To tour again…


Today we will play our first festival show since a long time.

As we speak we’re on our way to Budapest for the Sziget Festival. It’s one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe. The festival is held annually in August in Budapest, Hungary and takes place on Óbudai-sziget (“Old-Buda Island”).

Sharon already tweeted some “on the road” pictures. So make sure if you don’t want to miss out on any news from the tour that you follow us on Twitter or just check out the website. If you want join the conversation about Sziget just use the hashtag: #wt100811

From Twitter: “Oh god…here we go!!! THE first show, sziget fest, tonight! Xs”

This Friday,  it will all officially start with the The First Challenge”.  The First Challenge will not only be a unique WT concert, it will be a WT happening. We will play the whole concept album “The Unforgiving” in one go and in the follow order of the CD plus all your favorite Within Temptation hits in a grand finale.

The visual presentation will feature brand new images on big screens, a sneak preview is alread on our site. Oh and .. the Unforgiving Race car is on the site. Tickets for “The First Challenge” are still available and can be purchased here for the Dutch fans and here for the German fans.

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August 10, 2011
  • anja

    heel veel succes vanavond!!!het moet een geweldige happening worden lijkt mij nice pictures too!!and the fisrt challenge must be an very great happening friday!!good luck for all of you!!enjoy your moments we will too cant wait to see you on stage!!

  • ludo57

    Can’t wait to see the vidéos!!! WT <3

  • hanstalsma

    I wish you good luck the upcoming concerts!!! I will think about you, and i can not wait to see you in september, 23th and 25th:)<3<3 But first….a lot of succes tonight!!!! xxx

  • sansanders

    I would like to wish you good luck with the tour.I will be seeing you in November at the o2 Acadamy in Birmingham and also at the Brixton Acadamy London I can’t wait as it will be the first time i;ve seen you live.Hope all goes well tonight. xxxx

  • gothic nightingale

    Good Luck and have fun ;-)

  • hartogendelano

    Have fun in Budapest. But come back in time for Ulft :)
    I am sooo looking forward to the concert….

  • seewhoiam

    enjoy it, and good luck, :D

  • wtcanadianfan

    Have a great time!
    Good luck and safe travels!

  • dresden_x_doll

    Veel succes vanavond!

  • scythe

    Have a great time Within Temptation and rock the world!!!

  • wtfangroningen

    a lot of sucses at the first challenche ,i see you at 24-03-12 at my first concert it is a birthdaygift from my parents i just become 14! see you there

  • unaloona

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!! You were AMAZING on the Sziget festival, and Sharon is singing better that ever!!!! I ♥ U, WT!!!!

  • jesseroy324

    Cannot Wait to see you guys especially you Sharon Lotsa love from Philadelphia!! America is waiting So SO SOSOOOOO Excited!!!!!

  • cristianapt

    You guys are crazy! I love you! I saw pictures of the concert and… Sharon, the fitness worked! :D

  • racheyrocker

    ^ where are these pics?! I want to see them!!

  • cristianapt

    I saw the pictures on facebook. There are two pages where I saw, Within Temptation Portugal and InTempty – within temptation Venezuela Fan club. At this time you can see in the second page pictures of the First challenge also! :)

  • fvl80

    Yep, first challenge, Sharon tride so damn hard….
    It’s just so damn said that the sound technician fell asleep form the start of the show untill the end… (you could not hear Sharon properly!!). The rest of the show is just GREAT, lights, video, fireworks! Better luck next time, and that doesn’t take long 25 aug :)

  • kiselza

    The show at Sziget was truly AWESOME, but the bass was so painfully loud, you couldn’t hear anything else! As I see from comments, the same problem was present at the First Challenge show. Please kick your technicians’ butt and tell them to turn the bass lower so that we can hear Sharon & guitars & keys!!! To Ruud & Sharon: thanks for the guitar pick and the photo! You’re really SWEET! Please release the earlier albums on vinyl & come back to Budapest!

  • akila

    Huntenpop was GAAF!!!! en dan drukken we ons nog zachtjes uit…. de 1e keer dat we de mogelijkheid hadden om jullie te zien… maar zeker niet de laatste…

  • charliewtlove

    HUNTENPOP was super cool, mijn 1e x WT, maar niet de laatste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!