :)  

  • sunrise

    wow! that’s incredible…the new songs are fantastic…but it is obvious that your music is different from what we were used to…ok, I admit the songs are ,wow, perfect, but they are not as awe-inspiring as the previous ones…still they are superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • withintruth

    YES! Within Temptation, I love you! Some days and “THE UNFORGIVING” in my hands! I’m so happy! Thank you for the new album! And thanks that you have not forgotten about release in Russia!

    P.S. If there are mistakes in my comments, then I’m sorry.

  • hartogendelano

    Thank you for signing the album yesterday. What a great surprise when I found Sharon’s signature as well on the album, altough she couldn’t make it for obvious reasons ;)

  • wtrock

    I thought it came out on the 28th in the UK… It’s awesome that it comes out today. :) My copy’s arriving for my birthday, which is soon, but it means that I have to wait a bit longer. :( BUT it will make it all the more exciting. :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/hieulavoce hieu84

    The Album is FABULOUS, I’ll promo and introduce to everyone I know hehehe

  • qingzxsf

    I received The Unforgiving(USA version) this Morning.I am so happy.And I am waiting for an EU version from UK HMV.The closest place to me where TU sells is Hongkong.I am in China.I can only buy your albums abroad by internet.I am considering a Hongkong version~~~

  • silvijawt

    Yeah, can’t wait Monday because the album is coming out in Croatia *.* Unfortunately, this year WT will not come to Croatia, but we are all hoping that next year they will come for new concert :) WT, the new album is PERFECT, thank you :)

  • WalterArgentina

    congratulations for this great album .. undoubtedly the best ..
    please say something about Argentina, Latin America in general because we are impatient.
    I personally think we’ve waited four years and really want to have ‘The Unforgiving’ in my hands.

  • hari

    whoopwhoop! the comic and faster single arrived today. so happy!:-D
    i’ve already pre-ordered the special edition of the unforgiving, which will be posted on the 28th, but i’m going to but the normal edition on monday after school from hmv :-)

  • lovethesun

    Whoop the comic arrived today – it is really gripping! Look forward to part 2. Now bring on the CD haha. Just a couple more days to wait :D

  • danhel

    whohooo! so excited! :D Congratulation guys! best wishes of success! ^^ you deserve it

  • nadalija2011


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001439868231 mckaygenius


  • http://donttearmedown.info/ AllINeed

    Received the jewelcase today, SE and Vinyl tomorrow – half-April the Japan import

    I’m so in love!! :D I want to FUCKING THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • lullaby

    het album is echt geweldig!!! ben het onder de middagpauze op school gaan kopen, kon niet langer wachten :p

  • asiapl

    It’s interesting because on Polish aucion portals I saw it about month ago… I was thinking what was going on…

  • daan33

    Ik heb het album nu op staan, wat een geweldig album, helemaal te gek!! Jullie hebben het TOP gedaan!!! Mijn Ipod staat straks vol!! :-)

  • pinda

    great Great GReat GREat GREAt GREAT!

  • Marlene

    And Southamerica? TnT

  • poisonapple

    I love you~! GREETINGS FROM POLAND!!! You have a lot of fans here!

  • http://juanisespana.wordpress.com/ Juanita

    And what about Colombia?
    Agh I love my country but I hate the fact that WT albums are SO hard to find!

  • heather1

    Music videos Sinéad and for now SHOT IN THE DARK on youtube :) have a nice time, I love these videos.

  • martijnhaah

    Got the limited edition, pretty damn nice music and like the movies etc.
    already listened the whole album like 4 times :D

  • minos93

    hey great work !!!!!! its the best album since the heart of everything i like every song of it XD specially because you guys based this album in a comic you totally rock with this cd !!!!!! plese come to MExico

  • hugues88

    <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 looveeeeeee

  • brightasday97

    OH MY GOSH!!! you really should’ve told the US people it wouldn’t be out till the 29th before all this! i have be soooo excited for today and i go on itunes and it’s not there!!!! please get more organized!!!! >:(

  • EvelineWT

    I LOVE IT…I LOVE IT…I LOVE IT! It is totally awesome! A hug and a kiss for you WT <3!

