The Unforgiving’s 2nd single…

Sinead single cover

Great news! We can now officially announce the next single of our album “The Unforgiving”.

It’s going to be……..(drumroll)………… Sinéad!

We will be updating you soon about the single, but we didn’t want to hold back the single cover as we are very enthusiastic about it!

Here you go, have a great weekend!

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April 15, 2011
  • tonyk

    Wow! Amazing cover!

  • P@tra

    It’s a very cool cover! Well done!

  • janedoe90

    This is fucking great
    ♥ My heart is bleeding just for this, bleeds for no other one ♥

  • tourniquet19

    Wow :)

  • AllINeed

    Oooohh amazing!!!!! :D

  •!/profile.php?id=100001554142493s mandytje92

    Super! :D <3

  • aoefreak666

    absolutely awesome….part drawing part real.. I want the single  LIKE RIGHT NOW !!!!!!! :-)

  • squeeka

    Nice cover and i love this song so much!!!

  • Daniëlle


  • Priest

    Fantastic! Loving the cover look. And that’s made me want to put the album on again, not that it’s ever off much! =D

  • hari

    cool! :-D

  • unclechristo

    One little thing that occurred to me though – with this cover & graphics – if I didn’t know WT – I might think that the artist was Sinead (the lass in the photo) and the song was called Within Temptation…

  • federicawt

    A very beautiful cover!!
    I love this song,maybe it’s my favourite in “The Unforgiving”

  • Marcello82

    Amazing cover!!! I love it!

  • astrinos92

    Will release it??? :) :)

  • sashin

    Love it..a great departure from their previous single covers. I love the fact they dare to be different. Awesome job guys….Sash (from South Africa)

  • lordinator

    Great cover ! Sharon is very beautiful !
    Please : An unreleased track on this single !

  • anja

    beautiful picture sharon!!!!!

  • ikir

    Nice! I hope to see Demon’s Fate as a single too!

  • EvelineWT

    OOHHHH…I love Sinéad and I love the pretty….beautiful cover!!! You look amazing Sharon <3!

  • Stew

    I’m speechless, the cover is absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to have the single! 

  • sergey1rus

    Sharon is pretty as usual:)
    An interesting combination of foto and drawing which brings definite charm to cover! 

  • Tash

    I really love the cover of Sinead with combination of drawing and the beautiful photo of Sharon! I’m looking forward to more updates!

  • kelleke


  • withintruth

    Super! You are the best! Thank you for this great album! I love you anyhow) Sharon, you are fine and enigmatic on this cover! Cooool!

  • scythe

    Much better than the Faster Cover… like it!

  • aoefreak666

    what date is is going to be released?? 

  • Wtanna

    Lovely cover. <3

  • mukkero

    Really nice cover, Great song!!

  • SarahS

    I love it!

  • biscotte

    Really great song, and cover :)

    Viva Montreal’s September 8 show !

  • shotinthedark

    Wow! The cover is really cool!
    And I love the song ;3
    Great job! <3

  • kanayu21

    amazing cover you look beautiful sharon!!!

  • sansanders

    Awesome cover for the new single and great choice of song aswell i love it xxxx

  • wtrock

    It’s a great cover for the new single. I totally love The Unforgiving as well. :)

  • azerett

    Great cover! Something different.

  • IceQueen625


    Have you considered any remixes of Sinéad? I think some really fun ones could be created :D

  • lullabyi

    Wonderful! <3

  • rikardo

    muy lindo!!!! cuando por el sur de america????

  • kmaru

    So beautiful… aaah…

  • davidpark

    Great choice for the next single :) lots of non WT fans will hear and love this ….and become ex non WT fans :)

  • shotinthedark

    Davidpark, hahaha :D
    you’re right! :)

  • gokhanx

    you have to release lost next

  • luminora6

    Great )) Sinéad is really cool song! Love from Ukraine!! Good luck )

  • shotinthedark

    I can only repeat myself:
    The cover is amazing!
    Just like the song itself!
    Within Temptation is just… perfect!

