Tracklist of “The Unforgiving”

Unforgiving 2

Hi everybody,

you already know the album title and the title of one song (“Where Is The Edge”).

Now we can reveal the full track listing for “The Unforgiving”!

We will be telling you more about this release soon, but first, all the song titles:

1.     Why Not Me

2.     Shot In The Dark

3.     In The Middle Of The Night

4.     Faster

5.     Fire And Ice

6.     Iron

7.     Where Is The Edge

8.     Sinéad

9.     Lost

10.   Murder

11.   A Demon’s Fate

12.   Stairway To The Skies

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January 11, 2011
  • intotemptation

    Super gaaf! :) Ik ben benieuwd!!

  • wtmay

    please i need a teaser fron the album common!!!!

  • poes16

    kan niet wachten om alles te horen de titels klinken zo wie zo gaaf!!

  • Gabriëlle

    ik kan ook niet wachten om alles te horen!!

  • andros

    wow…I love the album …can’t wait until march :d

  • jonathan

    cant wait to hear all the songs 

  • lullabyi

    The title look so nice! For sure they’ll be fantastic ^^ Can’t wait to listen to them *.*

  • greg1982

    thank you very much

  • croc

    Great names of songs! The first single will be “Faster”?
    I can’t wait to have this album in my hands!

    Kisses from Brasil!

  • Mitsy

    Nice! I think I like ‘em. I recognize some of the titles,since they were samples @ the FCD :)  

  • scythe

    hmmmm… i’m courious about the story behind the titles…

  • Davor

    Some nice names you got there : )

  • Gabriëlle


    I think the same.. :)

  • hugues88

    Patience is the mother of all virtues. Most beautiful is the discovery of the album.WT i LOVE you

  • hugues88

    agree with you :p

  • oceansoul95

    It sounds great!
    Can’t wait to hear the album.

  • hartogendelano

    I’m gonna buy it as soon as it comes out :)

  • annamoon

    Can’t wait to hear these. I already ordered The Album! 

  • xsarum

    Heb het kunnen luisteren op de fanclubdag maar het is toch spannend om er naar uit tekijken heb de CD al besteld staat in de w8 bij BOL.COM, ziet er allemaal Heel Goed Uit…….tot 29-09 in Groningen.

  • vtsx3

    From what i heard, Iron is gonna be awesome!

  • bellamendes

    after “where is the edge”, the songs that I’m most curious to hear just knowing the names are: “shot ih the dark”, “in the middle of the night”, “Iron” and “Stairway to the skies” which reminds me Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to heaven”… was this song inspired by Led Zeppelin? anyways, I cannot wait til march… ^^

  • lordinator

    I am very enthusiastic for this album, I really waits for it with a lot of impatience. By reading the titles, I reports me that corresponds well to the drawings of the comic already publish here, it is really very encouraging !

    Sorry for my english, I’m french…

  • darkwisprie

    I just can’t w8, really..

  • enrg38279


  • withinfloren4

    No puedo esperar mas xDD.

  • icecream

    I can’t wait to have this album in my haaaaaaaaaands!*-*

    nice names

  • Weronika

    Great names! I can´t wait to have The Unforgiving in my hands.

  • soyhann

    faster :P

  • celticbotan

    Pleaaase, I want to listen to them! Can’t wait anymore! xD

  • AllINeed

    Cannot wait till you reveal more info about ‘Faster’, the upcoming single!!! \m/

  • warder

    Fire and Ice….. Would it be a Pat Benatar cover? If so it would be great! I always dreamed of hearing a Pat Benatar song sang by Sharon :o )

  • musicfairy92

    Some of those sound like my new favourite songs for sure…:D Thanks for this! Although it’s frustrating because we still have to wait so long…

  • SarahS

    These look so great! I can’t wait to listen to them! Even if some people say that the cover doesn’t look like With Temptation (I like it =D) these songs will definitely prove them wrong! I wonder how many singles we be on the album? =) ;)

  • suejay826

    Seriously can’t wait to hear the album!!

  • matt2matt

    super gaaf.
    This album will really rock
    I can’t wait to see them in Glasgow UK

  • thewishmaster96

    kan niet wachten!!

  • annaflacca

    can’t wait until March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tonydk

    I Can´t believe that!! I love the names of the Tracks!! With this you will rock!!
    I can´t wait to listeng the songs
    My best Whishes!
    I said: we see late! from Argentina

  • Tash

    Thank you for posting the tracklist interesting song titles! Cant wait to hear more samples and for the CD in March!

  • seewhoiam


  • andros

    I’m curious about “Fire and Ice” :D

  • sparkling.grey99

    how do you pronounce Sinéad?

  • shadowdweller

    Amazing tracklist!The song{s titles are very interesting… it makes easier to wait till March. We really can´t wait to hear the full album. Thanks ;)

  • sringer

    Great 12 new songs. What’s with the Sinead song? Is there an Irish connection?