  • stormwind47

    I’m listening to it right now. I’m french, the official release in my country is in a few days only . Yet I’m a very lucky person and since I used to work in a music store, I can have the cds before everyone! Well what can I say so far? I don’t know…it’s huge, just awesome! My very first thought as I opened the package? I looked at the photo, I counted one, two, three, four, five… no drummer? Sinéad playing right now… great sound, love it. Yes somehow this sound reminds me of some of those old bands from the 80′s. Tell you more next time, need to be on my own to listen now… Love you guys, you did a great job.

  • dagger42

    To Brightasday97 I knew the USA release date was 29th like two months ago!! I think you need to get more organized!! What you should be asking is why does it say march 30th at the top of the page that is a mistake WT it is 29th new Cd’s always come out Tuesday in North America.

  • misslynx

    What about in Canada?

    I just checked http://ca.7digital.com/ and it’s not listed there yet… iTunes (the Canadian store, anyway) only has it listed for pre-order, not as being available yet.

  • WT4STever

    Can’t wait until it comes out in Canada… I’m sure it’s wonderfurl! love you guys ;)

  • hassm

    I can’t wait to get my Cd this monday in Mexico! sunday, I’m almost dying!! Hug, kiss and a taco to you all <3

  • crush1986


  • withintemptation1fan

    So can’t wait for the album to come out, i will buy it and putting it on my mp3 player, you guys rock.

  • guillerthekiller

    Here in Mexico will be released till march 30 in music stores ( at least in formal stores) and they will sale the standard / USA edition. But don’t matter, I’ve already listened to the whole album through Youtube. I want to buy special edition with “Empty eyes” &” I don’t wanna”, so, I have to awaiting a bit more. Really it’s a diferent W. T. sound, but I like it. When you come to Mexico and latin America? I always say, you have a great market here and you waste.
    Sorry, my english is pretty bad.

  • sodaheroes

    Getting ready to purchase! Can’t wait to hear the new music!

  • sifke

    Geweldig album! Het wachten waard geweest.
    Dit album gaat alle verkooprecords breken. Gister-avond in Waalwijk gekocht. De jongens achter de balie zeiden tegen me dat ze bijna door de voorraad heen waren!!!!!!!!

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  • joe89

    well i must admit i was a little bit disappointed when i first listened to the album, i don’t mean it’s not good, no it’s great i like it but i still prefer the old sound, the more symphonic style. i know that this album is supposed to be an 80′s style, but when i knew about the concept of the album and saw the short movies, i expected it to be more black, darker, more symphonic and aggressive style, but nevertheless it’s still great, very well produced and Sharon as always AMAZING.  but i must say that after hearing it for 15 times now, i’m liking it more and more. so don’t worry i’m still loyal and a big fan of WT, but i hope your next album will be  more like your old style

  • mattyb97

    My now favourite album ever! <3
    Love It! Favourites are In The Middle Of The Night, A Demon's Fate, Lost and Sinead!

  • scythe

    First impression: DAMMMMMMMN!!!!!!!! The long wait finally comes to an end and it was totally worth waiting!! Thank you, WT!!!

  • izeyim

    can’t believe it arrived HK that early! love it!!

  • maarithelena


  • hanstalsma

    I love the new album!!!!! Just amazing the new songs:D. WT, you are the best, and always will be!! My compliments, i listen to it every day:D xxx

  • allineed89

    My album and merch arrived this morning! The album is absolutely amazing as I expected, and the merch looks awesome too!! Thankyou W.T, can’t wait until I see you live in Birmingham in November! :D

  • corne

    ik heb vrijdag extra hard gewerkt om optijd thuis te zijn om het album te halen is gelukt om 17.45 in de winkel.het is weer een vooruitgang super album al 4 keer geluisterd en t wordt steeds beter.echt geweldig nu toeren en er wat moois van maken

  • anja

    jeah got my pakket from large its great music and i”m listening yet to the great lyrics and sharons voice!!!!lovely!!!!!!!!

  • gothicspirit

    I love this album. It’s my favorite, i wait your next album!!!!!!.
    You’re the best, my favorite band:)

  • arksan

    Альбом просто охуенен! | The album just fucking great!

  • IceQueen625

    I can’t wait to get the album next week!! :D

    I got the comic though, and I wanted to let you guys know there’s a typo. On page 22 it says “Your told them?! I thought we were going to do that together!?”

    I’m sure it should say “YOU told them!?”

    I thought I’d point it out for any future printings.

