This fall, we will reveal a unique cover every week on Q-Music. Heading towards our 15-years-anniversary concert in Sportpaleis Antwerp, we figured this would be a great occasion to do something special for our you. It will be a musical adventure as we are covering songs that are very close to us but also songs that are not close to us at all.

On Fridays you can hear the new cover of the week on Q-Music Belgium, in ‘De Ochtendshow’ between 7.30 and 8.00 AM (GMT+1).

 On Thursdays you can hear the cover of the week on Q-Music Netherlands, in ‘Jeroen van Inkel in de Middag’ between 6.00 and 7.00 PM (GMT+1).

 Click on the titles for more information.

  • Roberto Velasquez

    Glad you made a little side-section for just the Covers!
    Keep up the awesome job, cause you’re doing f****n brilliant! :D

  • Mauricio Perez Gutierrez

    excelent work, Astonishing covers, All music WithinTemptationized

  • Peter Rietdijk

    gaan jullie dit ook nog echt uitbrengen???????

  • Jormann

    “Titanium” *———-* AMAZING!

  • Michel-Helga Verdoorn En Veltm

    Gaaaaaf!!!! gaan jullie deze ook uitbrengen!?!? ik hoop het wel!!

  • Michel-Helga Verdoorn En Veltm

    whouw!!! geweldig dit!!! ik hoop dat jullie dit ook gaan uitbrengen!! ga zo door!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing Behind blue Eyes, i love this song

  • Maurice de Vries

    Heerlijk al die covers. ‘Somebody that I used to Know’ is een van mijn favoriet! Q: Does anyone knows what kind of font this is, they use?

  • Glen Matthews

    please put these covers together on an album please.They are exceptional.They could be your own songs…..brilliant

  • Kiko Antunes

    I would love to see you guys cover comfortably numb from Pink Floyd, a song to the ages. Keep up the good work and come back to Portugal soon. =)

  • Ângelo Ávila

    Just Perfect sz

  • Jean-François Courty

    Great covers! I would absolutely love that you could do a Pat Benatar cover. I think that Sharon’s voice would fit great for this

  • Guido Ooijevaar

    Zouden jullie niet “winter of Love” van Ilse de Lange willen coveren? Instant hit in NL lijkt me…

  • Christien de Vries

    uhm… komen er niet meer covers? Ik bedoel, jullie concert is nog lang niet… Ik had vrijdag een nieuwe cover verwacht :-O

  • Flexelex

    Luister vaak naar Qmusic super gedaan

  • Loxadhir

    somebody that I used to know. Heel Vet

  • Gerben Limburg

    Probeert een ‘buy’ knop te vinden.

  • André Verwijs

    op deze manier wordt WT een “gewone” cover band.. **…een onprettig gevoel…** Snel weer een nieuw album met zelf geschreven werk.

    Sorry voor de harde woorden, maar alle WT klassiekers, zijn ABSOLUUT TOP!! daarom ben ik WT fan geworden…

    nummers waar WT hun hard en ziel in leggen, maakt WT ECHT speciaal!!…
    voor mij wel…


  • Ann Campbell

    Inspired choice!! I agree – Sharon’s voice would be perfect for any of Pat’s songs!!

  • Hernan J. Colon

    Adding my vote for these songs to be released! I can only get 2 in iTunes!

  • Hoshi Risu

    You should start covering better songs. you only covered good songs the first four weeks and then Titanium and Apologize. you should cover:
    Lacuna Coil
    Linkin Park
    Marilyn Manson
    or similar bands
    Its alright if you dont these are suggestions.

  • Sebastian Fudali

    So, when I will be ale to buy your new cover album, Therion released a cover album so did Helloween and Metallica, it is your turn now, after you end the Friday series.

  • oznep

    Great music. Need more Rocking songs “No more Ballads”

  • Cristian Orozco

    I really LOVE all those amazing and WithinTemptationized covers. Please I need you make a cover of this songs => Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5), Frozen/Like a Prayer (Madonna) and The Winner Takes It All (Abba). :D

  • Dave Enright

    yes i want this cd when you release it

  • Nick Moxon

    Dear Glen, you can do this yourself – download all cover songs from youtube and convert to mp3 format using youtube free downloader, drag & drop them into a new folder & place in your media library, number them as they appear on this page, ie. 1 = paradise thru 12 = skyfall, hope this helps.

