Whole World is Watching EP

Whole World is Watching EP

The third Hydra single ‘Whole World is Watching’ was recorded in two versions: an international version with Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum) and a second version created especially for friends in Poland, with Piotr Rogucki (COMA).

Due to incredibly high demand, we are releasing a special Whole World is Watching EP package with both versions of the single featuring Dave and Piotr. The package also includes two exclusive demo versions of tracks that are not on the final album. In addition to these songs, the EP package also includes the music video for Whole World is Watching with Dave Pirner.

Sharon on the b-side tracks:

Keep on Breating
“I’ve been working on this song with Martijn and we didn’t have enough time to finish it. This track is still a demo version, but it’s definitely worth listening to!”

One of These Days
“This is a special song, but it just doesn’t fit the album. It has a completely different sound than the other tracks on the album, but strangely enough this will probably be my new favourite b-side track.”

The Whole World is Watching EP will be available on Friday February 21 via iTunes in Europe only.

1. WWIW Dave Pirner
2. WWIW Piotr Rogucki
3. Keep on Breathing (demo)
4. One of These Days (demo)
5. WWIW video Dave Pirner

Whole World is Watching EP

(Hoping to add news on a release in the UK and the rest of the world, soon.)

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February 19, 2014
  • Ellen Hesselink

    Great! The preview of One Of These Days sounds awesome :D
    But will The Whole World Is Watching EP also be available as a physical cd? Just like Paradise (What About Us?)

  • mars

    “Due to incredibly high demand”. Laughable. Ok guys this is getting ridiculous, you are ALWAYS coming up with new ways of grabbing people’s money. I’ve lost any kind of respect towards you. Your brains are constantly revolving around ways to get more and more money. I got sick of you and your stupid behaviour. Sharon even appeard in PANTIES in an an attempt of becoming more well known. Seriously, you are a MOTHER, are your kids gonna be proud of you while watching you showing off your ass on stage??? How much more are you gonna abase yourselves? I mean seriously, do you have any respect left for yourselves? I doubt so. Btw your new album totally sucks. 0% inspiration, boring melodies and repetitive meaningless lyrics. Bye bye, I am off to a band consisting of REAL artists. It’s better to burn out than fade away, mates. You should ahve abandoned the music scene long ago, while you still were remarkable artists. You don’t deserve any more of my time. See ya.

  • Hayley Traynor

    Looking forward to hearing those 2 songs in the UK!

  • Hayley Traynor

    lol, worth enough time to write that little paragraph…

  • Lea Schuster

    You seem to have enough time to write a lot of hate comments. Of course it’s your opinion but you should also respect the opinion of other persons.

    Bdw: writing hate comments quickly makes you implausible and redicolous.

  • Sebastian Fudali


  • Phil

    Seriously? I read some of your posts. How can you judge Sharon and the other members, if you don’t know them? You obviously don’t unterstand much how such things work, and don’t know much about music (business). They’re still remarkable artists, they improved and reinvented themselves over and over (just read professional reviews). There are a lot of musicians who sell themselves out and produce superficial music, not even written by themselves, but not WT. Of course, they need to earn money, and have the right (and the duty) to promote their album. But you can clearly see, making music is their passion. I guess you are a very narrow-minded person, stating a lot of prejudices. Just open your mind, and everything will be fine. :)

  • Pascal Stieglitz

    I was so hoping for this to happen. You always had really good B-Side tracks and since there are “only” 10 songs on the Hydra I’m very glad to hear this. Too bad, it’s only in iTunes. But when you say you didn’t have enough time, why didn’t you just take the time. I mean, your fans wouldn’t have killed you, if you just released the Album a little later.

  • Rukj

    Goodbye! :) Hope you find something to do with your precious time better than writing these huge paragraphs in every single post!

  • Anonymous

    I really hope that not only do you release this in the USA, but also release another physical copy!! Many of us still buy those (as we did with Paradise from Japan).

  • Anonymous

    Also, it would be awesome if one day you decided to finish the demos in the studio just to hear what they would sound-like complete :D .

  • dante2love33

    They NEED money to produce better masterpieces…If u have the ability u should prove that to us!Put what u want into practise PLZ!!!

