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Within Temptation Paradise (What About Us) featuring...

On September 27, Within Temptation will release the ‘Paradise (What About Us?)’ EP and promotional video, featuring a unique collaboration with classically trained Finnish rock diva, Tarja Turunen guesting on the title track.

Sharon comments, “When we had written the first version of ‘Paradise’ and listened back to the demo we’d recorded and the epic power of the song, we thought of Tarja instantly.  How well this track would fit her classical voice and how extra special it would be if we sang it together.  The more we thought about this wild idea, the more excited we got about it!

Following several video trailers teasing the track, fans have been speculating on the band’s Facebook page who the duet would be with, some guessing it couldn’t possibly be a “competing” artist like Tarja. However, the two singers had no hesitation joining forces, having never thought of themselves as competitors!  Sharon continues, “Of course I didn’t know what to expect from Tarja, as we’d never actually met in person ‘til June this year.  Our first encounter was via a Skype call we’d set-up to discuss the collaboration and we immediately clicked, not only creatively but personally.  After we’d spoken, it felt completely natural that we would do this together!”

Tarja adds, “It was very nice to finally meet Sharon and the Within Temptation guys.  I truly appreciate the invitation and the opportunity to work with them on their song ‘Paradise’.  So wonderful that they thought of me!  I hope our fans will like this ‘girl power’ duet!

The song and accompanying music video share a central theme; that only constructive cooperation can lead to creation.  To establish a new paradise, rising from the ashes of the old, we must work together.

For the first time, Within Temptation have also decided to give fans a very intimate insight into how they capture their song ideas early on. The EP will contain 3 additional tracks – demo versions of brand new songs intended for the forthcoming album. The demos include ‘Let Us Burn’, ‘Silver Moonlight’, and ‘Dog Days’. Despite the demo versions missing intended symphonic, orchestral sounds and a finished mix, the powerful energy surging through the tracks can be heard right from the start.

The duet between Sharon and Tarja is just one facet of the new material. Robert reveals, “For the first time, Within Temptation will release an album with several artistic collaborations, some of which will be seen as groundbreaking for our band and musical style.

Consequently, the recording and production of the sixth studio album is still underway. With a release date set for end of January 2014, it is therefore necessary to reschedule the previously announced first leg of the band’s worldwide tour to allow time to rehearse the live show and prepare for the album’s release.

The band’s world tour will now begin on February 26, 2014 in Helsinki, with some newly added Eastern European dates, announced today, which will go on sale on Friday September 20, 2013. The rescheduled shows will kick off on April 6 in Munich and run through to May 2 in Amsterdam. The band intends to add further overseas dates during the remainder of 2014.

Robert says: “We understand that the rescheduled tour dates are a blow for the many fans who have bought tickets early and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.  We hope they feel a little compensated by the release of our new, special priced 4-song EP, which gives them full insight into the kind of album we are working on.  To make up for the rescheduled dates, we’re now pressured to work even harder to deliver our best and most impressive live production ever on the upcoming tour, however the completion of a great new album is a prerequisite for that!  And therefore the only option was to reschedule the dates for Western Europe.

Tickets that have been purchased already will remain valid for the rescheduled dates.

Pre-order of the digital EP starts today, September 13. Pre-order it here.

Within Temptation - Paradise (What About Us?) featuring TarjaTracklisting:
1. Paradise (What About Us?) feat. Tarja
2. Let Us Burn (demo version)
3. Silver Moonlight (demo version)
4. Dog Days (demo version)

By the way Tarja’s new album “Colours In The Dark” is out now via earMUSIC.


German fans who can’t see the video, can wath it here.

