WT TV Report: GTC Renova M3 Cup


A great new WT TV Report, featuring Robert!

Two years ago a friend took me to the racing track in Zolder (Belgium)…just for fun. Well this ‘just for fun’ resulted in me getting a heavy virus, one that will probably stay with me for the rest of my life…the ‘racing virus’.

Until now this virus has resulted in several crashes, a lot of technical problems and frustrations. Luckily this addiction now also has positive sides. In my first two racing seasons in the ‘Aprisco Cup‘ I got my racing license, my racing skills, experience and technical car knowledge improved considerably and I even managed to win a race. Most importantly though the thrill, excitement and fun I’m having is gigantic, kind of what I’m having on stage.

This year I’m taking on a new racing challenge. I will be driving ‘The Unforgiving’ race car, a BMW M3, in a new racing league called ‘The Dutch GTC Renova M3 cup‘.

In this competition I will be racing against drivers who will all have the same kind of car with the same performance as I have. So no excuses here, it’s all about driver’s skills. Then again though technically my car is just the same as all other cars,…there is only one ‘The Unforgiving’ race car and luckily I’m driving it.

So for all of you who are curious about how ‘The Unforgiving’ is doing on the racetrack, you will be able to follow it all through video reports, onboard race footage, Twitter and Facebook.

‘Til soon on stage or on the racing track !

Your ‘Unforgiving’ race driver

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May 13, 2011

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