Sanctuary Tour update!


We’ve uploaded a small teaser for those who are still going to visit our Sanctuary Tour.

Within Temptation’s theater tour 2012 is called: Sanctuary.

When you visit a theater, you can always sense a sort of magic – there’s a very special feeling floating in the air, something out of the ordinary. Maybe it’s the history of the building you’re in, or imagining all the different shows that took place there, and the visitors who felt the joy, the tension and the mystery of what they were about to see.

Whether we go to the theater as visitors or perform there ourselves, with Within Temptation we always have that special feeling. This is why every few years we work hard to create a new show to perform in the theaters. Another reason- in addition to the magical and intimate ambiance the theaters offer- is that this is also the perfect environment to experiment creatively with our music and our show. This gives us the unique opportunity to approach and do things differently than we would on a ‘normal’ stage. This is most definitely the case for our new 2012 theater show.

A lot of things you’ll see in our show will be new and quite different from what you’ve seen from us before.

When selecting and listening to our songs we noticed how well they fit together and how much they have in common, both stylistically and lyrically. More and more, we also realized that by putting these songs in a certain order we were actually creating a story. As the visuals and movies we use during our shows have become a bigger and bigger part of our shows, this new story gave us the perfect opportunity to create new film material. This not only shows the story line visually, but supports the musical story as well.

So this is how our film crew ended up in Scotland, in the Highlands- a landscape so beautiful that reality and fantasy seem to go hand in hand.

The perfect background to this story…

Scotland. The Highlands, 1895. A young boy, sick, is lying in his bed.  He has been there for days now, infected by an unknown virus causing a dangerous fever.

As the fever gets stronger, his consciousness fades away, further and further from reality. He slips away into a dream world. He is a grown man now; a warrior or Holy man of some kind; strong and determined. Traveling the landscape, which is enchantingly familiar, yet surreal and unknown.

Now and then, when the fever stabilizes for a short while, the real world shines through. Sometimes in forms and shapes that fit his dream world -his mother, the doctor, the local priest… they all try to help him but seem powerless to do so.

Though tempting, he is not quite ready to stay in this sanctuary, not ready to say goodbye… and so he travels on and on… searching for a way out.

We hope to see you during our Sanctuary tour,

Within Temptation.

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March 15, 2012
  • Andy Wilsdon

    Can you bring this to the UK pleeeeeeeaaase?!?!?!

  • Manuel Jesus Rd

    I wish you could come to Spain with this tour :(

  • Calin Alexander Zidane Stoned

    us tour? yes please

  • Lakeisha Leo

    Singapore please~

  • Marcus Machado

    Hey Please, come back to Brazil, was a amazing night.
    I want my 3th time. And please, I love the new ones, but we want to hear you guys playing the old ones.

  • Becci Barnes

    I would give anything to see this tour. I hope there’s a DVD made for all of us who aren’t lucky enough to go! :)

  • Clara Moko-chan Jansson

    I wish you could come back to Sweden c:

  • Mateo Díaz Cano

    Colombia please!!!

  • Keith Beattie

    UK please Newcastle Upon tyne would be good.

  • Whyte Schwaltz Exlilrione


  • Anna Konnberg


  • Sharon Speck

    Wow – sounds amazing. Hope that a DVD will come from this so that the world may enjoy this as well.

  •é-Manuel-Jiménez-García/100003061906686 José Manuel Jiménez García

    I’m dying to see this perfomance… if only you could come to Spain… ;)

  • Beth Henkel

    Would absolutely love to see this tour! Please come to the US.

  • Anonymous

    That explains why there are a lot of songs from the Silent Force album. Can’t wait tot see the show in Rotterdam, looks like it will be spectaculair and amazing!

  • Artur Tkaczyk

    It’s incredible story. I can’t wait to see and listen this beautifil music story;D

  • Jakub Jas

    Mars please! ; )

  • Andrey Tiunov

    Oh my God, it promising will be really beautiful Theater Tour! Interesting story and we are all hoping for DVD from this Sanctuary Tour, because many of fans don’t go to NL and don’t see this beauty :)

  • Toni Duran Mota

    If only you would give us a new single with this tour… like Utopia in the past theatre tour… If only xDDD

  • Allison Irving

    please come to New York! i would love to hear you guys live and to show people over here good music! please come

  • Dirk Rietkerk

    We’ll be there at the balcony in Almere!
    It will be our son’s (10) first rockconcert.

