Short films

Another part of the Unforgiving concept are 3 short films.

These movies give further insight into the concept and are based on the comic storyline; the characters are impersonated by actors.

2 movies are followed by a band performance that, all together, form a dark and compelling tale of life, love, revenge, rage, and regret.

Mother Maiden

The first movie, titled “Mother Maiden”, ties in with the first single & video for ‘Faster’, introducing the main characters of the narrative.


The second movie, titled ”Sinéad”, ties in with the 2nd single & video for “Sinéad”, telling the story of… Sinéad.


The third movie of the Unforgiving concept is called “Triplets”.

  • goldruss42088


  • Patty78

    Fantastic!I’m doing at the lacks little!! ^_^

  • evilangel

    can’t wait for the other 2 short vids, the full comic & the CD/DVD   :D WT rocks! 

  • blackroseladydeath

    Cant Wait for the other two short films come outto video

  • zotaltungnung

    awesome awe somestuff

  • dani33

    too commercial

  • Jorge López

    I love Sinead’s shot film! It’s perfect! Terrific! Awesome! 

  • hammer80

    I like Sinead’s shot film! It’s really great !!!!

  • chrizzy

    WOW.. WT you’re amazing! I can’t wait ’till tomorrow. I’ll run to the shop to buy the cd..

  • lecoeursec

    Damn, why did I have to run of cash so carelessly? I’ll have to wait till April to buy the cd and everything relateeed! :( (( Ah, anyway, amazing project you got there, It would be really spectacular to see all of The Unforgiving sewn into a blockbuster :D

  • cwizard777

    I have just got the CD and DVD today Listened t the cd 3 times already you guys have out done yourselves. I can not wait to see you live in New York in September.

  • asrb123

    why not make a video of where is the edge would be the best

    andrea from venezuela

  • withintemptation1fan

    I wonder what the third short film is so can’t wait.

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  • wittemanne

    Wanneer komt de volgende? Ik kan niet wachten…………..

  • graikos

    Wow, that really pulls you in. It is curious that Sinéad looks sick and pitiful during life but beautiful in death.

  • niata47

    somehow thinking Iron, murder or demons fate will be the next tie-in. but loving this so far.

  • un4given

    Hey, am I the only one who thinks that the time for THE THIRD MOVIE has come? Please, how long do we have to keep on waiting? I can’t hold on!…
    And – by the way – … Who is the cute, maybe 14 years old boy with a tie in a church in The Unforgiving trailer? Do You know him? He stays on the screen maybe one second in the end of the movie, looks just at me and I NEED TO KNOW HIS NAME!… (o=0

  • cristianapt

    Great idea it was do the short films.

  • patrickpeeters

    After seeing the wonderful visuals on the big ledwall at Huntenpop I really like the idea of a complete feature film containing only this 3 videoclips and the concert visuals (just like the Daft Punk movie INTERSTELLA 5555) and featuring the music from the album without any further dialogue.

  • bodminsaint

    Simply magic stuff, what vids and superb songs….love it!!

  • un4given

    Oh my God, the Triplets are perfect! I just adore them… Well done, this movie is the best! I liked Sinéad but with Triplets You stole my breath!

  • ducklowguy

    I’m a huge fan but I also am helping with the UK film festival this year. I’m wondering if you guys are at all interested in entering any of these in a film festival.  I’m working with the UK film festival that is just starting up this year as a scouter and promoter for films.  Could enter in either the short film or the music video category.

  • Diana Croft


  • Diana Croft

    Awesome! I love It ;D

  • Anonymous

    Kijk, daar hou ik wel van, een goeie triller. Wanneer komt er een bioscoopfilm?

  • Brandy Campbell

    anyone know when next one come out.. i like very much:)

  • Amalie Ø. Meistrup

    i read that there is only going to be 3

  • Anonymous

    I Am really enjoying Seeing these Video’s and Sharon she is doing really Awesome! :D

  • Anonymous

    WT julie zijn de beste ter wereld fore ever also on dis video.

  • pagan pages

    Can’t wait for the next video!

  • Casey Leonard

    AWESOME! they just keep getting better and better.

  • Casey Leonard

    WT needs to come to Seattle, WA. soon!!!!! gotta see ‘em live.

  • Shivonne McMullin

    Dude, USA tour! Like, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, NYC…

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  • Naomi Weston

    oh man, within temptation, you guys are officially TOPS, replacing nightwish, wow! i love this concept. great work.

  • Etiel Ist

    Love it, from chile!

  • RoSiTa LóPeZ

    it´s very nice ilike the story…. and the song hoo my god… i love this band

  • Sergio Barbosa

    Amooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muito ><

  • Joost

    question: are these aviable on DVD?

  • isaac aday

    i think u may have just beaten nightwish by becoming my favorite band ;0 and i really love utopia, and sharon, this is a bit late, but your baby is adorable, and i pray the best for your family. stay beautiful, in appearance, and lyrics, just as you have always been. i love you guys- isaac aday from glendora california usa

  • John Wilson

    This album moved and changed me. It is the best I have heard for a long time. Sinead faster shot in the dark and last dance totally shook me to my core. Thank you for the experience x