The Unforgiving Tour Vlog: Video #6!


Time for another video update from the band! Sharon shows you Le Bikini, a signing session in FNAC Toulouse, a birthday and as always enough jokes from Ruud. 


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October 21, 2011
  • scythe

    Sharon’s laughter is so sweet … :)

  • majeczka

    I can’t wait to singing session in Warsaw ;)

  • BgIvanov

    These video logs are great! But Sharon is shooting 90% of the time so she doesn’t appear almost never on them. Isn’t it possible somebody else to shoot so we could see all the members of the band?

  • hanstalsma

    I love it<3!! Very funny to see again, thanks for sharing this video:-) and Sharon, i love you and your laughing , so sweet:-)

  • Midnight-Immortal

    Awesome video! It’s so cool that you guys are becoming more interactive with us fans that adore all of you! :D See you in Brixton…In three weeks yay!!!

  • anja

    wat is dit toch leuk meegenieten met de band!!!!

  • EvelineWT

    I love it….you always make me laugh! Lots of love X!

  • marioandrade

    another one great video :D WT <3

  • carmilla1872

    Awesome! .. I love to see you happy and festive, and I love seeing all the fans happy, after all is the great multitude of which I am part. A big hug!..<3

  • etsukazu

    I wish I was there for the signing session, but I was working! I really do love my job, but that afternoon, I think that I hated it! ha ha ha! But I saw your show, and it was really awesome! The best show I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to see you on stage again!! You are the best! Love you WT!

  • VampWithin

    Bloody Hell, heb er echt al ONEINDIG veel zin in man:D :D :D The 5th of November, not so long anymore^^ JIHAAAAAAAAAA!! Kword nu al helemaal zot XD

  • jesse

    Great! For more FNAC signing session in Toulouse, have a look at this movie:

  • arno

    Very nice to see what the band has done before the concert. Too bad, I was not aware of this signing session in Fnac Toulouse…

  • WTmobile

    Gabrielle Hol from the WT iPhone/iPad app:


  • thor64

    I was here!!!!
    J’y étais!!!

  • Axel Aubert

    Always enjoy seeing your video updates! I will see you on Friday in Oslo and really looking forward to that! :)

  • fenizio

    There is a rumor that you will be in Chile in February … please tell us if it’s true!!

  • dashing


  • Frenchtemptation

    Thank you friends for this video, it will remain an unforgettable memory for me and my girlfriend who were present. Thank you for this fabulous show and for your kindness and availability after the concert, I’ll never forget. Kisses.