  • Javier Lerga

    OH MY GOOD It´s increidible…. I love it *_*

  • Georgi Manov


  • Johanna Kiviharju

    wow.. I´m speechless! See you Enschede and Nijmegen! <3

  • Joshi van Rijswijk

    Ik ben er ook weer bij in Nijmegen, zoals elke theatershow in De Vereeniging tot nu toe. Dat dit een fantastische show gaat worden weet ik nu al! Wat een origineel concept, kan echt niet wachten dit te gaan zien… Tot 31 maart!

  • Marilia

    Oh guys, PLEASE bring this amazing story to the Theatres in Brazil!!!! It’s so really sad that I’m not able to travel to watch any of your shows…. =(

  • Marcel Vlieger

    Ik ben er bij in zwolle op de 14e, wie nog meer???

  • Daniëlle Blabla

    Heel veel plezier en succes met de Sanctuary tour,helaas niet meer te betalen voor mensen met een minimum inkomen.Ik kijk uit naar de filmpjes op het wel bekende kanaal!x

  • Richard Finlay

    sounds good are you coming to England

  • Codrut Mormor

    sounds good are you coming to Romanian

  • Yasmin

    Geweldig, ik kan echt niet meer wachten tot 25 maart! Tot dan. xx :)

  • Despina Mpl

    The dutch people are so lucky!I wish some day maybe this summer they come to Greece. Anyway you are always awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hope you will be playing Scotland

  • Lúcia Correia

    I just wished that you would bring your Sanctuary to other european countries.. That would be awesome.. I don’t even ask for Portugal specificaly.. I would be ok with Spain or the UK.. That would be just awesome and I’m pretty sure that the shows would sell out..

  • Paweł Nowakowski

    Oh, please, make this tour in Europe, not only Benelux :)

  • Loup Garou

    parabéns! ficou perfeita a capa! o SHOW será perfeito também

  • Susana Calenta


  • Roberto Velasquez

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPP!!!!!! *________________*
    Come to the U.S., PLEEEEEEEAAAASE! I’m fuckin tired of the fuckin garbage they play here!

  • Anonymous

    We’re flying out from Australia next week to see the show. Can’t wait!

  • Christien de Vries

    Wauw…. I’m soo happy I’m in the theatre the 14th! It’ll be amazing!

  • Jacque Holleran Schiffino

    PLease come back to the US, specifically Pa. I can’t wait to see you again

  • Jacque Holleran Schiffino

    Why don’t you do a DVD of the show so we can all see it. Although I prefer in person

  • Hans van Jaarsveld

    Next week I’ll be in Vredenburg, Utrecht. Can’t wait to see…

  • Anke Barthel

    Now I’m upset. No concert in Berlin this year…aw..

  • Anonymous

    Sanctuary… Oh, I love it even before I can hear it. I like the letter “S” in the beginning of a word and Sanctuary is even better because it’s sacred… I adore that meaning. And I know I will be looking forward to the CD, Restless… I wish I could be there!!! ♥

  • Emanuel De Andrade Pinheiro

    Concert in Brazil – Sao Paolo was really amazing. Thanks guys!
    You need to come back here very soon!

  • Warso Ars Py

    wonderful tour this time

  • Robert Alcântara

    Muito lindo.

  • Robert Alcântara

    Espero que chegue até o Brasil! @RooAlcantara

  • Mayari Arusha

    Magic and fantastic journey, only you guys can surprise us with a dreamer show; good luck and i hope a DVD to this special tour ; I would like to be there but i can’t grettings from Mexico !!

  • Celtic Botan

    Goddamn, you creativity beasts!
    The storyline is amazing, and the way it came to you (by joining your songs that already existed and that were writen in another context in a certain order like this) is fascinating.