The updated, full list of WITHIN TEMPTATION tour dates is as follows:


February 28, 2014 | RUSSIA | MOSCOW | ARENA

March 01, 2014 | RUSSIA | ST PETERSBURG | A2



March 08, 2014 | POLAND | POZNAN | SALA ZIEMI

March 09, 2014 | POLAND | WARSAW | TORWAR






April 06, 2014 | GERMANY | MUNICH | TONHALLE




April 11, 2014 | UK | MANCHESTER | APOLLO

April 12, 2014 | UK | LONDON | WEMBLEY ARENA

April 14, 2014 | UK | NEWCASTLE | ACADEMY

April 15, 2014 | UK | GLASGOW | ACADEMY

April 16, 2014 | UK | BIRMINGHAM | ACADEMY




April 22, 2014 | FRANCE | TOULOUSE | BIKINI

April 24, 2014 | FRANCE | LYON | RADIANT

April 25, 2014 | FRANCE | PARIS | ZENITH

April 27, 2014 | FRANCE | NANTES | ZENITH

April 28, 2014 | FRANCE | LILLE | L’AERONEUF




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September 13, 2013
  • Natalie Anne Molyneux

    Finally!! Two fantastic singers together! I cannot wait to hear this song in its entirety! Two weeks is a long time to wait to hear the song (and the demos) and see the video, but all good things come to those who wait :) xx

  • Kristin C

    This duet is for me the most unexpected news in the history of unexpected news. Fantastic! I can’t believe the level of secrecy that you guys have been able to maintain for so long:D

  • Sirenas

    I was waiting for so long, I know I’m seeing what I wanted!!! It’s perfect, Bravo, WT!!!

  • Wissam Moussa

    Lebanon again please!!!!

  • Ruurd Woltring

    Within Temptation featuring Tarja Turunen? GEWELDIG! Jullie hebben een geweldige keuze gemaakt!

  • Martin Hartl


  • Rossana Zanotti

    No italian dates this time?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t I order in on amazon? Because I don’t use iTunes.

  • H. Elands

    Jullie slaan met het verplaatsen van de tourdata de plank volledig mis. Kijk op FB in de groep WT Fans Power ! Er zijn mensen honderden Euro’s kwijt, die al vrij genomen hadden en hotels en vluchten hebben geboekt. Hoe denken jullie hen te compenseren? Voor hen is dat pure ellende. Ben verder wel blij met de komende EP, maar hoop dat jullie snel met oplossingen komen.

  • Valentina Crescentini


  • MotherOfEarth

    Loving the video so far! Awesome to see Tarja there. :D A shame you had to put the tour back a bit, that means I’ll have had the tickets for over a YEAR LOL ah well, I understand why. Plus, April is a good time. It’ll be warmer. And instead of it being in the month of my birthday, it’ll be in the month of my sister’s birthday! (Her b’day is on the 13th). That can be my special birthday present to her then. =P So 16th April Birmingham here we come!!! :)

  • Marzia Cappuccelli

    Add I T A L I A N date as soon as possible please! ♥

  • Romina Avendano

    That’s great…..i wanna know the others collaborations!!!

  • Krysten Hill

    Why can’t I Pre-order this in Canada yet?? NOOO. YOU SUCK, CANADA ITUNES.

    Please add North American dates soon! Come to the Pacific Northwest!

  • Anonymous

    I think it is awesome that you are doing a song with Tarja!!! She can barely be heard in that snippet, so I am anxious to hear the entire song.

    I also hope that next year we see a North American tour!! Perhaps bring Delain as your opening act? :D Or tour with Tarja. Tarja rarely comes here, so that would be awesome for us! Of course there’s other bands like Stream of Passion or ReVamp who would be very welcomed here with your tour. Either way, I can’t wait to hear this song!

  • Bernadett Pirisi

    I can’t even hear Tarja :( I like the idea though (my two favourite female vocalists in one song), but Tarja deserves more than just singing in the background…I hope in the full version we can hear her as well :)

    Anyway I’m glad you’re coming to Hungary again :) ))) See you there!!

  • Lea

    Cry… two more month to wait for seeing you live? Ahhh! I’m dying (just kidding)! Oh man, okay, but I think you need the time, sigh…

    And the release of the album gets also further, further away, sigh again. If it wouldn’t sound that great I could get over it, but it sounds GREAT! Damn…
    But I still love you guys :)

  • Fabian

    I agreed 100%, I would like to hear sing Tarja, and not only be a second voice in the background :(

  • Ann Woolliscroft

    That is goin to b a mad 2 days for us. Fm, Foreigner and Europe on the 15th april and u guys on the 16th, woohooooooooo x x x

  • Giovanni Di Pinto

    No Italy? -.-’

  • Meek-ah Hay-lee

    La domanda mia…

  • CarolinaRojas

    México please :3

  • Loup Garou


  • Tamara

    Are you coming to Turkey again?