  • Natalie Anne Molyneux

    I’m buying this tomorrow!! Love Demo tracks/ B-sides :)

  • Natalie Anne Molyneux

    Uh-oh, just realised it says ‘Europe only’… oh no, I’m in the UK, please let it be available in the UK too (prays really, really hard) xx

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    you are getting rediculous just stop with your negative tude and just LEAVE already

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    ikr if all this person can do is critisize good ridence i for one LOOOOVE the whole world is waching

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    i agreer with my new american best friend :P ice queen here release it as a cd single alot of us collect them you guys have no idea what alot of us are willing to do for there colections

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    ill help you pray hard so its twise as hard:P

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    hear hear your so rigth my dear

  • Linda Nordhagen

    Why isn’t it available on the norwegian Itunes yet?

  • jane

    maybe because the release is the 21st what makes i tomorow?

  • Linda Nordhagen

    Yeah, But I can’t even pre-order it, cuz I can’t find it.

  • Pascal Stieglitz
  • Jane van Veenendaal

    you totaly rule m/

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    maybe its to short time before the realease to do a pre order i dont know honey
    i cant find it ether i hope tomorow

  • Roberto Velasquez

    Are. YOU. Fuckin. Serious. BITCH!?
    Let me take my motherfuckin time to strip and rebutal every fuckin shit you just spewed out of your fuckin mouth and close-minded, feeble fuckin brain of yours. Yes, you shit-for-brains, “Due to incredibly high demand”, they’re going to take out an EP with both versions, and why the fuck not? It’s logical: people demand it, so if you have the means and ways, supply it. Simple. And they’re not exaggerating when they say that. Look through YouTube, go through Facebook/Twitter, forums, and magazines and who knows what the fuck else, you’ll see people asking/demanding/hoping for certain CD’s, songs, or even clothing/jewelry to come out from Within Temptation. Why the fuck not? I sure as fuck love the idea of it and I sure as fuck would buy it (given the time and money, yeah) and I’d be proud to do so as a way to support a fuckin great band and group of people who always put their music and fans FIRST before themselves. And they’re not trying to come up with “new ways” to steal people’s money, you fuckin prick. Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Kesha, an array of other rock/metal bands are out there, literally, finding ways to steal your money with their shit music, or lack of ticket sales so they purposely and directly try to make you buy overpriced crap to overcompensate for their lack of talent. And like everything else in this fuckin world, the harsh reality is, nothing is free and everything has a price. But what separates and is the key difference between Within Temptation and the rest of these trully greedy, selfish, uncaring, and fake artists and bands is that while most of these fuckers invest their abundance of undeserved money on parties, hoes, Lamborghinis, chains, ridiculously expensive jewelry, clothes, and shoes, the most over-the-top accommodations and demands during and on tour, liquor and drugs, sex, mansions, and so-called exclusive clubs and God knows what the fuck else, Within Temptation invests in their music, their shows, their trips, and their fans all over the world in order to give us, at the very least, a trully remarkable, memorable, expectacular, and unforgetable experience that will stay with you forever and something that no one or anything can take away from you, EVER, unlike all that other superficial, tangible, and exposable shit I just mentioned before that no one will even remember the next fuckin day. So go fuck yourself you ignorant twat about your so-call “losing respect” for them. You never gave it nor showed it to them in the first place, ever. You have no respect and you don’t deserve respect, bitch, which is why I’m writing to you like this. You earn respect, not demand it, and Within Temptation has definitely earned their fuckin respect and place, and not just in the metal/rock world or whole music industry/world, but as a group of respectable, honorable, genuine, and humble individuals that could be the perfect role models for our societies to follow. It’s YOUR fuckin behavior, comments, and so-called “opinions” that fuckin sicken and
    disgust me. Fuckin, you got stupid bitches (“artists”, and I use that term loosely) who truly sell their fuckin bodies for fame and success. Look at Miley, look at Minaj, look at Gaga, look at the ACTUAL mainstream garbage, and you’ll find them easily. Don’t fuckin even dare compare Sharon to any of those bitches. She’s in a whole league of her own and she’s the fuckin epitome of what a mother/woman should be and represent herself as. Sharon has class, humility, and has her fuckin soul well-aligned and in tune with her heart, body, and mind. FUCK YOU, you stupid, ignorant dun. Her children should be REAL proud of her (which I bet they are) and I consider them to being real lucky. And I could talk about the rest of the guys as well cause they’re just as amazing and genuine people, but you seriously have a personal thing against Sharon. You’re truly an ungrateful, ignorant miserable little fuck.
    And Hydra…Hydra is their best motherfuckin album yet, in my opinion (and Enter, Mother Earth, The Silent Force, The Heart of Everything, The Unforgiving, and The Q Music Sessions are all fuckin amazing albums in their own, diverse way). But with preference aside, Hydra is a spectacular, diverse, and masterful album with so much depth, elements, and dimensions in just 10 songs. Each song is unique and special in its own way and could hold its own, that just one song of Within Temptation’s holds more substance than any one of these other fake, overrated artists’/bands’ single album or even whole discography, for that matter. I love the diversity in this album and I DO love the collaboration with these artist. And just because some of you guys aren’t used to Within Temptation doing this stuff often, doesn’t mean it’s bad because they surely have executed it perfectly. Some of you people really have to learn to appreciate music for what it really is, not for what you want it to be. I love and listen to good, underground rap. Yes, 98% of commercial/mainstream rap/hip-hop IS garbage, but there’s an actual agenda behind that and a deceiving one too that is shoved under our throats, forcefully, on purpose, with bad intentions. The shit I listen to is what people normally call “conscientious rap” and this is the type of rap that actually has a lot of meaning behind it, with a lot of truth message about poverty, classicism, corporations, global economy, war, racism, inequality, and other social issues and these artist just try to get the message across by giving light to such controversial, yet much needed, topics that need to be addressed. Vinnie Paz, Immortal Technique, Lowkey, DISL Automatic just to name a few legit ones. You know that there are some close-minded people that say “Oh, all metal/rock music is bad, satanic, and they worship the devil”, and some of you would be like “well, that’s obviously not true”, so don’t do the same thing with rap (or any type of other music just because you don’t listen to it or understand it) cause you’re not being fair about it. I’ll admit, there’s a lot of bad music out there and some you can’t even escape cause it’s inevitable, but trust me, there is good rock, good metal, good rap, good techno, good country, good reggae, and yes, even GOOD pop, you just have to look hard cause it sure won’t come to you. I apreciate music for what it is and base my liking of it from what I hear and get from it, not some fuckin label, category, or genre. You should appreciate and be able to FEEL music regardless. That being said, Within Temptation makes remarkably great music, and I mean fine, top-quality, pure, raw, organic music. Just like Sharon’s voice is so diverse and versatile (as well as the guys’ skills and musicianship), so is their type of music they produce. So some of you motherfuckers have your shit backwards; it’s not Within Temptation who have to admit to any of you that they have become “Pop” or whatever other shit you want to call it (cause they’re not, but for the sake of the argument, if you want to call it that, then that WOULD BE good “Pop”), but it is YOU who are in denial and YOU just have to admit that YOU don’t like Pop or whatever else.
    So mars, you ignorant maggot, Within Temptation is going stronger and better than ever, a fire that will never burn out or fade away, and Hydra will unleash a monster that’ll make you bury yourself under the scorching earth and then light a fire under your fuckin ass where your head’s at and send you the fuck out all the way to Mars, pussy. And I KNOW you’ll return and read this, so fuck you, ass-wipe, and if you’re really going to do it, then seriously get the fuck out of here and don’t come back you close-minded, miserable, fuckin noodle. No one’s stoping you, bitch! :)