    Are you going to make a short movie, or a DVD out of the storyline and/or the theater tour? Please, if it’s possible someway, do it. I won’t be there watching you perform, but I would love to see what you prepared for these shows!

  • Giampaolo Gallone

    please come back in italy *_*

  • Fernando Tinoco

    Please please, bring the Sanctuary to México!!!
    Please please, bring the Sanctuary to México!!!
    Please please, bring the Sanctuary to México!!!
    Please please, bring the Sanctuary to México!!!
    Please please, bring the Sanctuary to México!!!

    I know you just came, but it would be awesome to be part of the Tour in our country. Plus Overcome is one of my favorite songs and i will kill to see it live…

    Please please, bring the Sanctuary to México!!!
    Please please, bring the Sanctuary to México!!!
    Please please, bring the Sanctuary to México!!!
    Please please, bring the Sanctuary to México!!!
    Please please, bring the Sanctuary to México!!!

    Gives us a chance to hear the acoustic sounds of Within Temptation in México. Beautiful magic songs that we love and we would love for a chance to hear them acoustic!!!

    -Within Temptation en México

  • Pat Brown-Kearns

    The United States is still waiting…….patiently……

  • Cassyie Moore

    Especially the north-eastern part.

  • Norma Irizarry

    if you didn’t get to see them in September then my friend, you are REALLY missing out! They are AMAZING LIVE!!

  • Andrey Tiunov

    Pleeeeeaase filming this beauty in DVD, it would be great present to the fans around the world! The beauty should be filming ;)

  • Renate

    yes yes yes!! im gonna be there at the end of March :D
    cant wait!!!

  • Rick Perrelet

    I’d have to agree with Andrey Tiunov, It would be fantastic if you could make a DVD/Blu-Ray of this concert!!! I absolutely love “Black Symphony” in Blu-Ray! Also waiting Patiently to see you in the USA! ;)

  • John Floden

    Any plans to come to USA? Anywhere in the Southeastern US and I will be there!!

  • Anonymous

    wij zijn in Almere geweest en dit was echt de beste set list ooit geweest!! onze zoon Aiden (6j) ging ook uit zijn dak! geweldig, super bedankt voor deze avond. mooi om te zien dat sommige nummer je echt raken Sharon!
    tot volgende keer,

  • Anonymous

    :-o XD
    Dat belooft weer SPECTACULAIR te worre man;-) Good job guys and women:-p
    Ik kijk eral naar uit, nogmaar 12 daagjes^^ Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:-D

  • Anonymous

    A DVD/Blue-ray of this concert would be a present for the fans indeed, this is such a nice setlist! it would be a must have for all the WT fans! I hope you will concider make this DVD….


  • guessWho

    I AGREE! please make a DVD!
    fans from other countries wolud like to feel this tour too, in their own rooms :)


  • Cindy Pfannenstiel


  • Anita

    Was zoooo vet gaaf gisteren in Utrecht…TOP….WOWWW

  • Sabine Haalboom

    Nog steeds aan het na genieten van gisteravond. Het was wederom echt fantastisch. Kan niet wachten jullie weer te zien. Wordt denk ik toch een dagje Zwarte Cross inlassen en dagje Appelpop meepakken + stiekem op m’n rekening kijken of ik nog een keer naar jullie theatershow kan :)

  • Anonymous

    I watched the video from a concert in Utrecht! This is great! You guys are great! So many cool songs that I never dreamed of hearing in one concert! The Last Dance, Say My Name, Overcome, The Swan Song, Bittersweet, Sound Of Freedom! Awesome!

  • Carmen Mesa Paulano

    The setlist is great! I watched some videos on youtube and they’re amazing ♥ I like that you’re playing songs such as Bittersweet, Say my name , Sounds of freedom… :D Please make a DVD!! I’d love to have it! ^^

  • Raphael Martinelli

    Beautiful! But we, fans of South America, are still waiting for our Tour Vlog! Please, make a tour vlog about the two shows in Brazil, São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro! We love u too much! We already miss you. :/

  • dante2love33

    you guys have done a fucking good job!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nogmaar 1 dagje :-o :-) XD Totally crazy i am.