  • Darren Tyler Photorocks

    please put these on an album! and tour the UK soon!!!

  • Marcos Daniel Berti

    Saludos desde Argentina, maravillosos los covers, me gustaria que hicieran la version de Los sonidos del Silencio de Simon & Garfunkel, seria maravilloso escuhcar ese tema en la voz de Sharon, y tambien les tengo un desafio, que les parece hacer un cover de algun tema en español. Besos

    Greetings from Argentina, wonderful the covers, I would like to do the version of The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel, escuhcar that theme would be wonderful in the voice of Sharon, and also I have a challenge to them, they seem to do a cover of some topic in Spanish. kisses

  • Alisha Collins

    Have to agree with you right there.

  • נעם ברנע

    I’d like to give you some ideas :)

    Melanie C – I Turn To You
    No Doubt – Don’t Speak
    Faith Hill – There You’ll Be
    Dido – Hunter
    Björk – Bachelorette
    A Perfect Circle – Orestes
    Pain of Salvation – Ashes , This Heart of Mine

  • Renee Moss

    All of them are amazing! If these were put on an album I’d totally buy it! A song by Red might be a cool cover, or Linkin Park (as a lot of people have been saying xD)

  • Kristin C

    Hope you get all permissions to release these songs, either separate or as an album — I don’t care, I need them! ;)

  • Rut Castro

    Are you going to put all the covers together in an album???? They’re super good….they would make a fantastic album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Please consider it!!!!

  • Flo

    Please, put all these Songs together on an Album!!!

  • Hoshi Risu

    yeah pat benetar song!
    like love is a battlefield

  • André Verwijs

    I know covers are completed, but here’s a cover tip from me :)
    Lucie Silvas – “What you’re made of”
    Lucie Silvas – “Don’t look back”

    look for “Radio 2 concert” on youtube…

  • Luigi Ra

    Put all in a iTunes Album!

  • Rising Sun

    Amen to that

  • Lorine

    These covers are amazings! You’d have to put them on an album! It would be great! I hope my english is okay. I’m french.

  • Frenchtemptation

    Hope to listen to this new album and to see you to Toulouse. i Love you my friend !

  • yei


  • Gianpiero Genovese

    all the songs are beautiful but Why not.. “Hallelujah” , by Leonard Cohen (more famous the Jeff Buclkey’s version).. a lot of artist have sung it but i’m sure that if YOU did it.. it would be AMAZINGI can imagine Sharon’s voice.. Robert and Ruud’s guitar..

    A W E S O M E

  • Gianpiero Genovese

    Why not.. Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen (more famous the Jeff Buclkey’s version).. a lot of artist have sung it but i’m sure that if YOU did it.. it would be AMAZING
    I can imagine Sharon’s voice.. Robert and Ruud’s guitar..

    A W E S O M E

  • leila

    i want them on album.radioactive is my favorite. its so much better than the original.dont let us wait longer!

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Before you release your 6th album, please release an official album with the covers. It’s not the same to simply have them on mp3.

  • Audrey Doomknuckles

    All of these are fantastic, with their unique Within Temptation kick to them. DO MORE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

  • disappointed

    disagree! You’ve got your own style, why make covers? that’s good for small, unknown bands that can’t create their own songs! You’re too good for covers! Don’t become one of those commercialised bands without their own style!

  • Jersy von Mothejzik

    At my job, I was stuck listening to the original Skyfall several
    times a day from a speaker with one fixed radio station right above my
    head. The sheer amount of repetiton made me hate that song with passion.
    Then I heard your cover – Now, when the song comes up in the radio
    again, it reminds me of awesomeness instead. So thank you guys, you are
    my saviors ;-) Also, ever since, I can’t help but pray for a cover of “I
    need a hero”. I like the original, but I also like the mental image of
    what it would sound like in WT style ;-) Anyway, you guys rock – lml

  • Cam Chung

    These covers are absolutely amazing, thank you for the covers!!! Haha I hoping you do a cover of Good Charlotte, oh well, it would have been awesome if you did!! Oh well next time!


  • Audrey Doomknuckles

    A few of the covers will be featured as bonus tracks on their new album, Hydra. Radioactive will be on there, as well as Let Her Go, Summertime Sadness, and Dirty Dancer.