  • Onyrika

    Thank you! There are some really nice titles! It would be nice to know how long are they also… I find that interesting, and I’d like to see some long ones! :)

  • jane97

    Great! :D I can’t wait! <3

  • Stew

    They’re brilliant, all of them!!! Can’t wait to hear the songs <3 

  • withintemptation4eva


  • fifthfreedom

    wow! looks so good. Titles are hard and so different then each other. I hope it won’t be pop-rock album (like Shallow Life by Lacuna Coil) but change(Sharon, u said it will be something different) in harder good direction. Can’t wait to hear it and see you all live !!

  • icequeen145

    I can’t wait!!!! GAH! I’m just dying to learn about the presales! :D

  • hari

    WHOOP WHOOP! sounds super!!! i can’t wait!!!!

  • needles

    Looks awesome, love all the titles and cant wait of course!!

  • fifthfreedom

    …Hahaha – title of track number 4 rlz!!!:) I wish it would be in imperative form:):)

  • thrillkill

    I really liked (L)

  • daaniejel

    why not me sounds like a song similar to forgiven. I would love it if there was just 1 song as pure as forgiven. And the rest should blow us away =) Like the titles

  • inesse

    :) Да,интригует!!!!:)

  • gianakat82

    cant wait to here the new album!!!

  • wtrock

    I love the names for all of the songs and I really can’t wait for the album. WT, you’re amazing. I love you!! :)

  • truth_sellador

    Sounds promising!!!

  • stevenx110

    Genial! The Unforgiving seguramente llegará a ser uno de los album de rock gotico mas aclamados en este año… Viva WT desde Colombia

  • esmera

    I hope that “Stairway to the skies” won’t sound like Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to heaven”(backwards). If you know what I mean. :)
    That’ s joke. :) I hope I didn’t offend you. You have amazing songs with very profound lyrics, so you should know that you are one of the best bands ever… :D

    Greetings from Bosnia!

  • marloesv

    Ben echt super benieuwd naar het hele album!!

  • warlegend

    really cant wait anymore! been waiting for it, i wish u the best all the ways WTT <3

  • withintruth

    It’s very interesting names of songs :-) I’m sure that songs will be fine and wonderful!!! I can’t wait! Я люблю вас!!!

  • hanstalsma

    Nice titles!!!! I can`t wait to hear them all:-)!! I wish it was march!

  • dreadlord

    Can’t wait for the release! You guy’s sure know how to tease your fans :)

  • evilangel

    can’t wait to heaar all of them!
    wish you all the best guys!

  • mayomatt9

    @Sparkling.grey99 Sinead is pronounced “Shin-aid”

  • thedarkestwings

    I can’t wait to hear the songs :)

  • xsianxshongx

    The tracklist looks to me alot like a soundtrack for a film – I suppose as it’s based on the comic. I really love the song titles. It’s drawn me in already.

    I’m usually a patient person but March couldn’t come any sooner :P Looking forward to the release! :)

  • aoefreak666

    Roll on March…I have ordered my special edition of the album from Amazon UK already.
    Am waiting with baited breath to hear when the first single is to be released.
    Also..waiting for November when they’ll be at Manchester .. ROCK ON !!

  • paleman

    I want to listen to quickly this album!!!

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  • orly

    It doesnt look like a WT album anymore… lets hope it will still sound like 1, so far I am not a big fan of the cover nor of the track list.

  • fearofthedark91

    All the song titles sound AMAZING!!! can’t wait for it!!!!!

  • jeanine

    cool :) Can’t wait to hear them all or at least read the lyrics…these titles sound amazing! Really can’t wait.

  • lithium0992

    Yeah, good titles, but what about the new single!!!!

  • frenchtemptation

    “In the middle of the night, i’ve done a dream, like a nightmare. A lost demon’s fate comes to me…it said that i’ve to shot in the dark a girl called Sinéad ! Why me for a murder ?, “why not me” he repete in my mind…I’m not a killer! Where is the edge of my nice personality ? …Suddenly, i felt not myself, i rushed faster the stairway to the skies, into the dark night with fire and ice around me, paradise or hell ? i had a armor, a metal armor, like… Iron Man. I knew one thing, i had to save this girl because i was not the unforgiving.” Frenchtemptation-12/01/2011.

  • littlesomething

    WAAAAAAANT. I cannot wait for this album! <33

  • ttbtr

    @frenchtemptation how did you know all that??? Anyway, i really a thousand times cannot wait to hear the new songs, since i heard where is the edge, i want more. Give ur fans more ,WT . U guys r the beste band in de wereld

  • hieu84


  • snowblack13

    I would luv to hear a teaser from the album of all the songs!! Cmon!!!!!! Im so freakin xcited! Bring on March and Nov!!!

  • Jillian Cross

    can’t tell you guys how excited i am right now!!! can’t wait anymore!!!! what is the exact day of the release??? i want to count down…

  • wightangel

    Have already ordered my copy. Cannot wait for them to release this. I bet the music videos will be mind blowing as well. I truly love Within.

  • dagger42

    Cool titles most of the songs sound awesome a few sound like covers of other people songs!!I hope they are original songs that would be better then covers!!.Why Not Me, In The middle Of The Night,Fire and Ice,are some of my favorites titles we will see if the songs are as good.I already love Where is The edge the others should be amazing.I hope you make a another music video soon.