  • doomed001


  • ivoresende

    your new album is AWESOME! I love all songs :b
    compliments from Portugal – I’ll see you in October @ Porto. Can’t wait for it.

  • jhonny93


  • wits

    Verdorie ik moet blijkbaar tot maandag wachten tot ik het kan halen. ik dacht dat het in België ook de 25ste ging uitkomen. Ik heb hem ge-pre-orderd, hopelijk is hij op tijd.

  • gillean

    Prachtige muziek, zoals verwacht. Excellent work WT!!

  • sunrise

    Γειά σας Within Temptation…το νέο σας άλμπουμ είναι καταπληκτικό…δεν έχω ακούσει ακόμη όλα τα καινούρια σας τραγούδια, αλλά είμαι σίγουρη ότι θα είναι το ίδιο τέλεια με τα προηγούμενα, όπως το: “The Promise” που είναι ένα από τα αγαπημένα μου…Greece adores you…we hope you will keep on doing such a good job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sunrise

    But, now I’ve heard all of your new songs I think I’ve changed my mind…you still are my favourite band of all without doubt and will always remain, yet without being an expert and having no knowledge of music, I feel a bit let down by “The Unforgiving”. I’m sorry to tell this, but besides a few of these songs(Stairway To The Sky for instance), all the others don’t differ a lot from another thousands of songs rock,metal etc. bands release…you’ve always been a lot different from the rest of the bands that play the same kind of music as you do and that’s why most, including me, loved you, because of this particular style of yours…however some of the songs still remind me of the kind of music you used to play before “The Unforgiving” (like Faster, it’s really great)…anyway, what I wish is that you don’t forget your previous “style”, or kind of music, and I hope one day you will go back to it…ΠΑΡΑΚΑΛΩ!!! ΕΛΕΝΑ

  • mateusz

    I’ve just finished listening Unforgiving for the first time and I’m speechless… What you did is an extraordinary piece of music. It’s so refreshing, Sharon’s voice is so alive and so are guitars. This album pulses with emotions!
    Usually when I listen an album for the first time I kind of domesticate with it, get used to it because it’s something new.
    In this case it was totally different, I felt like I knew these songs like they were my favourite, I couldn’t stop banging my head and after every song I was like ‘oh my God I can’t belive that’.
    I can’t think of better vernal gift for fans than this album.
    I’d also like to rise to previous post. Sure this album differs from previous ones and style of music is different but still it’s WT and it’s natural thing they want to try something new, they evolve. Sure I miss symphonic style and Sharon’s high voice but it was all before and if I want to hear it, I will play Mother earth, The silent force or THOE.
    So WT – you did a hell good job. When I was listening the album I was imagining how they sound live on gig. I can’t wait to see you on October in Cracow, glad you added this city to your tour. I hope you play also older songs on the gig. Take care and see you soon!

  • handofsorrow31

    OMG! The 30th is only four days away! Eeeee!!

  • Tash

    Still waiting to receive the Special Edition here in Australia hopefully by Wednesday I will finally have it! I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

  • huhlay

    TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! its not like WT of 4 years ago but this album is awesomely epic and I LOVE YOU WT!!!! \m/

  • 1second

    Great album! Separate thanks for In The Middle Of The Night track (hope on this single) There are many awesome tracks here, except Sinead I like everything.

  • withinfloren4

    Buen trabajo! Felicitaciones Within Temptation, Sharon te amo xDD.

  • Dutchglory

    Got it yesterday (26-03-11), listen today. Again a KICKS ASS ALBUM..!!! really a great job..!! (Hint: make “Where is the edge” your new single or “A Demon’s Fate”, these will do REALLY great as single.. lol)

    I want to congratulate and thank everyone who made this album possible… i think i speak for all wt fans :) WT TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!


    Heb het gisteren ontvangen (26-03-11), luister vandaag. Weer een kicks ASS ALBUM ..!!! echt een geweldige prestatie..! (Hint: maak “Where is the edge” de nieuwe single of “A Demon’s Fate”, deze zal HEEEL goed doen als single.. lol)

    Ik wil iedereen feliciteren en bedanken die dit album mogelijk hebben maakt… Ik denk dat ik spreek voor alle WT fans :) WT VEROVERD DE WERELD!!!