    p.s. I’m Odrama Vin Laden, bringing you true pain and fear on all fuckin levels that your feeble little brain can only barely start to grasp and comprehend.
    I’mma cut your fuckin head off…and take your conscious with it!


  • Phil Henshaw

    Aw man I’ve been excited for this all day only to find out it’s not coming out in the UK.. I read ‘Europe only’ and thought: “Well, the UK is in Europe..” I got confused. Damnit, I really really want the Piotr version, so much better than Dave’s!!

  • Patience Setian

    I’ve been a fan for longer than I care to share (makes me feel too old), and was almost as excited over this release as I am for the upcoming tour. I’m now just struggling to understand why the UK isn’t being classed as part of Europe for this release…It’s nothing against you as a band, just confusion in general. Please update with news ASAP! You have more fans than you probably realise.

  • Colin Stok

    Thanks for sharing these b-sides with us! :D

  • Ms GoodAngel

    The B-sides tracks seems to be awesome!
    Especially Keep On Breathing… wow I hope you guys don’t change it that much :)
    I love ‘dramatic way’ of Sharon singing in this song!

  • Anonymous

    Jullie blijven ons verrassen^^

  • paszmatyi

    i also hope they wont change it much. and i hope they see our comments. not that they would totally fuck it up….

  • Attis Bootleg

    Will it be released as a CD single? It should be…

  • Daniela Castellano

    Ep meraviglioso

  • Sebastian Fudali

    Guys, you either call it Single, or EP, it cannot be both, escpecially that EP is a vinyl records with 45rpm speed.
    So this is a Single, not EP.

  • goose

    Would love a CD copy. I don’t live in Europe, and I don’t buy downloads.

  • coldplay