  • Alex Prodea

    Are you coming in Romania?

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    it was a flipping chorus we have not seen the whole thing so stop whining

  • Rod Spink

    Within temptation please have the decency to announce the change of dates in a separate announcement. Your fans deserve better. I have booked hotels trains and days off my work to go to your gigs only to find out the dates have changed. Iv lost a lot of money now. The announcement is hidden in a post about your new single. The Facebook message was cleverly worded too mentioning more dates. I found out vie Delain posting a straight forward message. Totally disappointed in the way this was delt with.

  • Fabian

    If Ferrari promote his last car is bad that shows how nice the radio is, show the power!, same for a trailer of a movie, will show the boring part? not!!! then, please… doesn’t tell me that this was a great trailer, if I not know Tarja before, I can say that both singers sucks and this is a mediocre song… that was the trailer fault, and I saying that, that hope that soon be released the full video or another trailer, because this trailer only show plain shit, both singers deserve a better trailer showing all that she can do at least for 3 seconds of this trailer :/

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    i HAVE BEEN ITCHING TO SAY THIS IF YOU STOPED BELIEVING THAN LEAVE im getting sick of this whining all the time there people they can make mistakes ya know

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    han leave and never return STOP THE FING WHINING ALL OF YOU it seems like all every one is able to do these days is whine whinw and whine even more WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED?

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    en meer zeuren ben er zo grondig klaar mee he dat gezeik

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    have to kick this one in i’ve been dreaming for sooo long

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    ooit gehoord van het duurt nog maanden en datums kunnen nu nog om gezet worden? of is iedereen te lui om wat telfootnjes te plegen?

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    rod ever heard of its months ahead soo lets ask the boss to change the free dates and ask the travle company to rebook you and ooh yeah call the hotel to push the hotel book date ore are you to lazy for that?

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    ifyou lost yorue faith inthe band than go im not stopping you

  • Francesco D’Arcangeli

    Why no Italian dates?
    Maybe later…

  • Francesco D’Arcangeli

    I don’t speak Dutch but if that means “I’m freakin’ happy” then I agree! :D

  • Francesco D’Arcangeli

    My two angels together!
    That is a dream come true… flawless technique (Tarja) and pure passion (Sharon) that’s a mix to topple the sky over…

  • Francesco D’Arcangeli

    (Haters beware: I don’t mean that Tarja has no passion or that Sharon has no technique…)

  • Ruurd Woltring

    It means: AMAZING! You made an amazing choice!

  • Rod Spink

    Jane. The point I am trying to make is the fact this should have been announced on its own on the front page. There will be a lot of folk that have missed this announcement. How would you feel if you didn’t find out till it was to late to make other arrangement. Fortunately we have noticed. Still stand by what I say the way this was announced was poor. Incidently a lot of folk work jobs where they get just cant change their holiday. Have a nice day.

  • RKL


  • Pavla

    Tarja’s voice is too quiet!!!I hope this is intention and original version will be much more dynamic. But great song as usual!

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    i agree with ou on the first part that it is hidden is wrong and cant change it every boss yuo can talk to

  • mars

    What is wrong with you? what the hell, stop acting like a baby and get sense at last. The guy is totally right on everything he says, so stop offending other people just because they are smart enough to see the flaws of your idols.

  • José Manuel Jiménez García

    Hi! I just wanna know if “Paradise (What About Us?)” will be released physically or as digital EP… I hope it’s physical, I’m longing to see that album cover on my desk! :)

  • H. Elands

    Jane, ik ken iemand uit Amerika die 900 $ kwijt is aan het omboeken van zijn vlucht en jij zegt dat iedereen dat maar zonder klagen moet accepteren. Lekker makkelijk gezegd als het niet om jouw geld gaat…

  • Anonymous

    What about…Italy??? Tarja+Sharon=Epic!

  • Anonymous

    в россии как обычно москва и питер

  • Linda Nordhagen

    I have a question: why isn’t Paradise (What about Us?) aviable for pre-order on the Norwegian Itunes?