  • chloewhite

    Dear Within Temptation, I’ve listened to the new album for 5 times, and i must say you did a great job! I know people are frowning because some of the songs are different and therefore “not as good as they used to be”, but don’t listen to them. They can’t even decide which songs differ from your previous style and which ones don’t.

    I kinda missed a slow ballad from the album, given the fact that all of your slow songs have blown me away so far…but still, all new tracks are awesome! My current favourites are Shot in the Dark, Sinéad and Lost. But knowing myself, all songs will have their time on the top of my list.
    Yesterday i wrote
    a 6 pages long evaluation titled “My life within temptations” – i’m very proud of you guys. I only wish you didn’t need 3-4 years every time to come out with new material!
    Love you, and all the best! :)

  • rusty15

    Wait a minute, I thought USA was supposed to have their release on the 29th?

  • xsineadx

    The unforgiving is amazing its fantastic from start to finish i love this album so much and for many years to come same with all your albums! i’m to lost for words

    i wish you all the best for eveything guys i love you so much keep up the great work! oh and hope all goes well for you sharon with the birth of your third child much love to you all <3

  • xhdb

    it’s an amazing album wow !!! :-D

  • forsha

    I’m buying it first thing Monday!!!!!! Love you people!!!!

  • 13angels

    hi guys and girl :D

    I am so in lOVE with the album, can put it down, read the comicbook already 100 times, can’t wait for the next one (L) (L) I think it’s just amazing the album with the comicbook, best idea ever !!! I did also enjoy to wacht the short movies and the making of’s on the dvd ,

    the only thing to say is ….. love you guy’s and rock on !!!!!

  • janedoe263

    Hy guys, this is absolutely the best birthday gift so far. Such an amazing album of my favorit Band released at my Birthday. Thank you, and see you in Stuttgart and in munich.

  • ghostofapril

    will there be (VIDEO EDITION) version for U.S. iTunes ?!!! … I saw the (VIDEO EDITION) on iTunes Germany and italy … but there was no (VIDEO EDITION) version for pre-order in U.S. :(

  • sassafras

    There are very few times when I dislike living in the U.S., but right now is definitely one of them. :( Can’t wait till Tuesday!!

    P.S. @ghostofapril: there is a cd+dvd version on amazon, you just have to be willing to order the hard copy version and pay for shipping, etc. There is no video edition on Itunes that I know of….

  • vortex80

    astonished! Really a great album, Sharon’s vocals are so unique..i thinks that “Shot In The Dark” & “Demons Fate” are the best tracks of the album.hope see u in tour

  • ghostofapril

    @Sassafras : yeah buddy, I know that … I’m really addicted to the MUSIC , I buy all the versions and I love to carry around the music that I love COMPLETLEY ! … so you can’t carry CD+DVD+COMIC+DIGITAL BOOKLET on your iphone everywhere :) ) , unless you have DIGITAL VERSION ;)

  • joannedrewery

    Thanks so much WT, the album is awesome!! I haven’t stopped listening since it arrived on Saturday, and am not going to stop listening!

  • aristacrima

    Yaaay, I have the CD+DVD! it sure was a hell to find my name on the poster!

  • darkchilde

    Really like the album, very progressive. Is it just me or on the Special Edition, does the picture of Sharon look like Michael Jackson ? Not sure of the vocal intro on “In the middle of the night”, but otherwise an excellent work – you should all be extremely happy and satisfied with it.

    See you at Brixton Academy in November (can’t believe it’ll be 4 years since I saw you all live).

  • bwanis

    Thanks so much WT, the album is awesome! in the middle of the night is my favourite track , faster  video clip is great, too.
    Can’t find my name on the poster, i’m working on it :)

  • akanaru93

    Im only wondering, Is the album going to come out in Iceland?

  • darkalsoa

    I’m gonna be the first fan in Brazil to get the CD and DVD….. But I’m gonna to buy in US release…

  • ayaka

    I am listening to it for the first time, I just bought it ! :D It brings a bit sun in my day, because today, it is raining… You made a great job on the album ! 

  • djrenate

    awsome i listenig it right now it`s fanstastic keep ocking like this your a awsome band!!:)!!!1

  • Nerwen_Elendil

    It came out only today here in Portugal and I already have it! Everytime I listen to it, I love it more!
    Too bad they didn’t had the comic in my store tough. I would love to have it.
    And I’ve found my name on the Facebook list (not easy… everyone has seen the size of that thing, right???)!!!! I’m so freaking happy. Would it be weird to say I feel a bit closer to you guys by finding my name there??
    Anyway… THANK YOU for the album ^_^

  • hari

    just listened to the album. IT’S SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!! i really love ‘Murder’, it’s sooooo cool!