  • trien

    great cover!!! great song!!

  • lena den adel

    yea!!!!! its a great single!! i hope you have a good weekend!!! ^^ from mexico: amy!!! i love you!!!

  • dagger42

    Great looking cover to a great song!! You should put some unreleased bouns tracks on it.Maybe the japan bouns songs like The Last Dance or Empty Eyes or maybe I Don’t Wanna would be good B-side songs for the single since there only on the Japan CD or MP3 Version.Maybe a Sinead remix would be cool have you talk to Armin Van Buuren lately LOL!

  • edlo

    Would it be the same tracks?

  • wtlover2011

    Wow. Very nice cover & very nice song. I love WT. 

  • annamoon

    Sinéad youhou! I love this song! The cover is WAW! Amazing! 

  • wtbest

    Amazing cover. Great, great song. Love it.

  • moonbeam13

    eeee <3 yes the album cover is cooolll and very interesting o.O creative how it looks like sharon is turning into or going in the comic book world :I i love the song aswell! WT4EVER!!!!!! :D

  • Steven

    Que buena canción!…. Within Temptation es una de las mejores bandas de metal y por mucho

  • xrenaxryuuguxgirlx

    Oh gosh! Theres no way I can be compared to Sharon, and I’m considered really pretty myself. >_<

  • fireandice72

    cool!! love the new album wish they bring fire and ice for single!!

  • Silvia Andrade

    The cover is just amazing!Sharon is beautiful as always.
    “Sinéad” is a wonderful song!

  • handofsorrow31

    That cover is beautiful! And I still need “The Unforgiving”…One more week of waiting!

  • christiecy

    WOW!! great cover sharon looks perfect :)

  • aoefreak666

    According to a web-site where I buy my cd-singles from it is due to be released on that format on June 17th !!! OMG…why make us wait so long?? ggrrrrr

  • wtforeverwt

    ı love sharon, and it is great song

  • angelsheart

    Yeah, I can only utter AMAZING, too :)

  • hanstalsma

    Yes!!! I love Sinead:D!!! And the cover with Sharon is really beautiful<3<3<3 . Love you Sharon, hope it will be a big hit in The Netherlands:D!! xxx

  • brightasday97

    :D that’s wonderful! i also think you guys should include some of the songs like “the last time” or “overcome”. i really love those songs but when I discovered WT they were no longer on iTunes :(

  • andyabra1

    Sharon reminds me of Keely Hawes in Ashes to Ashes, this single cover just confirms it. Very retro!

  • satchmorrison

    Tickets just arrived ! We’re coming to see you perform at E-Werk Keulen ! Downloaded the entire album from itunes a few days ago and Sinéad was my instant favorite !!!

  • astrinos92

    When will be released…??? :)

  • maffo3110

    one of the strongest tracks on a fantastic album….when is the release date and what is the track list?…..

  • WTmobile

    Lauren Green from the WT iPhone/iPad app:

    Yeah! Happy! Can’t wait!

  • ivoresende

    and the 3rd single is “Shot in the Dark”. All your songs are AWESOME ! I love you, guys <3

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  • sunrise

    What a great cover ……!!!!!!!!!!

  • WTmobile

    Draven Ahmad from the WT iPhone/iPad app:

    I like that song very cool

  • WTmobile

    Jacob Westra from the WT iPhone/iPad app:

    Great choice!! I love that song!!

  • kanayu21

    amazing cover !!!!its a wonderful pic!! 

  • Pimmetje

    Nice cover too bad this isn’t the HQ version :D <3 it.

  • majic

    love the cover and a good choice of track

  • withintemptation1fan

    Love this song.. Yes

  • mm3n

    Yay! She’s alive :) ))) It’s like an idea that has been brought to life, meaning literally, for real .. About the comic-to-photo cover, nice photo, and awaited single! Some bonus tracks will make a serious good use :D

  • WTmobile

    Jayme Sellars from the WT iPhone/iPad app:

    again, great choice :)
    a well deserved single…

  • 13angels

    sharon you look wonderfull as normal :D  

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