Title and lyrics new single

Title and lyrics new single

We promised we’d let you hear a little more of the upcoming single this week. We have more in store for you!

Today, we are announcing the title and the lyrics of the new single, which will be released soon!

The title of the new single is………….
“Paradise (What About Us?)”

You can read the lyrics in the video, below.
Stefan has been shredding his guitar like a mad man, recording for the new album, so enjoy!

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August 23, 2013
  • Lea

    Uaahhhh! Heeeelp! Want to hear the song, NOW!

  • Roberto Velasquez

    ^Ditto, Lea!
    I won’t be able to sleep now; the guitar solo sounds ‘effin badass and up-tempo, and just by reading the lyrics, there’s a bit of rhyming and deep meaning to them.
    Within Temptation, with this, I already know that the Single is going to be kickass and the album, I bet, will blow all our minds! You guys are the Masters of Music. Period. :D DDD

  • Natalie Anne Molyneux

    Oh my God!! This sounds awesome. Need to hear more! You sure know how to torture us! xx

  • Lindsay Vicedomini

    Amazing I can’t wait!

  • Rob


  • Anonymous

    Hello cant wait new album does sound great demo, please consider Australia its sad how we getting others bands not wt who are much bigger work out price with metro touring and tour there is so many fans here australia wide ok

  • Scott

    You need to come to the west coast USA! Washington State needs you!

  • Anonymous


  • Muriel Tobal

    <3 (y) <3

  • Alisha Collins

    So can’t wait for this to come out I been waiting for it :)

  • Krysten Hill

    I hope the deal with Nuclear Blast USA will mean a larger tour in North America. I NEED to see one of your shows! Come to Vancouver! I’ll even take Seattle!

    I can’t wait to add this album to my collection. I will look DARLING with the others!

  • Loup Garou

    Muito irado! adoro SOLO De guitarra!

  • Loup Garou


  • סרדור קררוב

    I can not wait long for this song

  • amybanks

    “Paraíso (E quanto a nós?)” – That’d be a more precise translation (I guess…I’m not really good in translating things).