    I’m now watching the making of shot in the dark :-D

  • frenchtemptation

    THANK YOU 100000000000…TIMES !!!! I’m listed with the 12.500 best fans among more than 920.000 fans ! It’s great!!! . I love you so much. La france vous aime très fort !!!!!!!!!!

  • frenchtemptation

    Very great songs , change but great album ! I love you WT , see you on tour. ;)

  • mrnm

    The album and movie are brilliant!!! Couldn’t go faster @160 km/hr on the highway :-)

  • sunrise

    Hi WT…I’ve already listened to the new album 5 times and I can say I’m getting used to this new kind of music…Sharon’s voice is divine once again…I just hope Sharon will keep wearing those impressive gothic dresses…I wish I had one, too…just continue doing such a great job WT…Greece loves you and hopes to see you live on stage someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick DK

    Disappointed. Very. Wrong turn in musical style for my taste. Can’t tell how much I was waiting for this album – the excitement, the anticipation – planning to travel quite some distance to see it live- and then… I hope this is “just” a concept album, and WT has some other stuff up their sleeve. (and before anyone would suggest that I listened for a few more times to the album – I did so. Tried hard, several times)

  • joe89

    @Nick DK: well yeah i can understand your disappointment, i felt the exact same thing when i first listened to it, i was like what the F*** is that. all this waiting, the excitement, the anticipation and suddenly BANG!!! but you know what, i forced myself to listen to it everyday twice a day a least for the past 10 days (well i must admit i downloaded an illegal copy of the album a week earlier of the release date,sorry for that but i couldn’t wait, but my friend is bringing me the special edition from the UK on easter), and now i’m liking it more and more, i’m getting used to this style and i’m beginning to notice the beauty in it, perhaps i’m just more flexible than you but i think you need to give it one more chance, it’s not that bad, of course i still prefer the old sound but perhaps like they said a little change from time to time is good.

    Anyway WT is still one of my favorite bands, and i hope to see you one day in Lebanon, i know this unlikely to happen but perhaps someday in the future :)

  • jonathora

    Oh my god !! The anticipation has been killing me and I have been so exited for a new CD and I am in looove <3 you have been my favorite band for a hell of a long time now and that is not gonna change! WT fan forever !!!

  • theotherhalf17

    Can’t wait to get my copy very soon!! P.S what’s the deal with the graphic novel? Is there going to be one if so when is it coming out??

  • mm3n

    Absolutely brilliant & mind-blowing album & story. The way you are developing as a band is amazing, you keep aiming to the ears of more people while keeping your heart and the essence of the band – and spreading it widely. Despite some ‘popular’ elements which are present in the music – and don’t forget they are far from being alone there, it indeed sounds as full and complete as any real music should be. There is nothing ‘false’ in what you sing for or the way you express it with sound. It is a beautiful and touching story, and the more you know about it, the more it develops in you. Thank you for keep creating.

  • jhonny93

    lo ADOOOROOOOOOO!! LAS CANCIONES SON HERMOSAS! LLENAS DE SENTIMIENTO! Y venganza.. la voz de Sharon la mayoria de las veces es grave… y hay tonos que son psicodelicos.. es muy diferente al Within Temptation que habia escuchado desde que tengo uso de razon… se nota mucho la madurez con la que hicieron el disco…T.T .. la bateria suena muy bien!!!

  • paulh111

    “The Unforgiving” is a Brilliant Piece of Work .I Can’t stop listening to it . Could not say anything Bad about it even If I wanted to ( Not That I would ) .To Those who have nothing good to say, don’t bother leaving a comment. A change is as good as a breath of fresh air.

  • ttbtr

    Yyyeeesss!! The time is finally here. Just listen to the unforgiving. It is fantastic. I love it. Thank u so much for the album.

  • erik175

    I am proud te be Dutch like you guys and girl…hehe. Great new Album, hope to see you around somewhere in the Netherlands soon.  

  • 1second

    Very good album. In The middle of the night is the best song on it.

