Your Unforgiving Experience!


Update The Unforgiving Experience March 30, 2011: win a trip to our show in New York City!

Due to the high amount of submissions for our competition “The Unforgiving Experience” we’ve added a second option to have a shot at becoming the winner of that trip to our show in New York.

Make a picture of our new album at a special location (while you’re listening) and send it to or post it on Twitter @WTofficial or Facebook.

Make the release date of our new album “The Unforgiving” an unforgettable one by filming this day in your life and compete for a trip to our Terminal 5 show in New York on September 10th!

How does it work?
Make your own one minute short film of the moment you buy the album, listen to it with your friends afterwards, or having your own secret release party. These are just a few examples how you can celebrate the release of the album. It can’t be crazy or funny enough. You may use 60 sec of the new WT songs as a soundtrack of your film.

The most original film on spending the day of “The Unforgiving” release will win a trip to New York where you and 1 friend will visit our concert at Terminal 5 on September 10th. The winning prize includes an economy flight to New York, 2 nights in a hotel and concert tickets including a meet and greet with the band.

Out of all the short films we receive we will choose a large amount of footage we will use for the official “Your Unforgiving Experience” compilation! Make yourself immortal with your short film about your release day of “The Unforgiving”!

Procedure and timing
Upload your movie of max. 1 minute on Youtube. Next send the original video file to us by uploading it to Wetransfer through this link. Very important: mention the Youtube link and your e-mailaddress in the message field! You can upload and submit your short films as of March 25th. The deadline will be April 22nd. After that date no new submissions will be accepted. The winning short film will be announced shortly thereafter depending on how many films need to be watched it might take a week or even more.

General legal conditions:
You have to be of legal adult age to participate in the competition and you will need a suitable passport or visa to enter the United States of America. It will be your own responsibility to obtain a passport and valid visa for the USA. You will need to arrange for your own transport to and from the airports of departure or arrival. By submitting your short film and participating in the competition you automatically agree that your short film (or any excerpts of your film) might be featured in a compilation which will be uploaded online to any online video portal or By submitting a short film you are confirming that you haven’t infringed any copyright law or any other law with the film footage submitted.

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March 23, 2011
  • hartogendelano

    I doubt that I would ever win. Love the contest though :)

  • celticbotan

    I doubt that I would ever win. (2)

    I even doubt I’m able to participate =/

  • Within D

    Hmm.. can try it!

  • tourniquet19

    sooo cool..

  • sinead

    OMG – I want to win !!! 
    OK LET’S DO IT !!!!! :D

  • jeh1058

    Oh I’m soooo gonna do it!! Imagine: WT live + New York + Meeting with the band = AAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!  

  • hartogendelano

    The minute I buy the album is tomorrow evening. That will be the pub in Utrecht where WT is signing the album. I was planning to take the camera with me anyway, but I am still not sure to participate…

  • IceQueen625

    Is it only for international fans? Or can US fans enter too? I already plan to go, but… that Meeting the band part sounds awesome! :) I wish you were offering a VIP thing for ticket buyers, but hopefully I’ll get my chance to shake your hands somehow after the show :D

  • hari

    i’m a kid, i can’t enter :-(

  • djrenate

    sorry i send a video but i`m to young i read to late so sorry!

  • wtmobile

    Tom de Vries from the WT iPhone/iPad app:

    Nice, let’s get creative =)

  • diman

    Sounds really great!!!!! Should be fun :) See you guys backstage!!!! loooooool :) :) :)

  • annamoon

    I’m into it! At work it will be funny! 

  • Marlene

    The idea is so great!… but 1.- I’m underage. 2.- I just can buy the album by internet and 3.- when the cd arrives to my house… will be too late XD

  • littlesomething

    OH MY GOD. I just shrieked like a harpy… it’s a good thing no one’s home. XD

    I will definitely be entering! This is an awesome idea!

  • Sizixs

    If only I was of legal age. :/

  • Vagrant

    “The idea is so great!… but 1.- I’m underage. 2.- I just can buy the album by internet and 3.- when the cd arrives to my house… will be too late”
    I’m adult, but I have the same problem with buying the album, so I don’t have enough time to take part in this contest :(

  • heiligeharmonie

    Planning starts now.

  • Mitsy

    Only one minute?! That won’t be enough to describe + film the feeling, but gonna try my very best of course!

  • Domenico Russo

    I want to do the movie, but I Don’t Know When it will be released in Brazil u.u

  • SarahS

    I’m 14… T^T that sucks. But I am still happy, because at least the first time you are doing a concert in the USA is also my Birthday 8D

  • enochharrison


  • hartogendelano

    If you think you are too late with receiving the album, can’t you just pretend you received it? It’s still a short movie isn’t it?
    Hollywood is bases upon pretending ;)

  • nadalija2011

    que lastima que por efectos de trabajo no se me facilite el poder participar,uno de mis sueños antes de morir es verlos en mi pais, en costa rica estamos deseosos de compartir esa experiencia….
    un abrazo fraternal…
    paz y bien….

  • WTmobile

    Wesley van Os from the WT iPhone/iPad app:

    So cool that you can comment from your phone.. :)

  • dimoon


  • Within_Temptation1990

    Come on people, do something positive. I mean if you do not try you do not. The store here has been very unfair. The relise date is tomorrow and they already sell him so I got it already But I can just make a movie. :) I be honest for the other

  • kanayu21

    noooo i dont have visa!!!!:(

  • pinda

    ‘You have to be of legal adult age’
    So… does this mean that you can actually be of an illegal adult age? :X :’)

  • lorwyn

    Great contest! :) we will try to do our best…

  • handofsorrow31

    I think I just might have to do this…

  • aprilrain

    I don’t have anything to record myself with but OOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGG!!!
    I’m listening it right now and, I’m seriouisly not lying, I’m crying my eyes out from happiness here. THIS is what I’ve been waiting for sooooooo long. I wouldve payed hundreds for this album(don’t get any ideas!:D

    You guys are incredible!!!!!!!!!!! and you never stop surprising me

    Thank you so much!!!!

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  • rexmundi

    love it

  • harven

    This is the best ever WT album in my ears :o )

  • kcdiche

    You guys are just AWESOME!!!! First you give a chance to be recognized as fans on the album (which I DID! :D ) now you offer a chance to win a NYC trip. This is a 1 show only appearance! I live in NY….. AND I have a spare ticket! would love to meet a like minded WT FAN and see the show!

  • withinme

    Hey Kcdiche…I live in Denver & I am coming to the show!!! one way or another!!!…I just heard about Within Temptation 5 days ago & have NOT stopped listening to there songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my email is if you want to email me!

  • WTmobile

    Stephen Mayson from the WT iPhone/iPad app:

    Love it

  • darkand

    GRan album!

  • 13angels

    aaaggghhh ,

    i have I great dea alreday just need to start making it !!! ( and of course hope that I win, want to go to new york and meet the band so badly !!)


  • ninderingeril

    Complicated, because is not every store here that sells WT cd’s… I’d have to travel to another state to find one… =/

  • lasse63

    outstanding…love it!!!!

  • christiecy

    what if you chose a top 20 lets say, and fans voted for the winner.that would be fun 

  • christiecy


  • lena den adel

    its complicated because the cd arent available here in mexico u.u

  • HöBêLöRd

    Has this contest finally have been cancelled? No clue about it since the day you announced that!
    I really wanted to see the vid you were doing with all the participating people… :(

  • tande-

    when are you planning on announcing the winner? just in case, I’m waiting for that before booking the flights myself.

  • mateusz

    Yeah, I’m interested in announcing the winner and checking the videos too:)