  • Hans Talsma


  • Balázs Gyenge

    Please, make a DVD about this Tour!

  • Anonymous

    Maak hier alsjeblieft een DVD van dit was zo cool.

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys :-D Jullie waren hoedan ook weer GE WEL DIG in Tilburg ^^ Letterlijk van divhtbij meegemaakt XD (Eerste rij opt zijbalkon) Het beste cadeau dat mijn vriend me kon geven :-D Nu hebben jullie een welverdiende ustpauze verdiend^^ Zie jullie misschien op RW anders hopelijk PP terug of LF nogeens? Please!!!

    Groetjes Lisa.
    P.S: ik zou ook kweenie oe blij zijn met een DVD van dit of een single eventueel met de 2 eerste liedjes :-p En Ruud, gaat het alwat beter? Wat deed je nou man? XD Thx Robert, you make my day ^^

  • Anonymous

    ik ben in tilburg geweest .het was een prachtig concert .super

  • Anonymous

    ik hoop dat er een dvd uitkomt.please!!!!

  • Evelien van Leeuwen

    Ik ben erg benieuwd naar de theater show! Ik ga er samen met mijn moeder naartoe op maandag in Roosendaal. Ze krijgt dit als verjaardagscadeau van mij, en we verheugen ons er allebei heel erg op!! Het filmpje wat jullie hier gepost hebben, heb ik niet gekeken. Ik vind het leuker als het een verassing blijft! Ben wel erg nieuwschierig geworden! ;) Zie jullie volgende week maandag! Tot dan! Xx.

  • Milou Bruijnen

    Bedankt voor een superavond, gisteren in Heerlen! Wat hebben we genoten! Wat een spektakel… Nu nog aan het nagenieten, dat zal nog wel even duren….
    En Dave : nog maar een woordje voor jou : geweldig gedaan! Net als alle andere acteurs!
    Gisteren deelden ze mee dat er gefilmd zou worden, net als vanavond. Dus kom maar op met dat filmmateriaal!!!
    Tot de volgende keer, ga zo door!!

  • Harmen Brinke Ten

    Bedankt voor een top avond in Groningen

  • Anonymous

    Hoi, ik ben Lian en 9 jr. Mijn ouders namen me mee naar het theater in Heerlen zonder dat ik wist waar ik heen ging. Zelfs in de zaal had ik nog steeds niet in de gaten wat me te wachten stond.
    Totdat Sharon begon te zingen had ik het pas in de gaten en zat/stond daar met mijn mond wagenwijd open.
    Dit was mijn eerste concert ooit en ik heb super genoten.
    Ik kom weer naar jullie kijken op Park city live in Heerlen, tot dan.

  • Glizza Krönchen

    yay – 14th APRIL :-)
    coming from germany after having seen you in Hamburg in November.
    I am soooo excited and really happy to be there in A´dam in a few days…
    Happy Easter toooo meeee…. :-) ))

  • Susanne von Hahn

    Thank you for the amazing show in Enschede on thursday!

  • Ryan Bodde

    bedankt voor de geweldige show in nijmgen op 31 maart

  • Anonymous

    Het was gister echt super in Carré. We vonden jullie al geweldig maar na zo’n live show kruipt het onder je huid en laat het je niet meer los. Kippenvel tijdens de hele show. Echt geweldig.

  • Maron Scheerboom

    Ik vond het een prachtige show. Het 1e deel alsof ik in een boek aan het lezen was, die tot leven kwam en waar ik deel van uitmaakte. Het 2e deel heeft me zoveel energie gegeven. Just what I needed. Bedankt voor de geweldige show!

  • Maron Scheerboom

    Ps: komt/is er ook een cd van de 1e helft van de show?

  • Rickard Andersson

    The show in Amsterdam the 14th of April was great!! I have the oppertunity to tell Robert what we thought about the show, fantastic!! We hope to see you all soon again!!

    Rickard, Hasse and Anki from Sweden

  • Glenn van Essen

    het was geweldig alleen ik zoek dat nummer van het clipje dat er een man staat bij een graf steen en lecht bloemen neer het is een soort boxer of zo