  • allineed89

    I know I’ve already commented on here before but I gotta say this album is truly brilliant!! I keep listening to it over and over, especially Sinead! And Sharon you look absolutely stunning in all of the videos!! Really worth the wait, thanks W.T !! :D

  • beckallica

    Fantastic album!! Purchased the special edition off itunes today and haven’t stopped listening, I am in love with every song. Hopefully the postman will have a little package for me tomorrow so I can watch the short films and videos :) and P.S you guys MUST visit us here in Australia ;)

  • Tash

    I got to hear a few of the songs tonight on The Racket as well as the interview with Sharon finally! Loved the songs I have heard for the first time! Can’t wait to receive my special edition hopefully tomorrow! I hope there will be an Australian tour in the future will travel to as many shows as I can! Still can listen to the interview and songs on the stream at a few days later and again at around 10:30 pm if there is anyone from Perth here :) There are two parts to the interview the next part is roughly an hour later. http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/racket/

  • Dark Intentions

    LOVE IT! The Unforgiving is on my Itunes and in my Cd player right now – it’s hela good WT! :D

  • WTmobile

    Andrew Golden from the WT iPhone/iPad app:

    I love it I love it I love it!!! You guys have reached deep and found your inner rockers! Sinead and Mother Maiden are two of your greatest characters. Give us more!

  • marloesv

    Totally loving it!! :D

  • un4given

    Oh, God, I didn’t know that it will come so soon…! When I get some money, I will fly into a music shop and buy it. BUT … Is there the comic too? Because if not, I won’t be able to understand it…! What everything is the content of Your new album?

  • WTmobile

    Marc J Scott from the WT iPhone/iPad app:

    Yup. That would be good old, straight ahead rock. Sounds REALLY good.

  • ikir

    Downloaded from iTunes!!! GREAT!!!

  • gaaraforever


    我最初接触你们的音乐是在去年,那时我19岁,你们是我接触的第一个金属乐队,日后我又接触了其他很多乐队但你们的音乐是我最喜欢的。我非常喜欢美丽迷人的主唱Sharon,她的声音和气质都非常出色。我也喜欢乐队的每个人,你们共同的才华和努力成就了震撼人心的音乐。我尤其喜欢你们的Hand of sorrow,听了无数遍都觉得很好。你们的音乐涉及的内容和表达的主题能够深入人的灵魂,歌词和旋律也有着非常高的品质。爱,死亡,纠缠,黑暗和探索,是人类恒久不变的话题。我每次听你们的音乐都感到,你们能够把阴暗、痛苦和高昂、美丽完美地融合在一起,真的很了不起。

    音乐是带给人美的享受而不是带有其他动机,因此我用单纯的喜爱之情来关注你们的音乐,不管你们的风格如何变化,我相信都是出于你们对音乐新的理解和对更高品质的探索,我会一如既往支持。祝愿你们做出更好的音乐,有幸福美好的生活,带给我们更美妙的音乐世界~LOVE YOU~

  • tande-

    finally ♥

  • wtd9

    Adorei o novo CD ta brutal,os meu parabéns à banda pelo óptimo trabalho:-)
    A Sharon tem uma voz espectacular e faz deste trabalho como todos os outros único. Estarei a vossa espera no dia 11 de Outubro no coliseu do Porto em Portugal…
    Um grande abraço pessoal:-)

  • cobrafreestyler

    Prachtig gedaan jongens, zoals altijd weer een geschenk voor men oortjes :-) Dikke proficiat! Ik heb het op i-tunes, op cd + dvd :-) en luister er alle dagen naar :-)
    Sharon en Robert nog veel geluk met jullie zwangerschap en bevalling :-)
    Groetjes vanuit Belgie

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  • nadege

    I’m too fan of your new album !!! Really, I can’t find the right words to describe at what point “The Unforgiving” is fantastic;-)
    I wish you the best for all your other projects…

    Much love <3

  • nightwhisper

    WT, you’re really GREAT band!! Thank you so much for this exciting album! I agree with many fans- it’s difficult to express all fellings…I love you , and can’t live without your music:) really hope to see you in our city!
    Vera, Moscow, Russia.

  • Krusher

    Kickass album, love it to bits!

  • WTmobile

    Joost Hoogenboom from the WT iPhone/iPad app:

    It’s just aweso0mee :)

  • Tash

    After a week I have finally received my special edition! Can’t wait to hear and experience it! Will post more after I have heard all the songs!

