The Unforgiving in RRR Top 5 Albums of 2011


‘The Unforgiving’ has made it to the top 5 of the Roadrunner Records top 20 best albums of 2011! Once again, thank you for voting for us!

The Unforgiving took 4th place, right behind this year’s releases of Trivium, Opeth and Machine Head.

Following the success of ‘The Heart of Everything’ and their more orchestral effort ‘An Acoustic Night at the Theatre’, Within Temptation decided to step things up a notch in all departments with ‘The Unforgiving’. From the visual element of the accompanying comic book to the over-arching concept, the band left no stone unturned in their effort to create a truly unique package. Of course, the songs were the key, and as critics and fans rallied to express their overwhelming approval of the album, it became clear Within Temptation had successfully moved up another gear in their sensational career.”  – from the Roadrunner Records website.

You can find the entire top 20 albums of 2011 here.

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December 8, 2011
  • man0v

    All I can say is… Congratulations! And wish you get the first place next time!

  • wanna_be

    congratulation :)

  • monkeysack

    That’s Awesome!! Congratulations! For a band to be able to do that in this day and age is great! Roadrunner Records has been around since I think the mid to late 80s.(correct me if i am wrong) They have had a lot of great bands grace their label over the years. Great Job!