  • Flavia Fara

    Please, add also Romania on your tour, pretty please :D

  • Tarryn Cynthia Ransley

    Please come to Australia!!!

  • Tiffany Davidson

    Please come to the US! It would be a dream to see you in concert!

  • vincenzo galizia

    sharon e tarja insieme! wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • AlexxA

    Sharon y Tarja vengan a Puerto Rico!!!
    Mis padre y yo somos bien Fans de las dos…

  • Cam Chung

    Oh my goodness!! This is a damn masterpiece, this has to be one of their next signature songs!!! The best duet ever!! I just can’t wait!!

  • Ruurd Woltring

    I said: “Within Temptation featuring Tarja Turunen? AWESOME! You made a great choice!”

  • Anna Rosie Kalyta

    Really disappointed I’ve got to wait an extra three months to see you guys, but if it means you can practice more then I’m all for it! You’ll be even more awesome than ever (which is such a tall order). So, yeah, whilst I’m sad I’ve gotta wait so long, and the suspense is killing me, I’m still excited that I get to see you at all!

  • Morgana

    But…. Why doesn’t exist even one date for Italy???
    Don’t forget us, please!

  • Anonymous

    Heel nieuwsgierig.. ^^
    Maar ik geloof erin want Tarja vond ik altijd al geweldig bij Nightwish :-)

  • Marleen van Panhuis

    Zo gaaf! Met Tarja ik ben zooo benieuwd. Twee hele goede zangeressen die samenwerken dat moet wel een goede single worden! Ik ben ook benieuwd naar de rest van de samenwerkingen met andere artiesten. Ik kan niet wachten tot het nieuwe album uitkomt! Succes met het maken ervan! Het wordt ongetwijfeld een geweldig album!

  • Timothy David Baker

    Just a few more days everyone!

  • Cam Chung

    I really can’t wait!!! In no time I’ll be singing and dancing to their new songs!! :P

  • Andrew

    The corporate trolls made the video unavailable:
    “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
    Sorry about that.”

    I hope they are useful to the band.

  • Destiny Deyton


  • Cam Chung

    Just a few more hours everyone…I think….But I just can’t wait!!

  • Loup Garou
  • Loup Garou

    Eu já vi o vídeo, esta perfeitooooo parabéns WT <3

  • Key’n'Black Rose

    Hey, and Italy!!!!!? I pray you, came also in Italy!!!

  • Leah Schinkel

    I have a printed off version of the ticket which was a gift from a friend it was meant to be for manchester, but does that mean it’s still valid for the april show?xx

  • meredith cooke

    The EP is still not showing up on iTunes in Canada. I’m aware that I could download it from other sites but I actually like to support artists I love and it is really unfortunate that I can’t download this EP legally.

  • Kate

    What about US dates and locations?

  • Birk

    I’m a big fan! Are you coming to Sweden?

  • MeTaLi

    Do not go past the Minsk, we are waiting!!! Here is full of your fans!

  • Chema Traveler

    Waiting for you in Spain.

  • Licio Maximo

    And what about Brazil?

  • Ivan Rojas

    Colombia! Come here!

  • Guest

    Nice :-) Ik kan ON MOGE LIJK nog langer wachten^^

    Helijk doet ze dit weekend nog een duet met Tarja @ MFVF? :-D

  • Anonymous

    Ofcours :-D

  • Anonymous

    I think in september next year? It was last year also with their tour..

  • estefsg


  • Ivy Perez

    Puerto Rico please!!!!!!

  • Patty Kacka Laushman

    Denver, Colorado, USA please!!!

  • Josué Gutiérrez

    Costa Rica? Please come here San José Costa Rica

  • Tina Lykkerus Brun

    What about norway? :(

  • Drew McKerlie

    When can I get this CD in Canada iTunes?!

  • Sarah Lynne

    Virginia would love to see you. You’ve never been. In fact, no European metal act I know of has. Be groundbreaking and make my life complete!

  • Tejal

    New York City, in the USA!!!! :D :D :D Or even Philadelphia!!!!

  • Julie Banks

    Nebraska would be fun :)

  • Yadira

    México please! :)

  • Fabrício Santos

    Belo Horizonte – Brazil, please!!!!