  • Jillian Cross

    @ FRENCHTEMPTATION: great imagination, I think :) really epic, I feel closer to the real album, you got the theme of it I guess!

  • jeh1058

    You guys surely know how to keep us trembling in expectation =) As this will be my first comment on this website, I’d like to say that the last two or so months have been among the best of my life, simply because I knew there was an new WT album coming up for 2011! And I must say I absolutely love everything you’ve been showing us throughout those weeks, be it the various revelations about “The Unforgiving”, your brand new & amazing TV updates, but also the great videos and articles posted since the website was launched. “Where is the Edge” is awesome, the album cover is briliant, the few pages we got from the upcoming comic books are truly amazing; all in all, I can tell you you haven’t let us down at all!!

    You guys rock the hell of us =)

    I can only look forward to hearing “The Unforgiving” and to see you live for the 5th time in Switzerland. Thanks to you for what you give us =)


  • frenchtemptation

    @ Jilian Cross. Thank you very much for your comment. I’m not a poet and a specialist of comics, i simply like the gender and films of it. I was particularly inspired by the titles of the next album and told myself why not do something original with these titles. ;)

  • dansor

    Отлично))) уже мечтаю прослушать эти песни) на плеере добавится новая папка THE UNFORGIVING)))) 
    УДАЧИ ВАМ!!!

  • dansor

    привет из Украины!!!  
    Greetings from Ukraine!!!))

  • dinispt

    It looks great!
    Greetings from Portugal!!!!!
    Ly WT, I hear you 2 years…! :D I’m your fan! ^^

  • snowwhitegrace

    I’m loving this album more and more! :) You guys are AMAZING! this is gonna be GREAT! I love Within Temptation more everyday!

  • moonbeam13

    mmm.. interesting!!! :D

  • LunaPower

    Sounds dangerous <33
    Release album at marth 19th, Thats my birthday and im fan since m.e.
    No not middle ages, sorry xD Mother earth, hehe. But why not 19 =D

  • seewhoiam

    i cant wait to hear.. why not me.. and a demon´s fate.. sounds ameazing

  • AllINeed

    Is it March 25 already………………. :D

  • WalterArgentina

    I can not wait to have this album in my hands ….
    Luckily you throw in the month of my birthday .. thank you … thank you very much the best gift for me is his music ….

  • kabynarita

    Waiting for the present time mas Happily of my life! .. the premiere of the albun in my birthday! <3 <3 <3

  • cutthroat


  • shypancake

    I LIKE IT!))

  • Kiga

    the titles look very interesting, looking forward to more details – like promo pics :D

  • goldruss42088


  • darkalsoa


  • forsha

    I can’t wait!!!

  • wittemanne

    Ik wil het nieuwe album zoo graag nu al horen!
    Where is the edge, is al fantastisch, dat belooft wat!!!

  • erronea

    I just can’t wait! :D DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • lena den adel

    waw this is amazing

  • thotht9

    There’s a special someone that I want to buy this album for, as he and I are both in love with you guys! Do you know when we can pre-order the album???

  • chrizzy

    Ik kan niet wachten totdat de cd uitkomt! Was het maar maart…. ^^sugt…. Nog ff wachten ;)

  • frenchtemptation

    Hello my friends, here’s what came to mind upon reading the titles of the new album. It was just an improvised inspiration, just for fun:
    “In the middle of the night, i’ve done a nightmare. A lost demon’s fate came to me…it said that i’ve to shot in the dark a girl called Sinéad ! Why me for a murder ?, “why not me” he repete in my mind…I’m not a killer! Where is the edge of my nice personality ? …Suddenly, i felt not myself, i rushed faster the stairway to the skies, into the dark night with fire and ice around me, paradise or hell ? i had a armor, a metal armor, like… Iron Man. I knew one thing, i had to save this girl because i incarnated the unforgiving strength for good”.

  • unicorn02

    I love the Album Cover and the Song Titles <3 I can’t wait until march and september :-P

  • baxi55

    I need to pre-order, but what versions will be available and will there be different track listings?

  • Naynay

    Sweet the album cover looks amazing! The songs look like the sound great:) Cant wait till march!

  • aracoeli9

    wowowow!!!! I already want this cd in my hands!!!! I´m really excited about this cd!!! Can´t Wait!

  • aarushi

    ALL of the titles sound fantastic! I’m sure to be the first to get your CD from HMV! :)

  • ansiogolc

    I can’t wait any longer! March is too far away! :(

  • allmyagony

    OMG!! all the song’s are fantastic, but murder is very pop D: :( , anyway I love WT!! I can’t wait any more!! :D

  • wtfan73

    Hurry up March 29th!!!!!

  • thebloodyvenom

    I cry. The reason is fire and ice. I love this feeling. A song that makes a man cry. The same thing happened to me with our farewell. Thank you Within Temptation :-)

  • Laila Naila

    the unforgiven is the best song in this album …

  • Mirip Rijal Khakama

    Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia please!!!!