  • sunrise

    Hi WT, I want you to know that I’m mad about “Murder”…the music is fantastic and well combined with Sharon’s voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TinTin

    Sceptical to the album at first, but after the 8th time listening through it is really beginning to grow.
    Just as it´s supposed to be, the albums you love first time listening to it will wear you out.
    This album will end up among the greatest and it will most certainly have me listening to it for many years to come !

    Many thanks and keep on amazing us :)

  • soulmaster777

    I love the new album!!! Hopefully, the music will blow right to the top of the charts!!!!!!!  The metal sound is more developed and is perfect with Sharon’s AMAZING voice!! Absolutely epic and tantalizing!!!  Keep up the good work and Congrats on the new addition to your family!!  Hope all is well in the Netherlands and please do a US tour soon…the reception of the fans would undoubtedly be overwhelming!!!

  • aysel

    What about Turkey? Do i have to wait a month to get the the album like i did when black symphony and an acoustic night at the theatre release? i hope the special edition wil be avalible in Turkey
    By the way TU is reaaly geat and bombastic! My favorites are Murder Fire And Ice In THe Middle Of THe Night Faster so far.. But i have to say that the album “mother earth” will always be the best..
    love from TURKEY…….

  • lidyarocker85

    The unforgiving is awesome! we’d love to see you in Uruguay. Love u guys!

  • ronj

    Truly an outstanding album! You all love what you do and it shows. I hope your tour will soon include California USA.

  • wtlover2011

    I love your new album like another albums. I love most songs of it.
    Congratulations to you. I love WT.

  • sunrise

    Greece loves “The Unforgiving”, just like all the previous albums, – I saw a guy on a live TV show here in Greece wearing a “WT The Unforgiving” T-shirt – everyone is more than excited here……….I’m very into “Murder”, “Lost” and “Fire and Ice”…..Sharon’s voice is divine………

    Loads of Love from Greece…we hope to see you live here someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tash

    Congratulations WT I am loving TU! Favorite songs right now are In the Middle of the Night, Iron (was headbanging to those two 1st time), Fire and Ice (love the orchestral music and lyrics combined with Sharon’s beautiful voice), Sinead (great song to dance to love the video as well), Lost (love the acoustic guitars in this song and Sharon’s higher vocals) , A Demon’s Fate (reminds me a little of Hands of Sorrow love the music) and Stairway to the Skies love the lyrics and music. I really love hearing more guitar solos on the CD and also the drumming. Sharon sounds amazing love hearing the mixture of lower voice in Murder and her higher voice in quite a few songs. I’m so excited to see WT live after 3 years! I have just received the comic here in Australia as well looking forward to reading and discovering more about TU.

  • adeline7777

    I wanted to say that Within Temptation, 2 years ago, in Romania, their music was not that known… now, they are everywhere, and i loving it! You guys have fans all over Romania who are waiting for you to come again!!!!

  • andreas70

    Hi WT! I don’t know where to start. This album is absolutely GIGANTIC! Hell, I thoght you couldn’t get any better than you are, but as I heard this developpement in guitarplaying (my god, graet solos, melodic and / or agressiv, fast and slow, metal), bombast and silent in a very great and professionel way, absolutely new drumming (DOUBLE BASS, I LOVE IT!), and last but not least this female voice that brings you to your knees! I thank you so much for releasing ans album like the unforgiving – a present for lifetime. There’re so many thing to discover, unbelieveable. Everybody can hear and feel the power and love you had in writing and recording this great stuff! I’m glad to have the chance to see you TWO times in the docks HH! Believe me, I’ll be there!!
    Deutschland liebt Euch!

  • earendilsolo

    Love the Album but where is the booklet for the US iTunes Version?

  • johntims

    Thanks for this album! Keep the music coming… I just love the fact that after a decade of listening to mediocrity (the 90′s) after getting into metal in the late 80′s(the CLASSIC years), in my late 30′s I discover Within Temptation as late as The Heart of everything I’m sad to say. Still, I appreciate your older stuff and I can understand some fans feeling a bit left behind. But s** that, this is the best album I’ve heard in years! It is awesome, the songwriting is excellent, the performances truly stunning, and the production superb. I can’t stop listening to it as it has taken this old metaller to places never travelled before. I cannot wait to hear Sinead live, I think that will be a pure joy. Up the iron mother maiden!