  • Heloisa Florencio

    Brazil waits for you…

  • Giuseppe Micalizzi

    Please I wolud you to come in Italy Milan!!!!

  • Edgar Lopez

    Im so there if it happens! Great call Patty!!!

  • Patty Kacka Laushman

    I just bought tickets to see them in Vilnius, Lithuania on March 4, 2014. My sister are going to fly there from Denver to see them. I can’t wait!!!

  • Jas Sellers

    is there any chance you will ever come to Australia as part of your world tour I would love to see you live

  • Andy Ledger Adornettø

    Concordo con te, anche io! Please, come to Italy! (:

  • FedericaMorgana Piccegna

    Waarom doe jij twee concerten in Amsterdam en hier in Italië er niet een datum? Wij moeten ook een concert!
    Alsjeblieft, kom terug in Italië :( (

  • Dan

    ^ this! You guys totally have to visit us down under!! Epica came to Australia and they were awesome, we’d love it if you visited us too!! :-)

  • Ken Bilow

    I’ve turned so many friends on to Within Temptation! Please play Chicago and St. Louis!

  • Elora

    Canada, please! I am in love with your music, and would be ecstatic if you played in Toronto!

  • Steen H Hansen

    why dont u come til denmark? thats sad

  • Joel Mota

    Please come to Portugal!!! ;)

  • Jenna Arthur-Tomor


  • Jeff Shepardson

    Not a world tour without coming to the USA, hint hint hint :)

  • Carmen Brown

    Okay, is it safe to assume that the USA tour dates are after May?

  • Per Helge Løvold Kvalsund

    Agreed ! about time to get over here !

  • K Puntenney

    I have to agree with the below comments. I’ve been watching and hoping a long time to see a scheduled tour stop in the Pacific Northwest in the United States. I’m envious of the European fans who get to see WT more frequently. WT is well worth the wait though!

  • Riccardo Cuoghi

    Why not Italy? :(


    WHY NOT ITALY??????

  • Jasmine Ortiz Acosta

    Why not Puerto Rico? :(

  • Alex

    we are waiting for you in Turin Italy, beautiful city come to discover yourself :)

  • Vanessa

    Are you coming to America this year?

  • Anonymous

    Please bring the tour to Phoenix, Arizona in the US. And if you do, you HAVE to bring Delain back with you. We loved seeing them here last year. The two of you together would be awesome!

  • Tom Hrbek

    A date in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area would be greatly appreciated! I’ve been a fan of Within Temptation for several years, and would love to see you guys live. You came here once years ago, but it was before I had discovered your music.

  • Chels

    Is Canada on your tour list?? Please come to Toronto!!

  • Alice

    Please please please come to Stockholm! I saw you las time you were here and it was the most awesome night of my life! I would be so happy if you could come here again.. <3

  • Cahyo

    How about Indonesia?

  • Cahyo

    Please come to Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Lutz

    I would really like to come, but the acoustics in the Sporthalle Hamburg (GER) is so terrible that it hurts. There I’m very sorry, I can not come, but I the brilliance and genius of wt requires it.

  • Scott Lever

    Would appreciate a Seattle date so I don’t have to go to another state when you come here. Huge fan base here.

  • danielle wedlake

    Why aren’t you coming to Australia? :(

  • Estefania Fernandez


  • Jolina Petrén

    Sweden, please!

  • Celaena

    Are you coming to Mexico City?? Pleaseeeee!!!!

  • Alice

    Are you coming to America? Please, come to Guatemala city… can make a america tour?

  • Annie

    Please come to Kentucky :) There’s a pretty sizable fan base here

  • Pantork

    So many album sold in Italy.. But no dates. So sad!!

  • Gido

    This Dutch guy is very pleased to have a ticket for the London show on April 12th!

    @WT: zie jullie daar, kijk uit naar een ongetwijfeld geweldige show! Ik wilde toch nog een keer naar Wembley, en dit leek me een uitstekende reden :-)

  • Dina E. Britton Chavanz

    Are you coming to Mexico this year? And are you really going to El Salvador (Central America) on November? I’m a really big fan of Sharon and WT. I’m from Panama, but I would like to know if you are coming to Mexico.