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Dutch symphonic rock band WITHIN TEMPTATION are thrilled to unveil a new live DVD/Blu-ray/2CD. ‘Let Us Burn – Elements & Hydra Live In Concert’ is set for release on November 14 and features two of WITHIN TEMPTATION’s most talked about arena shows ever. The two dates are 2012’s resplendent 15th birthday ‘Elements’ concert and the final night of the ‘Hydra’ European arena tour at Amsterdam’s Heineken Music Hall in May 2014. When it comes to the live experience, Within Temptation’s status is of a league extraordinaire. These two performances showcase every nuance of their fierce reputation plus stunning imagery and special FX, including even giant fire-breathing dragons!

In November 2012, WITHIN TEMPTATION challenged themselves to create one of their most impressive arena shows ever, to celebrate the band’s 15th birthday. The result was the one-off symphonic ‘Elements’ show, held at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp. A dazzling event with 15,000 fans, the band’s dream came to life. Newly inspired, the group went forth to write their critically acclaimed sixth studio album ‘Hydra’.

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In early 2014, WITHIN TEMPTATION unleashed ‘Hydra’. This monster record claimed more than 10 European Top-10 chart positions, a #2 position in the iTunes World Charts, and the band’s highest US Billboard Top-20 chart position to date. The album success was followed by a 33-date European arena tour, selling out noted venues like Wembley Arena in London, Le Zenith in Paris, and the legendary Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam (twice).
Over 15,000 fans joined the ‘Elements’ show celebrations and more than 120,000 fans witnessed the ‘Hydra’ beast on stage in Europe, but WITHIN TEMPTATION is far from done. The ‘Hydra’ world tour is currently in full swing in North America. With South America and Japan still to come, more than half a million fans will have seen WITHIN TEMPTATION by the end of this year.

WITHIN TEMPTATION is renowned for releasing impressive live DVDs. Previous release, the best-selling ‘Black Symphony’ DVD, helped make them one of the most popular bands in their genre. At their recent Awards show in Berlin, Metal Hammer Germany presented WITHIN TEMPTATION with the prestigious Best Live Band Award. The new DVD underlines this title.
‘Let Us Burn – Elements & Hydra Live In Concert’ will be released in four formats – DVD + 2CD, Blu-ray + 2CD, 2CD, and digital album. The DVD and Blu-ray contain 34 live audio visual tracks in HD, mixed in 5.1 Dolby Surround. The 2CD and digital album comprise 32 live audio tracks. The two shows have a running time total of approximately 170 minutes. ‘Let Us Burn – Elements & Hydra Live In Concert’ is a treat for rock fans all over the world.

Pre-order here! LET US BURN

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September 30, 2014
  • Jared Duba


  • Rodrigo Messias

    Que asiedade pra isso lançar logo!!!

  • Adrián Hernández Ookami

    AT LAST!! I knew “Elements” would be released someday! Hydra tour has been really impressive too, but I was expecting to see one of your best performances ever in Blu-Ray!!

  • Marian Gelens

    Finaly the dvd/cd of hydra and Elements is there….thanks WT

  • George Lucas

    November 14 is my birthday! I wanted this as gift… ): But… Thanks for make “Elements” become a DVD! :)

  • Charles Rigging V

    Thanks WT … I knew someday would come out elements in dvd. Great, Hydra and Elements in the same year. Always impressed me, WT its the best

  • Trine

    Finally! But I can’t preorder as I am in the wrong country :(

  • Melvin van Wijk

    Bit disappointing it has no dts sound..but fantastic news anyways..pre-ordered the blu-ray and can’t wait! Have seen both shows and it was amazing!

  • Ian Lodge

    Woot, ordered, just need the other half to go shopping for a morning and I’ll be a happy WT fan :)

  • Hajni Plósz

    November 14 is my birthday too :)

  • mistreatedone .

    WOWWW!!! That’s great news guys. I’m about to start collecting all the past albums and DVD’s – only been a fan a short time, but WT and Sharon, you’ve blown me away with the sheer majesty of your music and the angelic voice of the most beauteous Sharon. Truly a face that could launch a thousand ships!!! Can’t wait to watch the new release. Thanks for all the joy you give us, and all the best for the future – CHEERS!!!

  • MAU_X64

    how can i order it from mexico?

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    I have your 3 previous live dvd and they’re awesome ! :) Can’t wait for this one, thank you WIthin Tempation !

  • http://notsafeforweeabs.tumblr.com Maddison Murphy

    Hello yes. why do you not tour australia. I’ve been a fan for yeaars and you guys never come here :c

  • http://verwijs.wordpress.com/ André Verwijs

    Creditcard form doesn’t work ….

  • Miranda

    I wan’t to pre-order but don’t have a creditcard and no Paypall account… :(

  • Sandy Neves Rocha

    I need this!!!

  • http://verwijs.wordpress.com/ André Verwijs

    update: it works if you turn off popup blockers ….

  • Mao

    i buy it :D but i have a question, the blu-ray live concerts, have a sudden increase of volume every time, volume up and down, is a know problem or is a problem of my disc ? :(

  • Skyweaver

    I have bought and enjoyed the blu ray version. It is very good, at least as good as Black Symphony and occasionally better, i think. But there are 3 things that bother me about it as i love high quality audio/visuals. First, the blu ray is in 1080i, not 1080p. Very odd as it has been years since any major blu ray release used this lesser quality image. Then there is the sound. Only Dolby Digital on a blu ray! Who decided that? Look at Black Symphony adn even the DVD version had superior sound options. Finally, both concerts are edited highlights. This is more confusing when Elements as the 15th Anniversary concert. Black Symphony was their 10th and got a sumptuous release both visually and soundwise.

    Now my complaints are out of the way…. what brilliant concerts!!! The band seemed to enjoy themselves more than ever. Playing was both tight ( as usual) and upbeat. Maybe the change of personnel contributed to this, but all my fears went away as i loved the previous line up. The band are as good as ever. Sharon sang very well, even though her costumes have, in the past, put a noticeable strain on her.ability to sing at her very best. They seem like band starting out, not one a long way down the road and it shows in a positive light.

    If someone knows why those corners were cut in production, i would be interested to know. I now look forward to their next album and will continue to play their music until then.

    Happy New Year everyone :-)

    Paul Clewlow.

  • danny watson

    Hello Amdre. welcome and my name is Danny. Drop me an email if you wanna talk, and I suggest you give a listen to WT’s “All of Me”, “Memories” and “.Never-Ending Story” if you want some more soul-grinding songs from WT. There are many more, those where jjust on the top of my head, My email is watson.danny@live.com

    Take care and Welcome.