Within Temptation’s sixth studio album ‘Hydra’ can be pre-ordered in two luxury formats:
the Digital Premium Version and a Limited Deluxe Box Set.

Limited Deluxe Box Set
Hydra will be available in a luxury box set packed in an especially designed LP-sized box.

The limited deluxe box set contains the Hydra 18-track album including bonus tracks (disc 1 (track 1-10) new tracks of Hydra, disc 2 (track 11-18) bonus tracks), in the form of a media book with a hot foil print cover, featuring a 100 page booklet consisting of unique photos; Hydra double gatefold black vinyl version with all 18 tracks; instrumental CD of the whole of Hydra; a Within Temptation guitar pick and a songbook with all the sheet music of the album.

Pre-order the Limited Deluxe Edition now

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Digital Premium Album
The digital premium album, complete with digi-booklet, will be available on iTunes and includes 18 audio tracks and a music video. The digital premium album features bonus ‘Evolution Versions’ of four new songs, which contain audio commentary from Robert and Sharon and give you unique access to the development of the songs, their lyrical inspiration and the sound of the initial demos and vocals.

1. Let Us Burn
2. Dangerous feat. Howard Jones
3. And We Run feat. Xzibit
4. Paradise (What About Us?) feat. Tarja
5. Edge Of The World
6. Silver Moonlight
7. Covered By Roses
8. Dog Days
9. Tell Me Why
10. Whole World Is Watching feat. Dave Pirner

Bonus tracks:
11. Radioactive (originally performed by Imagine Dragons) (BONUS TRACK)
12. Summertime Sadness (originally performed by Lana del Ray) (BONUS TRACK)
13. Let Her Go (originally performed by Passenger) (BONUS TRACK)
14. Dirty Dancer (originally performed by Enrique Iglesias) (BONUS TRACK)
15. And We Run- evolution track (BONUS TRACK)
16. Silver Moonlight – evolution track (BONUS TRACK)
17. Covered By Roses – evolution track (BONUS TRACK)
18. Tell Me Why – evolution track (BONUS TRACK)
19. Paradise (What About Us?) feat. Tarja – Music Video (exclusive to iTunes premium version)

Track 1-10 new album tracks of Hydra
Track 11-19 bonus tracks iTunes premium version

Pre-order on iTunes now

Digital pre-orders in North-America will start soon.

  • http://verwijs.wordpress.com/ André Verwijs

    The “Limited Deluxe Box Set” ONLY has a instrumental cd? or also the normal cd? …

  • Ruurd Woltring

    Het bevat een songtekstboek, een gitaarplectrum, een dubbele langspeelplaat, een CD met instrumentale versies, een verpakkingshoes EN een mediaboek met 2 CD’s.

  • Vinicius Casotti

    Media Book with 2 cds

  • Terry Roberts

    The the box set has the media book containing the normal 18 track cd with bonus tracks and also the instumental cd.

  • http://verwijs.wordpress.com/ André Verwijs

    ah … OK, thank you for information :)

  • Diana P

    When is going to be avaliable on the WT store? It only shows up for pre order in Nuclear Blast and EMP. And their shipping fees are extremely expensive to Colombia!

  • http://verwijs.wordpress.com/ André Verwijs
  • Bruna Lins

    TheThe “Limited Deluxe Box Set” is unavailable! Heeelp!

  • http://verwijs.wordpress.com/ André Verwijs

    I ordered it at WT Shop so …

  • Bruna Lins

    Yeah, I know. But it’s not available when I try pre-order =[

  • Kim Jackson

    wow! Shipping prices are ridiculous! Why can’t we get it on UK amazon, seems very unfair.

  • Diana P

    For me it says this product is currently unavaliable, i have to order it on Nuclear Blast :(

  • Diana P

    At least you’re in Europe!, can you imagine how expensive is to bring the setbox to South America?

  • Alisha Collins

    it is not out here in USA to pre order I want to pre order so I will be able to get it.

  • Drew McKerlie

    when will it be up for north america?

  • Drew McKerlie

    says at the bottom not available in NA yet . hope its not too long

  • Sebastian Fudali

    Why itunes has bonsu tracks?
    I hoipe they will be in the Deluxe box, or forget about my money.

  • Steve

    Deluxe box order complete! Can’t wait for it!

  • MAU_X64

    80dls for deluxe box, 50 for shipping… no way

  • MAU_X64

    buy it with http://www.emp-online.com of your country, is cheaper. The Nuclearblast website has an expensive shipping. I’ve just ordered the deluxe box for 80 euros

    In my country:
    EMP = 80 euros
    Nuclearblast = 138 dollars

  • Daniele Cosentino

    Just ordered mine from EMP Italy 59 + 8 !!!

  • Kimberly Smith

    Just pre-ordered my Hydra on Amazon! Now waiting for February 2014 to get it home :)

  • Steve Del Vecchio

    Hope I will be able to buy it from Itunes Canadian store, because it’s seperate from the US store. So presently, I cannot buy the single right now. I’m sad…..

  • Avihu Turzion

    Paradise sounds amazing! I really hope to see it come to the Israeli iTunes store. We’re also lacking The Unforgiving there sadly :

  • Brian Kjim

    Got my deluxe box set today!!! woooo!!!!!

  • wegas

    when, give me a date, or i will go insane……………………….OK, i already did, but i can do better

  • David Stelios-Luigi Jonathan-P

    is there a black or white guitarpic, is there any difference to uk and german sold editions ?

  • http://www.amiga600.net Michael Parker

    Just recievd my deluxe box set! Very pleased with it. Looking forward to seeing WT again in 2014!